Dave Erfle – Deciphering Recent News/Reports (A Mixed Bag) Out Of Vizsla Silver, Lion One Metals, Dolly Varden Silver, i-80 Gold, Defiance Silver, Cerrado Gold

February 13, 2024

This is a bit of different style of interview. We know you are all tired of hearing macro commentary so we decided to take a closer look at recent news out of gold and silver stocks. Please know this is is not investment advice. We are simply using these news releases as a talking point for the sector.


There has been a lot of news (and analysts reports) recently on well known resource companies that we received emails and questions on. Some of the news has been positive for share price action while many others unfortunately have continued to sell off. In all fairness it’s been a tough market for precious metals stocks so we are simply discussing some of the more widely followed news to make sense of what stocks are set up to rebound first.


The stocks discussed are Cerrado Gold (TSX.V:CERT), Lion One Metals (TSX.V:LIO), Vizsla Silver (TSX.V:VZLA), Defiance Silver (TSX.V:DEF), Dolly Varden Silver (TSX.V:DV), i-80 Gold (TSX:IAU).



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    Feb 13, 2024 13:05 PM

    I know, I know, I know, how accurate were those CPI numbers……….. I know, I know, I know! 😏

    Feb 13, 2024 13:13 PM

    Stay tune, gold update this coming weekend!

      Feb 13, 2024 13:38 PM

      Here is my update today. The gold price is now chasing the miners down lower. It’s only just begun.

      Feb 14, 2024 14:16 AM

      Looking forward to it-but post only good news for this beaten down crappy sector!

      Feb 14, 2024 14:48 AM

      Hello Glen………….. Glad you stopped in… hope everything is going well…. 🙂

    Feb 13, 2024 13:16 PM

    A Standard phenomenon of a business cycle is capital flows into commodities and commodities boom.

    Then as the economy improves money moves into paper speculation on the stock market. Then there is a surge of capital into real estate and particularly office space and far more office space than is needed.

    Once you start into that cycle it is almost impossible to stop.

    Commercial real estate and the stock market crash, the cycle is over for now.

    That is what happened in 1929 and it’s happening now.

    History is the guide. DT

    Feb 14, 2024 14:22 AM

    Joe should be showing up soon, reminding everyone to sell! Sell! Sell!

    Feb 14, 2024 14:31 AM

    /NG monthly…looks like a retest of 1.44 low 6/1/20 is imminent…..will the test be on exhaustion eg light volume…that would be bullish…all the technicals are set up for reversals….I want some of that energy…..glta

    Feb 14, 2024 14:36 AM

    Anyone else buy some Sendero Resources???…. Hate waiting for drill results. Never know how long it will take from company to company and from various jurisdictions. 🤞🤞🤞

    Feb 14, 2024 14:23 AM

    Deciphering a car accident in motion. Looks like Junky is a LIO bag holder. At least he fessed up to it.

    Feb 14, 2024 14:44 PM

    SILJ matched both its intraday and closing lows of last year, both to the penny:

    Brutal drops always set up opportunities but not all have what it takes to set up a powerful bull market. Luckily this one does but more pieces need to fall into place. I did some buying today.