Graphene Manufacturing Group – Answering Your Questions On Financing, Battery Developments, THERMAL-XR Commercialization, Rio Tinto Partnership

May 14, 2024

Craig Nicol, President and CEO of Graphene Manufacturing Group (TSX.V:GMG – OTCQX:GMGMF) joins me to answer a wide range of questions that you all have sent me.


We start with the recent financing, that closed for $3.47million. We discuss what this money is needed for and what divisions it will be allocated to. Also mentioning the AU$2million funding grant from the Queensland government. The major question I received was if the Company will need to go back to market in the near term or if revenues and other money will come in to support ongoing activities. 


We then move to the THERMAL-XR division. Questions on government approval in the US, near term sales potential, uses in other sectors, like data centers, and other groups testing the product. Potential revenue was a large focus of the questions I received so that’s where we focused. 


On the battery division, we didn’t have time to get to all the technical questions but I will be setting up a webinar in the next few weeks to discuss. I ask Craig about the path to market for the pouch pack batteries. I also get an update on the Rio Tinto partnership.


Please keep sending me your questions and I will save them up for my next call and the webinar. My email address is



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