Politics Weekend Posting

May 25, 2024

Here is the political weekend posting!


I hope you all have a great weekend, and for everyone in the US a great long weekend!


    May 25, 2024 25:52 AM

    Just one tiny misstake & its game on for WW3 . These crazies are pushing their luck , & if they think they are safe calling the shots from London & Washington , then they are BLOODY FOOLS.

      May 25, 2024 25:44 AM

      Giving Ukraine Missiles to Shoot Into Russia Is a Declaration of War

        May 25, 2024 25:48 AM

        …and more than just giving them the missiles…but training them and doing the targeting for them….can you imagine if the Rooskies or the Chicomms were in Mexico doing that to the Empire???

          May 25, 2024 25:10 AM

          Thanks Irish and Ebolan… Good analysis of how WW3 is evolving… Fits exactly with what I wrote to a family member a couple of weeks ago: “Strikes deep inside Russian territory by these proxy “Ukraine forces” using NATO supplied long range munitions will eventually push Russia too far.”

    May 25, 2024 25:40 AM

    While you are waiting for CFS to show up for work…you can have a Bergie…I’m sure we’ve all had some of these forgotten beverages in our time…

      May 25, 2024 25:39 AM

      Only took um 70 yrs. to figure it out…. blacks still have not totally figured it out …
      KKK…. like duh…. Still running drugs in the hood, by who…. humm…
      Sneaker War….. snuck up on um….
      School voucher…. humm….. who gets the money…. humm….
      School breakfast & lunch…. humm…

    May 25, 2024 25:48 AM

    I am sure you boys must have come across this….Can you imagine a product of the gooberment skoolz today reading and understanding this??? All they can say is, “Where’s my free stuff.” The piano playing dog would have more understanding…and in today’s USSA people like Crocket and Bunce hardly exist…

    Not Yours To Give

      May 25, 2024 25:44 AM

      Where is your free lunch…stuff…….. get your free school lunch, …early training for the retards sheeple….

        May 25, 2024 25:34 PM

        …yes…cradle to grave brainwashing by the welfare/warfare state…

    May 25, 2024 25:05 PM

    EXCLUSIVE: Colonel Macgregor shows how neocon foreign policy has thrown the world into chaos by
    Maik Hickson, LifeSite News:

    We cant put 2 links on the same post.
    lifesite link is on sgtreport site

    May 25, 2024 25:14 PM

    The sensor didn’t care for my last post.
    Alaskan Rivers turning orange.

        May 25, 2024 25:27 PM

        Hi Tony:
        Hope all is well. I just finished reading The Bible and Flying Saucers-Barry Downing.
        Makes one wonder about the meteorite in the cube at mecca.
        What a great time to be alive.

          May 25, 2024 25:40 PM

          Hello John. So many strange things , & happenings in our World. Us humans know very little about the World we live in. I love it, so much to recearch & learn. Specks , thats all we are in a huge dust storm… lol

    May 25, 2024 25:01 PM

    $320 million …. Made in the USA … The Gaza pier , thats not fit for purpose …. What a bloody money scaming farce. The story is over at Zerohedge.

      May 25, 2024 25:29 PM

      Make sure to read the comment section below the Zerohedge article … Gaza pier . Is there anything the American overlords , cant F**K-Up.

      May 25, 2024 25:29 PM

      The DUMB SHEEPLE keep thinking they are helping someone…..
      The only one’s benefiting are the inter circle of thieves…….

        May 26, 2024 26:38 AM

        Ditto… Just a reason to waist taxpayer $$$… And give government employees and contractors something to do… Probably increases our GDP… Every $$$ the government spends helps the economy. LOL.

    May 25, 2024 25:58 PM

    Boys! From the IrishTony article:

    But the mother of all provocations is that Ukraine has now attacked and damaged a strategic Russian early warning nuclear ICBM long range detection radar in Voronezh

    This has the potential to cripple Russia’s ability to respond to nuclear threats, and effectively triggers 19c of Russia’s nuclear response doctrine:

    Paragraph 19c of the Basic Principles states: “attack by an adversary against critical governmental or military sites of the Russian Federation, disruption of which would undermine nuclear forces response actions”. This effectively means any interference of any kind against civilian or military infrastructure, which would undermine nuclear retaliation capability.

    Ukraine is now carrying out the slow de-arming and neutralization of Russia’s nuclear triad on behalf of NATO, which is an extremely existentially dangerous position for Russia to be in. Thus, Russia is now within its doctrinal rights to respond with nuclear retaliatory force—and Ukraine is just beginning its escalations.

    May 25, 2024 25:44 PM

    It’s time to end pornography in the name of free speech.
    Most of the porn industry is owned by the Zionists and a rabbi owns pornhub.
    Enough of these Zionists and their twisted religion.

    May 25, 2024 25:53 PM

    Seems my posts are being removed.

      May 25, 2024 25:05 PM

      Same happened to me South when I went back in and edited.

        May 25, 2024 25:01 PM

        If I need to fix/change my post, what I always do now is copy the post then delete it, then create a new post and paste the original post in and modify it. If I don’t do that and instead try to change the original post, it disappears, usually never to be seen again.

          May 26, 2024 26:41 AM

          Good approach Ebolan… For some reason, editing a post seems to trigger the censors.

    May 25, 2024 25:04 PM

    I still say that the Oppenheimer/Barbie movie day was a preview of what is to come.
    Satanic people and their dirty deeds.
    Much like eyes wide shut and back to the future.
    I still remember when Mathew pointed out the satanic earings in eyes wide shut.

    May 25, 2024 25:07 PM

    According to the rumble video Chartster posted, Iran is the fastest growing Christian nation.

    May 25, 2024 25:05 PM

    Dang, you boys need to watch this film on Massie…incredibly resourceful and intelligent…can you imagine him trying to have a discussion on policy with AOC or Maxine Waters or Nancy Blowsi or really, any of the other politicians in the District of Criminals??? He is light years ahead of them all in intelligence and of course, common sense.

    May 25, 2024 25:35 PM

    MTG puts the wood to Johnson, the debt, the Ukraine war funding and says the CIA is on the ground there running the war…scroll down to the Tucker interview…

      May 25, 2024 25:38 PM

      …says the gooberment is screwing all of us over…especially the kids…

    May 25, 2024 25:23 PM

    We have such totally incompetent leaders……..

      May 26, 2024 26:33 AM

      That pier was at best a stupid idea… Any idiot knows existing land routes could, if allowed, provide all the needed aid… So what did we build it?
      1) because we can… an exercise to learn how one could build such a pier… just needed a reason to spend taxpayer $$$.
      2) public relations purposes… we are trying everything to save lives. LOL.
      3) a start at building oil and gas extraction infrastructure.
      4) other? Comments anyone?

    May 26, 2024 26:38 AM

    You are not really awake yet……………

      May 26, 2024 26:52 AM

      Hi Jerry… Who is not awake? 😴 Perhaps I need to have some more coffee… 😴 Your reply is not attached to any comment.

        May 26, 2024 26:30 PM

        Do not worry Tommy………. it was not directed at you……. 🙂
        Hoping you are having a great Memorial Day Week End
        and anyone else who reads this post… 🙂

          May 27, 2024 27:05 PM

          Thanks Jerry…. Having a great weekend… Hope all who read this blog are too.

    May 26, 2024 26:43 AM

    Gov. Newsom Signs Bill Allowing Arizona Doctors To Provide Abortions In California

    Part 11………………. of the NWO….. 2030 Plan….
    …………………………Encourage the breakdown of the family……


      May 26, 2024 26:53 AM


      THE CULTURAL SUBVERSION ……. by the UN?????????

      THE 11 PART PLAN…………. The Franklin School to destroy society and create the NWO
      UN AGENDA 2030

      1. Creation of racism offences
      2. Continual change to create confusion
      3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
      4. The undermining of school and teacher authority
      5. Huge immigration to destroy identity

      I WILL LIST THE OTHERS……………..IF, I get a response……. 🙂

        May 26, 2024 26:15 AM

        Hi Jerry. It’s not just the US , it’s also happening in the rest of the west. The sad thing is most people are not aware , of what these BASTARD’S have in store for them….. so finish Your list.

          May 26, 2024 26:54 AM

          Ditto… Please… Finish that list.

            May 26, 2024 26:49 AM

            Hi Tommy… I will jump in ahead of my friend Jerry . Translated Agenda 2030…


            May 26, 2024 26:03 AM

            Irish……………. that is a great tape also…………… more detailed…..

            the one I posted was a ….KISS…… system for the sheeple… 🙂
            remember we have a dumbed down society…at this point via the education system

            May 27, 2024 27:21 PM

            Thanks Irish… Your list is a bit longer than Jerry’s… Both are good… My only complaint is that I would have preferred background piano from the dog Ebolan posted. LOL.

        May 26, 2024 26:52 AM

        OK………………. here are the others……………………. thanks for caring….

        6. Promotion of excessive drinking
        7. Emptying of churches
        8. An unrehable legal system with the bias against victims of crime
        9. Dependency on the states or states benefits
        10. Control and dumbing down of media
        11.Encourage the breakdown of the family

    May 26, 2024 26:05 AM

    I still think the issue is that nobody gives a darn.

    Col macgregor is up to 370k people? somewhere around there.
    Out of 330 millon people. Plus the same garbage thats happening in the U.S. is happening in the UK, 67 million and that doesnt count the rest of the vassals.

    So its not exactly nobody gives a darn, its that the number of people that do bother to care is insignificant.

    Trump is the great white hope, thing is he serves Israel.

    imo the thinking should be “how do I insulate myself/family/friends” from whats happening.

    Because from what it looks like to me the 2nd coming is all that can stop it.

    On the other hand, maybe Putin and Xi can. 😉

    That brics currency the “unit” could really send us into a tailspin tho.

      May 26, 2024 26:05 AM

      Sheeple have been dumbed down……..over a long period of time…..

    May 26, 2024 26:19 AM

    Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958.

    May 26, 2024 26:16 AM

    Toll From Russian Strike On Kharkiv Hardware Store Rises to 14

    Kharkiv being reduced to rubble by daily shellings. Ruzzia firing freely at will from just across the border but Ukraine isn’t allowed to attack them because of Biden-policy. Can’t have the Czar losing.

    May 26, 2024 26:51 AM

    Dang…this time around Trumpster draining the Swamp right into his administration BEFORE he is even elected….

    President Trump said he was sure that former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley would be joining his team in some capacity.

    Same old sh#t…

    May 26, 2024 26:00 PM

    Boys! Bubbly Nuttyyahoo is coming to the District of Criminals to speak to the criminals….here’s your chance…”As Americans, we reaffirm our commitment to Israel’s sovereignty” a US DemonRat representative said. And

    “Tonight, I’m happy to announce… we will soon be hosting Prime Minister Netanyahu at the Capitol for a joint session of Congress,” Johnson said during a speech at an Israeli embassy event. Johnson said during the speech that Netanyahu’s upcoming address will be “a strong show of support for the Israeli government in their time of greatest need.”

    As usual, our good friends the Israeliars are “in a time of need.” And I know you boys always help the needy, so get back to work to pay those taxes…for our good friends…the Israelies…

    May 26, 2024 26:13 PM

    HEADS UP ON HAITI…………………. I have been posting stuff on Haiti for several years….
    Hilly and Billy….. humm going down….

      May 26, 2024 26:08 PM

      That was a good one, OOTB Jerry.

        May 27, 2024 27:15 AM

        Thanks Chartster…….

    May 26, 2024 26:07 PM

    Uncle Joe Brandon tells them at West Point, “You can clap for that.”

    And Brandon’s son was killed by a burn pit. He also died in Iraq, Vietnam, and the Civil War but he was not eaten by cannibals.

    May 27, 2024 27:03 AM

    The ” NON HUMANS ” in the Isreali Govt & the IDF … Have just ” MURDERED ” over 45 men , women & childern in Rafah. These EVIL bastards claim they were bombing 2 hamas leaders…. Bullshit. The Arab world could stop this slaughter tomorrow , by telling the ANIMALS responsiple for these MURDERS , enough is enough … or else. The US Govt could stop it ,but they wont Isreal is useing US made bombs , so money,money , money & the SHEKEL. I will stop with my rant , otherwise i am going to say things that will get me arrested.

      May 27, 2024 27:09 AM

      I am having trouble copy & pasting. The above news can be found over at Aljazerra. & RT.

      May 27, 2024 27:28 AM

      I concur Tony.
      The world has lost it’s moral compass because the Zionists and their Talmud are in control.

        May 27, 2024 27:16 PM

        Ditto John…………. spot on………. the commies have taken over the system …
        Sheeple are too stupid to know anything….
        I posted the 11 things which have already happened…… Sheeple sleep walking….
        Freaking BEYOND DEMOCRACY… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    May 27, 2024 27:38 AM

    A new twist………………………

      May 27, 2024 27:39 AM

      Irish you and Chartster , might like the above….

        May 27, 2024 27:52 AM

        Hi Jerry…. How does it go ,the victor’s write the history / stories. There has been so many lies written about Hitler & Germany over the decades it’s hard to know what the real truth is . Oh & we are supposed to believe that America won the second world war………………….. Think Russia.

          May 27, 2024 27:42 AM

          I used to think that way too Tony.

          A little deeper and you see the americans won indeed.
          Not so much on the battle field but the reserve currency and ended up with a vast hoard of gold.
          They have been the world super power ever since…….until now.
          Thats the winning.

          Your right about lies concerning the 2nd war, few understand for instance that Hitler was pleading for peace, he moved into Poland to protect the German area that was full of Germans lost in the first war.
          They were being abused, kinda like the people in Donbas.

          Now look at Russia,moves into Donbass to protect the Russian population, years of pleading for peace, Putin saying repeatedly now Russia wants peace, the west is doing it again, refuseing a peace.

          History may not repeat, but it sure as heck rhymes.

          And this time the weapons being rattled are nuclear.

          Michel de Nostredame was a French astrologer and reputed seer who lived between 1503 and 1566. The Frenchman predicted the beginning of a third world war in 2024

          Personally I prefer the Egar Cayce view but its starting to look like French astroloy is right again.

          That 2000 year prediction of a second coming better happen soon.
          Maybe everybody has to die first for that one?

            May 27, 2024 27:31 AM

            The Zionists control the media. The Zionists are in control, at least until China decides to act.

            May 27, 2024 27:41 AM

            Hello SF….. Thanks for the reply .So many lie’s. 6 million…my arce.

            May 27, 2024 27:05 PM

            Excellent material posted by Jerry… With good commentary by Irish, SF, and John… Considering the way they are trying to paint Putin and Trump as evil, Hitler is almost certainly portrayed as much worse than he really was…

            May 28, 2024 28:47 AM

            Thanks Tommy……………..
            The world we (I)thought we knew…….. is in question…… uncovering articles like Hitler,
            puts a new light on things , before and after…… makes one say……..Humm…

          May 27, 2024 27:14 PM

          Hello IRISH………….. kind of funny , that we brought all those NAZIs here to run the space program and
          bio labs…. lol………. sheeple are asleep and btw…………where is that Jimmy guy…. lol….

            May 27, 2024 27:20 PM

            Btw…….. Hitler’s girl friend……. had a daughter, which is said to be related to Obama…
            The daughter , of Hitler,…. was the mother of Obama’s Barry mother….
            Kind of interesting… Do I believe it… who knows…… Like you said History tells all kinds
            of fairy tales…..

    May 27, 2024 27:17 AM

    Judge Outlines ‘Shell Game’ Played with Classified Docs at Mar-a-Lago

    May 27, 2024 27:18 AM
      May 27, 2024 27:12 PM

      Brighteon …………not so bright……….. except……. they like pushing the medical unproven bs….
      Lot of advertising for the “pay triot “… more Levi jean salesman needed… gold rush time… lol…

    May 27, 2024 27:27 PM

    And now for an “Oh Shit” moment……..
    (Most likely coming to our neighborhood within the next two decades)

      May 27, 2024 27:40 PM

      The only oh shit here is dumb shit by you CFS.
      More belief in science that cannot be proved.

        May 27, 2024 27:44 PM

        Do you understand how heavy elements are created ?
        Do you understand the physics of fusion ?
        Do you understand the physics of fission ?
        I happen to have a D.Phil. in physics from Oxford, not on nuclear physics, but on solid state physics, as well as being a prof in solid state devices at Purdue for years.

        If you would care to argue about any of the specific points of solar flare evidence, I would be happy to explain the evidence to ignorant people.

      May 27, 2024 27:20 PM

      thanks CFs…good interview…this serious topic is gaining visibility….glta

        May 27, 2024 27:09 PM

        Ditto… Good to know…

      May 27, 2024 27:13 PM

      That galactic solar system bs you posted is some of the most whacked-out moronic crap I’ve seen in quite some time.

      Some of us are moving forward. You goofy people that think you evolved from an ape are certainly moving backwards.. sheesh.., get a grip!

        May 27, 2024 27:41 PM

        cfs might think dif than others here, but I seriously doubt cfs believes humans evolved from apes.
        A person might as well say that humans evovled from insects. That would be just as relevant.
        People that think that way have no idea.

        I get a kick from the story of a person saying they have been to a zoo for 50 years and had never seen an ape turn into a human so knows evelution cant be true. 😉

    May 27, 2024 27:43 PM

    Here’s one for you Jerry. The gal next to Hitler at the Olympics, ended up being one of JFK’s flings.

      May 27, 2024 27:24 PM

      John……….. small world…. lol……….. 🙂 … That was a good one….

    May 28, 2024 28:57 AM

    They’re baack…..It begins anew…..a new battle in the wars…glta

      May 28, 2024 28:56 AM

      Yes……… a 25% kill rate for those dumb enough to take another JAB….. which the dumb SHEEPLE will do
      without question…. They will just play the same card again…. BTW, I still see sheeple wearing masks…like duh….. Dumb and Dumber……
      The school system will just have to mandate it, all 400 corporations will just have to mandate it,
      and some Congress crap individuals will push the hell out of it…. must obey the commies in office,
      plus, they might give you a tax credit for getting the shot… lol……
      FAUCI (F America U Citizen Idiots..)

        May 28, 2024 28:29 AM

        Jerry, Good acronym for Fauci…
        Anthony Fauci is scheduled to testify before the House Select Committee on June 3, 2024.
        IMHO, the chance of Fraudci being prosecuted for crimes is near zero.

          May 28, 2024 28:31 PM

          thanks Tommy……..

            May 28, 2024 28:50 PM

            UR Welcome Jerry… I must say am very tired of all the talk and no action… The author of that story is a just a big political wimp… Full of the right platitudes: “The House Select Committee on the Coronavirus is an excellent example of the essential role of congressional oversight. The committee has uncovered important new information and in the process brought together Democrats and Republicans to partner in serving the common interests of the American people — and that is the legislative branch holding the executive branch to account. That’s one reason the Founders created three branches of government.”
            “…failed in their jobs and that major reforms are needed.”
            But rather than actually do something NOW, he says “… I strongly encourage the House Select Committee to continue their work into the next Congress…”

            May 29, 2024 29:58 AM

            Exactly Tommy………….. NO ACTION COMMITTEE ….. should be the label on the Wimps in CONgress…
            I have said before…. You would be lucky to have 10 people in CONgress actually working for
            WE THE PEOPLE…. Time SHOULD BE UP……….

            May 29, 2024 29:50 PM

            Ditto Jerry… Spot on… Thanks.

        May 28, 2024 28:34 AM

        Thanks for the info, Larry… I used to like Dr. McCullough… But since he’s been involved with the Wellness company, I think he is trying to replace the livelihood he lost when they kicked him out of the club…

          May 28, 2024 28:01 AM

          totally agree Tommy…after I posted the title…I read the whole thing…He is selling his drug package…sorry…I just did not feel like writing about the error…but the sharp minds here caught it!…glta

    May 28, 2024 28:42 AM
    May 28, 2024 28:13 AM

    Combine McGregor’s thoughts with the EU Directives passed on Friday, and the U.S. is in deep trade troubles.

      May 28, 2024 28:34 AM

      It is scary CFS, the americans keep pushing for war.

        May 28, 2024 28:12 AM

        This is the really scary thing….
        Buried deep in the pages is the REQUIREMENT that all companies dealing with EU companies MUST OBEY EU RULES……with regard to social rules (sexism) and environment.
        AND (unbelievably) governments of those countries in which the companies reside MUST ENFORCE THOSE RULES.

        TALK about life-time employment for international attorneys !

        May 28, 2024 28:21 AM

        Biden, having sold off much of our oil reserve, Is now trying to sell off our petroleum reserve……
        Unbelievable stupidity. Why does he think we don’t need any strategic reserves ?
        He’s sold off, AT LOWER PRICES, OIL, WHEAT, CORN, SOYBEANS, now petroleum.

          May 28, 2024 28:30 AM

          And the real tragedy is that what the idiot has not sold off, he has allowed to be sold-off to
          the ChiComs……e.g. meat-processing industry.

            May 28, 2024 28:52 PM

            I don’t go shopping since I’m too blind to drive.
            So I order delivery of all goods.
            You would be surprised how often my deliveries are incomplete, because of “out of stock” situations….
            …….typically 20% to 30% of EVERY ORDER.
            (I typically order about 35 items per week)

    May 28, 2024 28:05 AM

    Great explanation of the Q operation.
    An interview with Mike King.

      May 28, 2024 28:38 PM

      Generals …… lining up………9 on one side……11 on the other……9/11…..
      Sheeple might wake up someday…..
      Mike King’s book, … would be a good review for the Sheeple , who have not been
      keeping up…
      I posted , that those guys need to stop promoting BEZO/AMAZON… shows they
      are a little slow on the relationship of Bezo’s grandfather.. and his hook into the
      fleecing of the Sheeple… stop feeding the beast….

        May 28, 2024 28:37 PM

        Amazon will be run as a non profit service, as will many cabal companies. Insurance and utilities will drop like a rock after the hammer drops and the asset forfeiture kicks in.
        It going to be a whole new world soon.
        The financial collapse happens will the bullion banks can’t cover the silver shorts.
        And the cabal companies are short the stock exchange, which will start it’s last big run up and margin-call every scum brokerage out there.

        This option expiry should be “the one”.

    May 28, 2024 28:08 PM

    Most recent poll I know of says 61% of Americans expect WWIII
    and yet our traitorous leader seems hellbent on making it .
    100% guaranteed. ,
    WHY ? ……is it to hide his incompetence ?

    May 28, 2024 28:44 PM

    John Kruschke,
    You don’t seem to trust my knowledge, so let me ask you directly….
    How do you explain excess heavy elements, with relatively short radioactive decay half-lives found near the surface of earth.

      May 29, 2024 29:19 AM

      CFs…agree….Sun micro nova is the only possibility for leaving heavy metals on earth and the carbon dating of surrounding rock shows the cyclical period….It is true I am afraid…Cataclysm is part of the human mythology for a good reason……..bright sky bursts, massive floods, earthquakes, cold…all on a scale we cannot conceive of….but enough survive to begin again…….glta

      All our petty complaints will be trumped by the power of this powerful energy massive universe we scream through…

        May 29, 2024 29:59 PM

        Agree Larry, CFS… the micro nova hypothesis appears to answer many serious questions… what else could provide the force needed to reverse Earth’s magnetic field?

          May 30, 2024 30:42 AM

          tommy…that Dr. Vogt of ‘Diehold Foundation'(you-tube site’ calls the galactic trigger mechanism a ‘clock cycle’…and the nova types around the galaxy, 8 types identifies, follow a 12,046 year cycle of triggering…..I think it is real…..

    May 29, 2024 29:50 AM

    Hi CFS:
    I have never questioned the level of your intelligence. I know you are smart, book smart.
    There are many things that I cannot explain concerning the earth and our solar system.
    What does bother me is when people claim to have knowledge when I know there is no way conceivable to obtain it. ie. the sun.
    It irritates me when people replace God with science. When people do not understand certain aspects of science, they become lazy and allow others to provide the explanation either right or wrong. Then they also default trust and judgement to that person with out questioning.
    Two guys on u-tube explaining solar flares and the sun, good luck.
    If the sun doesn’t rise, were all toast. class dismissed.

      May 30, 2024 30:05 AM

      There are two ways to obtain layers on earth that contain excess heavy elements:
      Impact from comets or other bodies and solar flares which bring up elements from inside the sun.
      (The corona of the sun has mosstly lighter elements.)
      e.g. Impact – younger Dryas event 3-14,000 years ago.
      Solar…Coronal Mass Ejection – Carrington event ….1860s
      With regard to God; specifically Christianity. I’m sorry, but I just cannot get passed the fact that Christ chose not to live for a few hundred or thousand years…..I.e. he was human, not God or son of God, with godlike powers.
      Please note. I am not denying the possibility of a higher power – a creator of the universe – in that regard I’m agnostic.

    May 29, 2024 29:11 AM

    Trump tells donors he’d bomb Moscow and Beijing – WaPo

    The ex-president detailed how he would have responded while in office to Russia’s conflict with Ukraine

    Former US President and current Republican candidate Donald Trump has told campaign donors that he “would have bombed” Moscow and Beijing if they’d attacked Ukraine and Taiwan respectively on his watch, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday,

    Well, we all would have been dead.
    Guess we are lucky we had Biden.

      May 29, 2024 29:54 AM

      Wonder what exactly he actually said…
      ‘The Trump campaign, however, has dismissed the WaPo report as “fake news.”‘

        May 29, 2024 29:12 AM

        As you know, EVERYTHING Trump yes in public is recorded by someone…….
        I heard on the radio a poor recording of what Trump ACTUALLY SAID.
        While the recording had background noise and was poor quality, it was clear Trump NEVER said he would bomb Russia.
        IN FACT, he said Biden was stupid enough not to believe Putin threats were real and could lead to nuclear war.

          May 29, 2024 29:15 AM

          The Washington Post, mouthpiece of the Progressives, ACTUALLY REVERSED the essence of Trump’s comments.

            May 29, 2024 29:28 AM

            At various times Trump has considered building in Moscow, but the situation has never been stable enough.
            Nevertheless he does have a number of Russian oligarchs that have invested in Trump properties.
            It would make NO SENSE for him as a businessman to bomb Russia.

            May 29, 2024 29:52 PM

            Thanks CFS… for the additional information.

    May 29, 2024 29:07 AM

    Trump, Putin and Xi are working on the same global military operation to rid the khazarian satan worshipping klan. You know, the new world order crowd..? You folks are some lost puppies.

    May 29, 2024 29:04 PM

    23000 americans are fighting with the IDF, born in the states and have Israeli citizenship.
    They have the same rights and benifits as americans that serve with the american forces.

    May 29, 2024 29:29 PM

    nikki haley is named to be on Trumps “team”.
    There are pictures of her signing bombs that are givin to Israel to attack the Palistinians.

    Writing “Finish them, america loves Israel”

    Go Trump Go!!!

      May 29, 2024 29:03 PM

      What does Nikki…. have to say about anything…. she is an Indian….
      Not the same culture….. she slipped in to the states and had to changer her name…
      Fooling everyone that she comes into contact with…. give me a break…
      These worthless pretend citizens… come here to take advantage of the situation…
      If, she is asked to be on Trumpster’s team , it is only that he can watch her, and put her
      in box for 4 years.. lol…. She has already shown she is a TRAITOR to the REAL
      WE THE PEOPLE,.. and WE THE PEOPLE have been here a lot longer than that
      simple minded mouth piece Nikki ….. ONE NATION UNDER GOD… what GOD is she
      ready to bow a knee… Hummm…….
      I seriously, doubt ….Trumpster has any place for her in any cabinet… she has already
      shown HER TRUE COLORS…..
      WE will see…………… all is good in AMERICA….. the lice have yet to be fumigated…. 🙂
      Just a RANT………. and all for entertainment purposes…. 🙂

        May 29, 2024 29:49 PM

        And a good rant it was!
        Totally agree!

          May 30, 2024 30:39 AM

          Good Morning, Chartster,…
          .. and thanks for the comment….

    May 30, 2024 30:33 AM
    May 30, 2024 30:36 AM

    The US military and the military alliance around the globe has been training in subterranean warfare. They are taking out the DUMBs. Deep underground military bases.
    It happed with the simultaneous earth quakes in Colorado and Virginia. It’s happened with flooding is certain states and around the world. It’s happening in Israel/Gaza and in Ukraine.
    It’s happening all over the world.

    Perhaps this make sense now.
    Future proves past.
    Nothing can stop what is coming.

    May 30, 2024 30:50 AM

    Surprise , Surprise … Who is funding the Pro Palastine protests in America. Well worth watching & take the time to read the comment section…… That Pelosi thing , thinks it’s Russia………….. lol

    May 30, 2024 30:21 PM

    pole reversal article…..just want to raise awareness…..glta…understatement

      May 30, 2024 30:09 PM

      There have been many pole flips in the history of the earth.
      (Over 180 have been found to have occurred over tens of millions of years)
      It would be wrong to suggest that a pole flip in itself could lead to a catastrophic climate change……
      History indicates such is not typically the case.

        May 30, 2024 30:16 PM

        Actually they occur roughly every 3,000, 6,000, 12,00 years…..but the 12,046 year cycle is the catastrophe event….which of course has variation…but no one is much around to report…lol

    May 30, 2024 30:47 PM

    This is not politics, but a YouTube video that contains knowledge on brain-food that most people should know……
    The whole piece is significant, but did you know human brains are shrinking in size over the last 30-50,000 years? (Since man took up farming, instead of Hunter-gathering and fishing.)
    Of course correlation is NOT NECESSARILY causation…….it could be due to breeding amongst different races, etc, combined with more sedentary lifestyles.

    May 30, 2024 30:18 PM
    May 30, 2024 30:21 PM

    TRUMPSTER found GUILTY on ALL counts…

    May 30, 2024 30:46 PM

    Meanwhile Tucker Carlson interviews….

    May 30, 2024 30:11 PM

    Guilty on all 34 counts, without evidence of a crime. So this is how the movie plays out.
    You can’t tell the sheeple the justice system is corrupt, you have to show them.

    When the republic stands up, the sheeple won’t mind going back to common law and away from statutes and get rid of the BAR. Which all is guaranteed to happen.

      May 30, 2024 30:40 PM

      The sheeple are kind of stupid…………….GIVE US BARABUS…..

        Jun 01, 2024 01:50 AM

        I think you mean Barabbas.

      May 30, 2024 30:40 PM

      …trust the plan…

        May 30, 2024 30:02 PM

        Obviously the plan here was to show the sheeple that the judicial system is corrupt.
        Because we can’t tell them, now can we..?
        Trump is insulated, completely protected.

          May 30, 2024 30:29 PM

          I feel sorry for the 12 jury members…. they will go down in history as TRAITOR/LIARS for a CORRUPT
          CON JOB Trial…. Family members of those idiots will also be humiliated for the shameful act
          they have committed……
          Shame will follow them for the rest of their life…… Sorry ass excuse for anything close to justice….

            May 30, 2024 30:26 PM

            The jurors, like good little sheep, followed the instructions given to them by the judge… With the fabricated charges, a fictional crime, the jury interpreted the facts and found they met the ridiculously low bar for the offense… Jurors are preselected theses days to be unable to think outside the box they are given… Concepts like jury nullification of ridiculous charges and laws cannot be allowed to enter a juror’s thoughts.. 🤔

          May 30, 2024 30:10 PM

          …as I recall…the plan was for Trumpster to take back the White House not too long after Biden’s inauguration…and gitmo the Deep Staters around the same time…

            May 30, 2024 30:20 PM

            The plan is to drain the swamp.
            End the new world order.
            Bring back the republic.

            You are watching the plan play out right in front of you.

            May 30, 2024 30:32 PM

            …Trumpenstein drained the swamp right into his administration…and the plan was sold by a bunch of hairdryer salesmen…

            May 30, 2024 30:43 PM

            Would you have been able to see the “deep state swamp creatures” first hand, ..that surfaced during
            Trumpster’s administration? Some had to expose themselves as what they were…deep state behind the scene liars and traitors…. ie Pence, Wray, Mueller, Barr, Peolsi, Nadler, Schiff, ……
            Now we see the FEDERAL JUDGES….. low lifes pretending to uphold the “fake Bar Law” of justice…

            Few saw the NEWS as FAKE…… before Trumpster……….
            Even FOX news….. Now , it is as plain as day…. of course there are stupid sheeple
            still listening to MSN
            There are still dumb SHEEPLE wearing mask…. lol…… like duh

    May 30, 2024 30:48 PM

    Iconic songs have true lyrics.
    This one is all truth.
    “ God we need you now “.
    “ this puppet show,, it stays on, because of you fools”.

    May 30, 2024 30:14 PM

    …as I recall…the plan was for Trumpster to take back the White House not too long after Biden’s inauguration…and gitmo the Deep Staters around the same time…

    In the court of public opinion things have to play-out slowly so the sleepy heads can wake up to the idea of it’s a actual existence.

    A prime example is the vote fraud. And another example is the judicial system corruption.

    The court of public opinion had to change before the hammer can drop publicly on the deep state. The reasoning behind it is to save lives and not have a civil war.
    The “ plan did that “!

    May 30, 2024 30:36 PM

    The U.S. MIC just wastes money, while China and Russia develop cheap, BUT USEFUL WEAPONRY…..

    May 30, 2024 30:41 PM

    D. Trump as president had his chance to free America of the cancer that sucks the life out of us as a country. He failed miserably. Now he going to pay the price for his blunder.

      May 30, 2024 30:49 PM

      Yes, even if he loses the (s)election by Demonrat, Deep State, MSM, etc. cheating they will still do everything they can to destroy him to make an example of him. And if he wins they will kill him.

      You are right, he had his chance and instead of doing what he should have done he drained the swamp creatures right into his administration. And now he will pay as will all of us.

      May 30, 2024 30:51 PM

      Wrong.. and way out of touch with what is happening.
      You should wake up. Cause you are asleep.

      May 30, 2024 30:53 PM

      ..and I can’t f’ing believe it…Trumpster just released a post conviction video where he says he will “expel the warmongers,” this a few days after he said Niki Nimrada Haley will have a place in his new administration…we are living in bizarro world…

        May 30, 2024 30:12 PM

        Dude.. Trump put the little Indian spook ambassador of the UN…! That’s a deep state new world order position.
        He let her go play with her NWO friends.
        She did nothing. She amounts to nothing.

        Wake TF up.

          May 30, 2024 30:21 PM

          …she stabbed him in the back just like Bonkers Bolton…and every chance they got…we are not buying hairdryers here…

            May 30, 2024 30:22 PM

            Wait, what? Are you taking up for DJT?
            Say it ain’t so..!
            Well, if you are? Good on ya!

            The hairdryer incident.
            When your sick your body raises its temperature to fight and kill the bacteria caused by the virus that made you sick it’s called fever.

            Some people go to sweat lodges to rid them selves of the disease.
            Some have gone into spray-bake paint booths to rid the sickness.

            Some live in climate that can relieve the symptoms.

            Most people like several blankets to just sweat it out.

            Regardless of method, heat kills the viral bacteria. And yes, even a hair dryer works.

            May 30, 2024 30:42 PM

            Chartster, a virus and a bacterium are different.
            Usually, but not always, heat kills both viruses and bacteria.

            May 31, 2024 31:10 AM

            How do you boys use hairdryers to kill viruses??? Point them at your face, stick them up your nose??? Leave a bunch of hairdryers running all day long in your house??? Ridiculous…

            May 31, 2024 31:51 AM

            hair dryers work on toe fungus….. 🙂

            May 31, 2024 31:28 AM

            …OK, Jerry…You got me on that one… 🙂

            May 31, 2024 31:56 AM

            Ebo……… 🙂

            IRS……. is off for the holidays…..

        May 30, 2024 30:45 PM

        The judge ignored Trial Rule 403, demonstrating extreme prejudice.

    May 30, 2024 30:35 PM
      May 31, 2024 31:00 AM

      Bill was very good… Thanks CFS.

      May 31, 2024 31:39 AM

      Once upon a time, maybe.

    May 31, 2024 31:03 AM

    Trumpster got screwed by a law …. already expired….statue of limitations….
    How would you like to be prosecuted for the pencil you stole in high school… lol….

    The sick and perverted nation of democratic lies…… a whore and a liar debarred lawyer… give me a break….
    The justice system , is not fair justice when they are being paid by a political party to come up with the lie……Expert witnesses not allowed to testify in defense………
    I have pointed out over the years…….. THE BAR LAW…… which is corrupt to begin with… proof has
    been displayed for the world to see….. (see the Act of 1871)

    May 31, 2024 31:42 AM

    Could be the end of Trump.

    Dalio thinks 30% chance of civil war.

    Havnt seen any protests concerning Trumps verdict.

    Maybe people dont really care or figure what the heck could anyone do anyway.

      May 31, 2024 31:13 AM

      “Could”…………. I do not think so……….. 50-80 million pissed off sheeple…. sure as hell do not like
      what is going on….. economically, socially, morally…. (morally, might only be 30 million, since the morals have been shot for a long time.)

      Civil War……. I do not think so… 30%… where does he get that number….

      Protest……. were outside the court house,..but, most Trumpsters have a little more respect for law and
      order,..than a bunch of perverts like Dems … DOJ, FBI… have been weaponized against the Trumpster group… just like J6.. victims….where is the constitutional guarantee of a swift and speedy trial.., only if, you are running for President do you get expedited unfair treatment….

        May 31, 2024 31:35 AM

        Only people running for prez get unfair treatment?
        No idea how Dalio comes up with 30% chance.

        I kind of agree with you, no civil war. People just dont care enuff.
        They didnt care about free speech enuff to sign a petition, these people going to actually risk their lives? Not a chance.

        Only people that seem to be bothered by a genocide are students, how many are concerned with being so close to nuclear war?

        Trump could be an all planned out distraction.
        Remember, he serves Israel, he could just be doing his part.
        He not a warmonger? Why does he consider Nikki Haley?
        Why stand and bow at the wall?
        It could all just be a show.

        So, for those and other reasons I have to agree, no civil war.

          May 31, 2024 31:04 AM

          I agree ……no chance of civil war, but….
          .Take a red state in which Biden flew in illegal imigrants.
          Now some of those have stolen and even killed…..e.g. happened in Nashville recently at a mom & pop store.
          Suppose the district attorney charges Biden with complicity in murder, while committing another crime.
          If such went to trial……?……the majority of Tennesseans are pissed off at the Trump trial.
          Not a civil war, but tit for tat.

    May 31, 2024 31:59 AM

    It’s unfortunate that we have to watch this level of insanity in the judicial system. But it’s the only way to wake up the sheep. It literally has to get this bad to shake them awake..

    Just remember, DJT is CIC, and the continuity of government operations are still in effect.

    You’re watching a movie -Q

      May 31, 2024 31:19 AM

      “Movie”…….. better end……. soon……..

      Some like Juan, are thinking it could go on for another 8 yrs….. that is way too long… IMO

      I do see where some SHEEPLE are getting wore out with the drama.

        May 31, 2024 31:35 AM

        Nah…it will be this year when the hammer drops.
        We have major sovereign bond defaults coming.
        Margin calls on metals and stocks with the big banks. So we have bank closures coming.
        The stock exchange bubble. The illegal alien rebellion. The US government collapse and debt default.
        Have your sh~t packed by the 3rd week of June.
        It’s gonna get real fun then.

          May 31, 2024 31:55 AM

          Time to go trout fishing in the mountains…. 🙂

            May 31, 2024 31:57 AM

            Jerry, Enjoy your time away from this blog… A few of us will still be reading and posting before you get back. 😊

            May 31, 2024 31:06 PM

            Hello Tommy……………
            I do not want to miss lead you…….. but, … Chartster likes to trout fish in the mountains…
            I was kind of saying to him, .. he might want to take out of town, ….
            since, he said..
            “Have your sh~t packed by the 3rd week of June.
            It’s gonna get real fun then.”

            But, thanks for the reply…. I should have been more explicate ….

            May 31, 2024 31:24 PM

            The trout are a bit tough in hot weather.
            However, the bass and bream are much plentiful right now.
            I’m always thankful for plenty game.

            May 31, 2024 31:28 PM

            Hi Jerry… Thanks for the explanation… 🙂 And Chartster, thanks for the fishing report. 🐠 🐟

    May 31, 2024 31:55 AM

    The jury got it completely wrong:

    May 31, 2024 31:07 AM

    Killary…says she was right…about everything…but she’s go no face…

    May 31, 2024 31:14 AM

    The look on Bush, Clinton and Obama faces when asked, “do you realize this sets a precedent that former presidents can be convicted”? 😯😬😳

    O better get his affairs in order…they coming….they coming hard and fast…like a great white!

      May 31, 2024 31:57 PM

      OOPs…………….. I think they screwed up… 🙂 Crapped in their mess kit, so to speak… 🙂

    May 31, 2024 31:04 AM

    They can’t even walk the streets.
    Hollywood and congress are toast.

    May 31, 2024 31:21 AM

    Douglas Macgregor Warns: Ukraine’s Future Is GLOOMY When Russia Is About To Strike The DECISIVE BLOW

    In this interview Col Macgregor gives examples of Trump siding with the warmongers.
    imo its clear that Trump is the same as all the rest. Warmongers serving Israel.

    I still think the entire congress has to go. The system of buying congress has to end.
    Congress has to serve the american people.

    Remember “build the wall”? and what did he do? lol, Obamacare.

      May 31, 2024 31:17 PM

      It is clear that most Congress-critters are self-serving, self-enriching, highly partisan semi-fascist…..
      Not serving the people unless it serves them or their twinned uniparties simultaneously.
      I listen to almost every speech made by prominent politicians.
      While I have heard Trump speak in kowtowing tendencies towards the Military Industrial Complex, I have NOT heard advocate attacking Russia.

    May 31, 2024 31:32 PM

    Hunter Biden’s trial next week will be interesting…..

    May 31, 2024 31:20 PM

    I’m trying to. Correlate the periodicity of major solar flares and/or taurine meteors with earthly mass extinctions……
    To this end Graham Handcock’s book “Magicians of the Gods” is helpful…….

    May 31, 2024 31:38 PM

    It is increasingly believable to me that Noah’s flood was a consequence of a significant solar flare…..
    While it is possible a major meteor could have put significant water into the atmosphere by landing in the sea, that is a more localized event, than remnants/consequences of Noah’s flood found in both northern and southern hemispheres.

      May 31, 2024 31:57 PM

      So CFS you claim to be agnostic, yet you quote Noah’s flood. Where’s your scientific proof there was even a flood?

        May 31, 2024 31:34 PM

        Twenty-one Reasons Noah’s Worldwide Flood Never
        Here’s a geologist’s critical analysis of false perceptions held by many
        creationists about the origin of the Grand Canyon and the age of the

        Twenty-one Reasons Noah’s Worldwide Flood Never …

          Jun 01, 2024 01:38 AM

          Very first paragraph gave me problems…..l don’t believe Noah’s flood was as recent as 4,500 years ago.
          Or perhaps I mis-labeled the flood I was considering, which occurred at least 12,000 years ago.
          Whether that flood had anything to do with the Grand Canyon, Indon’t know.
          I have always assumed the Grand Canyon was created by a very large plasma discharge, followed by some later erosion.
          The shapes of rocks in the .Grand Canyon, specifically right angle corners, have always been a problem for erosion.

            Jun 01, 2024 01:49 AM

            When I used the name “Noah’s Flood. I was not thinking clearly.
            I wanted to name a flood that occurred a long time ago.
            Since most of the Old Testament is set in the Middle East, in early Sumer mythology, I should not have used a biblical reference
            Mea Culpa.

        May 31, 2024 31:37 PM

        Evidence Noah’s Biblical Flood Happened, Says Robert Ballard
        Dr. Robert Ballard, an acclaimed underwater archaeologist, explains the evidence

          May 31, 2024 31:35 PM

          Regarding the flood:
          As the Bible states, the waters above and the waters below.
          Do you think a flood can happen at will?
          From “the Man”? ..uh..,yeah)

    May 31, 2024 31:39 PM

    May 31 Huge Underwater Pyramid Discovered Near Portugal — The Navy Is Investigating HS
    @321 gold

    Might be big news.

      Jun 01, 2024 01:07 AM

      I’m not surprised. There are pyramids on the Canary Islands and off their coasts to the south. For a sea-going nation, Canaries Isles were a first stop out of Portugal for water replenishment, if crossing the Atlantic under sail, although the Azores could also be used. There’s only one small pyramid in the Azores,if I remember correctly.
      There were hundreds (several hundreds) of earth mound pyramids in the U.S. until modern humans started flattening them with bulldozers for roads and sub-divisions of housing……..
      (See Graham Handcock’s “Before”.)

        Jun 01, 2024 01:22 AM

        I should have read your reference before writing my first comment, Southfront,…
        60 meters high is high, but not atypical of medium sized pyramids. (I don’t understand base of 100 square meters….I assume they meant to write 100 meters square or 100 meters on a side length.
        Since sea level rose 400 feet after polar ice melt at the end of the last Ice Age that would date the pyramid as over 12,000 years old.
        I think Sao Miguel is the most populated Island in the Azores. It certainly has the best port.

    May 31, 2024 31:24 PM

    Tucker Carlson and Trump jr discuss the trial.

    Jun 01, 2024 01:16 PM

    I know little about this publication source……….but…..

    Jun 01, 2024 01:25 PM

    Ukraine has taught Russia a lot about how expensive and useless U.S. MIC weapons actually are…..
    I wonder if Biden or his minions realize…….
    And the MIC scum want war………..which we will lose!

    Jun 01, 2024 01:31 PM

    We know so much U.S. weaponry is dependent on GPS, but the MIC does seem to care that China has already tested taking out satellites.
    And several countries have sent in “terrorists” among the illegal immigrants, capable of taking out our electrical grid.