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February 10, 2024

Here is the weekend posting for the Politics section!


We hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl!


Go 9ers 🙂


    Feb 10, 2024 10:46 AM

    The Duran analysis of the Putin interview…

    Feb 10, 2024 10:16 AM

    OOTB Jerry
    Feb 06, 2024 06:50 PM
    The open-border Republicans who voted against impeachment are:

    Ken Buck (CO)
    Tom McClintonck (CA)
    Mike Gallagher (WI)

      Feb 10, 2024 10:17 AM

      Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher, the U.S. representative for Wisconsin’s 8th congressional district, has announced their decision not to run for re-election.

        Feb 10, 2024 10:20 AM

        Deep state got to him? Forced his vote? And he has had enough?

          Feb 10, 2024 10:01 PM

          Good questions….. ALL of the above…would be my guess….

            Feb 12, 2024 12:49 AM

            Thanks Jerry… for the reply and opinion… I agree.

            Feb 12, 2024 12:50 AM

            Thank you…. for posting

    Feb 10, 2024 10:23 PM
      Feb 10, 2024 10:02 PM

      Idiot, mentally ill liberal white women with way too much money and time on their hands..couldn’t listen to more than a few minutes of that..disgusting, sickening and a waste of time….and these dolts help elect the tyrants who rule us…liberalism is a mental illness.

    Feb 10, 2024 10:35 PM

    Trump in S. Carolina
    It looks to me that the environmental “CO2 taxes” in Europe will break up the EU in the next few years.
    The commissioners in Brussels are so out of touch with farmers and farming, food shortages will break out. With China sucking up surplus grains all over the world to keep its population quiet, the EU, first, and then the rest of the world will suffer from food inflationary cost and then shortages.

    Feb 11, 2024 11:06 AM

    Trump says he would ‘encourage’ Russia to attack Nato allies who do not pay their bills

    Russia First, World War III soon

    Feb 11, 2024 11:10 AM

    Trump Says He Will Refuse to Honor NATO Treaty

    Champagne popping in the Kremlin

    Feb 11, 2024 11:25 AM

    Trump Encourages Putin to Attack NATO Members

    ( – for bypassing paywall)

    Feb 11, 2024 11:07 AM

    Where is Al Korelin?????? Haven’t heard him on the radio since December. Is he ill? How about giving us long-time devoted listeners the status on Al. Is he coming back? Has he died?

      Feb 11, 2024 11:03 AM

      Big Al is in the clutches of the medical industry… will be hard to escape.

    Feb 11, 2024 11:47 AM

    A repeat of Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones

    Feb 11, 2024 11:09 AM

    Boris Johnson…….cowardly liar or British lion ?
    I vote with Tucker

    Feb 11, 2024 11:33 AM

    Senile Joe…..real liar or just bought and paid traitor ?

    Feb 11, 2024 11:38 AM

    Joe is a traitor,allowing unlimited immigration to get votes.

    Feb 11, 2024 11:00 PM

    We hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl!

    Go 9ers 🙂

    Indeed….You boys all ready for the Super Duper Stupor Bowl??? More Bread and Circuses for the Sheeple…while their rulers Taylor Swiftboat them….

      Feb 11, 2024 11:03 PM

      …and don’t forget to watch Pfizer Boy…Taylor Swiftboat’s boy friend…on the KC Cheeps…and if you’re really lucky you’ll get to see him on the ads telling you to take another Pfizer kill shot…cause he and the Cheeps and of course Pfizer and your government masters care so much about you…

        Feb 11, 2024 11:04 PM

        cause he and the Cheeps and of course Pfizer and your government masters care so much about you…

        And, of course, the NFL – National Felons League….not to mention Taylor Swiftboat…

          Feb 12, 2024 12:09 AM

          What is a Swiftie, anyway? I do not understand the appeal…

      Feb 11, 2024 11:55 PM

      American Sh.. show………… I have not watched this circus for 20 yrs….
      To each his own….. why support the elites and the corporation of clowns

        Feb 12, 2024 12:04 AM

        Last time I made a point to watch the S… Bowl was shortly after HD TVs came out… A friend wanted to see it in HD… And it was one of the few times I was an early adapter of new tech… Usually I avoid watching any of it… But last night, my wife during a channel search, tuned in on the final minutes… Must say it was an exciting ending.

          Feb 12, 2024 12:14 AM

          Hello Tommy…….
          I will have to say,…I have watched my share of college and pro games in the past,
          and had a lot of great times with family and friends… but, those days are long gone.

          I heard the score this morning,… and some of the details ..and I think you are correct,
          must have been an interesting ending…

          Thanks for the reply…

            Feb 12, 2024 12:42 AM

            Good Day Jerry… UR Welcome…

    Feb 11, 2024 11:16 PM

    So much important ant news is suppressed in the U.S..

      Feb 11, 2024 11:23 PM

      🐜 Ants are furious…. 🐜

    Feb 11, 2024 11:48 PM

    But the decay of the U.S, accelerated from Clinton onwards…..non-Masons/illuminati.

    Feb 11, 2024 11:55 PM

    As Graham Handcock believes, mankind after the Younger Dryas events has suffered from amnesia of many tens of thousands of years.

      Feb 12, 2024 12:21 AM

      Nope…. I think it is just the current DEPT OF EDUCATION…. of WOKE….
      But, really started about 1900…. or we could go back to the Dark Ages…

        Feb 12, 2024 12:30 PM

        Just my opinion of course but I agree with cfs concerning human memory/history.

        We have records of homo sapiens 100s of thousands of years old.
        As well as denesovians and neandrithals among others.

        We also know that people believe as they are told to believe, quite simply when people hear something loud enuff and often enuff they believe it.
        People thanks to religions have been told we have only been around for 12k years?

        They have been told this for about 2 thousand years I believe, generation after generation.
        Of course people will believe that, parents and grand parents, schools etc have been telling their children that forever.
        Its a good argument against free will actually.

        Geez owning an adults beliefs when influenced prior to about 6 years old has been known for a very long time.

        Jesuit motto, sometimes attributed to St Francis Xavier, is usually rendered as “Give me a child until he is seven, and I will give you the man.”

        Even Hitler said the same thing, its not knew.

        Its just how the human brain works.

    Feb 12, 2024 12:18 AM

    Flying…Could be bad for your health?….I no longer want to fly…I will drive…thank you…also SMH hit its 1:1 ABC up expansion…This could signal profit takers step in…glta

    Feb 12, 2024 12:03 AM

    Great interview with Juan 0 Savin !
    Detailed background and history / what’s happening now / buckle up near future!

      Feb 12, 2024 12:35 AM

      LOL … I guess some people will believe what they WANT to believe . Me i have no time for rubbish.
      But on the other hand , roll on the end of March so i can go Easter Bunny hunting.

        Feb 13, 2024 13:16 AM

        Your “beliefs” don’t make you a free thinker.

        Your ability to change your beliefs on new information do!

    Feb 12, 2024 12:34 AM

    The stupid bowl was rigged. 9’ers never had a chance. At the 1:37 mark, it should have been 2nd and 7 yards to go. But they marked it as a first down. RIGGED

      Feb 12, 2024 12:38 AM

      I won’t dispute that the result is rigged, but this comment on the video seems correct to me:
      Skynniman. 2 hours ago
      Not sure what bombshell element of rigging you think you captured here, but the previous 1st down marker was at 35, runner went down at 37, next down marker was at 47. It briefly showed up as 45 because the previous marker was at 35, the adjustment was made for the next correct marker at 47. I dont watch foolsball, never cared about it, but this is a nothingburger.

      Feb 12, 2024 12:29 PM

      Circus 🎪…. Lot of money 💰 wasted in the game on betting… fools don’t know the House wins… entire 💩 show ran by the mob… just like DC

    Feb 12, 2024 12:55 AM

    Tucker Carlson , being interviewed at the World Government Summit … Carlson on Putin .
    25 minutes long , & will worth the listen , imo.

      Feb 12, 2024 12:57 PM

      Thanks Irish… Very wise assessment by Tucker…

    Feb 12, 2024 12:06 PM

    Read your Unz, boys…Unz…and Elon…know who is really in charge…

      Feb 12, 2024 12:56 PM

      …and can you imagine what Uncle Joe will look like and how he will act four years from now in his second term???

    Feb 12, 2024 12:47 PM
    Feb 13, 2024 13:51 AM

    What Russians Think of Tucker Carlson’s Kiss-up Sitdown with Putin

      Feb 13, 2024 13:15 AM

      Baseless inflammatory faux journalism… Inflammatory headline with no basis in fact… Article contains unsubstantiated inflammatory statements, like “Putin, on the other hand, insulted Carlson throughout the interview”… Carlson did not say he was insulted, and no insulting statements from the interview are identified… Such crap headlines may get one to read an article… but after reading a few of these, the publisher loses all credibility.

        Feb 13, 2024 13:13 AM

        Tommy….. AJ…. is a troll or left wing ,,,,,humm…IMO

        Hey, AJ…. if, I am not correct, how about a debate…. 🙂

        We always need to hear from the opposite side,… and
        discover the facts.. the real facts….. which will require some effort
        and time….

          Feb 14, 2024 14:20 AM

          I know Jerry… I am trying to get AJ to see the light… people need to stop reading and supporting tabloid journalism when it comes to serious matters. The Press, mainstream journalism needs serious reform.

            Feb 14, 2024 14:47 AM

            Ditto Tommy…… on ……….. “serious reform”

            Hope you are having a great V Day…. .

    Feb 13, 2024 13:53 AM
      Feb 13, 2024 13:56 AM

      Peeling back the layers of the Obama era is like opening Pandora’s box and finding out it’s deeper than we thought. Obama might have slithered out of the White House without a flashy “legacy” tag, but he sure did leave a mess. It’s as if he was the Dems and Deep State’s MVP, playing a long game we’re still trying to wrap our heads around. He wasn’t just about making policy changes; he was on a mission to infiltrate every corner of our sacred institutions and flip them inside out for his—and their—advantage. Just look what he did by weaponizing the intel community, churches, health care, and so much more. But if you think Obama had nothing to do with the wild turn our media took, guess again. Obama had a hand in turning our media into a progressive propaganda machine.

        Feb 14, 2024 14:16 AM

        Great point Jerry… Obama did a huge amount of damage… And Xiden and Dem senators are working at warp speed to finish US off with open borders, undeclared foreign wars, and unrestrained spending.

          Feb 14, 2024 14:09 AM

          Thanks Tommy…..

    Feb 13, 2024 13:53 AM

    Here we go……


    Dr. Jim Thorp, one of the leading freedom-fighting doctors during the COVID pandemic, is sounding the alarm when it comes to these hazardous and illegal biolabs and the threats they pose:

    “The threat of hazardous and illegal biolabs is more than just a remote threat. You don’t have to travel to Wuhan or Ukraine to uncover these breeding grounds for the next pandemic – indeed we have seen them discovered here in the United States. Our government must immediately step-up efforts to shut down these dangerous biohazard labs at home and abroad and until these labs are shuttered for good, I encourage all Americans to stockpile the medications necessary to protect you and your family.”

      Feb 13, 2024 13:59 AM

      YOUR HEALTH……………. been saying this for 20 yrs….
      How Do You Protect Your Family from the Dangerous Biolabs?

      It is clear that these legal and illegal biolabs pose a significant threat to the American people and even more disturbing we know we can’t trust our government to protect us from these labs. So what can be done?

      The solution is to be prepared. That’s where The Wellness Company comes in.

      The Wellness Company and its great doctors – like Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Drew, Dr. Harvey Risch, and Dr. Jim Thorp – are regularly in the media fighting against the broken medical establishment.

      Dr. Thorp, one of the nation’s leading critics of corrupt Big Pharma, believes that now – more than ever – people should be prepared for the next pandemic:

      “I’ve strongly recommended “stockpiling” critical medications including antibiotics since the turn of the century. This has been an incredible investment as many friends, family, and patients have benefited. Now, in the winter of 2024, this recommendation is even more crucial.”

      The Wellness Company and their doctors are medical professionals that you can trust and their new medical emergency kits are the gold standard when it comes to keeping you safe and healthy.

      The ultimate safeguard for your health.*********

        Feb 13, 2024 13:03 AM

        Why wouldnt “they” just use the water to distribute whatever “they” deemed neccassary to achieve the objective?

          Feb 13, 2024 13:10 AM

          Water is being polluted as well………….. check out the chemicals that are in the water, in any big city….
          Bottled water by Nestle… 🙂

          if, you are not filtering and distilling the water, you are being poisoned…. slowly….

    Feb 13, 2024 13:03 AM

    SGT…………. out with a report…………. that GATES has a new weapon… …
    called.. Apeel… . spraying the APPLES …. with chemicals after they are grown…
    Even the ORGANIC apples are being sprayed ….After, they are grown,

    Check your organic apples, .. to see if the organic sticker , can be removed from the
    bag, and ascertain…..if, the organic sticker is covering over the underneath label ,
    these are popping up in Kroger …. according to a new released video…

    Feb 13, 2024 13:59 AM

    A Little Bit Of News…
    … which seems insignificant but which has everything to do with Douglas Macgregor opening statement in his conversation with Daniel Davies.

    Feb 13, 2024 13:19 PM

    Isn’t it incredible what damage can happen with senile leaders ?

    Feb 13, 2024 13:48 PM

    And then the “history” of earth changes ?

    Feb 14, 2024 14:27 AM

    SpyGate coming back full circle.
    Obama is about to get exposed.

      Feb 14, 2024 14:02 AM

      A five year Q delta.
      Q drop # 2722
      February 14, 2019 11:31 PM EST

      No mercy
      No bargaining
      A traitor’s justice

      Feb 14, 2024 14:22 PM

      A lot of this stuff, was exposed here on the Ker at the time…..
      Lot of credit needs to go out to George Webb way back when this started.
      How many times did we talk about BARR and MUELLER…. a lot… 🙂

      Feb 14, 2024 14:20 PM

      George Webb……… sheeple better listen…

        Feb 14, 2024 14:30 PM

        Remember the Blackberries…..and the computer…?

          Feb 14, 2024 14:54 PM

          George calls out Tucker….. you guys need to catch up ….
          As well as Shifty Adam…

            Feb 14, 2024 14:55 PM

            Kolomoski……… 🙂

            Feb 15, 2024 15:00 PM

            Dislike Shift very much… He should be charged with treason for regularly, intentionally lying to the public.

            Feb 15, 2024 15:05 PM

            Tommy…. shifty…. is running the kick back money from Ukraine…. slush fund the house menbers,
            Then we have the Senate… slush money… kick back…
            Goes to Ukraine… they keep 10% , … then the rest comes back to the members…

        Feb 15, 2024 15:01 AM

        ANYONE AT HOME……. 🙂 ….. if, you do not understand what I posted …. just say so… or just go back to sleep….

          Feb 15, 2024 15:56 AM

          Good afternoon Jerry… I am at home… been trying to listen to Webb… Got interrupted twice 🙃… So far, very impressed… 1/3 through…
          Thanks for the post and reminder.

            Feb 15, 2024 15:13 PM

            Hello Tommy….
            My comment.. ” ANYONE AT HOME”…… was not really directed at you… 🙂

            Feb 15, 2024 15:36 PM

            Hi Jerry… I know. 😊 Since I was physically at home, I could not resist slipping that in 😊… Webb seems to be on top of everything and deserves more credit and discussion on the blog than he is getting.
            The continuity of government, blackberry system appears to be the ultimate seat of power.

            Feb 15, 2024 15:34 PM

            Hello Tommy………..

            I suggested back in 2017-8, that we should have George on the show…
            He was way ahead of the curve on Covid… and Gates… which a few
            poo pooed…
            BTW… George tried to give the info.. to Trumpster on a lot of issues…
            and he was way ahead of Whitney Webb

            Feb 16, 2024 16:50 AM

            Good Morning Jerry… Thanks for the info, blog history perspective… Trump has some serious defects… seems completely unable to evolve in the light of new info… still praising those unsafe, ineffective COVID jabs.

            Feb 16, 2024 16:41 AM

            Hello and Good Day TOMMY……………………
            Thanks for the reply.

            I Have posted another article below… as I am continue to scrape the surface of the “Q”…
            Hoping the US and WE THE PEOPLE have time to get control of this EVIL GOVT….
            Sheeple need to get a handle on just how corrupt … the govts state, local and feds have

            Also,…..SGT… out with and interview today…. from BRENT JOHNSON… attorney and how WE THE PEOPLE
            need to STAND UP TO THE GOVT,,(which we have the GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO DO)

            Feb 16, 2024 16:54 AM

            Hello and good morning Tommy…… I just posted you some comments….. THEY DISAPPEARED….

            Feb 16, 2024 16:33 AM

            Oh…. I see he deleted comments…. re appeared……. thanks censors…

    Feb 14, 2024 14:55 PM

    It’s Insanity ! You have a Girl A Happy Woman’s Day ! Boy’s !

    Feb 15, 2024 15:14 AM

    Lunar lander deployed from falcon 9.
    Is it real, or is it memorex? I mean spaceX.

    Feb 15, 2024 15:30 AM

    Joe Manchin floats Mitt Romney as a potential running mate as he weighs a presidential bid

      Feb 15, 2024 15:04 AM

      Maybe… 1/3 of the Sheeple will get the message…

      Secret is in the blackberries… .. (phone).. not in the berry patch… lol

      AND…the computer which all the blackerries are tied to,,, which ..all the info is stored on…..

      THE CONTINUITY OF GOVT…. is the computer… … (from 9/11 forlward)

    Feb 15, 2024 15:59 AM

    You’ll Never Believe What Senator Elizabeth Warren Just Did
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    THURSDAY, FEB 15, 2024 – 11:40 AM
    As far as we can tell, this is not ‘The Onion’, not ‘Babylon Bee’, and it’s not the first of April…

    After years of vilifying Bitcoin as money for criminals, terrorists, and climate change deniers, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) honored Satoshi Nakamoto for the 15th anniversary of the network’s launch with a commemorative flag flown over the United States Capitol, unveiled by NYC’s PubKey.

    That means that Bitch is in on the take…. better check out here blackberry….. and the computer…
    and the SGT of Arms… lol…

    Feb 15, 2024 15:45 AM

    enjoy…..Rockefeller is now interested in the energy health of usa…..oh i feel ill….glta…

    Feb 15, 2024 15:02 AM

    Tucker Carlson in a Russian grocery store.
    Eye opening- one minute.

      Feb 15, 2024 15:33 AM

      right, in russia a person could eat for 100 USD/week….think about that…..sad…thanks Chartster

        Feb 15, 2024 15:43 PM

        It’s is crazy when you think about it, Larry.
        In the 1980s Russia was communist and the people lived in a fishbowl of false information.
        Now, forty years later, the American people live in communism and a fishbowl of bull shit info and propaganda lies.

        High time we step it up! Ya think?

    Feb 15, 2024 15:54 AM

    So many Q posts on todays date 3,4 and 5 years ago that could be deltas. All are relevant to todays time. I’ll just post the most concerning one.

    Q post #2726 Feb,15, 5:11 AM EST.

    Be [Alert] next ten days.
    FF attempts may be carried out in attempt to change narrative ( neg optics )
    High possibility of ‘multiple day’ coverage event forcing pause on news.
    See Something > Say Something.

      Feb 15, 2024 15:08 PM

      1/3 of the sheeple will be clueless…… no way they can keep up…if, they have not done some homework the last 10 yrs…

        Feb 15, 2024 15:03 PM

        Don’t underestimate the quickening of the great awakening. There are people waking up in big numbers now. However, there will always be your garden variety severely brainwashed mind controlled goofball.
        After the big crash and the military takeover / emergency scare event, the number of goofs that have been slapped awake will be large. There’s always going to be a percentage of goofs though.

        I saw the George Webb video. He was pissed about the info getting out without him taking credit. He does deserve some credit too. He’s been shining light on the blackberry/server issue for quite some time. But the new info regarding SpyGate is “very timely”!
        Some of those folks are about to get rolled-up!

        I don’t know about you, but it feels like the storm is right here in front of us. Lots happening on all sides of the spectrum.

        Stay spiritually grounded, with a touch of fk around and find out.

          Feb 15, 2024 15:17 PM

          Thanks for the reply, and viewing the video…. on George Webb….
          I think there is a lot more to come.. and the sheeple will be shocked…
          when they find out that the congress has been getting the kick backs
          on the money that was sent to UKRAINE…

    Feb 15, 2024 15:24 PM

    Tucker at the Moscow subway.
    It’ll make you disappointed with the filth in America. God help us.

      Feb 16, 2024 16:52 AM

      The Fake govt is EVIL(act of 1871)…. recognize that first…. and the filth bleeds through……
      WE…. THE SHEEPLE… think there is democracy,…. we did not vote these
      bastards into existence …… they evolved through made up laws, and ignorance of the sheeple, they had
      no right to establish most of what they, the corrupt pretenders of the fake govt pulled over on the sheeple behind closed doors…..

    Feb 16, 2024 16:46 AM

    D you don’t think Biden is a bought and paid for traitor ?
    Are you that ignorant ?

      Feb 16, 2024 16:37 AM

      You need to gather the entire group together….. it is not just Biden…….
      Start with the blackberries…. (if you know what I mean)….
      Lot more criminals than Sleepy Joe…(dead or alive, fake or real)

      Joe is just part of a group of criminals running in and out of the FAKE GOVT.

    Feb 16, 2024 16:51 AM
      Feb 16, 2024 16:55 AM

      the HEAT should be turned UP……………


        Feb 16, 2024 16:57 AM

        I posted some great info …. from SGT and Brent Johnson…… WHICH DISAPPEARED….

          Feb 16, 2024 16:59 AM

          Along with………. Putin Confirms Q | President Trump: “The Time is Now” | Antarctica Bioterrorism Exposure |
          ANON 71…. article….

            Feb 16, 2024 16:00 AM

            Wow!! SG Anon knocked it out of the park with audio file 71 !! What amazing research and understanding!
            Thanks for the post, OOTB!

            Feb 16, 2024 16:52 PM

            Thanks for the reply… and you are welcome……CHartster…..

            It is FREAKY FRIDAY……………. What kind of TRICKS will Sleepy Joe and Crew ,..
            play today on the Sheeple….

    Feb 16, 2024 16:52 AM

    LABEL YOUR WORK………….. 🙂

    Feb 16, 2024 16:37 PM

    Russia Win”s Avdeyevka !!! ? Zelensky travels to Germany ! Money Money Money BOYs ?

      Feb 16, 2024 16:56 PM

      THe Z….. ZERO…………. Hope he get’s his piano out and dings himself…
      He and Biden should get together and have dueling pianos….. LOL

    Feb 16, 2024 16:00 PM

    All you need to know about the Fulton Co DA.