TG Watkins – A Technical Outlook For The Upcoming Market Pullback

March 18, 2024

TG Watkins, Director or Stocks at Simpler Trading and Editor of the Profit Pilot website joins us to share why he thinks the US markets will pullback in the near future. Just by looking at the chart of the S&P we can see how fast the markets have moved up. We are seeing narrowing breadth and a shift in trading patterns just in the last week.


TG shares some straight forward aspects of the charts to keep an eye on that could present a buying opportunity.



Click here to visit TG’s website – Profit Pilot.

    Mar 19, 2024 19:38 AM

    They are running the same algo programs against the explorers daily.

    Mar 19, 2024 19:57 AM

    You shouldn’t invest in the stock market if you don’t understand the game is rigged. It has never been a level playing field and never will be, the common man is usually clueless until it is too late. All markets go up and all markets go down and if you don’t sell when you have a profit, “WELL SHAME ON YOU”! DT

      Mar 19, 2024 19:25 PM

      You shouldn’t continually attack others personally during conversations. I can neither do anything about your insecurities or the intervention in markets by authorities. Both are bad.

        Mar 19, 2024 19:06 PM

        I didn’t attack you, I only stated facts, you are paranoid. DT

          Mar 19, 2024 19:56 PM

          First sentence you write is “speculation” and you provide no facts to support your claim. The second sentence is making generalized stereotype conclusions without fact to support your claim. The third sentence makes a general statement about markets and concludes that I have done something I should be ashamed of based on no facts, no correlation or any relationship to a general statement that indicates I have done something wrong because markets go up and down. I would have to conclude you are “projecting” a weakness in your own strategy or believe if everyone makes an investment error (unproven) that you are a better person. Tie all your assertions about me to my comment about “they are running the same algos on a daily basis” and see if there is any relationship between your conclusions about how I trade and why I should be ashamed. I personally can’t see the transition from my one sentence to your assertions.

            Mar 19, 2024 19:35 PM

            You write, “I can do nothing about the intervention in markets by authorities”, so why do you insist on whining, continually whining about the criminal element in society. You should either learn to stop whining that would be a solution or barring that because you have shown you don’t have the capacity to change you should regularly pay a visit to an old age home where whiners are the norm. If you can’t change, I have provided you with an alternative where you can fit in and enjoy yourself. DT

            All markets get manipulated up, all markets get manipulated down manipulation happens, but it is meaningless because you can’t stop it. DT😉 LOL!

            Mar 19, 2024 19:15 PM

            I agree … let’s accept all criminal activity as a given and get rid of all laws. Simultaneously let’s keep electing politicians that respond to money rather than moral conviction or the Constitution. In fact, let’s get rid of all personal freedoms, get rid of the Constitution and elect people that do nothing but destroy all freedoms and transfer wealth to a few. How is that for whining. Now convert that whine to there is “always manipulation and markets go up and down”.

    Mar 19, 2024 19:32 PM

    It might help if you started to concentrate on other things than prosecuting law breakers in your mind, you might be a better trader, you notice I said, might. DT

      Mar 19, 2024 19:30 PM

      Name 20 of my trades, dates of those trades, price at purchase, sale date, current market cap. Or to make it easier and more truthful for you, just say you don’t have any information on any of my trades or how many accounts I have. Feel free to be honest.

    Mar 19, 2024 19:06 PM

    I’m not going to waste any more time you are getting silly! DT

      Mar 19, 2024 19:28 PM

      DT, nothing you said on this thread has anything to do with stocks. Learn to keep your mouth shut.

    Mar 19, 2024 19:55 PM

    Grumble, who are you to tell anyone to shut up, I have never read anything that you post that is on stocks, unless it is a criticism of my picks, and then you always fall flat on your face because you don’t do any Due Diligence. Just like the time I talked about Bayhorse Silver you thought the share count was over one billion but I pointed out it was 250 million and you couldn’t even look that up. LOL! DT

      Mar 20, 2024 20:52 AM

      Imagine that … another personal attack. There is a pattern here.

    Mar 20, 2024 20:51 AM

    The pattern is that you are both old whiners, who contribute nothing other than complaints. One lives in an old age home the other needs to visit it on a regular basis. LOL! DT

      Mar 20, 2024 20:11 AM

      Hey DT, have you ever asked yerself why you are involved in almost every personal dispute on this site? Another wasted thread…

        Mar 20, 2024 20:24 AM

        Dan, that is an unfair assumption, have I ever gotten into any dispute with you. I may have had a disagreement with something you said about a stock but that is what investing is all about. DT

    Mar 20, 2024 20:21 AM

    In the spirit of unwhining, Abitibi Metals had good news this AM concerning copper. Yes. … I do own it and I added.

      Mar 20, 2024 20:44 AM

      They are drilling high grade CU. (SYL-C.AMQ, in Canada) Here is the link to Abitibi Metals, I couldn’t pick it up on TMX but they had it listed on Stockhouse. DT

        Mar 20, 2024 20:49 AM

        I bought in to the Bayhorse story you brought up, IMO it could have a bit of a run to the upper bolly again but is risky.

          Mar 20, 2024 20:22 AM

          Just have to wait on Bayhorse drill results to see if they as well as Hercules make the deeper copper hit that evidently Barrick thinks is near by. If,not there is still silver possibilities in both if and when silver quits being under priced.

          Mar 20, 2024 20:25 AM

          Dan, Bayhorse is total risk, but I don’t believe it has as much risk as Bitcoin and a possible huge upside. When I bought Bayhorse it was selling for .015. Shortly after it doubled, I sold half and got my money out. The other half I will let ride. When the herd starts showing up, they won’t do any Due Diligence they don’t understand the copper component Bayhorse might have by being in a district that many believe extends from Hercules on to their property. They will buy in because Bayhorse has Silver listed in its name and because it is super cheap. All you have to do is remember to sell if it gets traction which I believe it will. Buy low sell high, investing 101. DT

    Mar 20, 2024 20:46 AM

    A lot of Silver Producers are super cheap, “Chen Lin”. He has his pulse on a lot of stocks and continues to make a lot of stock predictions that make people money. DT