Gold Hunter Resources – Recent Sale Of Project In Newfoundland To FireFly Metals For C$15 Million

January 19, 2024

Sean Kingsley, President and CEO of Gold Hunter Resources (“Gold Hunter” or the “Company”) (CSE:HUNT) joins me to introduce the Company and a transaction on the Company’s Project in Newfoundland with FireFly Metals (ASX:FFM).


Sean stepped into the President and CEO roll in June of this year and on December 21st announced that Gold Hunter sold it’s Project in Newfoundland for C$15million (in FireFly Metals shares), locking in an early win for shareholders. Yesterday, January 18th, the Company announced it is planning on distributing the majority of the shares to shareholders.


Sean provides a background on FireFly Metals and its recent deals in Newfoundland, including a AUS$65million transaction earlier this year. We also discuss how North American shareholders can trade the Australian shares of FireFly Metals. I then have Sean look ahead and outline where Gold Hunter will focus next.


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Click here to visit the Gold Hunter website to read over the news on the transactions.

Click here to visit the FireFly Metals website.