Marc Chandler – Rate Cuts to Election Results: Market Predictions

May 31, 2024

Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx and Editor of Marc To Market, joins us to discuss the upcoming crucial two weeks in global markets. We explore the anticipated central bank meetings, including likely rate cuts from the European Central Bank and Bank of Canada.


The conversation also highlights major political events, such as elections in South Africa, India, and Mexico, and their potential impacts on local markets and currencies. Additionally, Marc emphasizes the importance of forthcoming U.S. economic data, including job reports and CPI figures, in shaping Federal Reserve policy and market expectations.


The discussion further delves into the implications for currency movements, commodity trends, and the bond market, addressing the interconnectedness and potential volatility driven by these diverse factors. Finally, Marc shares his outlook on sectors and regions that might benefit amidst these market dynamics.



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