Marc Chandler – Inflation and GDP Recap; What Higher For Longer Means For Markets

January 28, 2024

Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx and Editor of Marc To Market joins us for a special Sunday Editorial to recap last week’s US inflation and GDP data, look ahead to numerous key central bank meetings next week and tie it all into markets. The key theme being higher for longer when it comes to rates and what it means for investors around the world.


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    Jan 28, 2024 28:29 AM

    This is interesting, I believe NFG New Found Gold Corp. will take out Maritime Resources now they have a mineral licence near Pine Cove Mill which is currently owned by Maritime. Maritime has two mills and some interesting properties. NFG is eyeing Pine Cove Mill to process their ore from the Queensway Project. DT

    Jan 29, 2024 29:50 AM

    Hi Ex, if you had just one royalty company in your portfolio what would be your favorite. DT

      Jan 29, 2024 29:13 PM

      Hi DT. That is a really tough question for me to answer as my favorite 2 royalty companies (Maverix and Nomad were acquired over a year ago).

      I guess it depends on why someone is holding the royalty company in their portfolio. For longer term stable gains, my largest royalty position in my portfolio is with Sandstorm (SSL.TO) (SAND), especially considering they’ve been unduly punished by the market compared to their overall asset base, and I think their acquisition of Nomad and Basecore (from Glencore) was underappreciated.

      For the potential of growth in their portfolio, my favorite position in the mid-tiers would be in EMX Royalty (EMX.V) (EMX).

      I really like Elemental Altus (ELE.V), Vox Royalty (VOXR.TO) (VOXR), Metalla (MTA.V) (MTA), and Triple Flag (TFPM.TO) (TFPM) though too and also have positions in them in my portfolio.

      Some have been working on poaching Franco-Nevada (FNV) lately, after the over-reaction by the market to the First Quantum news from Cobre Panama. That may be a good longer term strategy as well.

      I still like Altius Minerals (ALS.TO) (ATUSF) as a more diversified royalty company less focused on just PMs. Same thing with Ecora Resources (ECOR.TO).

      For the smaller royalty companies I like Empress (EMPR.V)(EMPYF) and Orogen (OGN.V) (OGNRF).

        Jan 29, 2024 29:14 PM

        I’m working on getting a few interviews up this week on some of those royalty companies, so stay tuned…

        Jan 29, 2024 29:37 PM

        Hi Ex, thanks for the feedback much appreciated, you never disappoint. DT

          Jan 29, 2024 29:00 PM

          Thanks DT. I just got the Elemental Altus interview up about 45 minutes ago, but am working on getting EMX and VOX on this week. Also at the VRIC event I discussed getting both Sandstorm and Orogen on the KER soon.