TriStar Gold – Permit In Brazil Coming This Quarter, Castelo de Sonhos Economics Sensitivity To High Gold Prices

May 8, 2024

TriStar Gold (TSX.V:TSG – OTCQB:TSGZF) has been working through the permitting process for the LP Permit at the Castelo de Sonhos Project in Brazil, and is confident it will be received this quarter (Q2 2024).


Nick Appleyard, President and CEO of TriStar Gold joins me to discuss the next steps for the project once the LP Permit is received. We discuss the potential of a re-rating for the stock.


We also dive into the economic of the project based on the 2021 PFS. This economic study was done at a $1,550 gold price. With gold much higher I have Nick run the numbers at higher gold prices and discuss how costs could have changed. 


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Click here to visit the TriStar Gold website to learn more about the Castelo de Sonhos Project.