Volt Lithium – DLE Technology Advancements; Reduces Operating Costs By 64%, Production of Battery-Grade Lithium Carbonate

February 27, 2024

Alex Wylie, President and CEO of Volt Lithium (“Volt” or the “Company”) (TSX.V:VLT – OTWCQB:VLTLF) joins me to discuss a couple milestones from the advancement of the Company’s Direct Lithium Extraction (“DLE”) technology at its Permanent Demonstration Plant in Calgary, Alberta. On January 31st the Company announced the “Successful Production of Battery-Grade Lithium Carbonate” and on February 21st the Company announced it “Reduces Operating Costs By 64%“. All of these advancements came at the Demonstration Plant and used oilfield brines from the Keg River formation at the Company’s Rainbow Lake Project in Alberta.


I have Alex explain the significance of producing battery-grade lithium carbonate compared to what is happening within the rest of the DLE sector and other companies. We then discuss the 64% reduction in full-cycle DLE operating costs to process brine from its Rainbow Lake. This brine has a concentration of 34 mg/L.


We focus on the overall strategy of the Company to utilize the DLE technology to produce battery-grade lithium from exiting oilfield production. 


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