Pinchin – Expertise In Environmental and Permitting Work For Resource Companies; What To Consider When Doing Your Investment Research

February 5, 2024

At the recent resource conferences in Vancouver I had the chance to sit down with Byron O’Conner, VP Mining at Pinchin Ltd. Pinchin is “one of North America’s premier environmental, engineering, building science, and health & safety consulting firms”. On the resource front the Company consults with a wide range of resource companies on environmental and permitting work throughout North America.


When chatting with Byron at the conference we were discussing the many environmental and permitting issues companies can face. I thought it would be very informative to have Byron share some of the nuances that investors should be aware of when doing due diligence on a potential investments. Far too often environmental and permitting issues are found out too late by investors.


If you have any follow up questions for Byron or if there are certain topics you would like us to focus on when we chat again please email me at



Click here to visit the Pinchin website to learn more about the Company’s resource division.