Novo Resources – Drill Program Updates At Nunyerry North, Belltopper and Beshear Projects

November 27, 2023

Mike Spreadborough, Executive Co-Chairman of Novo Resources (TSX:NVO – OTCQX:NSRPF – ASK:NVO) (“Novo” or the “Company”) joins me to provide a comprehensive exploration up date from Nunyerry North, Belltopper and Becher Projects.


To start we recap the result drill results from the maiden 30 hole 2,424 meter drill program at Nunyerry North, in Pilbara Western Australia. We then move over to the Belltopper Project drill program, consisting of approximately 2,300 meters, which started this month. Fro both of these drill programs I have Mike outline the primary targets. We then move to the Beshear Project where De Grey Mining has just started the initial 39,000 meter drill program. View the map below to see the location of the projects.


If you have any follow up questions for Mike and the team over at Novo please email me at



Click here to visit the Novo website to learn more about each project we discussed.


    Nov 28, 2023 28:01 AM

    Gold, Silver and Copper paper metals are all up again.
    Mine: Some Up , Somme Down and currently – $4.98.

      Nov 28, 2023 28:46 AM

      Hercules used again to take it negative. All others off-set for zero gain or loss. Emo was used when it had the greatest market value in my account. It has been replaced by Hercules. Of course, no correlation as algos against personal accounts don’t exist, do they.

        Nov 28, 2023 28:57 AM

        Think of things another way…If the “Save Canadian Mining” reports data that they have discovered that Junior Miners with less than $250 mil market cap are shorted/naked shorted on the average of 52% a day, wouldn’t that be similar to saying a Las Vegas casino has a 52 to 48 advantage in house earnings?
        Seems it would be.

          Nov 28, 2023 28:24 AM

          I have witnessed these a$$holes doing this on a daily basis and sometimes the short may not be filled for days like with Scorpio Gold I have been buying lately. I have called the TSX and complained and they act like they don’t know it’s going on… I don’t believe that.

          Now we all know why the TSX.v is down where the pandemic took it to, garbage in, garbage out.

          Nov 28, 2023 28:32 AM

          I think what they did was go short on SGN then fill their shorts after the consolidation, I also think that this is done on an ongoing basis as a way for the market makers to get their bonuses.

            Nov 28, 2023 28:17 AM

            My concern has been that the bullion banks and associated hedge funds have been driving prices down for personal reasons. This week, Wall Street on Parade came out with an article talking about JP Morgan owning some companies in conflict with regulatory guidance about what investment banks can invest in with their own funds. Appears they have some shell companies and off-shore holdings of forbidden fruit.
            What concerns me is that they may have already been investing to ownership levels in mining or other commodity type companies or are setting up to own these types of companies through suppressed prices and adverse means. The bullion banks have access to the US Treasury through the Fed and of course we can’t audit The Fed. It is very concerning in that simultaneously there is this movement among politicians toward Fascism and making decisions based on a political party rather than the Constitution.