District Metals – $4.5Mil Financing Closed With Large Investors, Budget For Boliden’s Earn-In At Tomtebo and Stollberg

February 22, 2024

Garrett Ainsworth, President and CEO of District Metals (“District” or the “Company”) (TSX.V:DMX – OTCQB:DMXCF – FRA:DFPP) joins me to recap the recent $4.5million financing and the 2024 exploration budget approval for the District Metals and Boliden Joint Technical Committee at the Tomtebo and Stollberg Properties in Sweden.


On the financing front I have Garrett outline some of the well known investors that participated. I also ask about the Company’s strategy this year with the new funds.


We then discuss the Joint Technical Committee, with Boliden, that recently approved a C$2million budget for the Tomtebo and Stollberg Properties in Sweden.


In addition, we discussed the current situation on the moratorium on uranium in Sweden.


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    Feb 22, 2024 22:36 PM

    My question to Garrett is with regards to social license for their uranium project. Looking at the land in GoogleEarth, it appears to be a picturesque farming community that has high value to the local people. Are these farmers in favour of having a uranium mine situated next door to their properties or to be bought out, or is this information not well known by DMX. Thank you.