Weekend Show – Politics

November 18, 2023
  • Segment 1 – We open the program with a broad description of The Middle East.
  • Segment 2 – We opine just a bit on The Muslim Faith.
  • Segment 3 – We opining on morality in schools.
  • Segment 4 – We opine on morality in government.


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    Nov 18, 2023 18:48 AM

    Thanks……. hope OWL… gets some relief… from his conditions

      Nov 18, 2023 18:25 AM

      DITTO…… AL i wish You the best of health.

    Nov 18, 2023 18:38 AM

    Mike says”Any religion based on killing people is a bankrupt religion.”

    uummmm, didnt the christian god say “You must destroy them totally,” God demanded. “Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy” (Deut. 7:2).

    But you shall utterly destroy (ha-harem taharimem) them, the Hittite and the Amorite, the Canaanite and the Perizzite, the Hivite and the Jebusite, as the Lord your God has commanded you…”.

    Does anyone need reminding of the forced christian conversions?

    The list of …… long over centuries, lets not forget the child rape, torture and ,murder everywhere the christians set up churches and schools all around the world.

    No offence guys, but swquacking about the Moslem faith is kinda hypicritical.

    I remind you, christians and moslems worship the same god, maybe thats a clue to the violence.

    After listening, I was kinda surprised this site is so pro zionist and war.
    That explains quite a bit, I’m glad you made it obvious, people now know where your coming from.

    To each his own.

    Thanks for the show Al, glad to see a new guest.

    I now understand why you will never have people that know and understand whats happening in the middle east,Ukraine etc.

    Again, thanks for the show and blog.

    Also, best of health.

    Nov 18, 2023 18:00 AM

    Why can’t we just all get along?
    It is not just human nature… the magnification of weaknesses in human nature is the crux of the problem…
    Governments collect and focus problems, conflict, evil from the governed… and rather than looking internally to resolve problems, the evil is redirected at external entities, governments, terrorists, religions…

    Nov 18, 2023 18:04 AM

    Any religion based on killing people is a bankrupt religion.”
    I have never seen a better desription of Islam.

    Used to be Christianity a few hundred years ago, but they reformed and developed tolerance……Islam needs reform.

      Nov 18, 2023 18:34 AM

      CFS, really? This “reformed” you mention when did that happen?

      Did that reform happen after supporting Hitler, moussalini, Franco?
      Or was it during the residential schools?

      Is isalam violent? You bet it is, so are the zionists but you cant say that christianity is a luy dovey, its not.

      Again, I remind people, its the same god, the one that created children then created a place of torture to put those that will not bow down and serve.
      But heck free will.
      Besides, thats love right?

      As Jerry says, look around, the evidence is all around you.

      Just my opinion, but there might be alot more peace without religion, seems its a big part of the violence thruout history and today.

      We cant single out Islam, they are all the same.
      Some dif sure, like catholics and baptists or shia and sunni, or Jewish, Orthodox, Conservative and Reform ?

      just my opinion of course but I simply dont see how a person can single out any one of them.

        Nov 18, 2023 18:14 AM

        I will get back to you…..on that one……………
        I am off for the day….

        As I said in the other post which disappeared….. and spent 1/2 hr. on writing…..

        Nov 18, 2023 18:49 AM

        I sure can single Islam out.

        For. NO OTHER RELIGION IN MY LIFETIME have I seen anyone forced to kneel on the ground and then have their head severed at the neck.

        Where were you when Christian priests in Lebanon were killed?

        History is important.
        Christianity reformed through the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries.
        Martin Luther, Latimer, Ridley….many, many reformers…..that why there are so many sects.

          Nov 18, 2023 18:16 AM

          Or as recently as 2015 in Lybya, a dozen Christian priests were lined up on a beach and ordered to convert to Islam….This was televised on German TV…….and then heads were cut off with a big sword.

            Nov 18, 2023 18:41 PM

            Geez CFS, your right, thats much worse than committing the genocide of the Palistinians, camps that murder millions(supposedly) christians did that or invading Syria, Iraq etc. All god of abraham worshippers.

            When you read history, you see, they are all the same.

            You dont think the god they ALL worship has something to do with the way they treat each other?
            Guess you could call it human nature, then the god matters little if anything and the religion is irrelivent.

    Nov 18, 2023 18:26 AM

    Local schools in my state are cutting back on history classes.
    (Of course for a long while it has been taught incorrectly in my opinion as memorization of dates.)

    But it is true that those that do not learn from history are bound to repeat it.

    Nov 18, 2023 18:45 AM

    As an example, consider the Nuremberg race laws of the nineteen thirties……..
    The Nazi regime’s Nuremberg Race Laws of September 1935 made Jews legally different from their non-Jewish neighbors. E.g. Did you know Jews were forbidden to own musical instruments?

    Do you think, maybe, that changes the national psyche of people……..Do you think, maybe when attacked, such a people might not only want to beat back the attack, but also annihilate the attackers?
    I don’t know. (I’m not Jewish, and my ancestors never had the right to own musical instruments taken away.). Every oppression, however, changes personality. (Israel should remember that, as they kill Gazans.)
    Long example, but the point is: history is important knowledge.

    Nov 18, 2023 18:05 AM

    Al, I wish you the best of health.

    Your political topics are very lame. You should find someone to step up the game and get into real time real world topics.

    I left you something to research on the last segment and educate your self with, if you are capable of that.

    Nov 18, 2023 18:28 AM

    8 hours ago

    Hi Chartster …. I this what You ment ? Man Q really crawled into your head. Please post a link to bidens funeral …. There’s a good chap.

      Nov 18, 2023 18:22 PM

      And what happened to Trumpster taking back the White House??? That was supposed to happen a couple years ago…

        Nov 18, 2023 18:24 PM

        …and all the criminal politicians and bureaucrats and other Deep Staters who were supposed to be in Gitmo by now…never happened…guess we just didn’t trust the plan hard enough…

          Nov 18, 2023 18:07 PM

          Hi EBO….. The problem with Q was, his followers treated it as a religon. And as anybody who is not brainwashed , & is a free thinker knows , all religons are full of BULLS**T….. JMO

            Nov 18, 2023 18:07 PM

            It was most likely a psyops…and the msm, deep state, etc. sure got a lot of mileage out of it…

            Nov 18, 2023 18:42 PM

            Crass Sunshine….was pretty in your face about it…said he and his buddiess in gooberment needed to do the type of thing…that we saw with psyops like that….wonder if Chartster knows Crass…

            Nov 18, 2023 18:45 PM

            And old Crass…and a New York Slime reporter wrote a book about….how the gooberment needed to “nudge” us….in the right direction….for your own good, of course….

            Nov 18, 2023 18:58 PM

            Old Crass Sunshine…married to warmonger Sammy Power….real solar powered deep state, warmongering couple…spawn of Satan…

    Nov 18, 2023 18:32 PM

    George Carlin – Stand Up About Religion

    I’m sure youve heard this one Tony, its still good tho.

    Nov 18, 2023 18:16 PM

    Poor Jimmy Bovard….still having to deal with the T(hieving) S(exual) A(ssailants)…

      Nov 19, 2023 19:39 PM

      Had a female relative go through one of their damn searches. Was wearing same clothes on another flight shortly before. disgusting 🤢

    Nov 18, 2023 18:50 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving travel to you all…out to put this on a shirt…and you could wear it….when going through the TSA line…

      Nov 19, 2023 19:29 AM

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? ……………….. that was as bad as AL’s resent podcasts ……… imo

        Nov 19, 2023 19:37 AM

        I know it’s hard for you to hear that the guy wearing a Biden mask is extending Donald Trumps executive orders, in keeping with the continuity of government directives that Donald Trump and the military has put in place since Jan 20-2021.

        Or maybe it’s that the tribunals that are going on currently that Jan Hayes talks about?
        Or is it the act of 1871 that Trump has unwound?

          Nov 19, 2023 19:20 AM


            Nov 19, 2023 19:11 PM

            Q 🥕 Q ❌ Q 🥕 Q ❌ Q lemming 🏃🏻🧗cliff⤵️ 🤯

            Nov 19, 2023 19:26 PM

            I didn’t turn in my guns, YOU did.

            You have zero lol.

    Nov 19, 2023 19:03 AM

    Women Enter the Putin Regime’s Crosshairs

    Nov 19, 2023 19:12 AM

    Suppose They Threw a Cage Match Between Fascism and Democracy and Nobody Cared

    Nov 19, 2023 19:27 PM
    Nov 19, 2023 19:18 PM

    An interesting paper on covid discussed by Dr. Campbell:
    Dr. Campbell seems surprised how long symptoms last – I’m not, since I expect to suffer as long as I last. The spike protein is a bio-weapon. (Only Ivermectin and nattokinase seem to help)

    Doctors in the US seem to me to be recipe-following symptom hiders, NOT DISEASE CURERS.

      Nov 19, 2023 19:38 PM

      The “healthcare” system has no intention of curing anything.

        Nov 19, 2023 19:34 PM

        Yes, for sure… Profit is very limited with effective cures… much more money in keeping your “healthcare” customers sick… 🤢. Treat one symptom, cause another… A new lifetime drug for each symptom… that’s a business model to take to the bank!

    Nov 19, 2023 19:22 PM

    Youngsters react to Cara Mia…

    Nov 20, 2023 20:49 AM
    fwiw Interesting piece on immigration myth-busters

    “There are several reasons why the UK had high immigration last year [2022],” he says. “Partly, the Ukraine war, although not that many Ukrainians got to Britain. It was also the Hong Kong dynamic.” (He means we allowed citizens from what was a former British colony to escape Beijing’s crackdown on their liberties.) “It was also due to the fact that when you close a border, people stay put [in the country to which they have migrated]. It’s what I call the ‘Now or Never Phenomenon.’”

    The logic of that is simple. A government says it will stop migration. That means migrants who are already working temporarily in that country, perhaps as seasonal workers, suddenly understand that if they go back to their native country the closed border means they will never be able to come back to the land where they have found new opportunities. The United States is a good example. The US started to build a wall (or parts of it) along the Mexican border since the 1990s. Mexican guest workers used to come and go mostly to wealthy border states, Texas and California. Suddenly the wall and other measures meant the newcomers realised that if they returned to their native land through Tijuana they might never get back into the US except through an arduous and illegal journey in the hands of people smugglers. What would you do?

    As de Haas puts it: “In the US, massive investments of taxpayer money in border enforcement since the late 1980s by both Republican and Democratic administrations turned a largely circular flow of Mexican workers going back and forth to California and Texas into an 11 million-strong population of permanently settled families all across the United States.”

    Nov 20, 2023 20:32 AM

    Hi Chartster ….. Good grief man You need help . Tore Say’s , from 2020. What a load of rubbish. It’s now 2023 , nothing has goten better , everything in the US for the people has gotten worse. To regain your sanity , Chartster , you need to stop believeing this crap……. QRUBBISH…………. lol
    Follow the plan , no it’s follow the fantasy.

    Nov 20, 2023 20:49 AM

    Can the US survive Biden incompetence?

      Nov 20, 2023 20:20 PM

      Biden 81 know Cfs2000 !

    Nov 20, 2023 20:29 AM

    A dose of what America needs……

    Nov 20, 2023 20:09 PM

    I am sick and tired of being told that Native Americans were loving and caring and good for the environment and did not scalp people until “White man” came along.
    I don’t know about the environment, because a small number of people can do only limited damage…….,but “loving and caring for mankind” ! Let me remind you they were cannibals.
    Many tribes both in North and South America practiced cannibalism.

    History is important, and what we learn from it.

      Nov 20, 2023 20:46 PM

      I don’t understand what your problem is with the Native Americans.
      Last time I checked there were no Native American cannibals in the U.S.
      Perhaps you should have someone check your meds.
      Just a thought.

      Nov 20, 2023 20:09 PM

      According to Paiute oral history, the Si-Te-Cah or Sai’i are a legendary tribe of red-haired cannibalistic giants.

      Story goes the Paiute killed these giant cannibals, course there was never such thing as giants so its probly fantasy.
      Except all those bones of giants found kinda makes a person wonder.

      In any case, canabilism happening is nothing new, when people are starving other people start lookin tasty.

      The story of Hansel and Gretal could very well be based in reality, 536 is generaly believed to be the worst year to be alive. Starvation everywhere.

      So, not unbelievable that some human eating happened, I would doubt that there was any other choice tho.

      Cannibalism was practiced among prehistoric human beings, and it lingered into the 19th century in some isolated South Pacific cultures, notably in Fiji.

    Nov 20, 2023 20:19 PM

    Al & Jimmy ! A Heppy Birthday Joe Biden ! AL & Jimmy and Biden ! 81 know Long Live Biden and Ukraine !

      Nov 20, 2023 20:57 PM

      His birthday? That’s at least one fact that he and/or his people cannot deny or spin.

    Nov 20, 2023 20:28 PM

    Jan 6 coverage, showing Nancy a multiple liar.

    Nov 20, 2023 20:33 PM

    Not that Al or Jimmy and maybe Mike will read this….

    More and more Western media outlets have acknowledged the true situation on the ground in the special operation zone, realizing the scale of Western propaganda, which has managed to cover it up for almost two years.

    Some truth cant be hidden forever I suppose.

    Nov 20, 2023 20:59 PM

    The JFK assassination anniversary is soon here.
    I wonder how many people know that Lee Oswald applying for citizenship after defecting to Russia could only be granted by JFK’s brother Bobby.

      Nov 20, 2023 20:51 PM

      I was alive and interested in Politics when JFK was alive. I was not impressed by his intellect.
      Over the years, because of the trade guy that happened to his family, made me more accepting of his character.
      However, recently I have studied more of his speeches, and frankly believe again that JFK was not very intelligent……He never should have been in politics.

        Nov 21, 2023 21:10 AM

        What agency do you contract through?

          Nov 21, 2023 21:19 AM

          Listen to a few hundred hours of JFK speeches and then produce a few examples of JFK original thought………highly lacking. He was no intellect. (And don’t interpret this as in any way implying Trump intellectual.)

        Nov 21, 2023 21:32 AM

        Somehow my IPad turned “tragedy” (perhaps misspelt, because I typed faster than my internet can handle) into “trade guy”

    Nov 21, 2023 21:15 AM

    Thought of the DAY…… 🙂 Turkey gobble gobble…
    The USD is being recalled for many reasons, not the least of which is that the corporation backing it is defunct and thanks to Mr. Obama, the World Reserve Currency has been so disastrously counterfeited it’s a joke outside this country.

    US Treasuries are suffering the same fate for similar reasons; people finally figured out that these instruments were being issued by the IMF and are not really investments in or being backed by this country, despite appearances otherwise.

    The Federal Reserve got a special Sweetheart Deal on these instruments, but when people realized they were buying European Debt under the guise of it being “American” debt , the investor market tanked.

    Turns out that the Federal Reserve is as “Federal” as Federal Express and the IMF has been calling itself the “United States Treasury” since 1924— and nobody outside the top tier of the banking business was the wiser.

    Forget the part about these names being used in a deliberately deceptive way to create false assumptions on the part of everyone who heard them. Forget the part about how these institutions unjustly enriched themselves by trading on the false assumptions these names engendered in the minds of investors.

    How would you feel if you thought you were investing in California, and you found out you were investing in Turkey…. lol……..
    Have a great one…

    Nov 21, 2023 21:49 AM

    There is a problem with many things in the US.

    First and foremost is the failure in education… all levels.

    Next is the total corruption in politics; where arguments are no longer won by intellect and logic, but the power of money.

    Nov 21, 2023 21:52 AM

    The Ukraine Will Be A Explosion of umilation of the western politics ! The Western politicians A Know Arogande and will put the western Population in a Internet Prison so you can’t Revolved ! Bloky Bloky !

    Nov 21, 2023 21:59 AM

    The western world turns to communism or extreme socialism

    Nov 21, 2023 21:43 AM

    “The monetary consequences of Greece leaving the euro will be a mess but they are manageable. But there is a major threat to the West in general. Greece has been very actively talking to both China and Russia.

    Greece Sees Its Future Lies With Russia And China

    Greece has a port city that is very critical in the whole scheme of East – West trade. The Chinese already have blueprints for a train that will start at that key port city in Greece and go all the way up to Budapest. This will make that port the largest in the Mediterranean and it will be controlled to some extent by the Chinese.

    Russia is also looking to put a gas pipeline that runs through Greece, into Europe. Greece would then become the major artery for gas flowing from Russian into Europe. These two developments put Greece in a very good position longer-term.

    If Greece drops out of the euro it will be tough for a while and they would suffer serious inflation. Most countries going through a big transition suffer great inflation. But if Germany continues to push Greece around with regards to how they govern their own country, the Greeks now have a couple of powerful friends in Russia and China.

    A statistic that stunned me is the fact that Greece already imports more from Russia and China than they do from their two largest European trade partners. So if Greece pivots to the East, that’s another big blow to the West. This is just another sign that economic power is flowing faster and faster from West to East.

    Another major problem for the West is the fact that the dollar cannot retain its reserve status. With gold valued at less than $1,200 today, the value of all the gold supposedly held in central bank coffers is only $2 trillion to $3 trillion. That sounds like a big number but in reality it’s not.

      Nov 21, 2023 21:07 PM

      above is from KWN……………

      Nov 21, 2023 21:21 PM

      I guess I don’t see why the new port of Piraeus is that important. I assume you are talking about Piraeus.
      Perhaps actual shipping costs have changed in the last few decades, but I don’t see any Greek port on Mainland Europe as being important.
      Perhaps,I’m getting really out-of-date !

      (However. Thanks for bringing back memories of sitting at restaurants that ring the old circular port of Piraeus, 50 years ago. Great food,tolerable wine !)

        Nov 21, 2023 21:30 PM

        Greece for me and my family was a real treat… Sailed the sea….
        check out the Star Clipper…..
        Santorini was the best…

          Nov 21, 2023 21:02 PM

          Santorini also has two ports. From the old port one used to be able to walk to Paradise Beach at the north end of the island without too much of a hill climb. I can’t mentally picture the “new” port, but I’m sure they did not choose it for proximity to flat land. There sure isn’t anything flat on Santorini

            Nov 21, 2023 21:34 PM

            only flat ground might be the beach on the other side of the island…. seems to me….

      Nov 21, 2023 21:26 PM

      Republoclowns are clueless and divided…not to mention impotent….Biden will run again and win again because Demorats will steal the election again…guarantee it.

    Nov 21, 2023 21:48 PM

    I never. Liked Soros or his organizations……

    It is great Media Matters is caught, as lying scum.

    Nov 21, 2023 21:44 PM
      Nov 22, 2023 22:49 PM

      I am a skeptical Catholic. This Pope is a Marxist clown. The Catholic Church has been a conservative bastion for many years as all of the protestant denominations have one by one fallen to wokeism. But now with the present people running the Vatican there is a huge schism forming in the the Catholic Church and it remains to be seen how this will pan out.

    Nov 21, 2023 21:22 PM

    What the hec is this CFS? “Over the years, because of the trade guy that happened to his family, made me more accepting of his character.”
    For someone that claims the intellect as you, WTF?

      Nov 22, 2023 22:36 AM

      Trade guy was “tragedy”…..see way above…..I explained

    Nov 21, 2023 21:37 PM

    I realized once again how I needed to conduct more research into the Kennedy’s, and the associated players into both assassinations.
    I just did eight books in two weeks. (3,253 Pages)
    America’s Queen, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis-Sarah Bradford
    The Dark Side of Camelot-Seymour M Hersh
    Nemesis- Peter Evans
    Dr Mary’s Monkey-Edward T Haslam
    David Ferrie, Mafia Pilot Participation in Anti-Castro Bio Weapon Plot, Friend of Lee Harvey Oswald and Key to the JFK assassination.-Judith Vary Baker
    Me and Lee- Judith Vary Baker
    The Reporter Who Knew Too Much, The mysterious Death of What’s My Line TV Star and Media Icon Dorothy Kilgallen-Mark Shaw
    Denial of Justice, Dorothy Kilgallen, Abuse of Power, and the Most compelling JFK Assassination Investigation in History-Mark Shaw.

    This has been a real eye opener into the History of Blackmail and dirty Politics from JFK through Richard Nixon. And much more.

      Nov 21, 2023 21:50 PM

      All said and done. J Edgar Hoover was the literal cocksucker.

      Nov 21, 2023 21:26 PM

      This is a nation of criminals…and has been from day 1.

      Nov 21, 2023 21:34 PM

      That is a lot of reading JOHN….. I would say , you are the “go to man”… if , we need some info on JFK…
      and you are spot on with JEH.., from what I understand….
      Makes you wonder about the FBI and the qualification to get into the organization,…
      From all the hearings in the last 7 yrs…. sure does not look like a trustworthy group… JMO

        Nov 21, 2023 21:41 PM

        thanks Jerry. I was in a funk and one of your recommendations got me reading again.

    Nov 21, 2023 21:49 PM

    CFS is controlled opposition on the site, as small as it has become. He’s definitely agency, as is Al and the gaggle of them.

    Regarding the Kennedy’s.
    I was blown away when I found out Jacky was
    See Eye Aye.

      Nov 21, 2023 21:54 PM

      Hi Chartster:
      I would bet this site is monitored as is all social media. At least I hope it is.

    Nov 21, 2023 21:10 PM

    Erasing The Liberty- The Battle to Keep Alive The Memory of Israel’s Massacre on the USS Liberty-Phillip F Tourney
    “LBJ, there is little doubt that he was Jewish”
    I would have said “A Zionist”

      Nov 21, 2023 21:27 PM

      None of these cabal types, such as Johnson and Ben Yahoo are Jewish. They are luciferian kahzars posing as Jews. They all worship satin.

      The Jewish people are getting a bad rap because of these fake Jews.

        Nov 21, 2023 21:36 PM

        I agree with the bad rap…

          Nov 21, 2023 21:43 PM

          I have felt the same way at times. Especially how the Evangelical Money Preachers have used the Jews as well.

        Nov 21, 2023 21:57 PM

        They all worship satin.

        People of the sheets…they also worship Satan…

    Nov 21, 2023 21:30 PM

    Elon Musk while being interviewed by David Faber.
    “I say what I’m going to say, if the consequence of that is losing money, so be it.
    In reference to advertisers leaving X due to Palestinian comments.

    Nov 21, 2023 21:57 PM
      Nov 21, 2023 21:00 PM

      Hah! The host just said it was a “complete Schiff show…”

    Nov 21, 2023 21:15 PM

    AntiSemitism: Zionist for STFU.
    Not this time.

    Nov 21, 2023 21:19 PM

    Christforyou…in another fancy jacket…says Lord Austin brought Zelinsky another $100 million…Zelinsky was appalled at the pittance…so get back to work boys…to pay those taxes…and for the inflation…Zelinsky will be getting much more next year…Zelinsky to draft 70 year olds…maybe you…next…certainly your grandkids…if Lord Austin and the neoturds have their way…

    Nov 21, 2023 21:22 PM

    Christforyou…in another fancy jacket…says Lord Austin brought Zelinsky another $100 million…Zelinsky was appalled at the pittance…so get back to work boys…to pay those taxes…and for the inflation…Zelinsky will be getting much more next year…Zelinsky to draft 70 year olds…maybe you…next…certainly your grandkids…if Lord Austin and the neoturds have their way…

    Nov 21, 2023 21:35 PM

    I have had over a dozen recent posts removed within minutes of attempted posting.

    I have repeatedly tried to respond to comments. I guess this is the end for me – last attempt.

      Nov 21, 2023 21:55 PM

      The people who administer this site ought to do something…unless this is what they want…

    Nov 22, 2023 22:46 AM

    HEY OWL………

    JABBING FOR VICTORY..(NWO STYLE)……. lol……. death at your doorstep….Sheeple.

    Kingston repeatedly showed the dangers of the nanotechnology called mRNA. Big Pharma patents say it is, in fact, an electromagnetic device that now is secretly slated to be in all vaccines.

    NOTE THE WORD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ALL……………….

      Nov 22, 2023 22:47 AM

      I don’t know if Kingston is totally right.

      There are some real uses for mRNA technology.

      I would (total guess) in this case, the magnetic part in the specifications may have something to do with contactless identification…….i.e. like a remote fingerprinting capability via a body scan.

    Nov 22, 2023 22:50 AM

    THIS IS EXACTLY………..why………….. TRUMPSTER needs to come out against Pfizer….. and the JAB…
    come CLEAN….. if, you are truly a leader………. JMO

      Nov 22, 2023 22:49 AM

      Ditto…. Trump is bought and captured by big pHarma and Israel… well controlled opposition at this point in time… if he cannot come clean on at least one of these two issues, he has nothing to offer… IMO

    Nov 22, 2023 22:54 AM

    Covid injections or the mRNA injections are causing disease, disabilities and death, they are not preventing anything. I think people are also waking up to the fact that mRNA is being used in all vaccines. This includes routine childhood vaccines and the annual flu vaccine.

    Nov 22, 2023 22:55 AM

    Where are all those dumb ass doctors that use to be on the show…. humm

      Nov 22, 2023 22:41 AM

      Kinda looks like Al has givin up on this blog, health reasons,age, guest that are not appreciated, realising the credibility loss? Who knows? but there are no more dailys and from little to zero interaction.

      I wonder how many people actually listen? or read this blog. I doubt its thousands.
      Other sites that deal with current events have 100s of thousands of listeners and subscribers.
      Jimmy once said “nobody” listens, thats the one thing he may have been right about.

      Maybe thats why Al is not as enthusiastic, too few are interested.

      Maybe a bull PM market will bring back some interest.
      Ya never know.

      If you read this Al, I hope your health improves.

        Nov 22, 2023 22:19 AM

        Jimmy once said “nobody” listens, thats the one thing he may have been right about.

        Yes, he did….maybe that is one of the reasons he decided to move on….

    Nov 22, 2023 22:58 AM

    The train has left the station, and you can’t put it back. I think this is why Xi Jinping came to California recently. He met with bankers and Big tech and said this is how we silence people in China . . . . This is basically the Executive Order (EO) Biden wrote, which I think was written by the CCP, on how to control the narrative in America. This EO will turn up the heat and make your life a living hell if you go outside that narrative. . . . That is going to go into place starting January 17, 2024.”

    Nov 22, 2023 22:16 AM

    Be as WISE……….. as the snake oil salesman…….
    Matthew 10:16 KJV
    Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents,

    Nov 22, 2023 22:27 AM
      Nov 22, 2023 22:04 AM

      …maybe he loves your ears, too…good thing you don’t have his mommy’s name…

    Nov 22, 2023 22:19 AM

    Schiff show interview….on real estate…what a mess the Feral Reserve and US Gooberment made of the housing market…

    Nov 22, 2023 22:17 AM

    Will this save our brains….and the rest of us???

    Intermittent fasting regulates biological time and improves disrupted sleep in an Alzheimer’s disease model.

    Rather than restricting calories or making dietary changes, they simply limited food access to a defined six-hour daily window. They found that time-restricted eating improved sleep, metabolism, memory, and cognition, and reduced brain amyloid deposits and neuroinflammatory gene expression.

    Any of you ever try this?

    After all, we have to improve our health…so we can pay those taxes and keep up with inflation…and if Zelinsky tries to draft us… 🙂

      Nov 22, 2023 22:52 AM

      I have two friends that did some TRE and/or intermittent fasting, both lost some weight and felt it had some positive health benefits. I eat in about a 12 hour window, so I am not quite there. Some people, like many diabetes, may have low blood sugar problems if they try it.
      The science does look encouraging:

        Nov 22, 2023 22:13 PM

        Very interesting. Thanks for the info, Tommy.

        I want to be in good shape when Zelensky and Lord Austin come calling. 🙂

    Nov 22, 2023 22:24 AM

    Be annoyed. Be very annoyed with Fauci and the Chinese bioweapon.

    I just had another reference removed…. Twice.

    DR. Breen has discussed the development of cancer associated with the s-p-i-k-e protein presence in the liver.

    You can find the reference under Dr. Breen on YouTube, since I can’t post it.

    Nov 22, 2023 22:28 PM
      Nov 22, 2023 22:43 PM

      I disagree to some extent that leftists are fighting each other.
      Yes, they are fighting. Well, some are,

      But there is a lot of wheeling and dealing going on.

      Alas, pretty boy…..Gruesome Newsom looks like he might be a Biden replacement.

      Look what he has done to California….now he is ready to do it to the U.S.

        Nov 22, 2023 22:43 PM

        No doubt…Gabby Nuisance is gunning to be Emperor….and remember…he was Mayor of San Fransh*tsco…and he’s a member of the Blowsi Crime Family…and if he becomes Emperor the streets of the District of Criminals will be paved with feces…he is first and foremost a Fececrat…you ever seen the streets of Frisco? There is even a Crap App for your phone so you can plan your walks…to avoid the feces. London Breed (what a name) and the rest of the criminal politicians moved out their beloved feces and drugged out homeless for Xi but I bet by now they are all back…

        But I think Biden isn’t going anywhere. He will run again. The Demonrats don’t mind him because he’s nothing but a shell they can manipulate….although a shell with a temper. If he drops out there will be a great deal of acrimony if Nuisance steps in…over Kamalatoe…

        The Demonrats don’t want that…they can just stick with what they have, cheat and win. It will be Uncle Joe and Kamaltoe for four more years.

    Nov 22, 2023 22:34 PM

    I see pressure on Biden to remove himself from the ballot next year. The DNC will then pick Newsom, not Harris to replace Biden.

      Nov 22, 2023 22:05 PM

      And nominate another white male instead of the Kamal (a semi-black female (or transgender?))? The Demonrats would go crazy.

    Nov 23, 2023 23:29 AM
    Nov 23, 2023 23:38 AM

    fwiw Trump’s cheery Thanksgiving message:

    Happy Thanksgiving to ALL, including the Racist & Incompetent Attorney General of New York State, Letitia “Peekaboo” James, who has let Murder & Violent Crime FLOURISH, & Businesses FLEE; the Radical Left Trump Hating Judge, a “Psycho,” Arthur Engoron, who Criminally Defrauded the State of New York, & ME, by purposely Valuing my Assets at a “tiny” Fraction of what they are really worth in order to convict me of Fraud before even a Trial, or seeing any PROOF, & used his Politically Biased & Corrupt Campaign Finance Violator, Chief Clerk Alison Greenfield, to sit by his side on the “Bench” & tell him what to do; & Crooked Joe Biden, who has WEAPONIZED his Department of Injustice against his Political Opponent, & allowed our Country to go to HELL; & all of the other Radical Left Lunatics, Communists, Fascists, Marxists, Democrats, & RINOS, who are seriously looking to DESTROY OUR COUNTRY. Have no fear, however, we will WIN the Presidential Election of 2024, & MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

      Nov 24, 2023 24:15 AM

      Heads up on Agenda 21 and 2030…. NWO coming for you… NATO gone rogue….

    Nov 23, 2023 23:01 AM

    It all humans are fallible, including these two.

    Nov 23, 2023 23:13 AM

    The peak of American civilization ?

    Nov 23, 2023 23:37 AM

    In war raviged Palastine , there is love , hope , & a will to live ……… WATCH , & be grateful for what you have.

    Nov 23, 2023 23:45 AM

    BOYS !!! We Need A Update From Butt Jimmy From Ukraine !!! We need to insist !!! Boys ???

      Nov 23, 2023 23:34 AM

      US ! A Happy Tanksgiving To You ALL !

        Nov 24, 2023 24:13 AM

        Thanks Franky……
        Jimmy is long gone… I doubt you will hear from him again….JMO

    Nov 23, 2023 23:02 PM

    Of crimes committed in the Netherlands, by Nationality…..
    Netherland nationalities come in. ? ………………..the answer is 20th.

    E.g. Moroccans are 20 times more likely to commit a crime than a Nederlander.
    All nationalities are NOT equal.
    CLOSE THE SOUTHERN BORDER Of the U.S, you moron president biden.

    Nov 23, 2023 23:08 PM
    Nov 23, 2023 23:23 PM

    Just try and tell me the Clintons were not corrupt……..

    Nov 23, 2023 23:59 PM
    Nov 23, 2023 23:32 PM

    So, the Clintons were corrupt…….
    But here comes the Biden crime family…..

    Nov 24, 2023 24:53 AM

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.
    There is no excuse for your ignorance !

    Nov 24, 2023 24:11 AM

    You should not continue to live in fear……. Be aware of what is going on ,…. then prepare…

    Nov 24, 2023 24:57 AM

    Bidinflation……can you live with it ?
    Do you have an alternative?

    Nov 24, 2023 24:54 AM

    Well, one small batch of hostages released by Hamas:

    Nov 24, 2023 24:15 PM

    Germany caught cheating on tax money spending:
    (They have a Constitutional limit on deficit spending)

    Nov 24, 2023 24:26 PM

    So the D.H.S. Is involved in child trafficking !
    The U.S. government is clearly too big and powerful.

    Nov 24, 2023 24:56 PM

    Maybe they will have to change the name next year…to Bleak Friday…from Black Friday…these looters should be shot on sight…and a bounty put on their heads…if that happened just once, word would get out very fast among the criminals…and these crime sprees would end overnight…

    Nov 24, 2023 24:13 PM

    …Nimarata Nikki Randhawa, perhaps the most ambitious and the most flagrant political chameleon the American nation has extruded in many a year.

    Nov 25, 2023 25:21 PM

    A pity teachers are not paid BY RESULTS…..

    Nov 26, 2023 26:39 AM

    “Known” nuclear warheads by country over time……
    This presentation is an under-estimate of the truth.

    E.g. China is thought to have 3 nukes on satellites at this time.
    Iran has enough purified uranium to have made a few nukes, but may have trigger design problems.

    Nov 28, 2023 28:57 PM

    The main problem with electric vehicles appears to be the used car market.

    Many used electric car buyers find they have to replace the battery packs…….which is a $5,000 to $10,000 expense.
    And amortizing replacement cost of batteries makes cost per mile for electric cars MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE than gasoline.