Sendero Resources – The First Drill Program At Peñas Negras, Fully Funded 4,500 Meters

December 15, 2023

Michael Wood, Executive Chairman of Sendero Resources (TSX.V:SEND) (“Sendero” or the “Company”) joins me to discuss the first drill program being conducted by the Company and the Peñas Negras Project in Argentina. The Company was just listed on the Venture exchange in October. Click here to listen to the introduction interview on the Company.


The Company will start the 4,500 meter diamond drill program in January. The focus will initially be on 3 copper-gold porphyry targets (La Peña, Tamberias and Cerro Verde South) with one more target (La Ollita) possibly drilled later in the program. 


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Click here to visit the Sendero website and learn more about the Company.

Peñas Negras Project Targets and Vicuña Belt Deposits

Figure 1. Peñas Negras Project Targets and Vicuña Belt Deposits 


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    Dec 15, 2023 15:27 PM

    Doug Casey has been in Argentina last couple of weeks, hold up in his luxurious apartment in central BA, not reporting anything unusual happening there.
    Maybe the S… will hit the fan if and when Milei fires several thousand government workers and closes the central bank. But doesn’t seem to be worried about it.