District Metals – Consolidated 100% Of The Viken Energy Metals Deposit in Sweden, Update On Boliden JV Work Plans

January 4, 2024

Yesterday, January 3rd, District Metals (“District” or the “Company”) (TSX.V:DMX – OTCQB:DMXCF – FRA:DFPP) announced the Company has consolidated 100% of the Viken energy metals Deposit in Sweden by acquiring the remaining four mineral licenses.


Garrett Ainsworth, President and CEO of District joins me to discuss the process of consolidating the Viken Deposit over the past couple years. I also have Garrett explain the size of the deposit, which is “the largest undeveloped Alum Shale uranium-vanadium-potash-molybdenum-nickel-copper-zinc deposit in Sweden” and the initial work plans for this year. 


Now the Company holds a total of 5 uranium projects in Sweden. This brings up the question of the moratorium on uranium mining and exploration in Sweden that was imposed in 2018. Over the past year the Swedish government has discussed lifting the moratorium.


To close out the interview I have Garrett provide an update on the Joint-Venture (“JV”) with Boliden Mineral AB at the Tomtebo and Stollberg Projects. Initial work is expected to begin this month.


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Click here to read over the yesterday’s news release for the full details on the Viken Deposit.

    Jan 04, 2024 04:11 PM

    Municipal VETO will shoot this balloon down, regardless of any possible moratorium lift. “Ruling political parties, from left to right, from the four surrounding municipalities, unite against mining in the Oviken area” “All plans for large-scale exploitation of alum shale by the Great Lake are unthinkable.”

    Jan 05, 2024 05:05 AM

    Some things to think about concerning the future of Uranium are Russia and China and their willingness to share. Finland joining NATO. The need for alternative sources and Europe can not self sustain for power.
    Go also to the site for District Metals and there is a listing of relevant nuclear articles concerning nuclear power over the last couple of years with the most recent concerning: Carl Bergoff becoming the new Nuclear power coordinator, Uranium Mining Planned in Sweden, Swedish Parliament clears way for nuclear mining, Sweden plans new Nuclear Reactor, etc.
    Yes, there are those that still resist clean energy for all sorts of reasons all over the world. But, this is a world with a whole lot of dysfunctional leaders that are blowing away civilians, elderly, children for no reason other than Power and Greed. When such Criminal Activity takes place, trees take a background to the survival of people. What is one of the first things Putin went after in the Ukraine….the big nuclear power plant. Was it to make sure the Ukrainians were operating it safely or was it to make sure that he controlled the plant and Europe didn’t. Times change and the killing off of “innocent people” whether they be from ones country or not is a human failing and not a political failure. If you believe everyone is expendable but you and your family … it doesn’t work that way.