Sitka Gold – Gold Exploration In The Yukon and Nevada, Over 1.3Million Oz Initial Gold Resource, Drilling Ongoing

November 28, 2023

Mike Burke, Director and Vice President of Corporate Development at Sitka Gold (CSE:SIG – OTCQB:SITKF – FRE:1RF) (“Sitka” or the “Company”) joins me to introduce this gold exploration company focused on the RC Gold Project in the Yukon and the Alpha Project in Nevada. Earlier this year the Company released a maiden Resource Estimate at the RC Project that totaled 1.34 million ounces of gold in the inferred category. The Company recently completed a summer drill program at the RC Project and has a drill program on going at the Alpha Project. 


Mike provides an overview of the RC Project and the Tombstone Gold Belt in the Yukon. He recaps the maiden Resource Estimate and this year’s drill program. 2 holes are still to be released. We then move to the Alpha Project and the main target being drilled currently. I have Mike provide an overview of the management team and key shareholders as well as outline the upcoming news.


If you have any follow up questions for Mike or would like any additional information on the Projects we discussed please email me at



Click here to visit the Sitka website and read over the Company’s corporate presentation.

    Nov 28, 2023 28:42 AM

    I’m back in Argonaut Gold this morning! DT

      Nov 28, 2023 28:20 PM

      The governments have told the investors to buy commodities based on green power. Most investors are sheep, they think the government has their backs. Total electric car production is a long way off and when the green investors figure out that the technology as it now exists for electric cars is just too expensive, it will be too late. 95% of stock buyers are losers. DT

    Nov 28, 2023 28:22 AM

    Did I miss the news and another war broke out?????….after all that’s the only reason gold has popped the last 2 yrs right???😏

    Nov 28, 2023 28:17 AM

    Absolutely Wolf. Nothing technical about gold rally LOL, War, US dollar (drop) are the things to watch.
    Dregs in particular continue to be dregs. Bagholders who kept accumulating these, remain bagholders in spite of stunning rally in gold. No posted jubilation with the goldbugs. Then there’s pitiful IPT as a bellweather.
    As expected the general producers first to react.
    Still holding and in the black with long dated calls in NEM, ABX, AEM, not so much with FNV. Also holding HL and KNT, up about a buck or so on each.
    Continuing with a limited dollar exposure to anything gold shares. Likely to bail rather than add unless the underperformance of gold shares reverses.
    No need to chase this thing

    jon syl
    Nov 12, 2023 12:12 PM
    gold shares will continue to underperform while the metal is likely to tag it’s former all time high into the new year.

      Nov 28, 2023 28:13 AM

      Nothing technical about gold rally? 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
      That “pitiful bellwether” is the only thing supporting your idiotic assessment. The coast is always fully clear when IPT (and similar) rips.
      As usual, you, Doc and others showed nothing but confident bearishness precisely at lows that should have been bought. Some never learn! 🤪🤪🤪

        Nov 28, 2023 28:16 PM

        Oh my the bagholder in chief.
        Nothing bearish with gold. Just your picks with same old technical babble past couple years. Give astrology a shot.

          Nov 28, 2023 28:30 PM

          You were nothing but bearish EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN A BUYER but of course you act like you always know a good setup. What a delusional jackass little turd. You clearly need another booster.
          FYI regarding your war assessment, momentum tipped its hand before the first attack. This “geopolitical unrest” happens to be a convenient cover story to trick you sheeple. That’s not always the case but it clearly is this time.
          Oh look, nothing technical about NEM finally confirming what momentum already knew!

            Nov 28, 2023 28:18 PM

            Latest war a convenient cover story to trick the sheeple. Quite the cover. Having that insight Matthew you should have bought NEM instead of babbling about IPT and other dregs. The majors always first out of the gate. Still holding leverage play on these, and looking to cash out.

            Nov 28, 2023 28:47 PM

            Play stupid and imply what you want, you know what convenient means. You’re obviously the bag holder looking to cash out considering your misery and imbecilic obsession with the “dregs” that I love so much. I’ve played these things over and over again for decades and there’s never any shortage of people like you when things turn down. As for NEM, the larger caps that I bought have outperformed it so far. Maybe now you can sleep?
            Here’s some charity. Very important monthly and quarterly breakouts are coming soon for silver that will send the worst silver dregs screaming past your large cap golds. Momentum has spoken and soon the price watchers will join in on the buy side.