Weekend Show – Politics

December 16, 2023

Unfortunately there is no Politics Weekend Show this week. Al is taking the holiday season off to recharge.


We hope you all have a great weekend!


    Dec 16, 2023 16:57 AM

    Well once again , no show AL . Well who could have seen that coming .

    Dec 16, 2023 16:05 AM

    How long is a HOLIDAY SEASON………… 🙂

      Dec 16, 2023 16:22 AM

      Hi Jerry …. How long is a piece of string …………. lol

        Dec 16, 2023 16:34 AM

        Hello Irish…………….

        LOL………. that is a good one…

        Have a Happy Holiday Season….

          Dec 16, 2023 16:43 AM

          Hi Jerry … We dont do HHS here in the UK , So i will wish You & Yours a Very Happy Christmas.

            Dec 16, 2023 16:17 AM

            Thanks Irish…….. I was kind of playing on the words…. in the Header of the Ker… lol
            and Merry Christmas to You….

            Dec 16, 2023 16:58 AM
            Dec 16, 2023 16:38 AM

            Merry Christmas 🎄 to all and to all a good morning… or good afternoon or evening to European bloggers. 🙂

            Dec 16, 2023 16:44 AM

            Same to you Tommy…..

            Dec 20, 2023 20:07 PM

            All the Best And A Good End Year to you ALL !

    Dec 16, 2023 16:31 AM

    It would appear to me , that the policy of the IDF in Palastine is….. If it moves SHOOT IT.

    Dec 16, 2023 16:46 AM

    This from the Guardian Newspaper

    From 2h ago
    12.07 GMT
    Israeli hostages killed mistakenly in Gaza were holding white flag, official says
    Peter Beaumont
    Peter Beaumont

    An initial IDF probe into the hostage killing incident suggests all three men were shirtless, with one carrying a makeshift white flag.

    On seeing them, one Israeli soldier shouted “terrorists!” to the other forces, initiating fire at the men, according to reports.

    While two hostages were hit immediately and fell to the ground, the third managed to escape into a nearby building where despite pleas in Hebrew, he was also shot and killed, a military official said.

    Updated at 12.08 GMT

      Dec 16, 2023 16:59 AM

      …must have mistaken them for USS Liverty sailors…

        Dec 16, 2023 16:01 AM

        USS Liberty!

        Dang…new ‘puter is too fast…for me…old one had a 2 terror byte Satan drive…new one has a 4 terror byte NVME PCIE drive…much faster…

          Dec 16, 2023 16:02 AM

          Hah! Dang spell check….2 terabyte SATA drive…4 terabyte new drive…

          Dec 16, 2023 16:07 AM

          2 terror byte Satan drive.

          The drives the 😈 Demoncrats 😈 use… 🙂

          Dec 16, 2023 16:53 AM

          New computer…….. EBO…. demons at work in the cloud… lol…
          The computer I have, shut down the other day… for no reason… humm
          especially, when I was on another podcast, and was asking questions… humm…
          Now it back on…. as I am typing this message…. lol…

            Dec 16, 2023 16:16 AM

            ….maybe it has one of those Demonrat Satan drives in it…. 🙂

            Dec 16, 2023 16:22 PM

            🙂 No doubt about it…. one of those with a backdoor added…

        Dec 16, 2023 16:44 AM

        They knew too much… and had to be eliminated. Has the IDF genocide operations managed to save any hostages?

          Dec 16, 2023 16:20 AM

          So, you don’t think Hamas members would ever speak Hebrew and try to get IDF into open ground where they could be sniped?
          War is hell.
          Collateral damage happens.
          The IDF shooters will now suffer remorse for the rest of their lives, I believe.
          It will not be the first or last example of “shoot first, and ask questions later”.
          It has ever been a temptation in time of war……or even the Wild West.

            Dec 16, 2023 16:22 AM

            All i know is that the IDF is ruthless… apparently they shoot anything and destroy everything… no thought about taking anyone prisoner… unarmed, surrendering, in plain sight, does not matter… shoot to kill.

    Dec 16, 2023 16:32 AM

    Boys! I am sure Mr. Big Al Korelin is hard at work…probably getting to the bottom of this Flat Earth business…

      Dec 16, 2023 16:34 AM

      …and when he is finished…he will find you are all wrong…the Earth is not flat…it is not round…it is a trapezoid…made of 🧀 ….and it revolves around Uranus…. 🙂

        Dec 16, 2023 16:49 AM

        Ebo…. I thought the discussion on the FLAT EARTH … was good… and everyone should not get so excited over some of the views… JMO…..

    Dec 16, 2023 16:48 AM

    Hi Jerry

    3 hostages killed was reported on RT this morning.

    Mohammed Hijab

    Thoughts on the vid are interesting, finding it yesterday was the first time I saw it.

    I read Jesus in India years ago.

    I know its not your thinking and understand you and many christians would never accept it, thats all good.
    Your who is paslm talking to comment was interesting.

    I havnt run across it for awhile but I.m pretty sure there is another fellow mentioned in the bibles that said the same thing, it was Judas, not Jesus.
    Obviously like barnabas was not included.
    Doesnt fit the narative.

    I know the crucifixition is significant to many people but I’m not convinced any of the stories matter, knowing or not knowing the truth doesnt change it.

    I would listen to a debate between yourself and Mat Dilihunty, that could get interesting.
    Ive never heard Dilihunty talk about Jesus in India.
    Overall, he is looking for proof of events which he doesnt feel he has found.
    The guy was working to be a minister when he changed his beliefs, he has the niv,kjv and catholic bibles pretty much memorized, he is pretty clever.
    So, a discussion between you guys would be neat to listen to.

      Dec 16, 2023 16:00 AM

      b………. thanks for the comments… I appreciate the thoughts….

      I have talked for years about …. RIGHTLY Dividing the word/ bible, THE WHO is important,
      because it allows the reader, to know exactly the message, and connect the final dots.
      If, one thinks all the messages and passages are to them, OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT, then there is the
      starting point of confusion … This is the problem with Christians / Catholics (1 billion strong,)
      which go through the POPE/MAN to get any understanding….
      Not just picking on Catholics, but really you have to go through the Pope for your understanding and
      relief…. Consider the History of the ROMAN(like duh) CATHOLIC CHURCH…. ROMAN Circus at best.
      WHERE WAS PAUL trial.. hummm

      It is a problem for most christians as well as those who use the bible
      for different reasons…

      Dec 17, 2023 17:31 AM

      Hello b…………
      you say…. Matt was……… “The guy was working to be a minister “….when he changed his beliefs,

      According to wiki… he never went to school to be a” minister”
      According to wiki…. He was a Southern Baptist…along with his divorced wife.

      It would be interesting to debate Matt … I doubt he ever read or understood Paul’s writings

      Thanks again for the follow up.

        Dec 17, 2023 17:11 AM

        Jerry, I didnt actually expect you to debate Dilihunty.
        I just figure it would be interesting. Maybe choose a topic and discuss with him on the program.

        As understanding Paul, he pretty much has kjv,niv and the catholic bibles pretty much memorized, it seems like it anyway, he is that knowledgable.
        He is ok with the Quran as well but his callers are more concerned with christianity. Dawkins is funny, in debate when he asks “you actually believe Mohamed flew to heaven on a winged horse?”

        Dilihuntys radio program is simple, he looks for proof of claims, as far as I know he hasnt found any yet.

        He doesnt say they are not true, he says he doesnt know as he hasnt found proof of claims and so many things in those bibles are outright wrong it causes him to be skeptical.

        For you to understand his command of these bibles and issues you would have to listen to him.

        There are other people with his position but he is the person with the radio program. Richard Dawkins is a well known name for example.
        Christopher Hitchens is dead but his debates can be found on you tube.

        I never would expect you to acknowledge a belief dif than your own, thats pretty standard for any religion or denomination of them.

        Thats ok, everyone has to believe in something.
        Even an “I dont believe” is a belief. 😉
        Its all good.

          Dec 17, 2023 17:52 AM

          hey b………. Matt can memorize all he wants in the bibles.,,,, but,…still be CLUELESS…. and that is a FACT…

          Does Matt have a degree in anything?……….
          I doubt he knows Greek and Latin or Hebrew… 🙂

          Some of the bibles………. which there are hundreds…. which are copyrighted… unlike the KJV ,
          some, even leave out passages… so, many people are clueless to the meanings and writings,
          if, they do not get close to the Original writings…..

          What is funny………. Matt is an X Southern Baptist….. and I use to be a Southern Baptist..
          so, I think I could relate/ understand his thinkings…. 🙂

          All gets down to DEATH , BURIAL RESURRECTION…. 🙂
          and there were people, 5000 in number at the time which understood and saw the resurrected body….. 🙂

            Dec 17, 2023 17:09 AM

            500 not 5000….. sorry

    Dec 16, 2023 16:55 AM

    David Web

    The Great Taking – Documentary

    He thinks we are going to have issues with our currency etc, just something to watch with no Ker again.

      Dec 16, 2023 16:06 AM

      …a very in depth interview…with the author of that….with Ernest….

      Dec 16, 2023 16:50 AM

      GREAT VIDEO ON DAVID WEB………………. thanks… I am about 23 mins into… some great summary info…
      Security Entitlement…. claim which is going to take a lot of people by surprise… Boomers are going to be shocked to their boots…. securities are going bye, bye… segregated accounts lol….

      Freaking Bankruptcy courts are in bed with the banks…. 27 min mark…. JP MORGAN WHORE…

      Heads up to Euro friends…. at the 28 min mark…. you are going to get your…clock cleaned

    Dec 16, 2023 16:12 AM

    Homelessness Soars To Record High In America

    Uncle Joe Biden’s And AJ’s Demorat Amerika….

    Dec 16, 2023 16:25 AM

    …more censorship here today…

    Dec 16, 2023 16:29 AM

    Jerry, I responded to your comments.
    and poof, its gone.
    Maybe it reappears sometimes they do.

      Dec 16, 2023 16:46 AM

      b……… thanks … I will look for it… hope it reappears…

      I do have some other comments to make… but, thought it was getting a little to long on the debate..
      but, would be open to further discussion… thanks for your video and comments…

    Dec 16, 2023 16:38 AM

    Good one Eddy.
    I am always calling out people that “talk around” such as “Deep State” MIC,
    Lyndon LaRouche was one who named names.
    The book is DOPE INC. Britain’s Opium War Against The World.
    In this book, Lyndon names names and puts it all out there. No wonder he ended up in Federal prison on phony charges.
    This book is a must read in my book. It’s all in there.

      Dec 16, 2023 16:15 AM

      …I know Leona Helmsley…let it slip out…she said, “Taxes are for the little people…”….maybe she was a crook…but after she said that the Feds made sure they put the wood to her….can’t have the truth slip out like that…

        Dec 16, 2023 16:16 AM

        Good one…. she knew what was going on….
        IRS and FED are a criminal organizations… as well as the Treasury…

    Dec 16, 2023 16:47 AM

    Elon Musk comes……
    .hook me up, Scotty.

    Dec 16, 2023 16:16 AM

    I think possibly that your Ad- Blocker set up may contribute to the posts being blocked…My ad-blocker has caused me big problems for some sites until I would click it off on those sites…No idea..worth a try?…glta…….

    they love to mess w our minds….

    Dec 16, 2023 16:48 AM

    Pick “view”
    Just to listen.

    Dec 16, 2023 16:56 AM
    Dec 16, 2023 16:08 AM
    Dec 16, 2023 16:25 AM

    Tucker Carlson speaks out:

    Dec 16, 2023 16:34 AM

    The Houthis follow Hamas in attacking Western civilization….
    US and British media “mouse” quiet.

      Dec 16, 2023 16:02 PM

      …maybe….Western “civilization” isn’t so civilized…

        Dec 16, 2023 16:40 PM

        5,000 Israeli soldiers wounded to date.
        2,000 with permanent disabilities….lrgs missing, arm missing, etc.
        Major port of Eilat closed down………international trade interrupted.

    Dec 16, 2023 16:54 AM


    But commodity prices are manipulated

    Dec 16, 2023 16:29 PM

    Meanwhile in London – guilty of Journalism – or
    Do U.S. Constitutional Rights extend beyond its borders to U.S. citizens ?

    Dec 16, 2023 16:33 PM
    Dec 16, 2023 16:54 PM

    So you believe in flat earth……
    So how do you explain the blood moon, which will appear next on the night of March 13th, 2025 ?
    Hint the shadow of the earth passes across the moon and when in full umbra, there is enough red light refracted by the earth’s atmosphere to make the barely visible moon in the shadow to go red.
    The edge of the shadow shows the earth is spherical and the color via laws of physics indicates the earth has an atmosphere above its sphere.
    It does not happen very often because the Sun, earth and moon are not coplanar in their orbits, but it does happen every few years.

    Dec 16, 2023 16:59 PM

    Meanwhile will we have a revolution or civil war next year ?
    Who knows…..the media is pre-conditioning us, perhaps…….

    Dec 16, 2023 16:12 PM

    Meanwhile traitor Biden still has open borders….

    Dec 16, 2023 16:32 PM

    Scott Ritter reports on Middle East:

    Dec 16, 2023 16:46 PM

    Tucker tonight…..

    The Biden administration is acting unconstitutionally.

    Dec 16, 2023 16:17 PM

    Earth’s satellites have been around for about 50 years, but we have heavily relied on then for communication for about 20 years……
    The repetition of solar coronal mass ejections indicates that in all probability we will have a total loss of satellite occurrence within the next two decades. This may also be a Carrington-like event, although that is less probable.

    Dec 16, 2023 16:54 PM
    The DEEP STATE Propaganda Machine is destroying the country..

    Dec 17, 2023 17:15 AM

    More murders carried out by Israeli IDF . These people are F**KING EVIL , they believe non jews are just dirt to be killed , GODS chosen people !!!!! ?….. I dont F**KING think so.

      Dec 17, 2023 17:25 AM

      LOL Tony
      OF COURSE they are the CHOSEN people, they wrote the books. 😉

        Dec 17, 2023 17:49 AM

        They only Wrote HALF of the BOOK……….. OLD TESTAMENT… 🙂

        Off topic… but……. this conflict is a DISTRACTION, in part… to take our minds off the JABB…..
        and the mass murders which have taken place WORLD WIDE… sudden death….and up tick in cancers…

        b…………… what are the stats in Canada, according to a fellow on usawatchdog today…. those
        deaths are OFF THE CHARTS and exploding… what do you say…. thanks….

          Dec 17, 2023 17:22 AM

          Thats a dif way of looking at the bibles, I always figured there are multiple books.
          Bible; The English word Bible is derived from Koinē Greek: τὰ βιβλία, romanized: ta biblia, meaning “the books”

          I havnt seen society falling apart due to deaths, from shots or anything else.
          Well, other than corruption, too much currency printing etc, the standard stuff.

          Do you recall saying (a year ago)? that people would start dropping dead here?
          Hasnt happened Jerry.

          Most adverse events are mild and include soreness at the site of injection or a slight fever.
          Serious adverse events are rare, but do occur. They include anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction), which has been reported 775 times (1 report per 100,000 doses administered) for all COVID-19 vaccines across Canada.

          I took a quick peek at usa watchdog, same stuff over again, it occured to me, why would anyone be trying to eliminate people? We are in the 6th mass extinction. they just need to give it a little time and most people are dead anyway.
          Look into the 6th mass extinction, I doubt we are getting away from it.

          Interesting update, fresh water fish are dying off now, atlantic salmon at risk. Not newsworthy for some reason. Covid could be the distraction.
          We sure dont talk about the plastics etc.

      Dec 17, 2023 17:33 AM

      You will, no doubt, be pleased to know, Irish, the IDF are losing the battle in Gaza.

    Dec 17, 2023 17:38 AM

    Footage shows bodies piled up after Israeli attack on Gaza school

    Dec 17, 2023 17:43 AM

    Exclusive: Roger Waters speaks to TRT World about Israel’s war on Gaza

    Dec 17, 2023 17:28 AM

    Cyber attack on Kitco has the site shut down. Watch the movie Leave the World Behind.

      Dec 17, 2023 17:46 AM

      Interesting, I have wondered about online trading.

      Online banking is pobably at risk as well.

      Dec 17, 2023 17:04 AM

      Better have the phyz…. going forward… the stock market is going down…
      Good article with David Web provided by others here….

    Dec 17, 2023 17:54 AM

    Lara Logan has great interview with Clay Higgins regarding January 6th.
    Nothing can stop what is coming.

      Dec 17, 2023 17:31 AM

      Both the FBI AND cia operatives were present on Jan 6th. Not a few, but 200 in total.
      MANY instigating going into the Capitol building itself….Ray Epps, caught on video so doing.
      Scum Nancy, KNEW and was PART OF THIS, in order to discredit Trump and victimize him as an “insurrectionist”.

        Dec 17, 2023 17:22 PM

        Nancy along with the CIA,FBI are tools of the Crown Corp… that controls the property of WE THE PEOPLE…. the Congress corporation of the Crown does everything against WE THE PEOPLE…
        They committed high crimes… allowing the JAB ….. The congress is guilty no doubt about that….

    Dec 17, 2023 17:54 AM

    The world is turning greedy.
    Little do people realize that capitalism is a much more compassionate and respectful mode of societal management than socialism or communism.
    Socialism, which historically always degenerates into authoritarian compulsion, is never a free society….It tends to disregard the doers and constructive people in order to give to the lazy or unproductive and always eventually collapses.
    Capitalism, by its very nature, HAS TO CONSIDER what people want… order to sell product.
    Yes, it could disregard the unproductive or poor, but history has shown that either the rich or government has always stepped in to provide a safety net.
    It may not appear so in places like San Francisco at this moment, but there is not a place of capitalism, but of socialistic lack of law and order.

    Dec 17, 2023 17:20 AM

    Another scumball acting congress…………… worthless money sucking crooks against WE THE PEOPLE….

    ************WITHDRAWING FROM NATO…….

    Buried within the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that was just passed in both the House and Senate is an amendment which aims to prevent any future president from withdrawing the United States from NATO.

    One of the legislation’s co-sponsors Tim Kaine (D-VA) described that it “reaffirms US support for this crucial alliance that is foundational for our national security. It also sends a strong message to authoritarians around the world that the free world remains united.”

    Dec 17, 2023 17:21 AM

    No trust…….only hatred on both sides.
    And those in power always will try to maintain being in power.

    Dec 17, 2023 17:33 AM

    9 hours ago

    You will, no doubt, be pleased to know, Irish, the IDF are losing the battle in Gaza.

    Hi CFS….. I get NO pleasure from Your post , the IDF are losing in Gaza. My concern are for the inocent people who are been shot , & bombed our of their homes , & other places of shelter , on a daily basis. And BTW that also goes for the ordinary Jew’s who are been killed , because of the fault of their Zionist Govt.

      Dec 17, 2023 17:59 AM

      I’m a libertarian. I hate war in all forms.
      It worries me that, if opinion polls are to be believed, 80% of Gaza’s support and praise the Oct 7th attack on Israel, which killed so many Israelis. (And there are still 130 known hostages in Hamas hands)
      I support a two state solution, with as much separation of Islam and Zion as possible.(Because both religions preach they have a right to the territory)

    Dec 17, 2023 17:56 AM

    Meanwhile in Illinois:
    Could it be citizens remember history in Nazi Germany?
    The first step to confiscation was registration.

    Dec 17, 2023 17:48 AM
    A Uniparty dominated by communists is simply authoritarianism / fascism

    Dec 17, 2023 17:50 AM

    The Zionist connection to the heroin rat lines is well documented in the book Dope Inc.
    The London money cartel and their off shore banks will guarantee that the U.S will always have a drug problem.

      Dec 17, 2023 17:42 PM

      You really believe responsibility for the drugs crossing the southern border lies with Israel ?

        Dec 17, 2023 17:25 PM

        Zionist are not just in Israel ……

        John is on the right trail…… concerning the drug lines….

        Dec 17, 2023 17:11 PM

        I will respond to CFS’s comment about drugs coming in through the southern border.
        To look at the drugs coming, you must also follow the money going back.
        During prohibition in the U.S, Alcohol came in from Canada and the distilleries in the U.K.
        Once prohibition was ended, the cartel, Mayer Lansky and his people and yes the Zio money launders, began importing narcotics through the same channels as were used for alcohol.
        The southern border is not the only place where drugs are entering the U.S.

    Dec 17, 2023 17:05 PM

    What is it with these bloody people , all they ever do is talk about war. Why not talk about peace for a change . With peace there would be no need for war. …… Oh stupid f**king me , i forgot they need wars to steal more money. Ask these people who their GOD is , i bet they will say MONEY.

    Dec 17, 2023 17:08 PM

    The U.S. MUST LEAVE the UN or deny UN Control.

      Dec 17, 2023 17:44 PM

      CFS………….DID you read my post on the bill being passed in congress concerning the President will be UNABLE….to WITHDRAW FROM THE UN……

      Buried within the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that was just passed in both the House and Senate is an amendment which aims to prevent any future president from withdrawing the United States from NATO.

    Dec 17, 2023 17:39 PM

    When you have a weak and senile president this happens….

      Dec 17, 2023 17:59 PM

      CFS……….. He is not the President…. Of WE THE PEOPLE….. you really need to do your homework on the FRAUD,…committed since 1860….
      You vote for NO ONE… Did you vote for the FAKE FED …
      You protest concerning J6 and the 2000 mules,… yet, you give some kind of credit for the retard calling himself a president… the president , of the crown company only….

      Did you Vote for the UN BILL.. your country has been taken OVER… PERIOD…

    Dec 17, 2023 17:55 PM

    There have been multiple arrests in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands of alleged Hamas members (origin Egypt and Lebanon) who have been communicating and planning to blow up buildings/markets in Europe.
    (Absent from arrests are France and England, who are known to also have sleeper cells.)

    Dec 17, 2023 17:32 PM

    L. Graham………….. Little turn coat….
    Graham says Biden narrative around impeachment inquiry ‘falling apart’
    Clarification: Graham cast doubt in his comments about Hunter Biden’s narrative. The headline and story have been updated to make that more clear.

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday said he believes the “narrative” by Hunter Biden and the president at the center of the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Biden is “falling apart,” arguing if there was a “smoking gun” in the inquiry, there would be more clear discussions.

    “If there were a smoking gun, I think we’d be talking about it,” Graham said on NBC News’s “Meet The Press.”

    “But … the narrative that Hunter Biden presented is falling part. The idea that Joe Biden knew nothing about the business dealings is falling apart. I’m not worried about impeaching the president right now,” Graham continued, adding he is more concerned with the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.


    Dec 17, 2023 17:15 PM

    With out the constant flow of drug money entering the system world wide the system freezes up.
    Were are led to believe that wars were fought to stop the spread of communism, where in reality Vietnam and Afghanistan were about keeping the heroin flowing.

    Dec 17, 2023 17:47 PM

    Zuckerberg has bought a $100 million compound in Hawaii and is constructing a massive underground bunker system.

    Dec 17, 2023 17:22 PM

    Ukraine will lose the Ukraine-Russia war.
    Worse for the U.S. is that Ukraine will be forced to handover all weapon systems donated to them by the U.S. and Europe WITHOUT DESTROYING THEM.
    Thus Russia will gain American technology.
    This is what happens when a senile dictator is president of the U.S.
    How quickly traitor Biden has destroyed US.

    Dec 17, 2023 17:29 PM
    (I call Biden a traitor because he took an oath to uphold US laws, but chooses not to enforce immigration law.)

    Dec 17, 2023 17:49 PM

    The other reason why I started to call Biden a traitor was he chose to give to the WHO the power to mandate vaccinations.
    I.e. Biden “gave away” our Constitutional rights, with as far as I know, no discussion.

    Dec 17, 2023 17:59 PM

    Notwithstanding a Supreme Court ruling against him, Biden has given away over $100 billion in student loan payback cancellations.
    (The president does NOT have the legal power to give away money unless it is appropriated in the House of Representatives.)

      Dec 18, 2023 18:56 AM

      You should do some more history…. on the DC corporation….. Anna Von Reitz would help you understand what is going on…. right now… including the BAR law….

        Dec 18, 2023 18:00 PM

        But laws are easily broken…….and treaties even easier.
        All you need is the will and the power.

    Dec 17, 2023 17:08 PM

    I don’t see Jay Powell moving back in with his parents…or even getting a roommate….do you?

    Inflation Forces Head Of Turkish Central Bank To Move Back In With Her Parents

    The 44-year-old Erkan took up her post in June following two decades in the United States where she honed her career trajectory at some of the world’s most reviled — err, renowned — financial firms. Erkan previously worked at the likes of Goldman Sachs and First Republic Bank. Upon returning to her homeland, she now finds herself on the other side of the economic upheaval enveloping markers across the world.

    Dec 17, 2023 17:12 PM

    While attention has concentrated on Gaza, Iran has been emptying its prisons….
    It has executed some 230 dissidents

    Dec 17, 2023 17:21 PM

    Golfer John Daly talks with Tucker:

    Dec 18, 2023 18:21 AM

    “The U.S. is about to LOSE its Super Power status” Col. Douglas MacGregor | Redacted

    None of this is true, the guy is a blowhard. 😉

      Dec 18, 2023 18:16 AM

      🙂 good one……..

        Dec 18, 2023 18:50 AM

        Super Power ……by Fraud………….. and Debt………… $100 TRILLION…..

      Dec 18, 2023 18:56 AM

      It already lost its super-power status.
      It cannot fight a conventional war on two fronts, for sure.
      And can barely fight a war on one front without going nuclear.

    Dec 18, 2023 18:19 AM

    Anna …. is out with a good one today….. do not know if I will post it….
    It concerns the history since 1860 and the gold…… and some info. most would scratch their heads on…

      Dec 18, 2023 18:22 AM

      Here is a small portion…. anybody interested , I will provide them with the remainder….of the article…
      The trademarked “Federal Reserve System” went kaput during the 2007-2008 meltdown. You probably haven’t been told that in so many words, but yes, the organization went bankrupt, was carved up by its creditors, and its assets including its names and trademarks were distributed as loot.

      The trademarks– “THE FEDERAL RESERVE” and “FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD OF GOVERNORS”– were acquired by Chase and JP Morgan, which have been operating these trademarks ever since, which gives the outward appearance that the Fed System is alive and well, when it’s not and hasn’t been for over a decade.

      Last time I looked, the Federal Reserve Building was boarded up, and our physical Great Seal stamps which had been previously on display in the reception area of the Board of Governors Office were shipped to the Philippines — and are being kept by the Government of the Philippines under the False Presumption that we voluntarily and conscionably deposited these icons and our gold in the Philippines and appointed the Government of the Philippines to act as our Trustees.

        Dec 18, 2023 18:32 PM

        Sorry, Anna is completely wrong about the Fed.

        The fed monetized treasury bonds under Tim Guithner and Ben Bernanke starting in mid 2009 until mid 2013 call it quantitative easing.
        When it was the treasury in cahoots with the fed to buy all the stock of the Fortune 500 companies, the same people that owned the fed at the time. They took from the American people and funded their own corporations taking over the mom and pops.
        Then when the bonds matured, they kept the debt on the books.
        And they also issued junk bonds based on falsified stock prices doing credit and debt swaps, creating more money out of thin air.

        All that ended when Donald Trump became president. And the treasury absorbed the fed over 6 years ago.
        Anna was wrong on her timing, and her explanation.

          Dec 18, 2023 18:30 PM

          Chartster………… thanks for the reply.

          Not sure she is wrong totally on the FED…… considering everything that is going on…JMO

          But, I will accept your explanation … at this time.

    Dec 18, 2023 18:25 AM

    Mike Benz, the Executive Director of the Foundation for Freedom Online and former State Department diplomat, revealed that there was a bipartisan plot in 2020 to kick off a color revolution using Black Lives Matter to cause havoc in the streets of America if President Trump had refused to step down from office. The scheme was called the ‘Transition Integrity Project (TIP) and involved high-level DC operatives including Donna Brazil, the former head of the DNC and Michael Steel, the former head of the RNC and top ‘predators’ from US national security agencies (NSA, DOD, FBI and more). Benz warned that the same plan will be used in 2024 if Trump wins the election.

    In June 2020, TIP designed a simulation plan to force Trump out of office. John Podesta played the role of Joe Biden and a Republican played the role of Trump. Rosa Brooks led the TIP exercises; she served in the CIA and was an official with the Pentagon. Benz says she now she teaches courses at Georgetown on how to overthrow governments.

      Dec 18, 2023 18:52 AM


    Dec 18, 2023 18:00 PM

    18 Houthi drones attacking cargo ships in Red Sea shot down today.

    I predict the Houthi base in Yemen will be bombed out of existence soon.
    What Iran’s response will be, is above my pay grade.

    Dec 18, 2023 18:20 PM

    Rick Rule speaks to Daniela Cambone:

    Dec 18, 2023 18:36 PM

    US Army faces ‘TikTok mutiny’ as Gen Z recruits whine about low pay, ‘sh***y’ food and FITNESS TESTS while on bases in uniform

    “Brazen posts represent audacious challenge to top brass amid recruitment crisis”

    Dec 18, 2023 18:10 PM

    This ought to shake up the Rooskies…but I don’t those Gen Z recruits will fight…what will Lord Austin do then???

      Dec 18, 2023 18:25 PM

      The only thing that is certain….is that the “new deal” for those bases will cost the US tax serf a fortune….but the criminals who run this country would have it now other way…

      Dec 19, 2023 19:39 AM

      More WAR please….. DC stooges, MIC… all part of the all seeing eye….

      I posted the NEW BILL…… congress passed concerning the President and UN…..will make it harder to get out of the UN… all by design.

        Dec 19, 2023 19:53 AM

        Wonder how much longer the sheeple will put up with it…the MIC is cancer…

          Dec 19, 2023 19:59 AM

          We will be long gone by that time…. sheeple have been asleep for 100 yrs… I doubt they will wake up

      Dec 19, 2023 19:03 AM

      FINALLY……………………… After 20 yrs………. they are starting to TALK ABOUT THE FRAUD at the Pentagon………………..
      Why The Pentagon Is A Multi-Trillion Dollar Fraud

      MONDAY, DEC 18, 2023 – 11:40 PM
      Authored by Scott Ritter,…**** only 20 yrs behind the Boyz here at the KER…. lol…***of course there were a lot of sleepy owls who did not have a clue… lol..

      The US Department of Defense has failed its sixth annual audit in a row, but taxpayer money will keep going down that drain..

      Recently, the Pentagon admitted it couldn’t account for trillions of dollars of US taxpayer money, having failed a massive yearly audit for the sixth year running.

    Dec 19, 2023 19:14 AM

    Scott is a little behind in his paper work………… and amount of the FRAUD… the PENTAGON.
    Fitts and Skidmore… estimate the amount more like over $40 TRILLION

      Dec 19, 2023 19:54 AM

      …what’s the old saying…a trillion here and a trillion there and pretty soon you’re talking real money…used to be a billion…for the price of a car you used to be able to buy a house…

        Dec 19, 2023 19:22 AM

        The state of Tennessee is currently suing 10 trillion dollar investment co. Blackrock, because they have been investing based on carbon reduction theses, rather than maximizing return on investment. Such practice on its face being against Tennesseee state law.

          Dec 19, 2023 19:28 AM

          No big deal to Blackrock(crooks)….. I saw that article… I thought it was interesting…
          Good for the State of TN….

    Dec 19, 2023 19:35 AM
    A couple of years late, but better late than never.

      Dec 19, 2023 19:41 AM

      Few other states need to do the same…………..arrest and deport…. immediately….
      Also, each state should call up the NATIONAL GUARD units….. forget the Fake USGOVT in DC.

      Tenn. should round up the illegals /people in the hotels that are staying free … there are a ton of illegals in TN.
      staying in the Holiday Inns….

    Dec 19, 2023 19:40 AM

    Many of the Biden Administration could be impeached for DELIBERATE FAILURE TO ENFORCE THIS LAW.
    ONE OF MANY LAWS BIDEN IGNORES, or lies about……..he’s just buying votes with tax-payer’s money.

      Dec 19, 2023 19:44 AM

      I say…………. just deport Biden and the Administration….. GITMO… might be a nice relaxing place for them….lol

      We know Obama was illegal… lol

    Dec 19, 2023 19:45 AM

    Boys! New friends coming to a town near you soon….better get back to work…to pay for all these new friends…friends ain’t cheap….

    Dec 19, 2023 19:47 AM

    …back to censoring again…this morning…on this blog…

      Dec 19, 2023 19:54 AM

      yep……. had one of mine gone missing….

    Dec 19, 2023 19:56 AM

    I guess the gov wants illegals to help fill military ranks.
    American youth seem to have decided they dont want to join so much anymore.

    I recall reading roman emperor Julian, he mentioned that the romans themselves were no longer interested in military service, the armies were made up of people from around the empire.
    Took about 1 hundred years for the empire to kaput.
    His relationship with the christians was interesting too.
    They of course killed him basically for returning temples they had stolen back to worshippers of other gods.

    In any case, the illegals, foreigners for the military are a sign of an empire ending
    Eastern roman empire fell when they ended up with too many varangians too.
    Not that was the only reason, just a sign of impending doooooom. 😉

    Funny how these empires refuse to see their position and want to continue to expand as opposed to withdrawing to a position they could defend successfully and survive.

    Just human nature I guess.

      Dec 19, 2023 19:49 AM

      Some of the same bloodlines……. which were in Rome, are still around, and are causing the same problems….
      Romans figured out , why die for stupid bloodline,… the clippers of the coinage cause the problems,
      Let them eat cake.. LOL……

      Dec 19, 2023 19:15 PM

      Well duh.
      A politician can be bought, surprise surprise.
      That was exposed a few months ago, that Desantis could be bought.

      I kinda doubt that americans will ever realise they ALL have to go, the system scrapped and rebuilt.
      I just dont think it will be done voluntarily, imo the empire has to crumble and the people start from almost nothing.

      The trick the world has to pull off is to prevent the americans from using nukes while it happens.

    Dec 19, 2023 19:26 PM

    Many of the “Venezuelans” crossing the Southern border right now are members of Hezbollah.
    Also they are military age men, NOT MANY FAMILIES.
    Latest estimate is 16 million total illegal imigrants while Traitor Biden has been president.

    Dec 19, 2023 19:30 PM

    Decline of US…….by Tucker Carlson:

    Dec 19, 2023 19:43 PM

    I agree and disagree with Tucker.
    I worry about the intellectual decline in the U.S., but I place the blame for that on Television, not dropping the bomb on Hiroshima.
    The purpose of war is simple…….to beat the enemy into submission.
    The best way of doing that is to kill as many of the enemy as possible.
    The way our leaders fight, however, evolved over the millennia and leaders don’t try to kill leaders….
    ….in the hopes the enemy will not attempt to kill them.
    Leaders should try not to go to war and resolve differences without war.
    Perhaps going after leaders by the enemy will reduce collateral damage, including making leaders less desirous of war over settling differences by negotiation.

    Dec 19, 2023 19:35 PM

    Colorado Supreme Court sez Trumpster can’t be on the ballot…look for other Demonrat states to do the same….

      Dec 19, 2023 19:37 PM

      If Supremes don’t over-rule by Jan 4 Trumpster will not be on the primary ballot…and other Demonrat and Rino states sure to pile on….

      Dec 19, 2023 19:06 PM

      Ebola……..The 31 page decision did no such thing in practice.

        Dec 19, 2023 19:14 PM

        To be precise:
        The Colorado Supreme Court stayed its decision until Jan 4th, if Trump did not appeal.
        If Trump did appeal, then the decision was stayed indefinitely UNTIL the U.S. Supreme Court ruled.
        I am not an attorney, but as I understand U.S. law, the Colorado decision was illegal under U.S. law; as election interference……..unless Trump is actually convicted of insurrection……..and he has not even been charged with that crime……..despite what newspapers write.

          Dec 20, 2023 20:33 AM

          States Law…….. and the DC GOVT………. is the problem… if, you go back to the Act of 1871….

          You had a confederation of states , prior to the Civil War… after that things got polluted, with
          US STATES and THE UNITED STATES…… Anna Von Reitz has explained this before, over the years.

        Dec 20, 2023 20:57 PM

        …are you….a bookbinder??? Do you know Maydorkass???

    Dec 19, 2023 19:36 PM

    Did anyone give any thought to why the stars are in the same place every night of your life?
    Revolving around earth from east to west.

    It kinda squashes the theory of the earth hurling 67,000 miles per hour circling the sun every year.

      Dec 19, 2023 19:05 PM

      Why are all the stars fixed in space?
      Category: Space Published: October 16, 2013

      Public Domain Image, source: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESO/Univ. of Michigan.
      The stars are not fixed, but are constantly moving. If you factor out the daily arcing motion of the stars across the sky due to the earth’s rotation, you end up with a pattern of stars that seems to never change. The stars seem so fixed that ancient sky-gazers mentally connected the stars into figures (constellations) that we can still make out today. But in reality, the stars are constantly moving. They are just so far away that the naked eye cannot detect their movement. 🙂

      Check the source…. NASA..Univ. of Michigan… 🙂 which might make you wonder… humm

      The thought before I posted this or was this exact thought….. “they are just so FAR AWAY THAT the naked eye can not detect their MOVEMENT…

        Dec 19, 2023 19:09 PM

        You might want to consider that the Sun does not appear in the same location though out the year… humm

      Dec 19, 2023 19:15 PM

      I will do more thinking and research on the 67,000 miles an hour…

      Why don t you feel Earth rotating at 1000 mph and revolving at 67000 mph?
      Earth moves very fast. It spins (rotates) at a speed of about 1,000 miles (1600 kilometers) per hour and orbits around the Sun at a speed of about 67,000 miles (107,000 kilometers) per hour. We do not feel any of this motion because these speeds are constant.

      God works in mysterious ways…………… 🙂

        Dec 19, 2023 19:15 PM

        The stars revolve around us every night.
        Polaris is stationary. As seen here.

          Dec 20, 2023 20:42 AM

          Are the stars in the same place every night?

          The stars are not fixed, but are constantly moving. If you factor out the daily arcing motion of the stars across the sky due to the earth’s rotation, you end up with a pattern of stars that seems to never change.

          What is the nightly motion of the stars?
          These apparent star tracks are in fact not due to the stars moving, but to the rotational motion of the Earth. As the Earth rotates with an axis that is pointed in the direction of the North Star, stars appear to move from east to west in the sky.

        Dec 19, 2023 19:19 PM

        Newton figured things out 300 or so years ago……
        We feel forces.
        With regard to forces and motion…….Newton’s 3rd law of motion:
        Force equals mass times acceleration.
        Steady velocity does not give a force.
        We do notice a small force associated with earth’s rotation, which is small compared with gravity, and which causes water to rotate as it goes down a sink or bath drain, in opposite directions in the northern and southern hemispheres.

          Dec 19, 2023 19:33 PM

          That was a good one!😁

          Ask any pilot you know if he dips the plane down every 5 minutes or so to compensate for the earths curve. Most will look at you and chuckle.

            Dec 19, 2023 19:24 PM

            I guess I don’t understand your comment Chartster.
            A plane flying has basically 4 forces acting on it:
            Wind or atmospheric resistance (1)which is overcome by plane’s horizontal thrust (2)
            And gravity (3) which is overcome by lift from the wings plus vertical component thrust (4) (if there is any) from the engines.
            Thus the plane stays at the same height above ground in normal flight, EVEN THOUGH its trajectory through space is a curved line.

            Dec 20, 2023 20:36 AM

            So now gravity adjusts for curvature?
            Just like gravity holds water on a ball?

            Gravity does not exist. However, it’s a great unproven excuse for the folks lost in weeds trying to explain the round ball they are Not on.

            If sea level is the same within the circle, how could it be the same if you were on a ball?
            A body of water does not bend.

            There’s zero proof of gravity. Just like there’s zero proof the earth is spinning.
            Just like there’s zero proof the sun is 93 million miles away. (wonder who made that one up?🧐

            Dec 20, 2023 20:56 AM

            Hello Chartster……………..

            You Say……………..” Gravity does not exist. However, it’s a great unproven excuse for the folks lost in weeds trying to explain the round ball they are Not on.”

            So, I guess we can start with that thought……….. GRAVITY DOES NOT EXIST, and the earth does not ROTATE….?

            Question…………….. Would that be the basis of the FLAT EARTH THEORY?….. YES OR NO….?

            Thanks for the comments….

            Dec 20, 2023 20:07 AM

            If you think about all the excuses that gravity is used for, you can see the scam.
            Bendy water- gravity
            Can’t tell the earth is spinning 1000 miles per our. Or how can you explain landing on a north/south runway with the earth moving 1000 mph-gravity.
            Pilots don’t adjust for earth curve? Gravity?lol

            Scientists have learned. People will believe anything, as long as a scientist discovered it.

            Dec 20, 2023 20:24 AM

            So…………. Your answer…………. must be YES?

            So…….. by that answer …… there is No Gravity and the earth does not rotate….

            Correct me here, if this is not what you are saying.


            Dec 20, 2023 20:42 AM

            The sun, moon and stars rotate around us every day and night. Like clockwork, literally.
            The earth is stationary.

            Gravity is the unseen and unprovable excuse for rotating earth and water that stays on a ball.
            Gravity is not real. It’s a hoax.

            Dec 20, 2023 20:44 AM

            Explain……….. the Sun is lower in the winter……….

            Dec 20, 2023 20:57 AM

            It is further away in the winter, but looks lower due to perspective.
            It does and oblong circle around the ice wall.
            The closer it is to us, the further it is on the other side of the circle.
            Winter for us, summer in Australia.

            Dec 20, 2023 20:13 AM

            I see where you are going…

            “It does and oblong circle around the ice wall.”….. you say..

            But, I was under the impression, that it was just the same pattern, on the FLAT EARTH…
            (within the circle)… So, it gyrates within the dome,circle, flat earth..

            Thanks for the reply

            Dec 20, 2023 20:22 AM

            If……. the earth is FLAT………

            Why would there be a difference…. in seasons … on a FLAT EARTH

            You say……”The closer it is to us, the further it is on the other side of the circle
            Winter for us, summer in Australia.”

            Problem, for me, ……. this is the same logic for the rotation , I do believe…
            not trying to cause a problem.. just thinking this thing out…
            Thanks for your patients…

            Dec 20, 2023 20:51 AM


            That’s exactly what you are supposed to do.
            Think things out!

            Once you realize the sun, moon and stars revolve around us. And the earth is stationary. It changes your whole perspective of things.

            Watch the last rocket launch Elon Musk did two weeks ago. He showed the whole world the firmament live on tv.
            I must say, that was priceless.

            Dec 20, 2023 20:04 AM

            Thanks for the reply…. I will try and check out Elon’s video

            Dec 20, 2023 20:25 AM

            Hello Chartster………..
            I have been pecking around utube….looking for the Flat earth rocket pictures of Elon’ flight….

            Could you direct me to the one you are referring….


            Dec 20, 2023 20:42 AM

            Sorry, I couldn’t find it. I guess it’s been removed.

            But this one will answer some questions.


            Dec 20, 2023 20:48 AM

            Thanks……….. I have been looking at different shots/video for awhile,,,,
            Watched a few…

            I will watch the one you submitted…
            Thanks again ….
            PS. I might have some more questions… thanks

            Dec 21, 2023 21:44 AM

            I was watching a video last night concerning a biblical perspective on the Flat Earth theory.
            The narrator was using books which are not included in the KJV, and using terms
            such as “heaven”.. and seemed to want to change the word to “heavens”( more than one.)
            In this case, …changing the meaning, which is a no no…. (as stated in Revelations , which says..”do not add nor subtract from this word”.

            I will continue my search, .. but, the narrator wanted to use the term Firmament , which I will
            further look into how he is using the term… and look into how it is described in the books.

            My next question will be…. What denomination are these narrators….

            Dec 21, 2023 21:05 AM

            I find this as a note……… of concern…………..

            flat-earth today are doing so to discredit the Bible and Christianity all over again. If so, then Christians who have been misled into believing that the earth is flat have foolishly fallen into the trap.
            Does the Bible Teach That the Earth Is Flat?
            by Dr. Danny R. Faulkner
            Unfortunately, many Christians have fallen prey to this, misled into believing that the Bible teaches the earth is flat and that, until five centuries ago, the church likewise taught that the earth is flat. In this article, I will examine many of the biblical passages
            March 14, 2020
            Mary Schlegel

            1. First, there are already many articles, papers, and books on the topic available, written by many highly-qualified scientists.

            These resources are easily discoverable with a quick internet search, and have addressed the issue very thoroughly, so there is no need to repeat their findings here. Suffice it to say that Earth is demonstrably spherical, and the experiments saying otherwise have either been improperly conducted, thus producing incorrect results; are inconclusive, not actually proving a flat Earth; or are based upon conspiracy theory and false accusations (e.g. suggesting astronauts have lied or been deluded about seeing Earth’s shape from space).

            2. Second, in conversing with people who espouse the flat-Earth theory, we have discovered that logical arguments seem to have next to no impact on their beliefs.

            No amount of scientific evidence, no matter how well-researched or grounded in observable facts, seems to make a difference. Perhaps the flimsy arguments of the flat-Earth movement have actually convinced some people of their truth. Or, perhaps the appeal of a conspiracy or of being in the “rebel minority” is just too strong to resist. Regardless, this means that countering flat-Earth ideas with scientific evidence rarely produces the desired effect.

            So how, then, do we respond when confronted with flat-Earth theory, if actual scientific evidence makes no difference to its proponents?

            While there is, unfortunately, no one-size-fits-all solution, we believe that the best option is to try to get to the heart of the issue, and to stay focused on what really matters.

            In Genesis chapter 3, we see Satan luring Eve away from the truth with the lure of hidden, secret knowledge and wisdom (Genesis 3:5-6).

            Even the very first humans were not immune to the appeal of a conspiracy!

            This should serve as a very serious warning to all of us, and a reminder not to be led astray by the desire for hidden, secret wisdom or conspiracies (of any kind, not just flat-Earth). Furthermore, the Bible clearly and repeatedly states that true wisdom comes from the fear of the Lord (Proverbs 1:7, 9:10; James 1:5-6), and that hidden treasures of wisdom and knowledge are found in Christ (1 Corinthians 1:30, 2 Corinthians 4:6, Colossians 2:3). If we truly desire wisdom and understanding, we should seek them by growing deeper in our relationship with Christ, by seeking His will in our lives, by obeying His commands, and by storing His word in our hearts—not by seeking out conspiracy theories.

            Another (and even more alarming) trend we have noticed among Christians who subscribe to flat-Earth theory is that many of them seem determined to pull every conversation back to a discussion of their flat-Earth ideas, even when there is no relevant connection to the topic. It is as though it has become an all-consuming fixation, distracting them from more important issues and making it very difficult to communicate truth to them.

            Some good questions to ask such people are:

            Why does it matter so much?
            Does the shape of our planet effect whether or not the Bible is true?
            Does the Bible’s relevance increase or decrease based on the shape of Earth?
            Does the shape of Earth change the fact that we have sinned, and that Jesus died to redeem us?

            Of course, the answer to these questions is “No”.

            The Bible shows us that Satan is very busy trying to deceive, confuse, and distract people from focusing on the truth of God (2 Corinthians 4:4, 11:3; Ephesians 6:11; 1 Peter 5:8). This is how he managed to lead humanity to rebel against God in the Garden of Eden at the very beginning (Genesis 3:1-5). Later, in the New Testament, we see the case of Martha, who let her focus become fastened upon the inconsequential and distract her from sitting at the feet of Jesus to learn from Him (Luke 10:38-42). The more fixated we become upon an inconsequential hot topic or conspiracy theory, the more at-risk we are of being led astray like Adam and Eve, or distracted from spending time with Jesus, like Martha.

            Lastly, the Apostle Paul refers to the importance of Christ being our primary focus in 2 Corinthians 4:5, when he says “You see, we don’t go around preaching about ourselves. We preach that Jesus Christ is Lord, and we ourselves are your servants for Jesus’ sake.” This is a beautifully clear reminder that our mission is not about us, but about Christ. It’s not about our own ideas, but about the gospel.

            If we allow personal, inconsequential conspiracy theories to consume our minds and dominate our conversations to the exclusion of all else, we are neglecting the Great Commission that Christ has given us to preach the gospel to every nation. As Christians, our desire should be just the opposite: to keep Christ at the center of our focus, and to declare His gospel above everything else.

            Bottom line…………. Do not take time away from God’s word, “study to show yourself approved.”kjv…
            Satan……. is a deceiver…….just as he was with Adam and Eve…

            Dec 21, 2023 21:00 AM

            You will learn some powerful truths in the 21 questions and answer video.

    Dec 19, 2023 19:10 PM

    Vaccine effectiveness data DELIBERATELY MANIPULATED.
    (Lying political scum.)

    Dec 19, 2023 19:38 PM


    Fox News calls the state of Colorado for Joe Biden!

      Dec 19, 2023 19:08 PM

      There are idiots on Fox that have NOT READ the Colorado Supreme Court decision.
      Fox News ran with the Colorado decision “to keep Trump off the ballot”, WHEN IT DID NO SUCH THING.

    Dec 19, 2023 19:49 PM

    There has been a lot of media coverage of the Ukraine war and of the Gaza war, but little coverage of the Islamic starvation and blockade of Christians in the region of Artsakh in Armenia.

    Here REAL GENOCIDE is being attempted.

    Dec 19, 2023 19:01 PM

    I thought Ramaswarmy had some background in law ?
    In this announcement, he simply proves neither he nor his aids have read the lengthy Colorado Supreme Court decision regarding Trump on the ballot.

    Dec 19, 2023 19:44 PM


    LEAKED VIDEO: Facebook’s Zuckerberg Warned His Staff NOT To Get the Vaccine. But censors the info YOU see. You are the Guinea pigs.

    Dec 20, 2023 20:21 AM

    ‘Banana Republic Nonsense’: GOP Bashes Colorado Court Ruling to Boot Trump off Ballot

    Leading GOP presidential contender, Donald Trump, has been disqualified by the Colorado Supreme Court from the state’s 2024 primary ballot, sparking indignation among Republicans.
    In a 4-to-3 decision, the Colorado Supreme Court has removed Trump from the 2024 primary ballot. This action was taken using the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause, citing his role as president in 2021 in inciting the January 6 Capitol protest in DC.
    This ruling has unleashed intense outrage among the Republican camp.
    “The decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to remove Trump from the ballot is banana republic nonsense,” tweeted GOP Rep. Mike Waltz from Florida. “Clearly, the Left is desperate after Biden’s nosedive in the polls,” he added.

      Dec 20, 2023 20:00 AM

      I think a good turn around……. would be that REPUBLICAN held states…….. Take BIDEN off their list… but, that would be helping the Demowhits , and make their job easy for the removal of Biden, and allow MiKe Obama to run… lol….

    Dec 20, 2023 20:37 AM

    Pepe Escobar: Yemen Ready to Stare Down a New Imperial Coalition

    An axiom should be set in stone: Washington would rather bet on a possible, deep global recession than simply allowing a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. The recession may well turbo-charge a widespread economic collapse of the collective West, and an even more rapid rise of multipolarity.
    To offer much needed relief of so much insanity: almost casually, President Putin recently remarked that the Northern Sea Route is now becoming a more efficient maritime trade corridor than the Suez Canal.

    Dec 20, 2023 20:57 AM

    Trumpster off the ballot in Colorado… ……… here we go….. Clown world…..

    Dec 20, 2023 20:12 AM

    For the peoples of Russia, today’s confrontation is a sacred war of light against darkness.

    While Kiev is destroying the ancestral faith of its people, Russian soldiers kiss the cross before the battle.

    Today, Moscow, strengthened by the faith of its ancestors, is fighting back against Western globalists.

    Edgar Cayce, “the hope of the world comes from Russia.”

    Dec 20, 2023 20:49 AM

    US Races to Provoke Conflict Over Taiwan Before China’s Irreversible Military and Economic Rise

    The New Atlas
    247K subscribers

    Dec 20, 2023 20:24 AM

    Congress may have the power, but they don’t have the guts.

    Dec 20, 2023 20:14 AM
    Dec 20, 2023 20:33 PM

    BOYS! Nimrata says we need a Department of Offense….how offensive…I thought we had several already….but maybe if she gets her way she will use it to settle this Flat Earth controversy…. 🙂

    US needs ‘Department of Offense, not Defense’

    Dec 20, 2023 20:04 PM

    …Bookbinder….made Greenwald sick…

    Trump Disqualified From Colorado Ballot

    Dec 21, 2023 21:07 AM

    bloggers right here knew this because they find sources that fit reality….good continued efforts

    Dec 21, 2023 21:18 PM

    Tore Maras interviews the wife of a January 6th prisoner. It’s an excellent interview.

    Dec 21, 2023 21:32 PM
    Dec 21, 2023 21:47 PM

    How are you ALL ! ? Boys is dis the way the Block my END ? AL ? Jimmy ? Cory ? Boys ?

      Dec 21, 2023 21:27 PM

      Hello Franky….. Were have You been ?… Anyway , A very Happy Christmas , to You & Yours.

      Dec 21, 2023 21:27 PM

      Hang in there Franky

      Dec 21, 2023 21:03 PM

      …seems like it…just fades away…

    Dec 21, 2023 21:41 PM

    This is a great question and answer video of flat earth. It’s very informative.
    Just keep an ‘open’ mind.

      Dec 21, 2023 21:53 PM

      I am on my phone at present and away from my computer but I will listen…. but I also suggest to others read some of my commentary on the subject.. above and some from the previous week…..
      This is not meant to steal anyone’s thunder… because we are all wanting the same thing… truth
      And We have not been getting it 👿👿

        Dec 21, 2023 21:04 PM

        I listened to the tape….. comment……… BOOK OF ENOCH….. which is not included in the KJV..
        King James ….
        Just a point….
        The Book of Enoch and the Flat Earth
        by Dr. Danny R. Faulkner on March 11, 2018
        Featured in Answers in Depth

        The Book of Enoch is an important source for those who promote the notion that the earth is flat. A few portions of this rather long book teach that the earth is flat, but other passages are ambiguous about the earth’s shape. Flat earthers are selective about which portions of the Book of Enoch that they cite, because other passages clearly contradict aspects of the flat-earth model promoted today. The book of Enoch almost certainly is pseudepigraphal because there is considerable doubt that the patriarch Enoch wrote it, despite the claim within the book that he did. The Book of Enoch is not canonical. Therefore, it ought not be used to interpret Scripture, particularly in claiming the Bible teaches that the earth is flat.

          Dec 21, 2023 21:08 PM

          In a previous article, I discussed a few of the biblical passages that, according to some people, teach that the earth is flat. There I made the point that the Bible doesn’t endorse any cosmology, but instead gives only bare details regarding cosmology that could be understood several ways. For instance, Genesis 1:1 states that in the beginning God created heaven and earth. The Day Two account (Genesis 1:6–8) tells us that God made the rāqîa (firmament or expanse or sky), and that God called it “heaven.” On Day Four (Genesis 1:16–19), God made the luminaries (astronomical bodies) that he placed in the rāqîa. These statements briefly describe God’s creative acts during Creation Week, but they hardly teach any particular cosmology, such as geocentrism or heliocentrism, whether the earth is flat or a sphere, or whether the universe is expanding or static. God exemplified his wisdom in not endorsing any of man’s cosmologies in his Word. If God had done otherwise, it would have needlessly exposed the Bible to ridicule in nearly every age, for man’s cosmologies have changed continually over time.

            Dec 21, 2023 21:09 PM

            Nevertheless, throughout the ages, people have chosen to understand these verses from the creation account, as well as other verses throughout the Bible, in terms of the cosmology of their day. Examples include the Septuagint’s translation of rāqîa as stereoma, and Thomas Aquinas’ endorsement of the Ptolemaic model. The first example ultimately led to the poor translation of rāqîa as “firmament,” which in turn led to much confusion (including flat-earth movement today). The second example resulted in the Galileo affair. Even today we live with the consequences of both mistakes. This should be a lesson to all of us not to read into Scripture (eisegesis) our preferred cosmology. However, flat-earthers have failed to learn this lesson, because they insist that their understanding of biblical passages teach that the earth is flat.

        Dec 21, 2023 21:10 PM

        Where do flat-earthers get this notion? Contrary to common misconception, for the two millennia of the Christian age, the church did not teach that the earth is flat. Depictions of an enclosed dome over a flat earth (Figure 1) supposedly taught in the Bible did not start appearing until the 19th century. But it was Bible critics, not Christians, who introduced these diagrams. Only in recent decades have Christians fallen for this lame attack on the authority of Scripture and foolishly begun reproducing these figures as if this is what the Bible taught all along. Unfortunately, some Christians of late have swallowed this faux history (and much more false history) and begun proclaiming flat earth as truth in a misguided attempt to defend the Bible.

          Dec 21, 2023 21:12 PM

          The Book of Enoch
          Some flat-earthers have appealed to the Book of Enoch to support their argument that the Bible teaches that the earth is flat. What is the Book of Enoch? As the name suggests, this ancient book (sometimes referred to as 1 Enoch) ostensibly was penned by Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah. However, most scholars believe the Book of Enoch was written in the second and first centuries BC, not three millennia earlier when Enoch most likely lived. Therefore, the book is pseudepigraphal. Neither Jews nor Christians have considered the Book of Enoch to be part of the canon, though some smaller sects (especially in Ethiopia) have given it some status. To the non-Christian, the Book of Enoch is just another ancient manuscript, on par with the Bible. However, to the Christian, the Book of Enoch is in a totally different category from Scripture, though it may be of some value as a window to what some ancient Jews thought. Some Christians who teach that the earth is flat try to split the difference, treating the Book of Enoch as a sort of commentary on the Bible. But the Book of Enoch doesn’t claim to be a commentary, but instead comes across as a revelation, at least implying the claim that it is an inspired text.

    Dec 21, 2023 21:29 PM

    Oops………. ker deleted the reference page…

      Dec 21, 2023 21:37 PM

        Dec 21, 2023 21:44 PM

        THIS IS THE GUYS statement………
        Is the flat earth a religious thing?
        yes and no. i say this because, i myself, am not religious.I’d rather not have faith in something, but know the facts to the best of my ability and the facts are that the curvature and motion of the earth have never been proven. the Bible without any doubt whatsoever supports an earth that’s fixed in place The Book of Enoch which is biblically endorsed and most likely belongs in the Bible describes the flat stationary

        1.I If, he is not religious……….. he is unable to explain the bible… period.
        2. The Book of Enoch he says… is biblically endorsed…. NOT SO….As I said…

          Dec 21, 2023 21:47 PM

          Now………….. I can say…. that I do agree with some of the other points the guy made….

          Dec 21, 2023 21:53 PM

          Take his non- religion out of it.

          Fact is, the world map of the USGS is the old 1800s Gleason map. The flat earth map.
          The UN uses the Gleason map as their logo.
          Admiral bird explored the whole ice wall back in the 50s and said publicly there is more land. Shortly after became the treaty.
          And it is proven, gravity does not exist.
          Flat earth maps have been around for over 1000 years.
          The first globe map was the late 1400s
          Issac Newton was a shill for the King.

            Dec 21, 2023 21:06 PM

            Problem …… with taking religion out……. the other things tie into the other parts….

            The maps……. is a great topic
            A question , that should be asked… Who made the first maps , and who paid for the maps
            I think those answers come later in the tape…

            If, you provide some tapes and video , which you claim are great, …
            where some of the info. is not correct… we would need to question
            WHO WHAT AND WHEN….

            Dec 21, 2023 21:27 PM

            Religion……… ties right back into the problem…. OF FLAT EARTH OR NOT….
            Who’s responsible for this deception?
            you will find that the Jesuits and the Vatican have been intimately involved in all things space, including owning the earliest telescopes and to this day the largest owners of observatories and telescopes in the world. the society of Jesuits have been actively spreading the heliocentric theory for 500 years while trying to bury thousands of years of Flat Earth cosmology. the Jesuits are rulers of all powers that we are aware of and have been ruthless in their pursuit of world domination for centuries. no matter who is killed or what has to be done to establish a one world order out of chaos.

    Dec 21, 2023 21:57 PM

    Jerry is the only person I know of that can even approach that flat earth ‘issue’….i lack virtually all of his data bases…..Truthfully, I am currently more concerned about the flattened earth issue though…lol

    Franky….you say a lot in few words

      Dec 21, 2023 21:02 PM

      Bombs away. “flattened earth”……….. Good one larry………… we should all be concerned ….
      Bottom line…. we have a group in DC… corrupt as hell………..

      Dec 21, 2023 21:19 PM

      Hi Larry,
      Flat earth is not an issue. It’s an awakening and an awareness to your surroundings giving you freedom.

        Dec 21, 2023 21:25 PM

        Who’s responsible for this deception?
        you will find that the Jesuits and the Vatican have been intimately involved in all things space, including owning the earliest telescopes and to this day the largest owners of observatories and telescopes in the world. the society of Jesuits have been actively spreading the heliocentric theory for 500 years while trying to bury thousands of years of Flat Earth cosmology. the Jesuits are rulers of all powers that we are aware of and have been ruthless in their pursuit of world domination for centuries. no matter who is killed or what has to be done to establish a one world order out of chaos.

          Dec 21, 2023 21:55 PM

          I have had graduate students that have gone on to work for NASA and also for Harris in Florida.
          I can assure you the math associated with rocketry works in spherical geometry and simply does not work based on flat earth, unless you make bizarre assumptions about the math of gravity, which works very well on an approximate inverse square law.
          To talk about flat earth, in my opinion, simply indicates mathematical illiteracy.

            Dec 21, 2023 21:04 PM

            Purdue… is a great school for NASA…….

            Dec 21, 2023 21:54 PM

            Sorry…to hear…your students went to work…for Kamaltoe Harris…. 🙂

            Better be careful, professor….the Demonrats may declare you an insurrectionist and take away your pension…wouldn’t put anything past them at this point.

            Dec 21, 2023 21:57 PM

            …but…I am sure your students….learned much from the Kamal…about space…. 🙂


            Dec 21, 2023 21:04 PM

            …and your students learned…a great deal…about capacity….from the Kamal….


        Dec 21, 2023 21:30 PM

        Chartster…………. I think you made it an issue, when you said ,…..
        Everyone that does not believe in FLAT EARTH… is lost in high weeds…

        So,.. that was a call , … to find out , if, in fact we are lost in high weeds…

        I am glad you brought it up…. It forced me to do my own DD…….. thanks

          Dec 22, 2023 22:47 AM

          Ok, so it might be an issue to not know where you live. So that’s why we talk about this stuff.
          You do owe it to your self and research it. I’m glad you are doing that. It took me a while to come to grips with it too. Our level of indoctrination is so deep. The first thing you see in the first grade is a big globe sitting on the teachers desk. And it gets deeper and deeper, year after year.
          It was only 3 years ago that I thought the world was spinning and hurling through space.
          Now I look at the stars and smile. 🙂
          The same star, at the same place, at the same time, every night.

            Dec 22, 2023 22:53 AM

            Man I researched flat earth in Depth….. see anyone else do that… 🙂

            Govt control, with Satan…….. which has been happening for centuries….
            Sheeple need to wake up… The mark of the beast… Digital Currency is Next…

            Dec 22, 2023 22:11 AM

            Did you happen to read …. all the articles which I posted…..?

            What bible do you use…….?

            Dec 22, 2023 22:24 AM

            I wouldn’t sweat the CBDC. You can’t have a CBDC if there is no CB. And their is zero central bank control as of now. That is a fact.
            And you can thank Donald Trump and many other patriots world wide for that.

            Dec 22, 2023 22:42 AM

            ???Did you happen to read …. all the articles which I posted…..?

            What bible do you use…….?

            Dec 22, 2023 22:10 AM

            chartster…………..*************************see above************************thanks

        Dec 21, 2023 21:30 PM

        And Boys! Look on the bright side….if the Earth is flat…when Biden goes on a walk and gets lost again…maybe he will walk off the side… 🙂

          Dec 21, 2023 21:47 PM

          lol…….good one Ebo…….

    Dec 21, 2023 21:13 PM

    Commiefornia Demonrats getting ready to kick Trumpster off the ballot…the idiot said “The constitution (sic) is clear: you must be 40 years old and not be an insurrectionist.” Got that, boys? You can’t be on the ballot for Emperor, either.

      Dec 21, 2023 21:18 PM

      Hah! Demonrats changed it but still got it wrong….said you have to be 35…Wrong! 35 OR OVER.

      Dec 21, 2023 21:57 PM

      Good tape……Ebo…. this guy does a great job… JMO….

      Dems….have go FULL FLAT WACKO….. … lol

        Dec 21, 2023 21:49 PM

        You’re right, Jerry…Demonrats are lunatics…or maybe…they want a civil war….Hollyweird seems to be priming the pump on that…

          Dec 21, 2023 21:50 PM

          See link below…tried to post info on it but got it got taken down as so often happens here…

          Dec 21, 2023 21:51 PM

          …and watch out for the trans sniper….with the green hair and purple nails…

    Dec 21, 2023 21:41 PM

    Hah! BOYS! What kind of ‘Murcan are you???

    Hollyweird…already setting the table…CIVIL WAR…don’t get shot by the trans with the green hair and finger purple finger nail polish…

      Dec 21, 2023 21:43 PM

      Hah! More censorship here at KER…took down prior post about the above link…nice…

    Dec 21, 2023 21:12 PM

    What damage just one senile man as a traitor who stole the U.S. Presidency can do…..

    Dec 21, 2023 21:29 PM

    So ker has become the “flat earth” site?
    I thought it was zionist and now I find out its jesuit.

    I like the flat earth idea, very pagan.
    If you watched Eric the Viking you would know that if you sail off the earth you end up in Valahlla.
    Then you find out the gods really dont bother themselves too much with people.

      Dec 21, 2023 21:23 PM

      I like the flat earth idea…

      …until you walk off the edge… 🙂

        Dec 22, 2023 22:27 AM

        You should watch the 21 questions and answers video. The young man did a great job explaining flat earth.
        The only one that can make it worth your time is you.

      Dec 21, 2023 21:15 PM

      …and Nutty Yahoo…told Lord Austin the Israelies’ wars…are our wars…guess he’s right…after all…Nimrata said we need the Israelies more than they need us…

      So it would seem we are certainly at war with the Houthis…but…what about the Tutsis??? What hapened to them…maybe they got rolled…I’m sure the MIC will want to bomb them…if they can make a buck…

      Dec 21, 2023 21:26 PM

      “…Israel owns us….Israel is a giant weight around our neck taking us to the bottom of the ocean….”

      Well, he certainly got that right…it’s not called the United States of Israel for nothing…and the District of Criminals is certainly Israeli occupied territory….as was once said….get back to work tax serfs…someone’s got to pay for it all….and that someone is YOU…

      Dec 21, 2023 21:29 PM

      Dang…those comments should have gone here…

      What damage just one senile man as a traitor who stole the U.S. Presidency can do…..

    Dec 21, 2023 21:59 PM

    Several more posts gone missing…heavy censorship in this blog tonight…

    Dec 21, 2023 21:08 PM

    If the americans and the “coalition of the willing” fight Yeman, we could lose ships.
    Interesting we dont have support ships anymore, when the missle destroyers fire their missles, they have to go all the way to port to reload.
    A destroyer has maybe 90 missles, Yeman has thousands.
    We just might not have the overwhelming advantage our fearless leaders believe we have.

      Dec 22, 2023 22:19 PM

      Good point b……

      MIC might like another sink….worked before

    Dec 21, 2023 21:32 PM

    Hah! Rect is running for the Libertarian nomination! Mises Caucus….must listen to interview….

      Dec 22, 2023 22:51 AM


      This should be a tape………..Owl should listen to, during his “Holiday Season Break”…
      Time to end the Two Headed Snake Party….

      Kennedy is just a distraction and is not the person this country needs at this time.

        Dec 22, 2023 22:45 AM

        …why can’t OWL interview Rect???

        Dec 22, 2023 22:47 AM

        If we have to have a president…I would like to see Rect or Macgregor win…

    Dec 22, 2023 22:00 AM

    BREAKING: Israel Caught Mass Civilian FIELD EXECUTIONS Of Innocent Palestinians In Gaza Per Reports

    I think something Al should look at is what he,Jim and Mike support.

    I wonder if Al will be another “rest and recuperate” weekend.

    IMO Trump is a distraction too, part of the plan.

    Remember he did murder Qasem Soleimani and bombed Syria, he did not pardon Assange. He also stole the oil of Syria by backing terrorists obviously the establishment likes that as we still do.

    I know I know, its all part of making america great. 😉

    There was a guest on Alex Jones, they discussed whats happening, low and behold there are some people that understand they ALL have to go.
    Part of the answer is people need to start by focusing local, understanding the fed,fbi,doj,elections ….all of it is corrupt

    Good advice imo, and I still havnt found anything better than Our Country Our Choice. Col Douglas Macgregor.

      Dec 22, 2023 22:08 AM

      Yes,…. we have a corrupt system at the moment… no doubt about that…
      Sheeple think , by leaving one state, they can avoid the mess… lol…

    Dec 22, 2023 22:05 AM

    Hey chartster…………. left you a question above…. hope you do not ignore the question..thanks

      Dec 22, 2023 22:10 AM

      I did read those verses. It’s a lot to comment about. So I will leave you with this.
      Be sure and watch to the end.
      And ‘woah…to…the…math…..”.🤓

        Dec 22, 2023 22:16 AM

        That is not an answer to the simple question I asked you………..

        I asked you……………….. What bible do you use…….?

          Dec 22, 2023 22:57 AM

          Hi Jerry ….. The Bible according to The Flat Earthers.

          Dec 22, 2023 22:40 AM

          The KJV.
          But I do realize it is a “version”.
          A lot of scrolls are missing.
          I don’t have a religious cult affiliation.
          I am Christian, because it’s the truth.

          Did you watch the video?
          What do you think of that math?
          Irrefutable proof.

            Dec 22, 2023 22:41 PM

            Chartster…thanks for the reply…l am going to listen to the last video since the guy is using the KJV…I will try to see where he is coming from on his 25 examples….

        Dec 22, 2023 22:56 AM

        The commentator in the rumble piece sounds like an English ill-educated idiot.
        First he does not define a “corner”…….there are literally millions of corners on earth. (Under normally accepted definition of a corner.)
        Secondly, the Bible was written by men. (Even if inspired by God.)
        How many times does it say “man is fallible” in the Bible? “To err is human……”
        The Bible was written in times when man had not gone in space in recorded history; when the theory of gravity had not been elucidated at even an elementary mathematical level.

          Dec 22, 2023 22:46 AM

          Man ain’t never been into space. Duh..

          And the theory of gravity is stupid.
          Gravity is zero, nothing hogwash.

          At best it’s the excuse of water that sticks to a ball. (but only on the big model, the one you can’t see)

          And the CFS excuse:
          Planes adjust for earth curvature because of gravity. 🤣 (my fav )

    Dec 22, 2023 22:13 AM

    Im not too concerned with the earth being flat.
    Really doesnt change my position or affect me that I can see.

    I do like the pagan in the idea tho. 😉

      Dec 22, 2023 22:41 AM

      If you make the assumption of the earth being a large (infinite) flat plane, which is true if you are close to the surface and make the assumption all atoms attract each other by gravity, then mathematically a rocket taking off from this plane would have a 1/d dependence of gravitational attraction back to earth.
      (Where d is the vertical distance from earth. THIS IS NOT SEEN, but rather a 1/d ^2 dependence.
      Engineers do compute how much fuel is needed to put a rocket into space, and the earth REALLY is an approximate sphere. (Slightly bigger diameter at the equator, than the longitudinal or polar diameter.)

        Dec 22, 2023 22:27 AM

        Here are government documents about missiles and rocket trajectory which specifies the uses under conditions of a NON ROTATING FLAT EARTH.
        Government links provide for the skeptics.

          Dec 22, 2023 22:04 PM

          There is a DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ADMITTING A FLAT EARTH, and making the assumption of a flat earth as an approximation for near earth calculations.
          Purdue has a school of aeronautics and astronautics and I can assure you ALL THE CLASSES AND MATH are taught on the basis of a spherical earth.
          But stupid people in the U.S. are free to believe in flat earth, I guess.

    Dec 22, 2023 22:04 AM

    There’s a good depiction of a spherical earth close to the beginning of Randall Carlon’s ad.

    Dec 22, 2023 22:32 AM
    Dec 22, 2023 22:14 AM

    Just for fun !!! or not ……. Klaus Schwab presents – Vaxxmas Hits 23.

    Dec 22, 2023 22:12 PM

    Busy with Christmas preparations, but I check the blog and see the possibility of a flat earth being a hot topic.. viewed the 21 video and was not impressed… because we never really went to the moon does not make everything NASA has done false… those in power behind the scenes have more important stuff to mess with than flat or round earth theory…
    Seriously, many occupations are affected by the curvature of the earth… Take. Surveying as an important example:

      Dec 22, 2023 22:50 PM

      You don’t even admit to rovers !

      Dec 22, 2023 22:54 PM

      Reason for my discussion…. is real simple…. As a Christian believer…
      I should be prepared to give an answer… simply to keep the sheep from
      stumbling …. if possible…
      Also,… Since Chartster has been around a very long time, I feel I owe him
      some respect and follow up… Plus he owes me a fishing trip… 🙂

      Dec 22, 2023 22:24 PM

      Surveying is affected by topography, not curvature.

        Dec 22, 2023 22:56 PM

        Chartster… sure local topography is a big factor, but the curvature of the earth messes up the grid system on otherwise flat land… the north-south road grid “corrections” are quite frequent in relatively flat rural areas… not probable that local topography alone necessitates them, IMO.
        Check out the Survey design and execution section of the Public Land Survey System…

    Dec 22, 2023 22:19 PM

    Real life occupations are effected by the curvature of the earth:

    Dec 22, 2023 22:14 PM


    I viewed the video…
    Do you have any more vids from Dan before he reversed and disappeared

      Dec 22, 2023 22:23 PM

      That’s the only one I’ve seen from Dan.
      But it was quite compelling.

      Thanks for motivating me to hunt that one down.

        Dec 22, 2023 22:50 PM

        Thanks Chartster for the reply…..

        Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas,

          Dec 22, 2023 22:19 PM

          Have a very Merry Christmas, Jerry!

          The trout are biting good up here in the Georgia mountains. Caught a 22” rainbow last week.

            Dec 22, 2023 22:26 PM

            Now that is BIGLEY.. … thanks for sharing…

    Dec 22, 2023 22:52 PM
    Illegals are lying when they purchase guns – a felony. When caught – just released.
    .. Biden will pardon his son next year before he leaves office……for a similar crime, although tax evasion for over a million dollars is a bigger crime (of which Joe Biden is also guilty)

    Dec 22, 2023 22:53 PM

    VP Harris has given several speeches, presumably as a precursor of an attempt to limit firearm ownership in the U.S..
    Harris claims that the primary cause of death among “children” is firearm use.
    She has to stretch statistics to be anything close to the truth.
    Persons age 18-21 have to be included in the definition of “children”
    And, I suspect the statistics are not exactly correct anyway, due to very poor record keeping at the Federal level.

    Dec 22, 2023 22:57 PM

    Unfortunately there is no Politics Weekend Show this week. Al is taking the holiday season off to recharge.

    Dec 22, 2023 22:58 PM
    The democrats and their supporting media are scum.

    Dec 22, 2023 22:33 PM
    Dec 22, 2023 22:42 PM

    Everyone knows this but just for fun George Carlin says it well.

    start at 7.45, prior to that its about fat people.