Fireweed Metals – High-Grade Drill Results At Boundary Zone On The Macpass Project, Exploration Update At The Gayna Project

November 1, 2023

Brandon McDonald, CEO of Fireweed Metals (TSX.V:FWZ – OTCQB:FWEDF) joins me to recap the recent drill results from the Macmillian Pass (“Macpass”) Project in Yukon. The results are from the Boundary Zone, which is the high-grade area the Company continues to grow.


I have Brandon explain where these drill results are located and simplify the geology of this system. We then recap the overall 22,500 meter program this year, that was increased from the initially announced 16,000 meters. There are a lot of drill holes still at the assay lab. Brandon says the Company should be releasing results every 3-4 weeks through the rest of the year. 


Before wrapping up the interview we quickly update the exploration work at the Gayna Project in NWT. The Company announced it has completed the geophysical survey on the Project back on October 5th. 


If you have any follow up questions for Brandon at Fireweed Metals please email me at



Click here to visit the Fireweed Metals website and read over the drill results news release.

    Nov 01, 2023 01:26 PM

    Gold update!

    In all my years here at this site, I have never ever seen such bearish sentiment and such gloom and doom for the miners specifically. I’m talking about going back to the days of Jerry and al and a few others even bird lol.

    The sector has been decimated and spit, stomped and ridiculed over and over again.

    It is clear to me that the paper money in the mining game is pure fraud. There is just no other way to say it. I know some of you have spoken about that and others will try to say that it is cycles this and that but they control the paper market, and the paper market continues to be bare for the minors until proven otherwise, Gary Savage has been the one who for many years has said that, but there are many other well-versed and bigger names than him that I’ve said and talked about the cartel. What I’m sure of is that they have to release the hounds at some point you could only hold it for so long even when it’s a rigged market if you remember clearly I said November would paint a red nasty candle and I still believe that December should put in the final low, if not the end of November somewhere in that time zone. I continue to say things are in real time which allows me to change my opinion beforehand if I need to currently the minors continue in a bear market and they may fall even lower. I’m sorry for some of you that don’t wanna hear this but that’s just the case. They are wiping out everybody and anything that owns it. They are such crooks but I’m not amazed , some companies will go belly up the way I am seeing the pattern right now is December puts the final loan this month of November will be nasty and then finally then we will head up and we want the minors to lead the way. I have never seen such a bear market in minors in over 15 to 18 years of investing

      Nov 02, 2023 02:17 AM

      Hello Glen….. hope you are doing well.
      I think u r spot on…. 👍
      Not much more to add ,, you have summed it up nicely

        Nov 02, 2023 02:05 AM

        Rigged is a given…not even the Miners or their investors of any size will take on Central Banking and their political/Money Elites backing corruption.

          Nov 02, 2023 02:23 AM

          Rigged,… with a Fake bank.,..and the majority of sheeple have never figured it out.
          .. kind of comical

          Nov 02, 2023 02:45 AM

          We actually take on the CBs/elites every day with our long positions in a sector they’d prefer never rises.

            Nov 02, 2023 02:07 AM

            That is a point of view that is refreshing. I hope you are right and it causes them not to sleep after smoking cigars at their local club and thinking of us.

            Which reminds me: I was looking at the “Losers” list on just a few minutes ago and there were some interesting Juniors on there getting hammered. Maybe they meant to call it the “Food For Thought List”.

            Nov 02, 2023 02:31 AM

            It is incumbent on us to preserve our capital and sell the hell out of these stocks before they announce a refinancing proposal and let the insiders take the losses then buy back in when they wash out, trying to catch a trade in the mean time can wipe out your capital, IMO.

          Nov 02, 2023 02:00 AM

          Long phyz.,., 🧐😀✔️

      Nov 02, 2023 02:18 AM

      And if not in November then a bottom in December. If not December then January. Who knows, certainly not the pundits and mine mgt. talking their book for survival.
      This gold rally coincided with another war. Last war with Ukraine lasted six weeks this one getting close to same duration with sector equities underperforming for months and months.

    Nov 02, 2023 02:02 AM
    NatGas Wednesday PAWS
    Clawing North

    Nov 02, 2023 02:38 AM

    I don’t think anyone posted this good news from Impact Silver when it was released about 10 days ago:
    IMPACT Silver Announces Production Restart at the Recently Acquired Plomosas High-Grade Zinc Mine

      Nov 02, 2023 02:13 AM

      … ignored as usual…

        Nov 02, 2023 02:37 AM

        And that’s perfectly fine with me under the circumstances. Sector sentiment is on par with the lows of 2008 and late 2015 so it’s normal for such developments to go unrewarded until the sector turns.

          Nov 02, 2023 02:41 AM

          I’m up almost 5% on the day but do not trust this market at all, the bids have dried up.

            Nov 02, 2023 02:45 AM

            I can’t say that I share your concern but maybe I’m wrong. Remember that it is short-covering that turns markets not new longs so the collapse in volume and bids is in fact a good sign. Think about it; is the herd known for its timing or price-chasing? The average guy doesn’t care about extreme overvaluation or even bad news during a mature uptrend so why should we expect him to care extreme undervaluation or good news during a mature downtrend? True contrarians are rare so you’ll never see a deep bid stack during the best possible times to buy. Of course the opposite is true at major highs; few are looking to sell.

            Nov 02, 2023 02:17 AM

            Good thoughts, me getting cranky is also a sign, haha! I would think you mean the short covering on the bigger stocks and a trickle down effect for the TSX.v stocks? As far as I can tell the shorting on the TSX.v is covered on a daily basis, I don’t think they should be able to short at all for a number of reasons but that can be another discussion.

            I am fully invested and am contemplating running up with the corrective upleg for this index and being less likely to sell for a few bucks but I’m greatly conflicted on my reasoning. If the TSX.v label was taken off of the chart I posted I would think it is a buy so my bias so far is to be cranky.

            Nov 02, 2023 02:59 PM

            Yes, I’m speaking generally regarding the short covering.
            Your cranky indicator is probably valuable!

      Nov 02, 2023 02:44 PM

      I saw that news on the company website. One interesting feature of that property is the exploration potential. IPT owns its own equipment and can poke around there for years, hopefully finding all kinds of good stuff.

        Nov 02, 2023 02:06 PM

        Right on. From the April 3rd press release:
        -Exploration potential at Plomosas is exceptional, with only 600m of the 6 km-long strike length having been explored to date. This is in addition to other exploration targets on the 3,019-hectare property including untested copper-gold targets with indications of high-grade material from surface.

    Nov 02, 2023 02:13 AM

    Just a reminder… this is the index most of the junior mining stocks are on, the drop is deserved as this index can’t be trusted at all, it is nothing more than a casino meant to raise capitol for the CEOs and friends.

      Nov 02, 2023 02:25 AM

      I am going to pretend that chart is upside down and come back later…

        Nov 02, 2023 02:48 AM

        I think this index should be terminated and these companies forced to go private, it is a payroll scheme for executives and insiders, nothing much more than that. If it does turn around probably 80% of the companies are going to immediately start issuing more shares and dilute any hope of the shareholder making a profit… these stocks are burning matches, some from both ends.

          Nov 02, 2023 02:58 AM

          Might want to get rid of all Index Funds and ETFs as they are ripe for abuse.

          But here is an interesting piece of data: Schwab reporting SPC Nickel in my accoount as +45%,
          in their Research Area as -.81% and if you want to trade it, it is showing +.60%. That distorts the value of my personal account to cover up losses until EOD.

            Nov 02, 2023 02:06 AM

            These companies deserve to be treated with the disrespect for investors they foment. The problem is buying near the bottom as the bottom seems to be limitless.

            Nov 02, 2023 02:52 AM

            Just so I don’t confuse anyone, I don’t mean to sell or get rid of ETFs or Index funds … I mean that they ought to not be offered to the public as they undermine individual stock performance as managed money can move large blocks of money and affect directions of stocks for reasons not associated with a stock. They can also affect price by who they select and don’t select. There is also the issue as to where your funds are actually going.

    Nov 02, 2023 02:39 AM

    Like Fireweed, Cantex (Chuck Fipke) has a massive package in the Yukon.
    Quinton and his group just committed to a PP.
    Maybe we can get him on here to provide an update.