New Pacific Metals – Answering Your Questions On Possible Operations At Silver Sands, Funding Options, Corporate Strategy For All The Projects In Bolivia and Future Exploration

November 2, 2023

After my last two interviews with New Pacific Metals (TSX:NUAG – NYSE American: NEWP) there were a number of questions emailed to me. A lot of these questions were focused on the financing environment and how the Company plans to move both the Silver Sands Project and Carangas Project forward.


Andrew Williams, President of New Pacific Metals joins me to answer the questions you all sent in. We start with a question on possible early stage production plans at Silver Sands, then address a question on corporate strategy to manage Silver Sands, Carangas and Silverstrike. We also answer questions on permitting, new exploration targets and what the Company’s plans are for the $35million just raised.


Please keep sending me all your questions for Andrew. My email address is



Click here to visit the New Pacific Metals website to learn more about the Company.