Kenton Ralph Toews – Bitcoin’s Breakout, ETF Expectations, What Drives Cryptocurrencies From Here

November 30, 2023

Kenton Ralph Toews, President of Youxia Crypto joins me to provide an update on the cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin recently rose to 52 week highs and has continued to grind higher throughout November. Kenton and I discuss how much the expectation of the ETF approval is driving this move and to what degree the Fed pause has on this rise. Kenton points to the shrinking discount to NAV for the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.


I ask Kenton about other cryptocurrency coins that are outperforming Bitcoin. He focuses on RUNE which is the native token for THORChain. This coin has gone 4X in just over a month.



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    Nov 30, 2023 30:41 AM

    I have owned Santacruz Silver for quite a while now with no intention of selling, it gets punished on a regular basis for no reason at all. I am waiting for that magical moment when the price of silver starts to roar like The MGM Lion and then suddenly this stock will shoot, spurt, vault forward like a hypersonic missile and then burn out once again. The moment I am waiting for will arrive and I am prepared. DT 😉

      Nov 30, 2023 30:20 AM

      Recently Francis Hunt on Palisades, forecasts the gold/ silver ratio falling into the 30’s and eventually into single digits. He’s calling for a $3000 gold price, which would put silver at $300+ … how about that??

        Nov 30, 2023 30:23 AM

        That would be Hunky Dory!! DT

    Nov 30, 2023 30:53 AM

    This morning two Big Canadian Banks (RBC, and CIBC) both reported substantial record earnings over last year’s results and raised their dividends. What is going on here? I suspect that the climb in mortgage rates hasn’t had a chance to bite into their profits, yet. Maybe the fact that we are a resource-based economy has something to do with it, we shall see. DT