John Rubino – Fed Capitulates, Gold and Silver Equities Starting To Move

April 1, 2024

John Rubino joins me on this Easter Monday to discuss why he thinks the Fed just capitulated and why gold and silver stocks have started to play catch up to the upside.


With the fed projecting 3 rate cuts this year, even with inflation remaining above the 2% target, John sees a number of issues in the economy that is forcing the Fed’s hand. This shift in policy has major market implications, including for commodities.


On the precious metals front we look at the equities, which John notes have started to move up over the last week. We look at a couple of the larger royalty companies and more advanced explorers. I also ask about the smaller gold and silver equities in terms of time frame for a prolonged and major run to the upside.



Click here to visit John’s Substack page.

    Apr 01, 2024 01:05 PM

    So, how short is John high teck? According to Avi, we ain’t there yet.

    Apr 02, 2024 02:27 AM

    EXK is up 75% in 22 sessions (briefly 80%) and I’m not close to trimming a single share.

    Apr 02, 2024 02:52 AM
    Apr 02, 2024 02:28 AM
    Apr 02, 2024 02:20 AM