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March 9, 2024

Hi everyone, here is the weekend posting!


I hope you all have a great weekend. Please email me if you have any ideas on how we can help populate and grow this political section.



    Mar 09, 2024 09:26 AM

    thanks for opening up …..

    Mar 09, 2024 09:37 AM
    Mar 09, 2024 09:40 AM

    Response from yesterdays question.
    Yes, I’ve been aware of the things Miki was talking about for many years. So I’m versed in what she was talking about.

    What I did not know was what Lincoln did in 1861 to save the nation. I am aware of what Trump has been doing and have been telling you folks here on the blog for quite some time.

    What Miki is doing with the FOIA requests and challenging the surety bonds and oath of office is huge! It means anyone and everyone can be removed. What she and her groups are doing is massive. Those kind of details she knows is what everyone should know. And take action with.

      Mar 12, 2024 12:20 AM

      thanks for the reply

    Mar 09, 2024 09:02 AM

    Gonzalo Lira, RIP , Talks about Ukraine , victoria nuland , & the rest of the ZIONIST SCUM. This is from a year ago, but worth the listen . 1 hour 50 minutes long—YDDIQ?feature=share

      Mar 09, 2024 09:08 AM

      Was this video the reason why ” THEY ” killed him ?

        Mar 09, 2024 09:12 AM

        …most likely…he was too outspoken for our rulers tastes….if they can get away with it, our rulers will kill anyone who can effectively oppose them…our rulers are corrupt and evil…and where the h#ll is Tiffany Dover??? I’d ask Lira but he’s dead.

      Mar 12, 2024 12:43 AM

      IRISH……………. Thanks for the video…………
      Really more of an EYE OPENER……. to the American Zionist movement within the FAKE GOVT. .

    Mar 09, 2024 09:01 AM

    Come on, people! Don’t you know your rulers love you and everything they do is for the children??? And they love orphans. 🙂

    So vote harder for Old Uncle Joe…and you may want to “contribute” to his campaign (more than you already are)…10% for the big guy!

        Mar 09, 2024 09:07 AM

        …but sorry…they won’t even toss an orphan a pork chop…not called the District of Criminals for nothing…and remember, government is corrupt and evil.

        Mar 09, 2024 09:18 AM

        …and your rulers and their minions are adding a trillion to the feral gooberment debt every 100 days…but what’s a trillion among friends??? And you will be getting millions more friends coming across the boarder…so get back to work to pay those taxes…friends ain’t cheap.

        And most importantly, never forget that your rulers and their government are corrupt and evil.

    Mar 09, 2024 09:41 AM

    Most scary thing I see is the american mic moving to nuclear war.
    The f-35s are now capable of carrying nukes.
    That puts Russia, China,Iran and Korea in the position of not knowing if a nuke is on their way every time they see an f-35.

    Mar 09, 2024 09:50 PM

    Woke influencer list all of the “terrifying” things that Trump will do when he wins the election, and he/she (can’t tell what it is) accidentally made the most epic campaign ad, ever!! 😂

      Mar 14, 2024 14:35 PM

      THANKS CHARTSTER………………….. I MISSED THIS ONE>……………. AGENDA 47……….

      I KIND OF LIKE THE AGENDA………………………. have a great day……………

    Mar 09, 2024 09:30 PM

    Give them the boot….Jerry….

      Mar 12, 2024 12:23 AM

      J The Boot… interesting… 🙂

    Mar 09, 2024 09:54 PM

    Biden Spreads PURE Lies & Misinformation At State Of The Union!

    Mar 09, 2024 09:52 PM

    The numerology 6 minutes in this video?
    Well, you decide.

      Mar 11, 2024 11:06 PM

      Man … you watch so much rubbish ,your life must be a laugh a minute.

        Mar 11, 2024 11:30 PM

        If you believe NASA, you have a mental illness.

          Mar 11, 2024 11:40 PM

          Hi Chartster ….. I Do not believe anything Nasa has to say . I have being calling out the moon landing as fake , since my early days on the KER .

    Mar 10, 2024 10:21 AM

    Go over to Zerohedge & watch the following. I have tried to copy & past , but it wont allow me to.

    Col Douglas Macgregor , offers his State of our Union Address. Notice he swapped the word ” OUR ” for the word ” THE ” …. Very clever on his part, … This is a must watch.

    Mar 10, 2024 10:41 AM

    Russian weatherman recommends nuclear strikes against NATO countries

    Just your average night on Russian State tv

      Mar 10, 2024 10:57 AM

      ..your rulers are going to get your @ss nuked…

      Mar 10, 2024 10:02 PM

      Then maybe you would be safer in Ukraine???

    Mar 10, 2024 10:46 AM
    Mar 10, 2024 10:53 AM

    Geez, even the “blowhards” are figuring things out now.

    Jimmy Dore was saying the same things, laughing at the state of the union address starting with Ukraine not the states.
    He then gave multiple examples of how 60 billion could help americans and the U.S.

    Thx for mentioning Tony.

    Mar 10, 2024 10:36 AM

    Thousands of cows die from fire in Texas.

    Price of beef up again?

    As far as being nuked is concerned, I have been saying we are on a razors edge for some time now.
    Ukraine is the most important event happening.

    We are talking of billions dead, in comparison covid could be a distraction.

    Mar 10, 2024 10:48 AM

    Stephanopoulos committed blatant sexual harassment this morning… The guest was offended by his question on the topic of rape… He should have stepped back and apologized… Yet, he persisted in the harassment… He should be fired immediately… Others have been fired for much less.

      Mar 10, 2024 10:26 PM

      Glad you posted that Tommy…..I have forgotten the KGBesq system shill vibe these main stream propagandists exude…Sickening biotch whore…works for the system shilling lies…just like the 99% conforming MD’s do daily in their cartel…How does one bring back any system integrity in the cartel of food, drugs, medical, law, agriculture, etc….even my stupid townhome HOA ,is run by what else, local government workers and is fully corrupt….

        Mar 11, 2024 11:22 AM

        Thanks for the reply Larry… Yeah, KGB police state tactics… Bulling and hate from the Left against anyone with a Right conservative opinion is welcome by the gov with this sick mainstream media and their goal to intimidate and suppress the Right… The faux Press abusing these people under cover of a strong Press is just a sham… Sometimes this type of harassment can be a tough close call – even my wife thinks my opinion here may be a bit extreme… But regardless, these leaders exemplify acceptable behavior, and need to be replaced by more civil, sensitive people.

          Mar 11, 2024 11:48 PM

          Hah! Staphylococcus goes way back with the Klintons…. remember him shilling for Billary…it was so disgusting I stopped watching the talking head shows back then and haven’t seen them since…and of course, he got a staring role on one of them after Klinton left office.

            Mar 11, 2024 11:45 PM

            I hear you Ebo… Staphylococcus was young and dumb in the Billy days… I used to watch George Will beat the intellectual sh*t out of Stephanopoulos on This Week… Now Staphylococcus is old and dumber.

    Mar 10, 2024 10:19 AM

    According to a recent report by The Washington Post, some 20,000 foreign nationals are currently fighting in the ranks of Kiev forces.

    These mercenaries, even the ones who are professional NATO personnel, have failed to give the Kiev regime the upper hand in the battlefield. Now, France is threatening with a direct military intervention in Ukraine and is reportedly making efforts to build a coalition for this purpose.

    Mar 10, 2024 10:57 PM

    Just another sickening day at the government run schools…besides the indoctrination and brainwashing there is the violence…the government run schools are beyond horrible…and we pay a fortune for them in taxes. But no surprise…everything the gooberment touches turns to sh*t…because government is corrupt and evil.

    Another reason why the government run “schools” must be abolished.


    Mar 10, 2024 10:14 PM

    more censorship here

    Mar 10, 2024 10:15 PM

    Just another sickening day at the government run schools…besides the indoctrination and brainwashing there is the violence…the government run schools are beyond horrible…and we pay a fortune for them in taxes. But no surprise…everything the gooberment touches turns to s h # t…because government is corrupt and evil.

    Another reason why the government run “schools” must be abolished.


      Mar 11, 2024 11:07 PM

      Don’t worry, Brandon will be along shortly to condemn this vicious attack. Wait for it…

    Mar 11, 2024 11:53 PM

    Trumpster sez get the clot shots…then goes on to say if they don’t work you will be the first to know…

      Mar 11, 2024 11:46 PM

      Thanks Ebolan… Trump is willing to kill people by his continued backing of the jab… He is captured by the deep state, just like Biden… His has gone to the point of mocking his followers, repeatedly now.

        Mar 11, 2024 11:56 PM

        …well, if they don’t work at least those who get shot up will be the first to know! LOL…he is horrible on a number of issues including gooberment spending and debt, Israel, and the clot shots to name a few. But it’s either him or Brandon (or someone even worse if anything happens to either of them)…so the continued explosion of gooberment debt is 100% guaranteed.

          Mar 11, 2024 11:37 PM

          I am very likely to vote for RFK Jr… Xiden is brain dead and too old… Trump is better, but also too old, and his obsession with the jab being good is unacceptable.

        Mar 12, 2024 12:26 AM

        TRUMPSTER………….. needs to COME CLEAN on the JAB……

          Mar 13, 2024 13:49 AM

          Trump is sucking in the shills and dummies.
          Watch what comes soon with warp speed info. 😉

            Mar 13, 2024 13:10 AM

            If Trump is sucking in people with lies, he is a con man… The end does not justify the means.

            Mar 13, 2024 13:10 PM

            When a man risks his life and his families lives to take on the deep state and give Americans their sovereignty back by killing the corporation and restoring the republic, only to have a portion of those Americans consistently bashing him about things they know nothing about, is what the term
            (TDS) Trump derangement syndrome, is.

            Bashing a man that is giving you, your kids, and future generations freedom is pretty stupid.

            Me? I can look in the mirror and say I was with it 100% of the time. Never wavered.

            Without the work of Trump? Your kids and grandkids and their kids would be slaves. If they lived through it.

            Mar 13, 2024 13:18 PM

            I respect your position Chartster… Trump is just a bit short of where he needs to be to keep my support.

    Mar 11, 2024 11:52 PM

    Skiff..and Hate of the Union address…by Brandon…

      Mar 11, 2024 11:46 PM

      Hah! in addition to calling it Hate of the Union skiff later calls it Mis-state of the Union…and he doesn’t even laugh or pause either time…don’t even think he realized he said it…but of course it is true.

    Mar 11, 2024 11:45 PM

    Just to let all of you on the blog know . Trump WILL NOT be your new Presedent in 2025.

      Mar 11, 2024 11:55 PM

      Trump is probably too old anyway.
      But Biden will not be president either, despite scum like Liz Cheney hiding evidence which was exculpatory for Trump.

      Mar 11, 2024 11:11 PM

      It will be Uncle Joe and Kamaltoe in a landslide…at least in the Electoral College…like last time (306-232)…the Deep State, corrupt media, corrupt tech will make sure…they all believe if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.

    Mar 11, 2024 11:58 PM
    Mon dieux1
    Est ce que possible.

      Mar 12, 2024 12:50 PM

      Oui, c’est probablement vrai.

    Mar 12, 2024 12:37 AM

    IMHO…you would be in deep delusion in order to shoot yourself up w this pharma miracle…glta

      Mar 12, 2024 12:33 AM

      Ditto Larry………….

    Mar 12, 2024 12:15 PM

    More ……… going out the door……………

    Republican Rep. Ken Buck is exiting Congress early, further eroding GOP majority

    Mar 12, 2024 12:26 PM

    Got to watch out for those Ohio broads…

    The plot to ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ playout this past week in Ohio when two women reportedly “propped up a dead man in their car to withdraw hundreds of dollars from his bank account”, according to a report from the NY Post and the Star Beacon.

    When they were done with the dead man, they dropped his corpse off at a local hospital, the report says.

      Mar 12, 2024 12:59 PM

      I bet the women, even took his pocket change…

        Mar 12, 2024 12:36 PM

        Yes, those broads probably took everything they possibly could or tried to. I can’t even imagine anyone doing this, but what can you expect when this is a nation of criminals?

        Ashtabula Police Chief Robert Stell told the Star Beacon: “Before dropping him off they went through a bank drive-thru with him propped up in the passenger seat so that the teller could see him. … They tried to withdraw money from his account. The bank had allowed this previously as long as they were accompanied by him.”

        Sad sign of the times but evil has always been with us.

        I tell you, though, the comments are always worth reading if you have time which I don’t usually. This one was great.

        Small potatoes. The leftists have managed to use Biden’s corpse to extract trillions.

          Mar 12, 2024 12:07 PM

          That comment…..”small potatoes” …was a good one… lol

    Mar 12, 2024 12:23 PM

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announced on Tuesday a new $300 million security assistance package for Ukraine.
    “Today, on behalf of President [Joe] Biden, I’m announcing an emergency package of security assistance of $300 million worth of weapons and equipment to address some of Ukraine’s pressing needs,” said Sullivan during a press briefing.

      Mar 12, 2024 12:46 PM

      More $$$$$$… FOR THE BIG GUY…… $300million , divided by HUNTER/BIDEN, KERRY, ROMNEY,PELOSI…

        Mar 12, 2024 12:57 PM

        How much money 💰 is unaccounted for in the War Department? A couple trillion dollars 💵? Maybe, if given enough time, they will find it and send it to Ukraine for laundering… 😆

          Mar 13, 2024 13:46 AM

          According to Skidmore and Fitts…………… Pentagon missing….. $40TRILLION plus…maybe $90TRILLION
          this was three years ago….

            Mar 13, 2024 13:01 AM

            Too bad they can’t use this money and just payoff the national debt… But any such fiscal responsibility would interfere with their bribery and blackmail schemes… They probably know where the money is – a slush fund – collecting interest and as reserve for times when Congress won’t appropriate more for their dirty deeds.

            Mar 13, 2024 13:09 AM

            They will never pay off the debt…..
            Main thing…. secure yourself, SHEEPLE are screwed…
            Listened to a couple of guys this morning… they say debt going to $100 Trillion,…why, because it can..
            The fake fed can do anything, they are not trapped… they will just invent something for the SHEEPLE to believe in…just like QE,QElite,… lol

            Mar 13, 2024 13:46 PM

            I agree Jerry… Gov debt will just continue growing until the collapse… 100 trillion or bust… and bust means default or hyperinflation and a new reserve currency… Fed can print, but after loss of reserve currency status, printing becomes valueless… bust before 100T, IMO… Regardless, history tells us that all governments collapse… And at current unrestrained spending rates, the US is now burning out fast.

    Mar 12, 2024 12:46 PM

    Col. Karen Kwiatkowski: US War Crimes in Gaza

    Judge Napolitano

    Mar 13, 2024 13:46 AM

    Nothing new Eb, the Jews have been genocideing since the old testiment.
    Amalekites,Canaanites, Perizzites, Jebusites heck their god destroyed Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim and Zoar himself if Im not mistaken.
    They had sex the wrong way. Obey or burn.Your choice, free will.

    1 group of Muslims are trying to do something for the Palistinians and we do what we can to stop them from doing that.

    Mar 13, 2024 13:12 AM

    And one must never forget the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty and how then President Johnson swept it under the rug.
    I am still in disbelief how anyone can say that condemning the Zionists is somehow supporting Hamas.
    Read Dope Inc. The Zionist dirty money connection with the Zio Jew mob aka Myer Lansky in the U.S and the Zio Jew bankers of Israel.

    Mar 13, 2024 13:41 AM

    The SHEEPLE have not woken up ………… and I doubt they ever will……
    They still want to believe in Santa Claus ….and the tooth fairy…

      Mar 13, 2024 13:50 AM

      I’m afraid your right Jerry. The cognitive dissonance and the desensitization to the killing of woman and children is beyond belief.
      There is a missing link in our history with the ancient civilizations. Something is going on.

        Mar 13, 2024 13:00 AM

        Hello John…..
        You might want to listen to Dean Henderson…..
        The guy is out there, ..but,.. dating back to the Giants in the land…
        and the Book of Enoch, … which is a history of the mating of the humans with giants,…..
        Then your thought of “missing link” could be considered…
        Just a thought….
        The interbreeding of the families…. is not a secret…

        Oh, I do not totally agree with his thoughts on the aliens…. but, that is a side distraction…IMO

    Mar 13, 2024 13:56 AM

    Silver crossed the $25 dollar mark. Something tells me Geo Politically things are getting more unstable.

      Mar 13, 2024 13:01 AM

      It will be safe to invest….. when it breaks $32…. Double up … JMO

        Mar 13, 2024 13:31 AM

        Yes Jerry… 32 will confirm the big breakout… but I think once 28 is broken one can get excited… right now, things are set up for another precious metal disappointment, IMO… I am hedging some long positions starting today… Not trading advice, make your own educated decisions.

          Mar 13, 2024 13:45 PM

          Tommy l am playing my last hand 😀 being 75 and I am going all in with the confirmation 😀

            Mar 13, 2024 13:50 PM

            Oh ….. I do agree with your comment 😉

            Mar 13, 2024 13:04 PM

            I am trying to follow your lead Jerry… You are 10 years ahead of me. 😊

            Mar 14, 2024 14:29 AM

            Tommy…….. be careful , following any man…. especially me…. 🙂

            Mar 14, 2024 14:17 PM

            Hello Jerry… Worry not, I only follow up to the point the lemming goes over the cliff. 😆

            Mar 14, 2024 14:30 PM

            Tommy….. interesting article…. 🙂
            Lemmings Jumping Off Cliffs En Masse Is a Myth
            By: Jesslyn Shields

          Mar 13, 2024 13:11 PM

          Last time I checked, which was quite a while ago, the markups were crazy assuming you could even get it.

            Mar 13, 2024 13:15 PM

            Not so now 100 oz bars .50 cents over spot

    Mar 13, 2024 13:22 AM

    Silver just crossed $33 cdn, been resitance for awhile, does that count?

    Mar 13, 2024 13:15 PM

    BOYS! You could be graced with the presence of Mike Pomposity…AGAIN…says he’s ready to serve in a Trumpenstein administration again…I am sure you remember him from his last Swamp Creature tenure….I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Trumpenstein appointed him a position again…

      Mar 13, 2024 13:17 PM

      Screw pompie ..cia freaking jerk

      Mar 13, 2024 13:18 PM

      Here’s the disgusting POS at his very best….makes ya proud to be Ameroconned…

      Mike Pompeo About CIA : We lied, We cheated, We stole

        Mar 13, 2024 13:24 PM

        Not only that Eddy, D Trump blamed M Pompeo for not releasing the Kennedy assassination documents.

          Mar 13, 2024 13:43 PM

          …Old Trumpster….said he would “drain the swamp.” He did…right into his administration.

          It will probably take a revolution before those documents get released.

            Mar 13, 2024 13:47 PM

            …the night he won, while waiting for Shillary to concede….Trumpster said that the KKKlintons were good people and he did not want to hurt them…that after he said the whole campaign he would put Shillary in jail…for at least some of her crimes….after that, nothing Trumpster did surprised me….just verified what I assumed was probably true all along…about the Trumpster.

            Mar 13, 2024 13:00 PM

            It is really pathetic that the two choices are Trump and Biden.
            The ballot also should have a place for none of the above.

            Mar 13, 2024 13:12 PM

            If, Trumpster hires pompie……… you know he is a stooge for the Ashy kin folk…
            And I do not want to hear any BS,…that you have to hold your enemies close… lol..

          Mar 13, 2024 13:31 PM

          NQTEL……………. created by the CIA…..
          “What’s Coming Is WORSE Than A Crash” – Whitney Webb’s 2024 Prediction
          Within……2 yrs…. the internet will be taken down , as you know it…
          Cyber Patriot Act coming…….

    Mar 13, 2024 13:29 PM

    Its funny people dont see Trump for what he is.

    Trump’s false or misleading claims total 30,573 over 4 years
    Analysis by Glenn Kessler, Salvador Rizzo and Meg Kelly
    January 24, 2021 at 3:00 a.m. EST

    Mar 13, 2024 13:21 PM

    …if Israel did not exits…Uncle Joe says we’d have to invent Israel…and remember….Nimrata Randhawa; Haley said you need Israel more than Israel needs you…so get back to work to pay those taxes…

    …as the parasite bleeds its host dry…

    Mar 13, 2024 13:41 PM

    ….and NuttyYahoo keeps saying Israel’s war is your war….

    Mar 14, 2024 14:11 AM

    It’s time to finish what John Kennedy started. Hold AIPAC accountable.
    No more dual Israeli citizens in American Politics.

      Mar 14, 2024 14:00 PM

      Ditto John… One cannot be loyal to their country, any oath of office, if they have a second citizenship… a no brainer, yet dual citizenship is allowed???

    Mar 14, 2024 14:05 AM

    Hard assets or financial illusion?

    Mar 14, 2024 14:10 AM

    This is why Trump is bringing back Warp Speed.

    Warp Speed was headed by deep state dumbass Mike Pence. He had the DOD,HHS,CDC,FDA,NIH and others (including Fauci) underneath him.

    Pence and the organizations were trying to keep the country shut down.

    Trump was giving alternative medicines.

    Remember: The clot shot was developed and mass produced long before 2019.
    It was planned.

    Trump gave alternative HCQ.

      Mar 14, 2024 14:17 AM

      I will give you this Chartster:
      It would only be fitting for the king of bankruptcy to lead the bankruptcy of the U S.
      Which is what anybody with two functioning brain cells knows is the only way forward.
      Much like your flat earth and all your nonsense with the last Trump Presidency, your comments will still continue to humor.

    Mar 14, 2024 14:15 AM

    Trump gives alternative drug Chlorine dioxide as possible remedy.
    Chlorine dioxide kills harmful bacteria and has been known to cure cancer.

    Mar 14, 2024 14:28 AM

    Trump always said, you keep your freedoms. You have your own choice.

    Biden and the deep state mandated millions of Americans to take the clot shot. These people had to take the shot under duress. They never would have taken it.

    Trump gave alternatives.
    Trump gave full authority to mamas produce a vaccine that he felt was a cure.
    He was cured in days with regeneron.
    He gave full authority to mass produce!

    The FDA, CDC and deep state revoked the usage of the alternative drugs.
    They revoked HCQ, Chlorine dioxide and regeneron!

    People need to learn how to listen.

    Mar 14, 2024 14:40 AM

    D Trump’s son in law Jared, had his lawyers change the nepotism law so he could serve under Trump.
    Trump was well aware with what went on.
    Of course Trump put on his Yamaka and kissed the wall just like every other President. Even though he is not Jewish.

    Mar 14, 2024 14:57 AM


    I’ve never seen a real picture of earth.
    Can you find me one that’s not GCI?

    The moon landing was faked.

    The international space station is under ground, in a pool, in the earth.

    How does the North Star stay in the same spot every night since the beginning of recorded time?
    While the earth is “allegedly” spinning 1,000 MPH, orbiting the sun 67,000 miles per hour, all the while hurling 447,000 miles per hour through the galaxy?
    I await you expert detailed answer😁

      Mar 14, 2024 14:08 AM

      You said the earth is flat. Forget the rest.

    Mar 14, 2024 14:15 AM

    Great response! I knew I could count on you.

    Hunting turkey in the mountains, I assure you, I know the earth is not flat (as a pancake ).

    Mar 14, 2024 14:20 AM

    Before you are allowed to fly airplanes into public airports, you will have obtained the knowledge that the earth is not flat.
    It’s called navigation. Enough said.
    Now go watch some more u tube videos.

    Mar 14, 2024 14:30 AM

    Why is sea level the same in Anchorage Alaska as it is in Miami Florida? John?
    Dare I say it?😂

      Mar 14, 2024 14:33 AM

      I don’t know about sea level, but I do know how to fly and navigate.

        Mar 14, 2024 14:41 AM

        They say the earth curvature drops 8 inches per mile. Next time you fly, take a pic of that curvature. 😉

          Mar 14, 2024 14:50 AM

          One cannot get high enough to see the curvature.

            Mar 14, 2024 14:56 AM

            I’ve been up many times and seen at least 150 miles. At 8 inches per mile (as they say) I would have seen the curve if there was one.
            That’s not opinion, it’s fact.

            Mar 14, 2024 14:20 AM

            Chartster… light bends, especially near the earth’s surface…

            Mar 14, 2024 14:32 AM

            In support of John… Read:
            Visually discerning the curvature of the Earth,
            David K. Lynch

            Mar 14, 2024 14:00 PM

   light bending to straight hides the curvature of the earth? Wow, that’s a good one! Very unique I must say.

            Mar 14, 2024 14:00 PM

            Interviews with pilots and high-elevation travelers
            revealed that few if any could detect curvature below
            about 50; 000 ft. High-altitude physicist and experi-
            enced sky observer David Gutierrez [6] reported that
            as his B-57 ascends, the curvature of the horizon does
            not become readily sensible until about 50; 000 ft and
            that at 60; 000 ft the curvature is obvious. Having
            talked to many other high fliers (SR-71, U2, etc.),
            Gutierrez confirms that his sense of the curvature
            is the same as theirs. Passengers on the Concorde
            (60; 000 ft) routinely marveled at the curvature of
            the Earth. Gutierrez believes that if the field of view
            (FOV) is wide enough, it might be possible to detect
            curvature from lower altitudes. The author has also
            talked to many commercial pilots, and they report
            that from elevations around 35; 000 ft, they cannot
            see the curvature.

    Mar 14, 2024 14:35 AM

    Park Rapids, Mn, Konshok field, elevation 1440.

    Mar 14, 2024 14:54 AM

    Chartster, the key word here is navigation.. They’re called lines of latitude and longitude.
    Pretty simple stuff.
    Class dismissed.

    Mar 14, 2024 14:07 AM

    Talk about dumbed down.
    Go to Walmart and try buy a toy airplane.
    Good luck.

    Mar 14, 2024 14:13 AM

    To honor the flat earth map and the ice circle containing the water. Happy pi Day!! 3.14

    Mar 14, 2024 14:20 AM

    You hit the nail on the head Chartster.”Flat Earth Map”
    Pilot’s sectional charts are also flat.
    Longitude and Latitude.
    Stay out of Walmart

      Mar 14, 2024 14:22 AM

      I’m glad we agree. Longitude and latitude is the grid of the flat earth. 😨
      Just like a pilots map.

        Mar 14, 2024 14:33 AM

        Not even Chartster. It’s bad enough that you think the earth is flat, but to come on a public forum such as the KE Report and expose your ignorance to all is ; well let’s just say predictable.

          Mar 14, 2024 14:51 AM

          I won’t hold a grudge against you, John.
          I know you’ve been severely brainwashed.
          I totally get it. Stepping off the spinning ball after all these years is tough.

            Mar 14, 2024 14:12 PM

            Unfortunately, Ron White is correct.
            “You can’t fix stupid”

            Mar 14, 2024 14:42 PM

            Show me the round spinning ball, John.
            It’s not round and not spinning.

    Mar 14, 2024 14:23 AM

    Tell us some more about your Gold predictions.

      Mar 14, 2024 14:59 AM

      Smart money sells on tops and buys on bottoms.
      Where do you think gold is?

      Uh, it’s a top!

        Mar 14, 2024 14:17 PM

        Chartster,…. I would not cash that check yet…. 🙂

        Money printing is not going to stop….

    Mar 14, 2024 14:27 AM

    West Point Ditches “Duty, Honor, Country” From Mission Statement
    THURSDAY, MAR 14, 2024 – 10:20 AM

    The United States Military Academy has removed the words “Duty, Honor, Country” from its mission statement, a move approved by Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth and Army Chief of Staff Randy George.
    The previous mission statement read:

    “To educate, train and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the nation as an officer in the United States Army.”

    The new one reads:

    “To build, educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets to be commissioned leaders of character committed to the Army Values and ready for a lifetime of professional excellence and service to the Army and Nation.”

    WHAT DOES DEREK HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS ONE……….. Q military intel…… ? 🙂

    Mar 14, 2024 14:01 AM

    No idea what he has to say about that.

    Did you see the Trump warp speed posts?
    Might wanna have a look.

      Mar 14, 2024 14:20 PM

      Chartster…………. thanks for posting “warp speed”……

        Mar 14, 2024 14:44 PM

        That was good stuff.
        I think warp speed is a sting.

    Mar 14, 2024 14:08 PM

    Hey Chartster… Read some serious science… post back only after you understand it…

    Mar 14, 2024 14:53 PM

    Refraction does exist and atmospheric conditions will affect how far you can see. The higher you go, the further you can see.

    The formula for determining how many miles an individual can see at higher levels is the square root of his altitude times 1.225. Thus on a clear day at 1,000 feet a person with normal vision can see 39 miles; at 10,000 feet, 123 miles; at 25,000 feet, 194 miles.

    Next time you are at a big body of water or flat ground, watch the sun set.
    The round sun will appear to go down over the flat horizon. (horizontal eyes on)
    The round sun didn’t go flat. The horizon stayed flat. The sun went out of view because of refraction, not curvature.

    Just like if you are laying on the beach and looking at a boat, and then the boat went away.
    Then you stand up, and can see the boat.
    The lake was not curved. The boat went out of view from refraction. Not curvature.

      Mar 14, 2024 14:44 PM

      You are upside down Chartster 🙃. The conditions contributing to the refraction (higher density near earth’s surface) are most likely to make distant objects appear higher than they actually are… Look at how a convex lens bends light.

        Mar 14, 2024 14:01 PM

        Bendy light that makes the world look flat ain’t working. That’s just like the theory of gravity holding water on the ball. It um, well, doesn’t hold water.
        That’s all convoluted theories to perpetuate the lie. What lie?

        The space station
        Moon landing
        And all that money milked over the years.

    Mar 14, 2024 14:34 PM

    Get some SUNSHINE BOYZ………………………..

    Kory also said that Big Pharma is ‘terrified’ of Vitamin D because it “threatens the disease model.” As journalist The Vigilant Fox notes on X, “Vitamin D showed about a 60% effectiveness against the incidence of COVID-19 in randomized control trials,” and “showed about 40-50% effectiveness in reducing the incidence of COVID-19 in observational studies.”

    zerohedge… with tucker

    Mar 14, 2024 14:52 PM

    “Show me the round spinning ball” says Chartster.
    I will try this one more time. Lines of latitude and longitude were used for navigation before GPS.
    If the earth was flat, navigating using coordinates of latitude and longitude would not work.
    Make sure you put your helmet on Chartster when you go ride your bicycle.

    Mar 14, 2024 14:05 PM

    NOW…… I will give the Trumpster… some grace….. on this tape at the 2 min mark……

    Listen very carefully…………….

      Mar 14, 2024 14:34 PM

      ? Jerry… Grace for what?

        Mar 14, 2024 14:46 PM


        My thought , prior to hearing the above tape , …was that he needed to come clean on the Jab…..
        …. If, you listen to the tape at the 2 min mark… he did tell the American public ,,,,at that time and date
        the cure for COVID jab…,
        ….Now since that date, and I will admit,..I never heard the comment or statement at that time back in 2019… in that tape.
        ……. I have heard him , since that date, I think , say… “that everyone needs to get the Jab”..
        which is why , I said…He needs to come clean on the JAB.
        …..At this time,… today, after piecing this info together,… I must think that there is a lot more going on
        behind the scene… which , I have been waiting for… ie…Derek Johnson info..etc……
        …. I am further ,… going out on the limb … and consider……….. HIS AGENDA 47… (you can go above and
        see where chartster posted this video)….

          Mar 14, 2024 14:23 PM

          Jerry… I think the “cure” Trump was referring to was a monoclonal antibody treatment… Because the COVID virus mutated in response to the jabs, most, if not all, of the these antibody treatments are no longer effective… As you mentioned in an earlier post, good vit-D levels with good overall health is the real cure… At the time, the monoclonal antibodies were promising, so what Trump said back then means nothing today.

            Mar 14, 2024 14:29 PM

            The antibody medicine combination received emergency use authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in November of 2020…

            Viruses, by their nature, mutate over time leading to variant forms. Indeed, Regeneron’s antibody cocktail remained active against numerous strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, including Delta; however, it lost potency against the Omicron variant.


            Mar 14, 2024 14:32 PM

            Wow, Tommy.
            I see your pulling duty for the other agency guy that’s not here today. 😆

            Mar 14, 2024 14:47 PM

            Chartster… Who might that be? I just report the information as I see it. Sometimes the establishment shills tell the truth, making it harder to determine what’s fact and fiction.

            Mar 14, 2024 14:16 PM

            I think the so called virus….. was a BIOWEAPON……..
            What do you think?

            Back in 2019….. here on the ker, we discussed it several months in a row…
            Starting in Dec 2019…. going forward , coming to conclusion in Feb 22 , 2020..
            from the Gates meeting , reducing the population summit…from 2014..?

            Do you think , if, it was a Bioweapon, and that it started at Ft. Detrick..?
            We had this discussion, prior to 2019… when George Webb, was
            chasing down the facts, on the uranium one material and other waste was being shipped
            through Ohio , Wright Patterson, with Epstein /Wexner mess.

            Mar 15, 2024 15:57 AM

            COVID-19 is a bioweapon… but the virus alone is pretty ineffective… Took the combination of damaged immune systems, deadly treatment protocols, and jacking up the numbers to make it appear more serious than a typical flu… The JAB, all of the JABs featuring spike protein antigen, is the real bioweapon… And the fatally (intentionally!) flawed mRNA technology is an intermediate and long term killer… Does their bastardized n1-methalated mRNA ever turn off? And I think it originated here, Ft. Detrick – China origin is just a diversion… These population reductionists will do anything to save the planet… with profiteers ignorantly going along for the ride… -that’s my opinion…

            Mar 15, 2024 15:26 AM

            Thanks Tommy……….
            Seems we are on the same track…. appreciate the reply…..

    Mar 14, 2024 14:12 PM

    Do the longitude and latitude for Anchorage Alaska and then Miami Florida.
    And both have the same sea “level”.

    Different coordinates on the grid, yet same sea
    “ level “.

    You know that thing they call the arctic circle?
    It’s a wall of ice that keeps the sea “level”.

    Look up the “ firmament “ in the Bible.
    The firmament is why there are no real space pictures. Can’t go to space.

      Mar 14, 2024 14:18 PM

      And I suppose Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are building rockets to go nowhere?

    Mar 14, 2024 14:22 PM

    When someone can tell me where the technology came from thousands of years ago to quarry and move megalithic boulders and then fit them with 100% precision, I might start listening.
    Until that time, I will consider everybody including myself as being full of crap.

    Mar 14, 2024 14:02 PM

    Oh I know. It was so simple even a cave man could do it. Stupid sheep.

    Mar 14, 2024 14:28 PM

    Why is it when ever i visit the KER & see a post by Chartster…. I can smell bullshit !!!!!?

      Mar 14, 2024 14:29 PM

      Because your head is up your ass?

      Just wondering. What was the bs?

        Mar 14, 2024 14:32 PM

        Silly Boy …. Whats with the Question mark.

      Mar 14, 2024 14:38 PM

      Hi Irish… Do you have some new iPhone prototype that supports smellovision? There does seem to be some aura around, but I can’t smell anything. 😞

        Mar 14, 2024 14:51 PM

        Hi TOMMY …… Na i only have a £20 push button phone . I only get the wiff at the KER , compliments of Chartster …… But HE does add Humour to the blog. …………………………….. lol

          Mar 15, 2024 15:28 AM

          👍Top of the morning to you Irish. 😊 The synergy of personalities on this blog can be both informative and entertaining… Your contribution is appreciated and your post below to Chartster gave me a good laugh this morning.

            Mar 15, 2024 15:32 AM

            Yes……….. I believe it is a GREAT BLOG………. with lots of GREAT HUMANS……..
            Great place to bounce things around … even if, we do not all agree…but, that is Life…

    Mar 14, 2024 14:09 PM

    I posted three videos today regarding Trump and the vaccines. I went and found those videos because of the comments blaming Trump for the vaxx. I have been saying for years, “ just listen to the man, he will tell you the truth “.

    One of the videos is of Trump giving full authority to make a vaccine that cured him within a day.
    And the deep state under Pence who lead the way shot the cure down.
    Trumps plan would have stopped the clot shot. And when the election got stolen, it was game over.

    But you anti Trump people are sick puppy’s.
    I had to go find the proof to send you. But you won’t stop. Cause your lost and sick!🤮

    Now I feel better!

      Mar 14, 2024 14:09 PM

      Hello Chartster……………………..
      I THINK……………….. everyone should listen to AGENDA 47 tape…………..

        Mar 14, 2024 14:32 PM

        I’m glad you viewed it and understood it.

        People should view it. And then go confirm it on his site. Most won’t view it.
        The same ones that say. Trust the plan. Go out and vote. There is no plan. There is no vote.. in all complete sarcasm.
        Bla bla blah..

        And the very same people who think their vote won’t count, and think there is no plan. Are the ones doing absolutely nothing for the cause.
        Blow hard bs whiners.

        Full of apathetic doubt. Living in zero ownership.

          Mar 14, 2024 14:01 PM

          Thanks for the reply.

        Mar 15, 2024 15:49 AM

        Hi Jerry, Chartster… I looked at the Agenda 47 stuff… Not impressed… My big laugh was from the plan to abolish the Department of Education, but also “legally?” grab money from the universities and create the American Academy… What department would run it?… Trump is managing to completely lose my trust as he sounds like he is making a whole bunch of promises that may sound good to some, but just cannot all be accomplished… He is also a clear Zionist… Just like every other politician…

          Mar 15, 2024 15:28 PM

          I’m sure you might not realize the states fund most universities. So it’s the peoples money in the first place. He’s not “grabbing money from them”.

          Not being impressed with agenda 47 would put you in company with the commies. No?

            Mar 15, 2024 15:34 PM

            From the transcript of Trump’s Agenda47: The American Academy…

            “Under the plan I’m announcing today, we will take the billions and billions of dollars that we will collect by taxing, fining, and suing excessively large private university endowments, and we will then use that money to endow a new institution called the American Academy.”

          Mar 15, 2024 15:50 PM

          Hello Tommy…..
          I am just reading over your post……
          I am willing to answer any question you have….
          Concerning EDUCATION…..since I have a son who is CLASSICALLY TRAINED (Greek and Latin)… and who has taught
          at the University of Florida, and has taught at several private,charter, and public schools in the last 15 yrs.
          I know first hand of which I speak, because I see and hear ,it on a daily basis … no guess work.

          THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN………… I do not know when your last kid was in school, but,
          I guarantee you it is not like anything in the last 50 yrs….

            Mar 15, 2024 15:47 PM

            Hi Jerry… I have been done funding education for 20 years… The education system definitely broken… Rich schools with tons of endowment money raising tuition beyond belief… Something needs to be done with those endowment slush funds, but the Trump threat to fine and sue, when chances are high they are complying with law, may sound good to some people, but are meaningless to me, JMO… Serious legal structural reform is needed for all non-profit entities… Student loan system is robbery, IMO… I will tell you my daughter had some student loans, managed to get a gov job and have them basically dismissed… My family may have benefited, but the payoff by taking from taxpayers is wrong… If klintons had not allowed student loans to be nondischargeable in bankruptcy, this student loan kleptocracy and tuition rates would not be this bad… Financial aid schemes have really messed things up, IMO. Those are some of my thoughts… What do you think Jerry?

            Mar 15, 2024 15:17 PM

            Hello Tommy……
            Robbery is correct…..
            Bankruptcy provision is a scam….

    Mar 15, 2024 15:43 AM

    Hey , Chartster … I was speaking to a very wise old lady lastnight , & she said i should not mock stupid people ………………. so sorry.

      Mar 15, 2024 15:45 AM

      GREAT TAPE……… on the Askenazi …mafia…
      Need to file this in the keeper file….
      Oh,…. I see you have already done it….. thanks….it is a keeper…..

      Owl…. never did like Brother Nathanael

      Jewish handlers in China…. very enlightening 9:26 min mark…..SHEEPLE BETTER WAKE UP

        Mar 15, 2024 15:09 AM

        Mao………. was a student at Yale…..and a Dean at Yale China…..
        Ambassador to China…… George Bush…. lol……….. 9:42 mark…

          Mar 15, 2024 15:22 AM

          I remember a while back Unz’s site had an article about that China stuff…

            Mar 15, 2024 15:31 AM

            Crypto Jews…12: 56 min mark…………… humm…. leading us into crypto coin… lol….

            You will know them by their fruits… KJV….

            Lot of KISSING THE ROCK… from ALL US PRESIDENTS… 13 min mark…
            makes you wonder,…. even trumpster kissing their ass…
            Poor Obama…was given a white beenie… lol

            90% of the Jew in the Holy land …. are these types of FAKE JEWS…Ashkenazi ..14 min mark

      Mar 15, 2024 15:46 AM

      “For you are a people holy to the Lord your God, and the Lord has chosen you to be a people of his own possession, out of all the nations that are on the face of the earth” (Deut. 14:2).

      Christians believe this, have accepted it for thosands of years, Im not sure about Druze and Bahai but the Moslems have a good twist on it.

      Martin Luther wrote Jews and their Lies, so, we have known of their character for a long time.
      What I find interesting is people cant see it in the books they wrote, like Deuteronomy, they believe it all.

      Its a good video, I have seen this info before, cant really talk to anyone about it tho, they think ur nuts.

        Mar 15, 2024 15:46 AM

        Kind of stupid……..if, they are not taught the entire scripture….
        Besides the state …took over religion….with the 501 3b corporation….

        Get all the facts straight…. have to connect the dots today….
        History of Harvard…. early on was Christian based before the
        Ashkenazi Jews got a hold of it…

        Plus…. as Paul clearly writes there is NEITHER GREEK NOR JEW…..
        sheeple are so stupid…….
        90% of christian ….remain babies… never getting to the real meat…
        most never read ..nor study scripture and piece it all together…
        tragic …

          Mar 15, 2024 15:59 AM

          Paul also clearly told slaves to obey their owners.

          I understand its a religion, fair enuff, but for me I consider the authors of the books.

          And they tell us they are chosen so for me, I gotta say hmmmm.

            Mar 15, 2024 15:35 PM

            If,…. they were slaves in chains…. they might want to obey,…
            ***But , the rest of the verse… is to the slave owers…****
            Some slaves ,… had it better than others,… free food, free shelter… etc…
            considering the time that he wrote, … adapt to your situation…

            Slaves and Masters

            (1 Timothy 6:1-2)

            5Servants, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ; 6Not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but as the servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart; 7With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men: 8Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free.
            THE OTHER PART………………… 🙂
            9And, ye masters, do the same things unto them, forbearing threatening: knowing that your Master also is in heaven; neither is there respect of persons with him.

            Mar 15, 2024 15:08 PM

            I can see that slaves might want to obey.
            The point is there are rules for obedience and concequenses for not obeying and the authors like to tell people they are chosen, looks to me the authors made the rules.
            Paul seems to agree with those rules.

            20 slaves each for the chosen I heard somewhere.
            Goy of course.

            Mar 15, 2024 15:02 PM

            20 slaves .. is in the Fake Jewish fables….
            Ashkenazi Jewish ..

            Mar 15, 2024 15:07 PM

            Remember……. Paul, was a jew….. and the customs he grew up in, …
            He has to explain to the reader, .. .. that he was there to transition between
            the Old to the New…

            Mar 15, 2024 15:09 PM

            CHristians are sure not under Slavery today…. as it was abolished…
            Now some like to be in DEBT BONDAGE for the Ashkenazi Jews….

            Since 1871… these cabalist like to put everyone into bondage…
            It does not have to be that way….

            Mar 15, 2024 15:01 PM

            It is estimated that between 15,000 to 50,000 women and children are forced into sexual slavery in the United States every year, and the total number varies wildly as it is very difficult to research

            Abolished but not gone.

            The stories are terrible, suffice it to say that the U.S. still has slavery.
            Other countries do as well of course.

            Mar 15, 2024 15:06 PM

            Ashkenazi….Jewish ran..(via Mafia)… slavery…. against the LAW….
            Once it was Legal…. today…it is illegal…

            WE THE PEOPLE…. would not approve….that is a fact…
            Christians would not approve…..

            Hilly Billy, Epstein….. many in congress…. are running drug, and trafficing
            operations…. Take Ukraine…. Haiti….

    Mar 15, 2024 15:35 AM

    The word is out….Now the invasion of USA requires freeway systems and permanent infrastructure…….we be suckers…giving away our nation so politicos get bag money…

      Mar 15, 2024 15:59 AM

      Larry…………. you should view the tape above….Ebo posted…………..
      Then you will get the whole picture…….. check out the Presidents kissing the wall …


    Mar 15, 2024 15:16 AM

    yep…Lebubich clan…I knew a girl from my home town married into that…8 children and at least public allegiance to the conformity social pressure…I once was invited to some event…No one from the club wants to interact w outsiders…I am not in favor of cults in general….except maybe Amish ….I would need to fully understand how they,Lububich, harm my existence to become fully engaged and opposed…in summary…i do not get it and am not comfortable w the strangeness….i actually cannot understand it anymore than the startech Borg cult….what can i say Jerry….glta

    Mar 15, 2024 15:03 AM

    Americans are discouraged with voting, makes no dif who they vote for, they get thhe same policys.
    They are realising that the sytem is backed by globalists with billions of dollars and they are manipulating the political system.

    I wonder who he is talking about?
    Did Eb just posted the vid?.

    Margrét Friðriksdóttir and Gústaf Skúlason w/ Col Douglas Macgregor 3/13/2024

    This is not on You Tube

      Mar 15, 2024 15:41 PM

      Over throwing the Chains………… of Bondage……… Globalist… / and the Ashkenazis…..
      Voting for the same stuff,… is not going to cut it going forward…
      But, the SHEEPLE need to know who they are fighting… and their game plan…

    Mar 15, 2024 15:36 AM

    Chartster may know more about the following…..

    There is a slow burn, full-bore internal coup happening within the ranks of the IDF/Mossad.

    These people are stratospheric in their panic right now.
    They know the full might of a worldwide military alliance has targeted them for elimination.

    The narrative is lost.
    Control of information is lost.
    They are being forced to stand and FIGHT.
    They will lose. And they know it.

    Defections are part of any espionage/spec_ops war.
    Amazing things are happening.

    2024 is starting off FAST.


    Mar 15, 2024 15:42 PM

    BOYS! Don’t boo your government masters…

    FDNY Firefighters Who Booed Tyrant AG Letitia James Ordered to Surrender or Risk Being Hunted Down — Will Face Punishment and Reeducation

    Mar 15, 2024 15:06 PM

    Another one of Uncle Joe’s picks…and PokeyHauntUs, too….

    Democrat-Darling Rachael Rollins Disbarred After Justice Refuses To Prosecute One Of Its Own