TG Watkins – Bitcoin Breakout, Uranium Stocks Pullback, AI and NVIDIA, Biotech and The S&P

February 26, 2024

TG Watkins, Director of Stocks at Simpler Trading and Editor of the Profit Pilot website joins us to share his trading strategy for Bitcoin and some other crypto vehicles, uranium stocks, AI stocks including NVIDIA and the broad US market averages.


Starting with Bitcoin, which is breaking out, we ask about the potential of Bitcoin hitting all-time highs and the factors driving price higher. We then look at the uranium sector where stocks have pulled back throughout the month of February. There are some key moving averages that TG shares. Back to a high flying sector, AI stocks, TG shares a couple stocks he has an eye on. A sector that TG recently recommended, Biotech, has also rebounded and could be in for a continued move higher. Finally we look at the broad averages and the concept of waiting for a pullback or correction that is taking a lot longer than some traders have projected.  



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