Kolibri Global Energy – Oil Focused Producer In Oklahoma, Current Production Overview, 2024 Guidance and Growth Plans

March 15, 2024

Kolibri Global Energy (“Kolibri” or the “Company”) (TSX;KEI – NADSAQ:KGEI) is a small cap energy producers focused in the Southern SCOOP region of Oklahoma targeting the Ardmore Basin. This Company was introduced to us by Dan Steffenes, President of the Energy Prospectus Group. Kolibri is included in Dan’s “Small Cap growth portfolio”.


Wolf Regener, President and CEO of Kolibri joins us to provide a general investment overview of the Company. We discuss the current production rates and guidance for 2024. Wolf explains how the Company is able to generate high operating net backs and has a large resource base in the Proved Undeveloped category (which the Company has plans to upgrade). We also ave Wolf outline the Company’s strategy to utilize the free cash flow being generated from current production.


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Click here to visit the Kolibri website to learn more about the Company. You can find the Company’s corporate presentation on the homepage.