Kenton Ralph Toews – 2024 Timelines For A Bitcoin ETF Approval

December 29, 2023

Kenton Ralph Toews, Founder of Youxia Crypto joins us to recap the volatile Bitcoin price over the past two years and outline timelines for the potential Bitcoin ETF approval.


In 2022 Bitcoin entered the year just under $50,000, dropped to as low at $16,500 in late 2022 and rebounding in 2023, currently in the $42,000 range. We recap the key economic and market drivers behind the price moves. Moving into 2024 news is focused on the possible Bitcoin ETF approval. We discuss, if the ETF is approved, how price and the crypto mining stocks will be impacted. 


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    Dec 29, 2023 29:44 AM

    I think a Bitcoin etf approval will drive Bitcoin to maybe 50K and then see little pullback on profit taking back to breakout 30-35K area.
    I also think a Bitcoin etf which will be back by FDIC and regulated alcoin stock will tumble because why would you not buy etf which has FDIC protection and some of these smaller stocks are just being pumped up and some are just not trustworthy.

    Dec 29, 2023 29:51 AM

    Lessons From 2023 And Themes For 2024: Overbought Can Get More Overbought & Gold Mining Sector M&A

    Goldfinger Capital – December 26, 2023

    “In this year end video I focus on some prominent lessons from 2023, and explore investment themes for 2024. One of the prominent themes for me in 2023 is how powerful trends can be, and how ‘overbought’ can become much more overbought. Another powerful lesson from 2023 is how badly wrong the consensus was at the end of 2022; remember how everyone hated tech stocks at the beginning of the year?”

    “The primary focus of this video is the theme of continued gold mining sector M&A in 2024. I offer my top two gold mining sector M&A ideas for 2024 and delve into some of my rationale. You can expect a couple more videos from me later in the week continuing on the theme of lessons from 2023 and themes for 2024. ”

    Dec 29, 2023 29:18 PM

    Following up on Benton: The .09 close yesterday with 244 shares. Very little trading yesterday on OTC. showing 517,350 vol today with avg vol 709,030. If you look back at OTC Markets you will note current price of about .16 with daily range .0757. – 0.1599. If I was a regulator, I would look at the .09 close and the low of .0757 to see who did those trades. I informed Schwab of the discrepancies with two .06 paints earlier in the week and did get a response: “Let us know if it happens again”.

    Jan 01, 2024 01:01 PM

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