Weekend Show – Politics

November 25, 2023

unfortunately there is no political show this weekend. Al and Mike will be back next weekend to share their thoughts on the political topics of the week.


We hope you al have a very happy Thanksgiving weekend! 



    Nov 25, 2023 25:48 AM

    RIP ….. The KER political section.

      Nov 25, 2023 25:24 AM

      RIPPING good show…🦉💥💥💥

      Nov 26, 2023 26:30 AM

      AL and Jimmy ! Are Whaiting for the Offensive ! ?

    Nov 25, 2023 25:15 AM
    Nov 25, 2023 25:21 AM

    ….orphaned…in the orphan section…

    Nov 25, 2023 25:26 AM

    Hey Ebo………. Turkey round up… … or a dead cat bounce…. check out the vid above… lol…

      Nov 25, 2023 25:37 AM

      Hah! Dang…that is pretty odd…and interesting…wonder if turkeys are scavengers…there were some wild turkeys around here…but I haven’t seen them in a few years…so they are not circling me at the moment… 🙂

    Nov 25, 2023 25:39 AM
    Nov 25, 2023 25:53 AM

    5th Generation awareness……….. more to come… social media….. Heads up you are being fed BS…

    Nov 25, 2023 25:55 AM

    Have You Lost Your Minds? – “Fifth Generation Warfare”
    By Anna Von Reitz

    First of all, why not fifth generation warfare? Why not third generation warfare? Seventh generation warfare?

    I’ll tell you.

    It’s been five (going on six generations) since the beginning of the so-called American Civil War, aka, the Secret War, aka, the Black-Out War, etc., in which Britain and the cloaked Holy Roman Empire colluded to promote an endless Mercenary Conflict on our shores.

    When you track it back, you can see that this “war” began between forces in Continental Europe invested in the Dutch East India Company, and forces in Britain invested in the British East India Company.

    They were competitors upon their inception, but by 1702 the Dutch East India Company had been caught in a massive insurance fraud scandal known as the Bottomry Bonds Scandal, and it simply disappeared.

    This was no small disappearing act.

    The Dutch East India Company was, at the time, the largest maritime shipping company on Earth, with far more ships and tonnage of cargo shipped each year than their nearest competitor, the British East India Company.

    Poof! Now you see it, now you don’t. The entire fleet, worldwide, vanished.

    As odd as this was, it was not completely unprecedented. It had happened twice before.

    Once when the Phoenician Fleet vanished (along with the entire nation) and again, in the 1300’s when the Templar Fleet, another huge international shipping enterprise, vanished.

    So what is going on here? If I were a mobster in old New York, I’d say they went to the mattresses and underground.

    They didn’t really vanish, but they struck their own colors, took on new flags, new brands, new “wrappers” — and kept on sailing, keeping the profits — the ships and cargo, for themselves, and leaving the insurance companies to pay the price.

    The same thing is happening now. While you weren’t looking, the UNITED STATES, INC., disappeared.

    This was veiled as a bankruptcy, but the “fleet” disappeared just the same, and the underwriters — merely presumed to be the American people — have been targeted to absorb all the losses, in part through the utter degradation and devaluation of the debt notes they’ve been forced to use as currency under oppressive and illegal “Legal Tender” Laws.

    If you corner the Miscreants, they will tell you that they never passed any Legal Tender Laws (or Mask Mandates, either) intended to impact the American people. Oh, no, they will protest that these oppressive measures were imposed on Federal Employees and Dependents only — after they clandestinely and without full disclosure registered everyone as Federal Dual Citizens and unlawfully converted their purportedly “waived” birthright estates into collateral under their own criminal control.

    They would be getting away with it again, and on an even larger scale than ever before, except that we saw it coming and objected to it timely, and are now pushing the fraud back on those profiting from it.

    Central to this is the Secret War, meaning the undeclared, illegal, Commercial Mercenary Conflict that the Popes and the British Monarchs promoted on our shores back in the 1860’s, and spread like a disease to most of the world in the intervening decades.

    The irony, of course, is that both “sides” of this purported conflict are colluding with each other and playing Good Cop – Bad Cop with the victims, and both are actually ultimately owned by the Pope, just as the Dutch East India and British East India Companies were owned by the same investors (including government investors), who are members of the Order of the Garter.

    When the Dutch East India Company folded, and appeared to vanish overnight, it did so by changing their flags to British Union Jacks and adopting British Registrations.

    Overnight, the British East India Company became the dominant maritime power on Earth, and this is actually how the British became the acknowledged masters of the sea.

    It wasn’t their scrappy British Navy as much as it was their control of three-quarters of all maritime shipping.

    In the realm of maritime shipping, their only real competitors were the Chinese on the Pacific and the Americans on the Atlantic, both of whom would be targeted — seemingly for other reasons — in the 1860’s.

    And here we are again, with the Brit-Roman Alliance trying every trick in the book to take down China and America at the same time.

    They tell the Chinese that the Americans welched on their debts owed for Chinese products shipped to America, then they tell the Americans that the Chinese are dangerous and are bent on attacking America.

    They even set up a laboratory in Wuhan, China, as the purported source of a bioweapon virus that was developed almost exclusively in Britain and The United States.

    How many times did Mr. Trump try to mischaracterize this as the “China Virus”?

    He knew where that virus actually came from, but he stood there on national television parroting the company line like old Long John Silver himself.

    And all the while, the actual Crooks are sitting in the Middle Man seat, pretending to be us or to “represent” us, siphoning off the funds that the Americans have been loyally paying for Chinese goods, making it look like we are the problem, when it’s actually the Thieves in the Middle.

    They’d love it if we got into a fight with the Chinese or the Russians or in the Middle East, or anywhere else, because the Brit-Roman cartel makes its real money from war-profiteering and maritime shipping.

    And war distracts everyone’s attention from them, the real source of the problem.

    First with trying to blame China for the pandemic, then trying to blame Russia for their very own bioweapon factories and other outlawed commercial ventures in the Ukraine, and now, last but not least, in Gaza, the USA, INC. (British East India Company) and the UNITED STATES, INC. (Dutch East India Company) are at it again.

    Pipelines are just another variation on the theme of maritime shipping, though we don’t normally think of it in those terms. It’s a transport system of a commodity that can be controlled, and when you have that, you can manipulate markets and economies and politics, buy up all the newspapers and television, and gradually create a world-spanning monopoly for yourselves– just as you can do the same thing by controlling shipping lanes or interstate highway systems.

    So, no wonder, once John D. Rockefeller discovered what he could do by controlling oil pipelines, the Robber Barons branched out to controlling money transfers and currency transfers, too.

    Just like shipping lanes, just like oil pipelines, the bank transfer system was hijacked and the SWIFT System was used to target the economies of perceived political enemies at home and abroad (Iran and Russia most recently).

    This abuse of access to the world economy should have been a Red Flag screaming, “Monopoly!” to anyone with a brain, and to some extent, it was.

    So the Liars told everyone that such controls were necessary “for our safety” to prevent clandestine money laundering — and promptly used the SWIFT System in concert with the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS to spawn the biggest, longest running impersonation and money laundering scheme in world history.

    Just ask about the version of “Anna Maria Riezinger” that IRS Masterfiles “prove” was running an incorporated British Crown rum distillery in Barbados at the exact same time that I was running an unincorporated art gallery in Big Lake, Alaska.

    I never met HER myself, but she must have been a real business whiz. She made billions in rum sales and owed millions in back taxes last time I checked in on HER.

    If you ever wondered how they siphoned trillions of dollars out of the China Trade and Black Ops of all kinds into the Secret Space Program, Fortune 500, Tech Stocks, and other investments — and at the same time back-charged everything to (in fact) non-existent US TAXPAYERS, wonder no more: pension fund associations for all these purported and purely fictional federal employees.

    Who would suspect a giant pension fund association of any such wrong-doing? They are just in it to protect the seniors, right?

    You already know how they enforced all this horse-hooey against these same non-existent US TAXPAYERS headquartered in Puerto Rico and all conveniently subject to the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.

    All of this, absolutely all of it, has been predicated on the existence of a 160 year-old, illegal phony “war” — in fact a Mercenary Conflict, on our shores.

    Here’s the kicker: there aren’t even two sides to this “war”.

    It’s just one huge multinational conglomerate — the end result of a secret merger between the Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company 300 years ago, controlled by interlocking trust directorates, run out of Switzerland, owned by members of the Order of the Garter, funded by insurance, bankruptcy, and impersonation fraud supporting criminal enterprises.

    Fifth generation warfare is based on lies and we have five generations of lies to prove that. We are deliberately dumbed down and lied to constantly, in order to manipulate our thoughts and feelings.

    Let me give you all an example.

    We are told by the Trump Apologists that thanks to Trump (who was buying all of it) eighty percent of the Pfizer vaccines were saline solution placebos.

    I actually had to ask — if it was your Mother or child, would that 20% be “acceptable” collateral damage? 200,000 people sacrificed out of every million?

    If you were a young man or woman with irreversible neurological or cardiac damage, secretly sterilized by this injection, would it comfort you that you were part of the 20%?

    Resist the “Narratives” you are being fed like a pet goat. Look at them. Think. Observe. Most of all, feel.
    If it’s not good for all of us, it isn’t good.

    Government Subcontractors don’t get to play games with the lives and assets of the people they are supposed to be serving loyally and in good faith.

    As thoroughly corrupt and nasty and incompetent as Joe Biden is, there is no excuse for Donald Trump, either.

    There are approximately 320 million Americans. Divide by five. That’s 64 million Americans left dead, dying, maimed, sterilized, in pain — and that’s “thanks” to Donald Trump? Pardon me?

    Roughly half of the families in America have suffered one or more deaths or permanent disabilities of family members because of this self-serving war-for-profit hoax. And the whole thing was patented by DARPA?

    So who needs DARPA?

    Tell me again why anyone should support any of this, in any way, shape, or form? Why should we vote in any elections of any such corporations? Why should we tolerate these cretins taking up our air waves? Why should we think that the loss of 64 million Americans is a good thing?

    Remember the twin girls at the doctor’s office, having just received their “vaccinations” — writhing in horrible seizures and dying in front of your faces, with their Mother taking a video with her phone cam as the nurses and the guilty doctor tried to control the twitching and gasping?

    It will be a cold day in Hell before I thank anyone for that.

    Here’s a little FYI from Gregg Braden about the same subject — that is, Fifth Generation Warfare:

      Nov 25, 2023 25:11 PM

      Mr. Big Al Korelin and Mr. Hartfield need to get Von Reitz on the show…

        Nov 25, 2023 25:33 PM

        We have Anna on the SHOW….. I am doing a daily as required to bring everyone up to speed….
        Just ask larry….. if , he has learned anything… 🙂

        Poor Owl. … and Jimmy are lost … will take them centuries to catch on… they are absorbed in
        FOX and News. from the SIX TV stations owned by the Families… 5th. Generation of AI..Darpa… lol…
        Go for it Jimmy and Big Owl….

          Nov 25, 2023 25:42 PM

          13:51 mark…… Just old news on the 6 families…

          Nov 25, 2023 25:48 PM

          imo from the last time I took the time to listen to Al he sounded like he supports the zionist.
          The people that rule the fed, congress etc.
          Jimmy, as far as I understood had no idea of military stratagy or tactics, his outlook on intelligence was…………well, promotion of a party line.
          No other explanation for an “intelligence” person to promote obvious propaganda and falsehoods.

          Would have worked in the 1930s when people didnt have access to the internet.

          Nov 27, 2023 27:54 PM

          Hey Jerry, Larry, Ebolan, Frankie et al,

          Nice to see you guys are still at it. I saw this one today and thought of Jim McK. (and Big Al):

          Sounds like fixed positions haven’t moved, by and large! How long has it been since I’ve commented? About 5 years? WW1 trench warfare’s got nothing on this! (I stopped because of Al commenting, ‘the Israelis’ actions are understandable’ after being presented extensive evidence of atrocities.) But of course it’s not just KER. As the Covid scam showed us, families are split, across the nation and I suppose the whole world. If one can’t even get the people to whom one is closest to simply follow through on their Covid-believer mantra, ‘follow the science’, when their personal well-being is at stake, then what are the odds of political debate with unknown strangers bearing fruit?

          Well, the answer is that some people are open to learning and some aren’t. So yes, sometimes it’s more useful to interact with an unknown, anonymous stranger. And there are a bunch of good ones here :-).

          Best to you all and may you have joyous, healthy holidays.

            Nov 27, 2023 27:40 PM

            Hello GH……. left you a note below….

            Nov 29, 2023 29:11 PM

            Didn’t Mr. Big Al Korelin have someone from the Atlantic Council as a guest a couple of times? Years ago.

    Nov 25, 2023 25:13 PM

    Well boys…looks like you will be paying more for your poison…er….I mean medicine…seems like yesterday Baby Bush and his drug co cronies fired up Medi(don’t)care Part D….

    Nov 25, 2023 25:15 PM
    Nov 25, 2023 25:30 PM

    Heads up………….. They are NOW doing CHEM TRAILS at NIGHT…… information you should know sheeple…. remember you heard it here first… 🙂 go back to sleep now…

    What did you guys think of the Trumpster run down on Anna’s comment…. ????

      Nov 25, 2023 25:06 PM

      Thanks for the posts Jerry… Anna is spot on…

        Nov 26, 2023 26:56 AM

        Welcome.. thanks for reading

    Nov 25, 2023 25:39 PM

    This part of the fleecing……… Trumpster should have come out with a statement… Political BS…

    Retirees Face Steep Hikes In Prescription Premiums In 2024
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    SATURDAY, NOV 25, 2023 – 05:30 PM
    Authored by Amie Dahnke via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

    Retired Americans enrolled in Medicare’s Part D prescription coverage could see their premiums increase by 42-57 percent in 2024, a new analysis by HealthView Services has found.

    Nov 25, 2023 25:44 PM

    CFS posted Biden’s Green policy. Try this.
    “The Global City” financial warfare initiative of The City of London Corporation. (Within London, but not controlled by it, lies the City of London, a city within a city. This “Square Mile” is governed not by the Mayor of London, but the Lord Mayor of London, who is elected by the City of London Corporation, established in 1191.)
    The City of London intends to be the center of green finance, and the center of the dictatorship run through the central banks- with the Bank of England playing the commanding role in that global dictatorship.

    Russia, and China are being targeted for not attending then Prince Charles COP26 conference on climate change.
    India’s Modi attended but did not sign as well.

      Nov 25, 2023 25:01 PM

      As far as I am aware the Mayor of London and the Lord Mayor of the City of London are one and the same…..a Ceremonial position mostly.

      Actual City of London functions are carried out by the borough councils.

    Nov 25, 2023 25:49 PM

    Here we go again ………too late warning.

    Nov 25, 2023 25:57 PM

    It’s a good thing no one reads this blog…assuming Jimmy is right….

    This is scary stuff and it could happen to anyone here for what they post or say (except AJ, of course)….

    Nov 25, 2023 25:16 PM
      Nov 25, 2023 25:06 PM

      …in gooberment…nothing succeeds like failure…

    Nov 25, 2023 25:20 PM

    Never take another jab a.k.a. vaccine, as the industry has proven itself to be corrupt… safety is not important… efficacy is often exaggerated… pHarma wants cheap manufacturing, innovative delivery mechanisms, and plenty of sheep to inject.

      Nov 26, 2023 26:16 AM

      Bo is a showman………….. not all of his predictions come true…. JMO

      Wonder if, Bo… has done any MAGA research… humm
      and any studies from the Act of 1871… humm

      Nov 27, 2023 27:05 PM

      Baloney Polny is still at it too?! LOL

    Nov 26, 2023 26:45 AM

    Richard Dawkins VS Islam – FULL Interview and Q&A – Richard Dawkins On Islam

      Nov 26, 2023 26:03 AM

      It’s just another way for the cabal to get everyone fighting and separate people… you need to take the time to read What I posted from Anna on the 5th generation….

        Nov 26, 2023 26:04 AM

        I’m not certain your talking about the Dawkins interview or not.
        I checked the vid you posted I dont see a connection.

          Nov 26, 2023 26:30 AM

          The connection is…. the mind set, which the cabal has designed..”we against them”

            Nov 26, 2023 26:29 AM

            Ok, so it was the Dawkins interview you were refering to.
            I gotta say, I see no connection between science and the cabal.
            Unless the cabal has invested in science somehow.
            Otherwise I dont see any.
            Not sure how you get an us and them out of it.

            Nov 26, 2023 26:30 AM

            Science is the study of the universe around us and within us, natural phenomena, and solutions to problems. Scientists want to observe natural phenomena or events to understand the mechanisms that cause them and explain how or why those natural events occur.

            who writes/wrote the science books… when did they start writing science books….
            Dawkins….. is just an extension of the same thoughts… what HE believed and who
            told it to him… considering him programmed by who, what and when… 🙂

            Nov 26, 2023 26:22 PM

            Aristotle is considered by many to be the first scientist, without looking before Younger dryas anyway.
            I can pretty much gaurantee that Dawkins knows a great deal more than Aristotle did.
            That would be thru scientific research and advancement on the work Aristotle and those that came after him did.

            I kinda doubt Aristotle “programed” those scientists that came after.
            That would be a complete opposite of the scientific method.

    Nov 26, 2023 26:09 AM

    Empire of Shadows: True Story of the Richest Family in History


    I havnt watched this but I thought some people might find this interesting.

      Nov 26, 2023 26:12 AM

      This is just ONE PART OF THE STORY…………….. but, good for the beginners….
      should post it over in the mining section… 🙂 … they love the FAKE FED over there… 🙂

    Nov 26, 2023 26:43 AM

    Sometimes I take a look at trial results published in support of jabs… Usually the placebo is not a true placebo, but the same poison without the “active” ingredient… Based on fPz’s RSV jab trial, any jab, placebo or not, gives you a 1 in 250 chance of a severe adverse event (0.5% full jab, 0.4% placebo) … Your chance of getting RSV is less than that… Please correct me if I misinterpreted… Conclusion: jabs are always health damaging….

      Nov 26, 2023 26:45 AM

      “Severe or life-threatening adverse events were reported in 0.5% of vaccine recipients and 0.4% of placebo recipients.”

    Nov 26, 2023 26:24 AM

    Dr. Campbell has long discussion with a virologist on how politicians got anti-covid 19 policy completely wrong.

      Nov 26, 2023 26:27 AM

      politicians are not your friend….. FACT………… 🙂

    Nov 26, 2023 26:31 AM

    Never edit a post…. I fixed a spelling error and it disappeared 🤬. Will it reappear eventually or should I reconstruct it?

      Nov 26, 2023 26:23 AM

      Okay… It reappeared.

    Nov 26, 2023 26:42 AM

    Known” nuclear warheads by country over time……
    This presentation is an under-estimate of the truth.

    E.g. China is thought to have 3 nukes on satellites at this time.
    Iran has enough purified uranium to have made a few nukes, but may have trigger design problems.

    Nov 26, 2023 26:22 AM

    But a natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.

    But the spiritual man [the spiritually mature Christian] judges all things [questions, examines and applies what the Holy Spirit reveals], yet is himself judged by no one [the unbeliever cannot judge and understand the believer’s spiritual nature].

    1 Corinthians 2:13 & 15…….

      Nov 26, 2023 26:13 PM

      But a non-Christian does not understand why hanging at the cross is any sacrifice for a son of a god.
      It is merely a transitory inconvenience, doing no real damage, in a blip of time.

        Nov 26, 2023 26:41 PM

        sorry………. but,…. Jesus the Son…. came as a man….. not a god…
        Phil. 2 Verses 5 to 8
        [7] But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: [8] And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

          Nov 26, 2023 26:05 PM

          Jerry, that response to cfs doesnt change the cfs point.

          Jesus is either god or not, if he is then god as jesus suffered no consequence of being on a cross, he sacrificed nothing.
          As a matter of fact even if Jesus was not god but the son of god, he knew full well the experience was transitory, costing him nothing.
          Again, he sacrificed nothing.

          CFS is correct, he states “a non-Christian does not understand why hanging at the cross is any sacrifice”
          This cross hanging only has meaning for those that believe it actually happend.

          Others dont think it was Jesus on that cross for example, book of Timithy and another one I forget at the moment say it wasnt Jesus on the cross but Judas if I remember correctly.
          In any case not Jesus, who says other than the Jews that wrote the books which account is correct?

          Maybe the programed people that have heard the story repeated for generations?
          Just sayin, tell a story loud enuff and often enuff and people will believe pretty much anything.
          So, how would we know which story is correct?

          We dont have evidence, just claims.

            Nov 27, 2023 27:54 PM

            Think I got the book of timithy wrong, was barnabas .
            Obviously wouldnt be included in bibles as it didnt agree with the narative.
            There are other works tho, Jesus in India for one, off the top of my head.

            Nov 27, 2023 27:58 PM

            Think I got the book of timithy wrong, was barnabas .
            Obviously wouldnt be included in bibles as it didnt agree with the narative.
            There are other works tho, Jesus in India for one, off the top of my head.

            Nov 27, 2023 27:26 PM

            see below……….. b…

          Nov 26, 2023 26:19 PM

          Good posts Jerry.

            Nov 27, 2023 27:27 AM

            Thanks Tommy…. appreciate the comment…

            Nov 27, 2023 27:19 AM

            You’re welcome Jerry… Christian, but not active in Bible study myself, I find your Bible references enlightening.

            Nov 28, 2023 28:48 AM

            Thanks again Tommy….. appreciate , have a blessed day….
            Stay strong in the Lord…

    Nov 26, 2023 26:01 PM

    Did you know there have been 4 distinct types of humans in earths past?
    Did you know modern humans interbred with Neanderthals?
    And that we could communicate with them verbally?
    Alas this was before recorded or written language, so we are ignorant of languages spoken or not spoken.

    Nov 26, 2023 26:30 PM

    Seems to me there were more than 4.

    Neanderthal genes comprise some 1 to 4% of the genome of present-day humans.
    Denisovan DNA makes up 4% to 6% of the DNA of people in Melanesia, which extends from New Guinea to the Fiji Islands.

    Neanderthals lived 40-130 thousand years ago, ya gotta ignore science to think humans have only been around for 10k years.

    To each his own.

      Nov 27, 2023 27:29 AM

      You may be correct, that there were more than four, but we have 4 distinct DNA types.
      Once you get more than a 100K years in the past, the odds of preservation of DNA are tremendously improbable. Then mere bone fragments seem always disputable.

    Nov 27, 2023 27:47 AM

    OK, I really havnt read anything about dna types.
    I’ve only seen the articles/lectures concerning bones.
    Giants included of course and the tech that doesnt seem to fit anywhere in our timeline.

    I’ve always found the topics interesting.

    Nov 27, 2023 27:07 AM

    Just another day in Fecefornia…stay away from the ammo…

      Nov 27, 2023 27:49 PM

      When sh*t hits the fan, that’s what happens…

        Nov 27, 2023 27:03 PM

        …don’t won’t to be around when they reload… 🙂
        …they will never run out of ammo…

    Nov 27, 2023 27:55 PM

    The Biden regime is in massive cover-up mode.
    A Chinese run bio lab in California was found to have ILLEGALLY many dangerous viruses; including Ebola, smallpox and more dangerous viruses.
    It had infected hundreds of mice with the viruses and interbreeding them to try to obtain gain of function…..potentially (alledgedly ) to release them in California.

    Nov 27, 2023 27:05 PM

    Unknown, at this time, WHO ORDERED DESTRUCTION OF ALL EVIDENCE from bio lab in California.
    Suspected orders to have come from the Whitehouse.

    Nov 27, 2023 27:52 PM

    Hello GH……………. glad you joined us today….. hoping everything is going well with you…
    It is always a pleasure to hear from people from the past… Hard to believe it has been 5 yrs., time flies…
    Come back and help us keep this ship afloat …. Best…
    Have a wonder holiday…

    Nov 27, 2023 27:24 PM

    b……….. I will try to give your thoughts some consideration…
    since you think the cross does not mean much….

      Nov 27, 2023 27:33 PM

      1 Corinthians 15:56-58 KJV – The sting of death is sin
      The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. · But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
      Notice the words…”.victory through.”…Jesus Christ………

      … understand the importance of the cross….
      before the cross….. gentiles were not included in the benefits…

        Nov 27, 2023 27:29 PM

        I’m not saying the cross doesnt mean much, it obviously does to alot of people.

        The point cfs was making is it doesnt make sense to someone that doesnt believe the story.

        What did a god or a god that turned himself human sacrifice? nothing, in either case he knows it is transitory, there is no sacrifice. nothing is lost, nothing was sacrificed.

        Aside from that point there is some info that says it was not jesus that was crucified anyway.

        Hitchens for example has a great retort to Jesus being resurected.
        Exrtordinary events require extrordinary proof, the bible claims just dont meet the requirment.

        Now when you quote some bible passage to prove the bible, ….doesnt count, thats like using the lord of the rings books to prove middle earth existed.

        Its all good Jerry, people are going to believe what they want, I’m not saying there is no truth or wisdom in the books, its just the point of cfs is it all just doesnt make sense to someone that wasnt indoctrinated to the thinking, a non believer.

        Thats all he was saying, and I agreed. I see no sacrifice in a crucifiction of a god, or son of a god etc.

          Nov 27, 2023 27:36 PM

          Having said that, I happen to believe, right or wrong that Jesus did exist.

            Nov 27, 2023 27:28 PM

            I, too, have no doubt that Jesus Christ existed as a man……as did his brother James.
            I accept that the writings of Flavius Josephus indicate that he lived and was crucified.

            Nov 27, 2023 27:41 PM

            The annals (book 15) of Tacitus also indicate the existence of Christus.

            Nov 28, 2023 28:17 AM

            Ah….. CFS… I see from… your time line….. and post , that you have been doing some further “studies”…
            2 Timothy 2:15 KJV
            Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
            Of course you have not divided the truth yet, just poking around the edges… 🙂

            Nov 28, 2023 28:29 AM

            Hey b………. I skimmed over your comment…. thanks for the reply….
            I see CFS…admits Jesus was a man “FIRST.”..
            Being the MAN first,… is important,… in the events….. HE DIED, (did the sacrifice first)
            Then we should get to the BURIAL, then RESURRECTION…. 🙂 In that order …
            Oh…. ALL was foretold, PRIOR TO THE EVENT HAPPENING… 🙂 in the OLD TESTAMENT…400 yrs prior to the DEATH.. 🙂 Humm wonder how that happened.
            I will refer back to the other day …. when I POSTED all the Writings of the books prior to and after the events happened.

            You all have a blessed day…. really… I will be out today.
            All is Great..thanks again.

            Nov 28, 2023 28:39 AM

            Last comment……REASON for the CROSS……………

            1 Peter 2:24
            Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

            NOTICE THE WORD…..”our sins”

    Nov 27, 2023 27:07 PM
    Nov 27, 2023 27:10 PM
    Nov 27, 2023 27:08 PM

    Christian’s were blamed for the burning of Rome in 4 A.D.

    Cornelius Tacitus, The Annals
    chapter 44

    Such indeed were the precautions of human wisdom. The next thing was to seek means of propitiating the gods, and recourse was had to the Sibylline books, by the direction of which prayers were offered to Vulcanus, Ceres, and Proserpina. Juno, too, was entreated by the matrons, first, in the Capitol, then on the nearest part of the coast, whence water was procured to sprinkle the fane and image of the goddess. And there were sacred banquets and nightly vigils celebrated by married women. But all human efforts, all the lavish gifts of the emperor, and the propitiations of the gods, did not banish the sinister belief that the conflagration was the result of an order. Consequently, to get rid of the report, Nero fastened the guilt and inflicted the most exquisite tortures on a class hated for their abominations, called Christians by the populace. Christus, from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilatus, and a most mischievous superstition, thus checked for the moment, again broke out not only in Judæa, the first source of the evil, but even in Rome, where all things hideous and shameful from every part of the world find their

    centre and become popular. Accordingly, an arrest was first made of all who pleaded guilty; then, upon their information, an immense multitude was convicted, not so much of the crime of firing the city, as of hatred against mankind. Mockery of every sort was added to their deaths. Covered with the skins of beasts, they were torn by dogs and perished, or were nailed to crosses, or were doomed to the flames and burnt, to serve as a nightly illumination, when daylight had expired.
    Nero offered his gardens for the spectacle, and was exhibiting a show in the circus, while he mingled with the people in the dress of a charioteer or stood aloft on a car. Hence, even for criminals who deserved extreme and exemplary punishment, there arose a feeling of compassion; for it was not, as it seemed, for the public good, but to glut one man’s cruelty, that they were being destroyed.

    Nov 28, 2023 28:27 AM


    Burning of Rome was in 64 A.D. or 64 C.E. (For the politically dumb)

      Nov 28, 2023 28:31 AM

      Tacitus was writing just before the turn of the first century A.D.
      Josephus was before Tacitus.

        Nov 28, 2023 28:50 AM

        This is an explanation of Josephus and why it cant be counted on.

        Did Josephus Mention Jesus

        This guy knows christian works as well as………………………jerry does;-)
        He was a devout christian preparing to be a pastor for his church, texas type, until he realised a thing or two.

        A little dif perspective than Jerry has.

        I’m sure you really really dont like this guy Jerry.;-)

          Nov 28, 2023 28:33 PM

          Except, if I remember correctly, Josephus also called the brother of Jesus, James, as “christus”, which at the turn of the first century is better translated as “mystic”

            Nov 28, 2023 28:41 PM

            It would be some 300 years before “Christ” was translated as a God or Son of God.

            Alas, I am currently still without access to my books, but I do expect to be home in about two weeks.

          Nov 28, 2023 28:02 PM

          Hold on……. Why would you expect a JEW , like Josephus … to mention Jesus as the Christ …?

          CFS…. James was Jesus’s brother , but, … not by the same FATHER…. humm…..

          You guys are all over the place…

    Nov 28, 2023 28:23 PM

    Finally, The Truth Is Out.
    The true pyramid of control of the world has been revealed! Shocking)))

    From bottom up:
    1. Simple people;

    2. Heads of states;

    3. Economic elites;

    4. The Order of Masons;

    5. Reptiloids;

    6. Aliens;

    7. Putin.

    Now that the secret is out, we have to devise a strategy, before Putin’s people get to us…funny.

    Nov 28, 2023 28:51 PM

    Munger…dead…maybe he returned to Obama…again…

    Charlie Munger Dead At 99

    Berkshire Hathaway Inc. reported on Tuesday that Charlie Munger has died at the age of 99.

    Buffett and Munger met in 1959, after Munger returned to Obama following military service at the age of 35 in order to close his late father’s legal practice – after his eight-year marriage ended in divorce which left him in dire financial straits because his wife received the majority of their assets.

    ….Obama…helped him with his dire financial straits…he didn’t know the screwing he got wasn’t worth the screwing he was going to get…

      Nov 28, 2023 28:53 PM

      …The Oracle of Obama….

        Nov 28, 2023 28:07 PM

        Bye Bye…. Charlie..

          Nov 28, 2023 28:10 PM

          Now this is interesting………
          His fortune was estimated at $2.3 billion earlier this year (while Buffett’s is estimated at around $100 billion).

          Nov 29, 2023 29:55 AM

          zerohedge fixed it…getting too many comments on it…

        Nov 28, 2023 28:15 PM

        Lol…. good one… The Oracle of Obama…. stupid proof reader… lol

          Nov 28, 2023 28:56 PM

          Buffett and Munger met in 1959, after Munger returned to Obama…

          Wonder if Larry Sinclair showed up… 🙂

    Nov 29, 2023 29:00 AM
    Nov 29, 2023 29:14 AM

    Skiff..rented a skiff…and won his lawsuit against the media…

    Nov 29, 2023 29:31 AM

    Chinese about to make AI robots for CCP army.

    Nov 29, 2023 29:36 AM
    Nov 29, 2023 29:43 AM

    Dang…Skiff spent over $800,000 on lawyers…good thing he won.

    Nov 29, 2023 29:47 AM
    Nov 29, 2023 29:46 AM

    skiff…60 Minutes interview…what a Schiff show…

      Nov 29, 2023 29:47 AM


      I’ve waited almost three years to get a copy of this unedited 60 Minutes Australia ambush interview. I won a defamation lawsuit against 60 Minutes, The Age and Nick Mckenzie, the journalist who interviewed me. It was only through compelled discovery that I was finally able to obtain the raw video. Mckenzie never intended for the pubic to see the actual interview, only his deceptively edited version that was fraudulently designed to make me look guilty. After he lost the defamation lawsuit his lawyer went back to court seeking an emergency injunction restraining me from publishing this video, based on the argument that the public should not be allowed to see “the inner workings of a broadcaster.”

      At the time this interview was recorded I didn’t believe my bank was the target of an investigation, as the IRS agents who visited my house told me that my bank was merely a custodian of records that pertained to an investigation which they asked me to keep confidential.

      But Nick Mckenzie must have been in possession of confidential Grand Jury information that was likely illegally leaked to him by an anonymous, corrupt government source. An ethical journalist would have refused to published the information knowing that the investigation was still in its early stages. In fact, the head of the Australian Tax Authority repeated told Mckenzie it was too early to reveal the target of the investigation. But Mckenzie revealed it anyway.

      The investigation ended without any charges being filed against the bank, or anyone running it. But the mere fact that Mckenzie exposed that the bank was being investigated was enough to cripple the bank financially. So even though the investigation itself completely exonerated the bank, the media’s decision to publicly expose the investigation led to the complete destruction of my bank.

      The organized crime figure Simon Anquetil, who McKenzie claimed had an account at my bank, did in fact have an account in the past, but it was in the name of a company completely unrelated to Plutus Payroll, the company that committed the $100 million tax fraud in Australia. That corporate account was opened and subsequently closed several years before Anquetil’s criminal record was established. So at the time of this interview Simon Anquetil did not bank with my bank, as repeatedly alleged by McKenzie. As as he had no criminal record during the short period of time his account was active, my bank did nothing wrong by onboarding him as a customer.

      More relevant, Anquetil actually tired to open an account at my bank on behalf Plutus Payroll, but my bank rejected that application. When authorities finally convicted Mr. Anquitel and a cadre of conspirators, it was found that Plutus Payroll laundered money using accounts at over 100 bank. My bank was not one of those banks, and ironically my bank may have been the only bank that refused to bank Plutus.

      Also, discovery did not reveal that Mckenzie did any research that evidenced any organized crime figures using my bank, and neither the organized crime syndicate he mentioned nor Simon Anquetil were referenced in any of his notes or emails. All of that information was likely given to him illegally by a corrupt government official involved in the investigation, who Mckenzie is now protecting. But it was also unethical for McKenzie to have used information about a confidential criminal investigation that he knew was illegally obtained.

      Finally, discovery revealed no attempt on the part of Mckenzie or anyone else to open an account at my bank, or even contact anyone still employed by the bank. They only spoke to anonymous former bank employees, all of whom verified the strength of the bank’s robust AML compliance. Even the independent referral agents they spoke to told them how difficult it was to open and account at my bank, how long it took, and how strict ongoing compliance was.

      McKenzie lied when he said that the referral agents they spoke with recommended my bank for secrecy and tax evasion. Plus, all the former bank customers they spoke with also confirmed how difficult it was to open an account at my bank due to its extensive onboarding protocols, and how rigorous my bank vetted each individual transaction after an account was activated.

    Nov 29, 2023 29:45 AM

    It sure is getting slow here on the anti Trump blog.

    Nov 29, 2023 29:26 PM

    Pfizer as a responsible company is pure scum.
    They are still paying to push the covid vaccine, that actually is now proven to do more damage than good.
    AND THEY KNEW it did not work.

    Nov 29, 2023 29:30 PM

    For the U.S. ——-The medical system is broken.

    Nov 29, 2023 29:37 PM

    The senile joke of the day:
    How about 2 ?
    The Vietnam War,
    Covid vaccines,
    Keeping illegals from entering illegally,
    Stopping the CCP from stealing intellectual property.
    Balancing the budget, as often promised
    Sorry, I could not simply stop at 2.

    Nov 29, 2023 29:47 PM

    And how about defending Ukraine ?
    The U.S. has been superb at destroying the male Ukrainian population for the next few generations.
    The Russians now pretty much attack at will. The funny (Ironic) things is that the Russians never really wanted to conquer the whole of Ukraine….they just wanted a defensible warm sea port, independence for Russian-speaking part of Ukraine.

    Nov 29, 2023 29:15 PM

    Haley said that as president, she would consider slashing spending on things like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

      Nov 30, 2023 30:10 AM

      Slightly out of context……
      In the stump speeches, when asked how to balance the budget, or limit deficit spending, the response included limiting social security spending.
      This is practically the ONLY way to get spending under control, as the aging population increases.

    Nov 29, 2023 29:21 PM
    Nov 29, 2023 29:44 PM

    Dang…just when you thought he’d live forever….Kissinger dies…at 100…beat Munger by a year.

    Nov 29, 2023 29:47 PM

    Dang…thief stole 10,000 donuts….truck last seen headed to Chris Krispy Kreme Chrsite’s house….cops better hurry because he could eat that many in a sitting…

    Nov 30, 2023 30:42 AM

    Scott Bennett talks about visit to Ukraine.

    Al should get Scott and Jim on the show together.
    That would be a hoot. Might just get over 100 listeners…!!

      Nov 30, 2023 30:41 PM

      Good one Chartster.
      Couple things, the fellow wants to go to congress with the info, too bad,congress is owned by the “bad guys”.
      2nd thing, Al and Jim support Ukraine the nazis and the zionists.

        Dec 01, 2023 01:25 AM

        Two things, SouthFF.

        When you give iron clad evidence and documentation to congress, and they do nothing.
        They incriminate them selves, because they can’t unsee the criminality they support.
        And they can’t say they ‘didn’t know’, when the hammer drops. (and the hammer will drop).

        Al and Jim are part of the media. Give them the evidence too. 😉

          Dec 01, 2023 01:54 AM

          Will be interesting to see if anything becomes of it.

    Nov 30, 2023 30:44 AM

    All banks are in deep dodoo……

    Nov 30, 2023 30:25 AM
      Nov 30, 2023 30:10 PM

      All talk in the halls of congressless…. .. just send the cash…

    Nov 30, 2023 30:05 AM

    Ukraine and Gaza…….what is really happening.
    . …….very long
    The U.S. should clearly stop any aid payments, which just seem to increase the fighting.

    Nov 30, 2023 30:58 PM

    Members of Israel’s Ruling Likud Party Once Planned to Assassinate Henry Kissinger

    Nov 30, 2023 30:01 PM

    Kennedy Assassination: “CIA-Did-It” Theorists Are Covering for Israel

    Dec 01, 2023 01:58 AM

    COVID …. UKRAINE….. ISRAEL…… they are all OLD NEWS…… give us some more news….
    that we do not know……

    HERE I GOT ONE………………… IT IS MY BIRTHDAY….. as well as BIG AL(MIA)…… owl is 80 … 🙂

    Dec 01, 2023 01:42 AM

    Happy birthday, Jerry.

    Soon you vill own nothzing….
    The WEFers point of view….

      Dec 01, 2023 01:32 AM


      And thanks for the heads up..
      On old news Klaus’ BS..
      I feel sorry for the clueless sheeple

    Dec 01, 2023 01:31 AM

    Wallstreet has decided they dont like Biden or Trump, they now like South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.
    What a wonderfull improvment she would be. 😉

    The person happy to slash social security,Medicare and Medicaid.

    The people will be so much better off.

    Dec 01, 2023 01:46 AM

    Where is Larry?

    Dec 01, 2023 01:11 PM

    Melania Trump sitting where the current First Lady sits at state funerals. By military custom and protocol.
    Why? Because she is!

    Dec 01, 2023 01:38 PM

    Trump was WRONG to allow Pfizer immunity from lawsuits for vaccines.

      Dec 01, 2023 01:05 PM

      Trust the plan… 🙂 They will be in Gitmo with all the other Deep State creatures soon enough… 🙂

    Dec 01, 2023 01:04 PM

    Looks like the market is celebrating early. Even gold is doing great. I think there will be a h#ll of a Santa Claus rally but who knows what comes after that…

    Dec 01, 2023 01:23 PM

    Teddy knew…about Obama… 🙂

    Dec 01, 2023 01:38 PM

    Tucker…MTG and some hard truths…about the corrupt gooberment and the evil people who run it…

    Dec 01, 2023 01:34 PM