Exploits Discovery – 2024 Drill Plans In Newfoundland At Bullseye and Gazebo South, Along The Appleton Fault

January 12, 2024

Jeff Swinoga, President and CEO of Exploits Discovery (“Exploits” or the “Company”) (CSE:NFLD – OCTQX:NFLDF – FSE:634) and Ken Tylee, VP of Exploration, join me to preview the drills plans for this year at the Company’s Bullseye Project, in Newfoundland along the Appleton Fault.


Drilling at Bullseye commenced on January 10th with an initial 2,500 meter program. New Found Gold (TSX.V:NFG) continues to have success very close to the Property boundary following up on high grade gold results and with new discoveries. Exploits will be drilling just across the Property boundary to test if the high grade gold mineralization carries onto their Property. See Figure 1 from the January 10th news release posted below for the location of this year’s drilling.


Drilling at Gazebo South may start later in the year, around summer, as the Company is waiting on till samples to lock in the precise location of the drill holes. All permits are in place and the Company has enough cash to fund the programs for this year.


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Click here to visit the Exploits website to read over the news release announcing the start of drilling at Bullseye.


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Figure 1: Map displays Bullseye property with Exploits’ interpreted structures and Magnetics (Total Magnetic Intensity) data as background.

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