Stock Talk – Quinton Hennigh – Exploration Stocks In The Tombstone Gold Belt, Finland, Golden Triangle

March 25, 2024

Welcome to a new series on The KE Report, Stock Talk! We are searching out guests that will focus on individual stocks. In this first segment I am joined by Quinton Hennigh, Geologist and Investor. I think most of you know Quinton and his passion for exploration.


I will be chatting with Quinton every month focusing on a wide range of exploration stocks. As this series continues we will focus on specific news regarding new discoveries and follow up drill results. Please email me all the exploration stocks you would like to hear Quinton’s thoughts on in future segments. My email address is


In this inaugural segment I have Quinton comment on exploration stocks in the Yukon (Tombstone Gold Belt), Finland (Lapland Gold Belt), and the Golden Triangle in BC. We discuss Snowline Gold, Banyan Gold, Sitka Gold, Rackla Metals, Rupert Resources, Aurion Resources, FireFox Gold, Dolly Varden Silver, and Goliath Resources.



    Mar 26, 2024 26:59 AM

    Hi Cory, thanks for bringing Hennigh, he made me a lot of cash on NFG!
    I would like you to ask him about these companies:

    I know many if these are small producers but still I would like to have his take on them, especially since he mentioned Victoria Gold so often.

    Mar 26, 2024 26:51 AM

    KFR is the one to pay attention to. He briefly mentioned them in the Golden Triangle segment.

    Mar 26, 2024 26:29 AM

    Now that White Rock, recommended by QH, has gone bankrupt, I am wondering about Novo (NVO).
    Please as QH if he thinks Novo will survive and if he still has his shares. And please ask him about NuLegacy. Last year they said they were going to drill 6 holes but only drilled 2, and now the stock has fallen to a penny. Are they going to drill again or file for bankruptcy? Has QH sold his shares? And please ask him about IRV, ESK, and LIO. Thanks.