Shad and Doc Talk Stocks – Equinox Gold, SilverCrest Metals, Baytex Energy, Energy Fuels

January 4, 2024



Welcome to another KE Report segment of Shad and Doc talk stocks! We are updating this segment with a live video showing the charts of each stock. Please let us know what you think of the format.

The stocks featured today are:

  1. Equinox Gold (NYSE: EQX)
  2. Silvercrest Metals (NYSE: SILV)
  3. Baytex Energy (NYSE: BTE)
  4. Energy Fuels (NYSE: UUUU)

We apologize if the charts are showing up in a low quality. I will figure out how to improve that for future videos.



*This is not financial advice or recommendations for investing. This interview is for entertainment purposes only

    Jan 04, 2024 04:54 AM

    guy needs counseling…..pedantic syndrome is now also effectively sold for the ineffective management over a life time by a new pfizer non-miracle fake medicine…glta

    Jan 04, 2024 04:43 AM

    Great interview, love seeing visual and having Shad analysis on his stocks and having Doc do technical analysis also.
    Like to see more of this on Shad stocks and be nice to have technical analysis done same time in this format.
    Great job. Visual is absolutely best way to see what is happening.
    Thanks guys.

      Jan 04, 2024 04:44 AM

      Thanks for that feedback guys. Yeah, we’ve been talking about doing more episodes like this where we have a guest on that mentions why they like the fundamentals on a few stocks or ETFs, and then counterbalance that with a different technician that comes on to review the short-term, medium-term, longer-term charts.

      I think it was great having Cory asking some follow up questions on the TA and helping to showcase the charts in a video format too to visually see the area being discussed on each chart.

      If people like this format, we may start doing some other pairs of stock picking fundamentals meets technical analysis.

        Jan 04, 2024 04:57 PM

        Agreed 100% Marc. Yes, these sessions are not intended to be investment advice or a reason to buy or sell, and too short to be a deep dive on the fundamentals. Instead they are really more of a jumping off point in “educating investors”, and possibly the initiation of more due diligence on the companies or technical price set ups from listeners and viewers.

        The same thing will be true if/when we start brining on other fundamental stock pickers and pairing them with technical analysts… Just an initial thought starter, and glimpse into the criteria or kinds of things folks look for in companies or on the charts.

    Jan 04, 2024 04:13 PM

    Sorry boyz…I value your input…That method is vague and provides zero precision…Exact reasons to buy and sell are essential…….IT simply allows a narrative to be constructed around that vagueness….Like selling pills to brainwashed patients…I am not brainwashed IMHO……Not method at all….Tandoo cards and feelings…Like modern medical non-care…