Politics Weekend Posting

June 22, 2024

Hi everyone! Here is the political weekend posting.


I hope you all have great weather, like we are getting in Vancouver this weekend!

    Jun 22, 2024 22:36 AM

    Eb, A bunch of links.

    1 says women are being raped and murdered by “new americans”
    Same thing happened in europe.

      Jun 22, 2024 22:03 AM

      Where does it say “new americans?”

      None of this is happening by accident. It’s what our rulers want. And what they want is what the get.

    Jun 22, 2024 22:20 AM
    Our leaders have their own agendas, which has NOTHING to do with best welfare of the general public.
    Our “leaders” desire only that they maintain power and wealth……….total corruption.
    Even at the cost to us of WWIII.

      Jun 22, 2024 22:29 AM

      Sun Tzu’s quote, “An evil enemy will burn his nation to the ground to rule over the ashes,”

    Jun 22, 2024 22:22 AM

    “New americans” is sarcastic, it refers to the illegals.

    I agree, its what the rulers want.
    So, its what we get.

    Dont forget to vote.

      Jun 22, 2024 22:47 AM

      Remember what Doug Casey said….“Right now, by paying all their taxes, the government uses you as a milk cow. But they may decide to turn you into a beef cow.” The criminals in DC are already starting the process of putting automatic draft registration i n place. And of course our rulers are doing all they can to get the Ameroconned Sheeple into the war with the Rooskies….the gooberment is corrupt and evil.

        Jun 22, 2024 22:09 AM

        Yup thats right Eb.

        So we get another mass extinction event.
        Im not sure if thats a big deal or not.

        Jun 22, 2024 22:24 AM

        Yup Eb, maybe we get another mass extinction event.

    Jun 22, 2024 22:42 AM

    But our leaders have “imported” about 35 million “new voters” who will be given amnesty and voting rights, BY IMPERIAL EXECUTIVE ORDER.

    Jun 22, 2024 22:04 AM
    It is all about power and control.
    When you run out of borrowing capability, you start “printing” new money…….
    If you destroy the general public’s savings…….. Do you think they care ?

    Jun 22, 2024 22:11 AM
    It is all about power and control
    When you run out of borrowing capability, you start “printing” new money…….
    If you destroy the general public’s savings…….. Do you think they care ?

    Jun 22, 2024 22:20 AM

    Max Blumenthal: ‘targeted for exposing Israel’s lies’- The Washington Post attacks The Grayzone

    If you want to be totally disgusted by what the american gov supports
    this interview is for you.

    Course it depends on your perspective. If your 1 of so many that love Israel you love it I guess.

    Jun 22, 2024 22:22 AM
    If you are rich enough, and if you bribe (fund re-election) of enough politicians, you can get away with mass murder, making yourself richer.

    Jun 22, 2024 22:37 AM
    Volcanos, meteor hits, or solar flares………. who knows ?
    But civilizations have been almost wiped out before.

    Jun 22, 2024 22:28 AM
    You dirty rat, you. !
    But no rats needed with digital currency, just computing power.

    Jun 22, 2024 22:17 PM

    Roseanne Barr interviews Patrick Byrne.
    One of the most eye opening interviews I’ve ever heard. Don’t pass this one up! It’s truly a must watch! It’s very detailed and connects some major dots!
    You will get that, Obama is T O A S T…….!!

      Jun 23, 2024 23:40 AM

      Zero comments about this interview with Patrick is telling. In a not so good way.

    Jun 22, 2024 22:01 PM

    Over 1,000 die from heat in and around Mecca.
    Why ?
    .They don’t know history of Islam.
    In California public schools they are banning all literature written before a decade ago…….
    No Shakespeare …..No Uncle Tom’s cabin…….soon they too will be ignorant.


      Jun 23, 2024 23:00 AM

      LOG CABIN REPUBLICAN party started in California… lol…….
      just part of the Uncle Tom’s cabin… lol

        Jun 23, 2024 23:15 AM

        Uncle Tom’s Cabin……….
        Stowe’s solution was similar to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s: God’s will would be followed if each person sincerely examined his principles and acted on them

        Since,….. they (the BOARD OF EDUCATION) does not want anything truthful to be exposed…
        it just simply burns(tosses) the books out…. Must not have the SHEEPLE EDUCATED,
        on the topic of SLAVERY….especially DEBT SLAVERY… lol…

    Jun 22, 2024 22:46 PM

    Trump in Philly…..
    Wind it back and crank up the speed…..

      Jun 26, 2024 26:00 AM

      Yep…say what you want about Trump….’The’ most electrifying naturally talented campaigner for prez I ever witnessed….I remember Eisenhower…Listening was like pulling teeth…lol

    Jun 22, 2024 22:51 PM

    Climate Change professors………
    World’s biggest liars ?
    Ultimate data manipulation !

    Jun 22, 2024 22:06 PM


    Jun 22, 2024 22:09 PM
    Ain’t that the truth ?

    Jun 22, 2024 22:01 PM

    Saturday, June 22, 2024
    International Public Notice: To Derek Johnson
    By Anna Von Reitz

    Lately, we have been hearing a lot from a young man named Derek Johnson who has, quite rightly, been citing chapter and verse from the military regulations concerning the “Continuance of Government” protocols being exercised by Donald J. Trump.

    He has also been making a case for the right of the military to take action in the event of a political catastrophe. Again, good enough, so far as it goes, however…. Our militia in 1775 is a far different animal and apart from the for-hire mercenary forces of 2024.

    We have an American Government in place and the military, both the American Militia and the for-hire U.S. Military, is supposed to be taking its orders — not from its own British Territorial Congress or worse, the Municipal Congress — but from our American Government and our States of the Union.

    To date, they are still operating as a foreign mercenary force under the guidance of a foreign corporation’s “President”.

    Their excuse is that we haven’t been in Session in so long that they don’t know who we are, but it’s not hard to figure out. Anyone who can sort through ten tons of military code and procedure can figure out which government the military owes allegiance to.

    Derek Johnson points to the fact that the military existed and took action in 1775, even prior to The Declaration of Independence, and he makes the argument that the military is the actual owner of this country, but, again, he’s just a little off base about some basics.

    The people of this country own it, and “people” means “militia”.

    Whether you say “of the people, for the people, by the people” or you say “of the militia, for the militia, by the militia” — it means exactly the same thing.

    Our militia hasn’t been in action since The War of 1812, and it’s a good thing that we have been at peace. We are peaceable people, slow to anger, patient and long-suffering, but we have a well-deserved reputation for standing to the last man and fighting when we fight.

    The Greeks at Thermopylae ain’t got nothing on the Americans at Fort McHenry.

    So let’s review this again.

    The entity fighting in 1775 was the American Militia, not a For-Hire British Territorial Force being paid by a foreign Corporation to illegally occupy this country.

    Like many Americans, including Americans in the Armed Forces, Derek Johnson is confused. He thinks that the military he is familiar with is the military of this country, but it’s not.

    The Union Army in 1860 was already a Mercenary Force and there has been no change in the nature or status of any U.S. Military since then.

    So, once again, we have a confusion between apples and oranges, the American Militia being confused with the U.S. Army. They are completely different things with different aims and political allegiances.

    The U.S. Army is a British Territorial Force under contract to defend this country for pay. It’s a private mercenary force operated by a foreign corporation that we can describe generally as the U.S.A. Inc.

    Our American Militia is a completely different thing; it operates without pay and has roughly 257 million members. Of those, roughly 40 million are veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. And we are all prickly as hell right now, because of the circus the for-hire military and their politicians have created:

    1. Imposing the disastrous “Federal Reserve” system on the people of this country for the last century and a half; no, it didn’t begin in 1913– it got its fangs in during the Lincoln Administration like everything else.

    2. Imposing British Maritime and Admiralty Courts on the people of this country for the past century and a half and operating them to illegally and immorally impersonate Americans, commit barratry against them, and illegally tax and confiscate American assets.

    3. Carrying on a program of war-for-profit against the rest of the world as well as this country for a century and a half; conscripting our children as mercenaries and lying to them about the nature of their “service”.

    4. Creating a completely monopolized financial world based on purloined assets, human enslavement and blood money, half funded on lies and the rest funded on securitizing living flesh and performance contracts.

    5. And after the “U.S. military” was found to be responsible for all the above, what did the U.S. Army do? It called on its illegally conscripted “Uniformed Officers” — the Medical Doctors — to kill millions of unarmed civilians worldwide using a phony pandemic and non-existent “emergency powers” to shove experimental mRNA injections into everyone’s arms— including the members of the U.S. Military itself.

    So long as Derek Johnson is such an expert in U.S. Military affairs, perhaps he could tell us what this unimaginable Cluster was all about? Some kind of suicidal rampage like an estranged husband killing his wife and then killing himself? A total failure of “military intelligence”?

    Or perhaps, “If we can’t rob the Americans, ain’t nobody going to rob the Americans!”

    How about the American Militia just stands up and shows you all just how stupid this really is?

    You are fighting against your own people, doing the bidding of foreign interests, and are too wrapped up in red tape to get the message straight, Derek.

    It’s not the for-hire military that won this country by force of arms. It’s not the for-hire military that has done anything worthwhile for this country at all. The for-hire military has been asset-stripping this country for the last century and a half, and waging constant mercenary war against us and against other nations “in our names”.

    Get it all the way straight, Derek Johnson, or not at all. There are no “Executive Orders” nor any “Emergency Powers” granted by the people of this country to any foreign corporation’s “President”.

    The for-hire military has breached our trust, lied to us, lied about us, and been a parasite in our flesh for the past 160 years.

    It’s the American Militia that went to the field in 1775, not the U.S. Army.

      Jun 23, 2024 23:56 AM

      Great material from Anna criticizing Derek’s fabrications… Thanks Jerry.

        Jun 23, 2024 23:57 AM

        Tommy …. you are welcome….

        I posted last week one of the Ex Orders….. 13818………. I thought it was a good one…giving some credit to DJ……but,… we certainly have some debate coming….If, people do not understand what is in the info… does anyone come to a conclusion … humm…
        MY post got ZERO COMMENTS…. Here it is

        OOTB Jerry
        Jun 18, 2024 18:41 AM

        45th President of the United States: 2017 ‐ 2021
        Executive Order 13818—Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

        You can read the entire article outline last week….

          Jun 23, 2024 23:36 AM

          What Anna knows, but fails to mention (because she’s turning out to be a shill) is, you have to be elected president of the corporation to unwind that corporation. Donald Trump is unwinding the corporation while building the republic.
          You have two separate governments operating side by side.

          It’s easy for anyone to see that Byeden in not in control and Trump is the real commander in chief.

          Anna is showing her stripes. Derek Johnson is spot on.

            Jun 23, 2024 23:29 PM

            I agree……….”we have TWO govts running side by side.”…….
            Problem with the Sheeple they are unaware of the two….
            we have been pointing this out for several years…
            How many times have I mentioned the ACT of 1871….. a whole bunch…. and most are clueless
            Even McDuff is clueless and he is an x attorney… lol….

            Jun 23, 2024 23:35 PM

            We were operating as a captured government by the corporation since 1871. When Trump got elected, he bankrupted the corporation and resurrected the republic. The corporation still exists, but takes orders from the republic. Very few people understand that.
            And at some point, the hammer has to drop and the republic goes public.

        Jun 23, 2024 23:54 AM

        What are those fabrications, Tommy?
        Be specific. Everything Anna said was bs.

          Jun 23, 2024 23:45 PM

          I agree with Anna regarding Derek… Her analysis is thought out… If you dismiss it by calling it BS without any supporting counter analysis, we have nothing further to discuss.

    Jun 22, 2024 22:22 PM

    International Public Notice: There Better Not Be Any “Boom”
    By Anna Von Reitz

    There had better be a peaceful and rational and orderly procession to the negotiation table and the negotiation that needs to take place is about the money and the credit and public elections and cessation of occupation.

    Nothing else. No grandstanding. No excuses. No heroics. No blowing up landmarks. No nonsense at all. Just clean up the actual mess that the U.S. Military and other military organizations have caused, either by ignorance or collusion, and be done with it.

    The hired U.S. Military is culpable for the illegal occupation of this country for over 160 years, plus all the resulting misadministration, abuses, and theft that has been experienced by our general population.

    They are not responsible for the voter fraud that occurred in 2020, and in fact, that fraud isn’t even actionable, because the popular vote doesn’t count.

    So everyone can stop wondering why the Perpetrators of the fraud haven’t been strung up and also stop wondering why the Victims haven’t been able to successfully press charges.

    People all over the world are astonished, but the fact is that the U.S. President is not elected directly by popular vote and never has been. The U.S. President — the office that Donald J. Trump is still occupying — is elected by the Electoral College.

    So all that smoke and mirrors sideshow known as the Presidential Election, all the debates, the whistle stop campaigns, the photo opportunities — it’s all just for show, to make people think that their vote counts and that this “race” for the Presidential Office is a big, big deal —- when in fact, they have never had a vote that counted.


    Not since the founding of the government.

    The Office of the President of the United States, Inc. is a corporate presidency; so is the Office of the President of the United States of America, Inc.

    And both of these corporations are foreign to this country.

    The underlying organizations haven’t always been corporations, but they have always been foreign, and the results of their elections of these foreign Subcontractors have always been the result of votes cast by foreign shareholders known as “Electors” who are members of the Electoral College, not the people on the street.

    These are private elections, not public elections.

    The idea of the political parties and all the immense drama promoted to give people the idea that these elections were their public elections was purely deceit to prevent people from waking up and understanding the facts.

    These political party elections are just popular straw polls that do nothing but show which candidate is most popular with the public. They have nothing to do with the actual election results.

    Some Electors in the Electoral College may be swayed, and may vote in sympathy with the public, but that’s it.

    All that frou-frou-rah is for nothing but “show”.

    Put in context and in another way, what we should be witnessing is the public election of The President of The United States of America, that is, the President of our unincorporated Federation of States, and what we are witnessing instead is the election of the
    “President” of our British Territorial Subcontractor, the United States of America, Incorporated.

    What we should be witnessing is the public election (properly styled since 1851) of The President of The United States, not the President of the United States, Inc., instead.

    Political Party-sponsored elections are just another British con job, another Roman deceit, another Big Blarney on Steroids fraud against the American people, who innocently troop to the polls in November, and sit up late waiting for the results — of a straw poll.

    This is why Donald Trump can get no traction on the election fraud issue. There is no law against rigging straw polls because straw polls don’t count. There isn’t any requirement for the security of such “elections”.

    You might as well go on YouTube and “vote” for which brand of toothpaste you prefer.

    Is this fraudulent misrepresentation? Yes, of course, it is. But, technically, they have advertised the role of the Electoral College from the very beginning.

    As for the military that has overseen this entire horror show and benefited itself and done nothing credible to expose it or change it, a military that has taken their paychecks and evaded their contractual obligations to us — it has nothing to crow about and no role to play, except to come home and do the right thing.

    No more wars by proxy in Ukraine. No more “war” against civilian populations in the quest for oil profits in Gaza. No threats to blow up 34 landmarks all over the world in an effort to distract attention from their own misdeeds.

    At this point, the fraud has been ongoing for 164 years. Nobody inside or outside the military who started this fraud is alive today. Ulysses S Grant is long dead and gone. So are Abraham Lincoln, Salmon P. Chase, and William H. Seward.

    The men who inherited the fraud from them are all gone, too. “Colonel” Mandell House, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt — long gone.

    The best advice came from Yehoshua — let the dead bury the dead. Be done with it. Come home. Clean up the mess. Have the good grace to realize what you have been involved in and seek amnesty from the people you have wronged.

    Don’t add to your sins and errors, just collapse the tent and come home. We won’t blame good men who have done wrong things by being misled, but we will hold bad men accountable.

    Anyone who claims to be a “White Hat” had better be standing for truth, peace, and life, not more of the same-old same-old.

    The only “Boom” we want to hear in July is word that the debts of the United States, Inc. and the debts of the United States of America, Inc., have been transferred to the actual Federation of States and the people of this country as credit.

    We want to hear the same thing about Australia, England, Germany, France, Japan, and all the other countries that have been similarly abused and defrauded by foreign Territorial and Municipal corporation franchises in the business of providing “essential government services”.

    We wish for all the bogus “State” trusts to be dissolved and returned to the people and to the control of their lawfully elected deputies. We wish for the State of State Legislatures to be educated about the limitations of their actual powers. Ditto the Territorial and Municipal Congress members.

    We wish for good faith and assistance in conducting our own lawful public elections. Not more British Territorial slime bucket excuses and subterfuges. No “booms” in July; nothing “totally unexpected” and no more nasty surprises at all. No more “open borders”. None of it.

    We wish for the orderly adoption of the American Federation Dollar and the recoupment of Federal Reserve Notes and the issuance of lawful prepaid credit certificates.

    The people of this country and every country on this planet wish for peace and prosperity, freedom and brotherhood, a healthy, clean environment, joy, creativity, and a place to call home.

    Consider it your business— your only business— to respect the diverse races, cultures, and religions of the Earth, and to promote the happiness, wholeness, and self-governance of every living man and woman.

      Jun 23, 2024 23:57 AM

      These are private elections, not public elections.

      The idea of the political parties and all the immense drama promoted to give people the idea that these elections were their public elections was purely deceit to prevent people from waking up and understanding the facts.

      These political party elections are just popular straw polls that do nothing but show which candidate is most popular with the public. They have nothing to do with the actual election results.

      Some Electors in the Electoral College may be swayed, and may vote in sympathy with the public, but that’s it.

      All that frou-frou-rah is for nothing but “show”.

    Jun 22, 2024 22:58 PM

    Beyond the SR-71: Meet Project Mayhem, America’s Next Speed Demon

    The first rule of reporting on secret aircraft is that we canwrite about Project Mayhem.
    Currently air-breathing novel design engines are in testing stage (using large vacuum chambers). What we know about Project Mayhem is the United States Air Force’s secret hypersonic program to develop could be an air-breathing Mach 10 replacement for the long-retired SR-71 “Blackbird” in bomber form

      Jun 23, 2024 23:10 AM

      MORE MONEY PLEASE….BS………… just part of the same old stuff, MIC, thinking you need more
      craft in the sky, to tick off the rest of the world…. Sneaky spy stuff……
      Why not try a little PEACE TALKS…. humm……

        Jun 23, 2024 23:29 AM

        I agree such a plane is not militarily needed.
        However, it is a giant technological leap forward.
        It, being a bomber, not a rocket-dart shaped plane, could be further developed towards a concord-like plane.
        It sure would be nice to fly transatlantic in a couple of hours or Australia in an afternoon.
        More importantly, it is clear both Russia and Chinese technology has leap+froged over the U.S. IN AVIATION.
        Do we want to only buy Chinese planes in future, which is where we are headed ?

          Jun 23, 2024 23:46 AM

          Russia and China leap forged………. because the 400 corporation wanted to get the 1.3 billion Chinaman consumption money…..and they had to give up their trade secrets in order to do it….
          The MIC, CROWN CORPORATION, was behind the sabotage ….with the help of the corrupt politicians like Hilly, Billy, Obarry,… and many others pay to play players… Congress is full of them….as we are seeing first hand with Ukraine, and Israel…
          Military…….. just one big scam operation…..
          You should read the Anna Von Reitz article concerning …. the militia and army…. then and now..

            Jun 23, 2024 23:44 AM

            I don’t disagree.
            But advances in technology require investment in research.
            I hope the results of research are not stolen, but they probably will be.
            The real question is should society remain static, or in slower rate of development ?
            . We are probably within a few decades of genetic cures of all diseases, but what will society do if richer humans live to age 130 …. spending half their lives in retirement ?
            On one hand that sounds great, but it will consume food….. which could be in short supply by then.
            Perhaps a World war might reduce population down to tolerable levels for future development. ?
            What is the best rate of technological development ? Who knows ?
            My best guess is that mankind will not be given any choice, but our sun will flare within a few decades,
            changing our world for many generations.

            Jun 24, 2024 24:56 AM

            CFS………… thanks for the reply…..

    Jun 23, 2024 23:01 PM

    Maybe it’s time to prosecute the prosecutors.

    Jun 23, 2024 23:33 PM

    Jerry, regarding Ex Order 13818… The order is directed at foreign nationals… “outside the United States”…. What are you giving Derek credit for?

      Jun 23, 2024 23:32 PM

      That executive order by Trump was a terrorist defunding move, but Biden’s to use it to steal Russian assets.

      Jun 24, 2024 24:58 AM

      GOOD POINT on the EO……. I think I must have MISREAD or MISTHUNK the EO….
      based on interpretation of DJ’s past conversation (videos)

      As you are aware…… I am not trying to sell anyone on anything at this point,
      I am offering info…. No doubt we have “PLAYERS” which need to be shook out of
      the bushes….. in order to go forward as the real WE THE PEOPLE.

      Thanks again…..appreciate the comment…

        Jun 24, 2024 24:18 AM

        Points in the EO……………..
        (c) the term “United States person” means any United States citizen, permanent resident alien, entity organized under the laws of the United States or any jurisdiction within the United States (including foreign branches), or any person in the United States.

          Jun 24, 2024 24:34 AM

          Thanks for replies Jerry….
          Lots of words in that EO… Misinterpretation is possible… My interpretation is that the “United States Persons” (USP) are used as the enforcement tool… slaves to the state… if a USP gets their hands on any property of those nasty foreign nationals, they must help the state seize it.

          As CFS pointed out, the EO is an illegal tool for stealing property of foreign nationals… support US or else!

            Jun 24, 2024 24:26 AM

            One of my points, … “US citizens.” of the EO and …going back to DJ,… ,
            there is some confusion or mix up , when DJ is using all these
            military codes…and who they were directed…and Who will be enforcing them…

            To CFS comment,……. The EO orders of Trump,….are different than the MIC/Cable
            As I understand the Trump EO, is to break up, the MIC trafficing ring….and profits,
            MIC (the CORPORATION) … not the REPUBLIC US (before 1871).

            Jun 24, 2024 24:47 AM

            not Cable….. (auto correct)……….. Cabal……….. google bs…

    Jun 23, 2024 23:27 PM
    Effing senile Brandon……8 ISIS suspects arrested, but how many free and plotting terror ?

    Jun 24, 2024 24:48 AM

    More of your bullcrap posting?
    Terror threat?
    The only terror is our own Government and the people that provide funding so their agenda is followed.

    Jun 24, 2024 24:57 AM

    ISIS, ISIL is a creation of the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel.
    This is a major mindf*ck and you CFS fall for it every time.

      Jun 24, 2024 24:01 AM

      Good points JOHN……..
      …The only terror is our own Government and the people that provide funding so their agenda is followed.
      …ISIS, ISIL is a creation of the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

    Jun 24, 2024 24:43 AM

    UNLOVED…………………… 🙂 LOL

    Prime DC Office Space: Was Hot Property, Now on the Auction Block – Why?
    Welcome to Wall street Socialism. Where Profits are Privatized and Losses are Socialized. Buckle in and Buy Silver.
    JUN 24

    The commercial real estate market in Washington DC is experiencing significant distress, particularly in the office sector. Here’s a breakdown of the situation:

    Trophy Office Buildings in DC Facing Auctions
    Several prime office properties in Washington DC’s most prestigious areas are being put up for auction:

    1750 H St. NW (three blocks from the White House)

    1776 Massachusetts Ave NW (near Dupont Circle)

    601 Indiana Ave NW (near Judiciary Square)

    2001 Pennsylvania Ave NW (a block from the World Bank)

    Additionally, a foreclosure affidavit has been recorded for 1129 20th St NW (Liberty Building).

    Commercial Real Estate Loan Maturity Crisis
    The situation in Washington DC is part of a broader issue facing the commercial real estate market:

    An estimated $540 billion in commercial real estate loans are set to mature in 2024, with another $535 billion maturing in 2025.

    By 2027, approximately $2.2 trillion in commercial real estate debt will need to be rolled over.

    These loans are maturing at a time when interest rates are significantly higher than when they were originated.

      Jun 24, 2024 24:58 AM

      DC buildings should all be shut down…. no need for housing a group of Cabal member organization

    Jun 24, 2024 24:55 AM

    The US Debt Is Near $1,000,000 Per American: That Seems Like A Lot
    Silver is your Survival Guide
    JUN 24

    The United States is grappling with a massive national debt that has reached over $34 trillion, equating to approximately $1,000,000 per citizen.

    This astronomical figure has accumulated due to persistent budget deficits and various contributing factors.

    The US military (Defense Budget) and interest on the debt are the largest strains on the budget********************************************************************************

      Jun 24, 2024 24:50 AM

      The Silver Academy needs help with math… The debt per person is 100,000, not 1 Million.

        Jun 24, 2024 24:12 AM

        Yes…….. agree………. $103,400 ……..according to us debt clock….

        Military………. still the largest strain……. me think….

    Jun 24, 2024 24:28 AM

    Ransom Nation… end of it all….we be corrupt monkey men…lol

    Jun 24, 2024 24:48 AM

    Trump Media ( DJT ) up 28% on the day!!
    The Trump hater morons sold their puts Friday at option expiry, meaning they had to buy stock!😂

    The monthly expiry this week should be crazy.
    There are trillions in derivative shorts on several companies and exchanges overall.

    And there is massive derivative shorts on silver.
    I hope silver hits 33 bucks this week, and the nasdaq hit 20,000. Then the cabal goes “ poof “⏰

    Jun 24, 2024 24:27 AM
    Jun 24, 2024 24:56 AM

    I think WE THE PEOPLE …………..have seen enough of the CABAL war with Russia…….
    Obama/Biden (puppets ) GROUP….are the terrorist…..

    Jun 24, 2024 24:58 AM
      Jun 24, 2024 24:35 PM

      I think the guy is reading into the EO……….13818…………..

      I think this is part of the confusion…..

      I think…………….. I MAY HAVE TO DO a TIME stamp breakdown on the clip….

        Jun 24, 2024 24:41 PM

        Break down…………
        04 sec mark….”goes really deep.”………………… ok, I will go with that..

        21 sec mark…”.includes everyone in the Covid hoax”

        THE word “EVERYONE” is a problem….

          Jun 24, 2024 24:10 PM

          Ditto Jerry… Especially on “reading into the EO”… Reading into EOs and regulations things that are just not there is the Derek and Q hopium game… I speculate that the deep state is behind Q feeding this useless, distracting misinformation… Suppressing meaningful reform actions by keeping people focused on Q pipe dreams… When will the white hats come out of the closet? Soon, very soon… 🥱

    Jun 24, 2024 24:08 PM

    The mask of Biden extended E.O 13818.

    Jun 24, 2024 24:49 PM

    Putin is nobodies punk…He sees the same things as awake Americans……Learn Russian…glta…

      Jun 24, 2024 24:21 PM

      Ditto Larry………….

        Jun 24, 2024 24:16 PM

        Ironically, what the West has done to Russia with sanctions has put Russia in a stronger position to endure the collapse of the dollar based financial system… US and Western leaders are complete idiots.

    Jun 24, 2024 24:28 PM

    WELL…….b……….. it is happening………
    WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to be freed after pleading guilty to US Espionage Act charge

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is due to plead guilty this week to violating U.S. espionage law, in a deal that will end his imprisonment in Britain and allow him to return home to Australia, ending a long legal odyssey.

    Assange, 52, has agreed to plead guilty to a single criminal count of conspiring to obtain and disclose classified U.S. national defense documents, according to filings in the U.S. District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands.

    Assange is due to be sentenced to 62 months of time already served at a hearing on the island of Saipan at 9 a.m. local time on Wednesday (1900 EDT/2300 GMT on Tuesday). He is expected to return home after that hearing.

    Jun 24, 2024 24:42 PM

    I just recieved the news and was going to post it.

    Well, finally.

      Jun 24, 2024 24:47 PM

      allow him to return home to….. Australia, ……..ending a long legal odyssey.
      From the article…

      But, he might just go into hiding…. Hilly is still made at him…most likely….

        Jun 25, 2024 25:20 AM

        made to mad……….. sorry

    Jun 25, 2024 25:37 AM

    Can’t wait for the Julian Assange interview with Tucker Carlson. And when Julian turns the server back on and start sending info.

    Jun 25, 2024 25:45 AM

    This post is for you, so you get some context around these executive orders that Trump did, and Biden extended. Keep in mind, Biden extended these at his own peril.

    The executive orders are for certain places in time that will be event driven.

    13818 is a massive EO that will go down in history as one of the most important documents of our time.
    When we go back to a republic we go back to the constitution. In the preamble of the constitution it says, “to provide the general welfare for the people”. And the corporation took that general welfare away.

    The general welfare is not for profit healthcare, hospitals, electrical grid, internet, water and sewer, natural gas for heat, and infrastructure.
    All of these things are controlled by the globalists. And this executive order will take these corporations down and “nationalize them” bringing the cost of living in America to a level where everyone will thrive.
    And that’s the crux of 13818.

    The general welfare for the people is not food stamps and section 8 housing.
    It’s about basic needs that are affordable.

      Jun 25, 2024 25:33 AM

      Hello Chartster,

      Thanks for the comment.

      EO 13818……… question?,,,,,,
      Is there more than one EO?

      Maybe, the confusion, on my part, …is that I thought there were several EOs…….
      or at least ,I thought there were, based on what I thought Derek Johnson has
      been saying the last several months or years.


    Jun 25, 2024 25:43 AM

    There are several EOs Trump did in 2017,18,19 and 20.
    13818 is the most impactful. (IMO)

      Jun 25, 2024 25:50 AM


      thanks for the reply……….

      Since there are Several EOs……… then they must cover different things, right?

      If, these other EOs cover different items, … We should list the different EOs,
      to discover what they are covering.
      If, they pertain to anything close to what Derek Johnson is/was talking about,
      with the military taking over and putting people in GITMO….

        Jun 25, 2024 25:12 AM

        SCOTUS should side with Brunson before we see troops in the streets. And it’s only the crime ridden sanctuary cities that will have people in the streets. But, that shutdown is coming soon.

        Government shutdown, market crash, nuclear war scare, Emergency broadcast system going 24-7 for days. Can’t wait

    Jun 25, 2024 25:56 AM

    Mike Gill was on last night with Michelle,…..covering the “BROKERED CONVENTION”….
    that Busch and Taylor, were trying to implement…..
    The Brokered Convention, that was going on in AZ.
    Which involves Flynn, Haley ….. trying to go around Trump, and put up Nikki Haley as Pres

    We reported this a couple of days ago from Gill…….. Yesterday NBC was reporting the same,
    Mike Gill gets the credit

    Jun 25, 2024 25:16 AM

    I got to see that show.
    That Flynn..

    Oh, did you see the Patrick Byrne video?
    Very important stuff he did. He was right in the middle of the Russia collusion stuff. He’s got the goods on Obama.

    Jun 25, 2024 25:20 AM

    Currency pairs not conducive for trading today.
    Got stopped out twice! Had enough!

    Jun 25, 2024 25:31 AM
    Victims, no, just corrupt political LIARS

    Jun 25, 2024 25:39 AM

    CO2 is plant food.
    Climates always change, but NOT because of CO2.
    Most commonly because of NON-CONSTANT solar radiation.

    Jun 25, 2024 25:49 AM

    Meanwhile CCP threatens death to all supporters of Taiwan independence……..

    Jun 25, 2024 25:00 PM
      Jun 25, 2024 25:46 PM

      My kids are shareholders of the Ak Penninsula Corporation through their mother.

        Jun 25, 2024 25:49 PM

        D Trump did not support this project as well. Initially he did, he had the Governor of AK on his plane.
        Don Jr. was the one who changed his dad’s support.
        More flip flop from the Orange one.

    Jun 25, 2024 25:54 PM

    I have always said that the day they mine the Pebble project will be the day Fukashima radiation has killed all the salmon in the Pacific Ocean.

    Jun 25, 2024 25:51 PM

    Global warming fanaticism strikes again..
    The largest cruise ship, The Icon of the Seas, is currently on fire in Me ico.
    Instead of running on marine diesel, this ship is fueled by LNG.
    It currently appears to have an engine room fire.
    Royal Caribbean has not made any announcements.

    Jun 25, 2024 25:54 PM

    President Joe Biden has reportedly decided to pardon military veterans who were convicted over decades past under a sodomy law that criminalized gay sex among service members.

    The pardon proclamation, which will grant clemency to about 2,000 former troops, is expected to be announced on Wednesday, CNN reported, citing three unnamed US government officials. The proclamation will enable those who were convicted under the military’s former sodomy law to apply for a formal certificate of pardon, which will help clear their records and allow them to receive withheld veteran’s benefits.

    The military ban on sodomy, including consensual gay sex, stood from 1951 until the law was rewritten by Congress in 2013. That revision came two years after then-President Barack Obama repealed the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which banned openly gay people from enlistment.

    Jun 25, 2024 25:01 PM

    Christian leaders or pure scum ?
    (They even got tax breaks.)

    Jun 25, 2024 25:12 PM
    Stupid U.S. gives missiles to Ukraine.
    Biden TREASON.

    Jun 25, 2024 25:17 PM

    Is this moron leading the U.S.

    Jun 26, 2024 26:22 AM

    The Nuclear Weapons Document Trump Stashed under Bubble Wrap and a Christmas Pillow

    But her emails

    Jun 26, 2024 26:58 AM

    The cure for diabetics…imagine ….less food stuffs less often……Miracles are everywhere these days…lol…glta

      Jun 26, 2024 26:45 AM

      Right on Larry… The first line of attack with most of these metabolic diseases should be diet and nutrition… Instead, Western medicine’s first line of attack is drugs, usually ones that the patient will need for the rest of their life… The approach is fundamentally corrupt.

    Jun 26, 2024 26:55 AM

    LOL>…………………. THIS GUY IS A >>>>>>>>RINO………. like duh…..from Illinois stink pot state…

    Former GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger endorses Biden, calling Trump a ‘direct threat’ to country
    June 26, 2024 at 9:11 AM
    WASHINGTON ― Former Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois endorsed President Joe Biden’s reelection bid Wednesday ahead of the first presidential debate, arguing former President Donald Trump poses “a direct threat to every fundamental American value.”

    Jun 26, 2024 26:01 AM

    DAILY DOSE…..of politics in memory of OWL……… Since he liked Bush…. 🙂

    Crown Agents Bush & Clinton
    Left Hook 6-26-2024
    JUN 26

    Excerpted from my book Royal Bloodline Wetiko & The Great Remembering: Chapter 17: The Bloodline Take Down of America: Part II

    The Eurodollar market began in the early 1960s when Eastern European pro-Soviet governments wanted to be able to hold US dollar accounts at Western European banks. But it really exploded in the 1980s when President Ronald Reagan’s deregulation frenzy allowed US corporations to hold their assets in overseas Eurodollar accounts. This disappeared into the even less regulated City of London/Bank of England-controlled offshore banking network, amidst a swirl of oil, guns, and drug money.

    During the Bush and Clinton years the**** BLOODLINES ***made yet more progress in bringing their American military gendarme to heel. The Bush family are blood relatives to the Windsor clan that currently occupies Buckingham Palace. Clinton, who some researchers believe is the illegitimate son of former Arkansas Governor Winthrop Rockefeller, was a Rhodes Scholar.

    Clinton’s now-deceased patron, Cecil Rhodes, had written that the aim of his last will and testament was, “to establish a trust, to and for the establishment and promotion and development of a secret society, the true aim and object whereof shall be the extension of British rule throughout the world…and the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire.”

    Clinton and the Bushes further deregulated the Crown’s cartels. Many corporations, having already stashed their Eurodollars in City of London offshore tax havens like Panama and Bermuda, now used

    Jun 26, 2024 26:39 AM

    I go to my local IckyD’s for peace in order to read stuff….5 dollar meal deal is a national marketing thing…I will try and let you all know…..I hope I will be able to see the McBurger…..

      Jun 26, 2024 26:03 AM

      THE ABOVE is a breakdown of Trump game plan….. filling in some dots…….
      on Who is Q…..What was is the game plan…..and Who the game plan was direct to…
      Some of the info. will be eye openers to some, and to some will just be a repeat
      of events that happened and why…. And why we are still going on with the unfolding
      of events.
      Everything ties together, … if, one elects to have an open mind….. this is just a part in the
      Dot Plot… 🙂

        Jun 26, 2024 26:06 AM

        Oh…..does not mean I will not have questions… ”
        No one knows it all…….

          Jun 26, 2024 26:53 PM

          Thanks for the post Jerry… I find the hypothesis of capitulation to Trump interesting, but frankly I do not think it holds up to continuing world events… The genocide in Gaza, should have been stopped if Trump is in charge of anything.

            Jun 26, 2024 26:11 PM

            Hello Tommy……….
            Thanks for the reply.

            “Evolving world events”,….Yes, I do find that interesting and questioning at the same time….
            I think the entire play , or show, comes to a head by Nov 5…….

            One interesting thing happened today…. SCOTUS, played a big show against the CONSTITUTION…
            and WE THE PEOPLE…. the vote was for Biden and Free speech over the internet
            Supreme Court Tosses Case Over Biden Coercion Of Social Media

            Jun 27, 2024 27:55 AM

            Good morning Jerry… Indeed, SCOTUS can be quite brain dead… the concept of “legal standing” needs considerable reform… Everyone is harmed by free speech issues, so dumping the case on that basis is ridiculous.
            “Justice Amy Coney Barrett said that neither the five individuals nor the two states who sued the government had legal standing to be in court at all.”

            Jun 27, 2024 27:08 AM

            Good Morning Tommy,
            Ditto ……… on ” legal standing”

            I just popped in again… I am presently listening to Tori… (video below)
            I have posted some key points ,I believe to be a HEADS UP… on some issues
            people are not talking about….

            Problem we have with the other SCOTUS…..they are not doing their job under
            the Constitution, as intended….but, that is by design after 1871…
            You have to couple some of these thoughts with Anna Von Reitz
            and you or we as the DC CORPORATION, has changed our
            status as…..Americans vs citizens…. We are Americans..not citizens..
            I would explain it but… Anna just put out a piece this morning covering this
            Which inter relates to “STANDING”

            Jun 27, 2024 27:19 AM

            above is this piece of info…. from Anna….

    Jun 26, 2024 26:10 AM

    Part of what is COMING NEXT………………
    ‘No Physical Harm To Anyone By Leaks’: Assange’s Freedom A Huge Blow To Detractors
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    WEDNESDAY, JUN 26, 2024 – 10:45 AM
    These are the images the world has been waiting for (with the exception of all Neocons, Liberal interventionists, natsec hawks, and Killary types…). “Free at last,” WikiLeaks said in a post on X, upon Julian Assange emerging rom his plane after landing in the Australian capital of Canberra.

    Part of the Cabal………..PENCE MOUTH PIECE …. CYA……. is in the article…. Pence traitor…..

    Jun 26, 2024 26:19 AM

    How short memories are……..
    Assange was essentially a publisher………of Wikileaks.
    If my memory is correct, the actual “LEAKER” was a guy that now calls himself “Chelsea” Manning.
    no less than 6 U.S. “spies”/people disappeared shortly after Wikileaks gave their identities away.
    If I remember correctly, Manning only got to serve 7 years in jail, while Assange got much harder sentencing by virtue of a wrecked life.
    (Although I realize he now will make millions in book deals)

    Jun 26, 2024 26:10 AM

    I guess they can’t use Ukrainian bio labs anymore !
    The US is expanding its biological military presence across Africa, Russian Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov claimed on Tuesday. According to the head of Russia’s Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection Forces, the move comes after Russia halted the implementation of similar programs in former Ukrainian territories.

    “Because Russia has managed to halt the implementation of biological warfare programs in Ukraine’s liberated territories, the Pentagon is forced to transfer incomplete research under Ukrainian projects to other regions,” Kirillov alleged.

    He highlighted Africa as a new zone of interest for the US Defense Department and related agencies. The general mentioned the presence of Pentagon contractors in several African countries, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Uganda, and South Africa

    Jun 26, 2024 26:28 PM
    One has to wonder why ANY REMOTE CONTROL of infrastructure uses the internet.
    Just seems to be asking for trouble.

    Jun 26, 2024 26:34 PM

    Tucker Carlson enjoying Australia…..

    Jun 26, 2024 26:36 PM

    Interesting presentation. As Scott Ritter says, we are teetering on the edge of a nuclear holocaust. We need to overturn “Citizens United” because Blackrock runs America and we are being dismantled based on the Globalist agenda. We need to eliminate DHS and the FBI.

      Jun 26, 2024 26:57 PM

      Eliminate the CIA to start.. BUT MOST OF ALL… the Elite Crown BLood line Families Cabal, which runs everything…
      Eliminating the three letter agencies will just touch the surface… Rather,. Who is behind the system is what we are after….not the three letter minor game players.
      The Crown Families Blood lines, …which run the entire operations…. is the key…. not the agencies…
      WE THE PEOPLE do not need a group of so called elites BLOOD LINES running anything.
      Free or slave……..

    Jun 26, 2024 26:00 PM

    Denmark is set to impose a new tax on farmers over greenhouse gases produced by their livestock, Taxation Minister Jeppe Bruus has announced. The toll on cow, pig, and sheep emissions will be implemented starting in 2030, according to the minister.

    The new tax is expected to greatly contribute to the country’s goal of reducing emissions by 70% from 1990 levels by the end of the decade, as well as ultimately attaining carbon neutrality, Bruus explained.

    “We will take a big step closer in becoming climate neutral in 2045,” the minister stated, praising the measure as a way for Denmark to become “the first country in the world to introduce a real CO2 tax on agriculture.”

    Livestock farmers will be taxed 300 kroner ($43) per ton of carbon dioxide equivalent produced by their animals. However, this will initially be subject to an income tax deduction of 60%.

    EU elites promised a prosperous green future. This could be their undoing READ MORE: EU elites promised a prosperous green future. This could be their undoing
    The measure is expected to hit dairy farmers the most, given that an average Danish cow produces around six metric tons (6.6 tons) of CO2 equivalent each year, with pigs and sheep emitting significantly less gas.

    The country is a major livestock producer, with its current cattle population at nearly 1.5 million, according to Statistic Denmark. That would net more than $400 million a year in carbon taxes

    Jun 26, 2024 26:12 PM
    Brandon…….aspiring Adolph Hitler.

    Jun 26, 2024 26:06 PM

    There you have it…a little war draft….A little female equality….a little euthenasia plus infertility injections…The goal is being realized by our hybrid ancestors….the blood line is fi’ng in no rush…..

    Jun 26, 2024 26:07 PM

    oops…dee article….

    ingenious enemy…..war and medical ,……over and over…it works for them…

    Jun 26, 2024 26:57 PM
    The Thursday ! Debate. !

    Jun 27, 2024 27:08 AM

    The Supreme Court rules that state officials can engage in a little corruption, as a treat

    Jun 27, 2024 27:09 AM
      Jun 27, 2024 27:22 AM

      Interesting piece of dribble….. thanks AJ…..
      The Sheeple writing the letter , “hit piece” ,could certainly use a good formal education.
      Of course after they take the courses at the local college and get that great degree in anger management and owe a couple thousand dollars , ..
      Biden could just forgive the loan,..Board of Education a great system we have in place,(lol),

      Another article meant to DIVIDE the country……. SHeeple are so dumb…
      can’t believe I wasted my time on the dribble….. if, I wanted the dribble , I could just
      watch Biden the next time he stumbles onto the stage… lol……

      Have a great one……….

    Jun 27, 2024 27:09 AM

    Tore Maras and Juan 0 Savin had an interesting conversation last night. Juan starts at the 40 minute mark.

      Jun 27, 2024 27:11 AM

      BEST PART…..of what Juan says…
      …………. Which is exactly what we have been talking about…”BLOODLINES” (he does not call them that but) , the “unknown people,” the Sheeple are clueless about, who are RUNNING THE SHOW…..
      1hr.09 min mark….. Juan is Spot On…. IMHO…….

        Jun 27, 2024 27:28 AM

        Basic understanding of the book……”Bible”…….D…EVIL vs. GOOD (GOD LIKE)

        Jun 27, 2024 27:03 AM

        Great INFO………… On Fargo………. and the Chinese take over ……..1hr.58 min mark….

        Jun 27, 2024 27:23 AM

        Boom…….at the 2hr mark……..Juan..calls out the 13 family BLOOD LINES…, exactly as I have been
        referring to in the articles of DEAN HENDERSON….

        Jun 27, 2024 27:27 AM

        CROWN AND CHINA………..connection….. Key Point…….
        2 hr mark…with in the USA, traitors like Rockefeller and China..
        Check the Statement FROM BIDEN… on China.. great clip which she plays…2hr.04 min mark

          Jun 27, 2024 27:42 AM

          The relationship with the city of London and China is a big deal. They are out to takeover the world, and we can’t let that happen.
          It certainly signifies the importance of a quality U.S. / Russia relationship.

            Jun 27, 2024 27:14 PM

            A separation of THE CORPORATION OF DC (Crown)….needs to be accomplished before Russia is going to believe anyone…… Russia and Trump America is about as close as anyone is going to get in this
            time period…. There is a LOT OF WORK needed,… but, that is up to each individual to get involved.
            WE THE PEOPLE… nobody is going to do it for WE THE PEOPLE…

      Jun 27, 2024 27:54 AM

      Thanks Chartster…new site…I will listen and see how they build up to bloodlines as energy behind modern today’s mix of events..

    Jun 27, 2024 27:27 AM

    The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency reported 736 intercepts of people on the nation’s terrorist watchlist in the government’s latest fiscal year, which ended on September 30. That figure stood at 199 in Donald Trump’s last full fiscal year in office. According to CBP data, the trend has continued unchanged in the current fiscal year.

    In total, nearly 2.5 million illegal aliens were encountered by US authorities at the nation’s borders in the last fiscal year.

    In its report on Wednesday, NBC News quoted an anonymous US official as saying that individuals affiliated with ISIS operate human-trafficking rings in Central Asia. According to the media outlet, 150 of these migrants have been arrested and deported, and some may have already left the US of their own accord. However, the whereabouts of around 50 remain unknown, according to the article.

    The sources told NBC News that none of those deported had been charged with terrorism-related offenses, with the US authorities seeing no indication that those 400 migrants had any malicious plans in the first place.
    Musk warns of terrorist threat to US
    However, the information that those individuals were potentially connected to ISIS prompted authorities to “make sure that we exercised our authority in the most expansive and appropriate way to mitigate risk,” the media outlet quoted an unnamed senior Biden administration official as saying.

    In an unrelated case earlier this month, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) apprehended eight Tajik men in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles who were believed to be linked to ISIS

    Jun 27, 2024 27:38 AM
    Jun 27, 2024 27:31 AM

    I sped thru interview of Trump w Dr. Phil after trump trial….they both have spoken w border agents…it is thought 10 to 13 million illegals per year pour in…..…NEW WAR…is being ushered in just as the ‘Blood Line book describes….ancient tried and true method to dominate the sheeple…true

      Jun 27, 2024 27:17 PM

      Good reading …Right….. Dean has done a lot of work……

    Jun 27, 2024 27:33 AM

    somewhere around here or after 19 minutes they both agree about 10 to14 million illegals invading per year by Biden…glta

      Jun 27, 2024 27:59 AM

      You can add to illegal entries the large numbers of nonU.S. Citizens who legally enter on a visa, but do not leave…….

      MAJORITY of S. Americans do not leave……Biden has hidden those stats for the last three years.

    Jun 27, 2024 27:07 PM

    HEY CHARTSTER……………………
    On the TORE..JUAN video…………….. at the 3 hr 01min mark

    TORE said…….”.Your PLAN FING SUCKS.” (trust the plan)…..F the PLAN, White hats are not going to save you…
    We should stop waiting..

      Jun 27, 2024 27:03 PM

      There is a plan to take down America.
      There is a plan to thwart that plan.

      Tore is wanting people to take action locally.
      How it got this bad is because of the ignorant, apathetic and lazy.
      She wants people to get off their ass.
      All elections are run county by county. Get paper ballots in YOUR county.

      The plan is for we the people to meet the military and new government in the middle.

      Juan also said: “when the military steps in”

        Jun 28, 2024 28:31 AM

        When the military steps in…for only 4 yrs… establish the America (of the states)
        not the Federal Corporation in DC…
        WE THE PEOPLE…..Under God.
        Some good references… Gideon and Ester…and Lucifer…

        Finished the tape….. this morning early……. Tore is in deed logical…. IMO

          Jun 28, 2024 28:57 AM

          Tore’s I.Q. is at genius level.
          But that also makes her pretty quirky.

            Jun 28, 2024 28:07 AM

            I will have to say……….. I could not watch her everyday….. but, the few times I have watched her
            I have picked up some good info…..IMO…. and will give her some more credit on some of the issues at hand….
            I watched this time, , I wanted to get some more info on Juan…..

            Thanks for posting…. even if, some of the Ker crowd does not like the info…

    Jun 27, 2024 27:06 PM

    Yemen shows film of supersonic missile hitting Israeli owned cargo ship in Red Sea.

    Yemen’s Houthis have released footage of their attack on an Israeli ship in the Arabian Sea. Houthis used the home-made hypersonic ballistic missile ‘Hatem-2’ in the Arabian Sea attack. Houthis claim their ‘Hatem-2’ achieved an ‘accurate and direct’ hit on MSC Sarah V. The statement by the Ansar Allah Movement accompanying the video noted that the footage’s release marked the first time ever when the projectile was being revealed

    Jun 27, 2024 27:17 PM

    Liar-in-Chief was well prepped.

    Jun 28, 2024 28:19 AM

    Biden says he has a 6 handicap in golf.
    In his dreams !
    He can’t even stand steady enough to consistently hit a ball.

        Jun 28, 2024 28:19 AM

        Did you stay watching the “debate” long enough to see Jill have to lead him off the stage……..Joe was wiped out at the end !
        Who is really running the country ?

          Jun 28, 2024 28:27 AM

          Looked and sounded like a corpse…had his mouth open half the time and was squinting a lot at Trump…then he said he “beat Medicare”
          Angry Joe came out a few times and called Trump a sucker and a loser.

          Immediately afterward even the CNN talking heads said it was a disaster and called for the Dems to get rid of Uncle Joe. Kamaltoe and Gruesome Newsom must have been licking their chops.

          But Uncle Joe is going nowhere. No politician gets to be Emperor to just step aside besides Nixon. Uncle Joe is in it to the end and his handlers will make sure of that. But there probably will be no more debates.

          Jun 28, 2024 28:29 AM

          The Elite(Crown) families………if, you have not figured it by now…..and the Sheeple do not know their names…
          Whitney Webb, Dean Henderson…. gave everyone the info years ago….
          The Crown Families……. SHeeple need to play catch up….not rocket science at this stage….

          History………. Get the BLOOD LINES DOWN………

    Jun 28, 2024 28:24 AM

    And you thought it was floor-carbons wiping out the ozone !
    A new thesis out of Norway seems to indicate it is solar PROTONS,
    Arrington at earth when our magnetic shield is decaying…..

    Jun 28, 2024 28:28 AM

    Did you miss the pause, Joe ?

    Jun 28, 2024 28:35 AM

    And then you think 4 years into the future……
    Will Joe make it through to the Democratic convention before 25th amendment invoked, or is his cold going to force retirement ?
    (Not if Jill has her way)

    Jun 28, 2024 28:44 AM

    For the first time in history, CNN made big bucks by charging for other media outlets to use the debate feed.
    No. Journalists allowed to be present at the debate.

    Jun 28, 2024 28:55 AM
    Australia really outshines the U.S. in so many ways…..except, perhaps, too any socialists.

    Jun 28, 2024 28:59 AM

    Left Hook 6-28-2024
    JUN 28

    Excerpted from my book Royal Bloodline Wetiko & The Great Remembering: Chapter 17: The Bloodline Take Down of America: Part II

    In 1999, HP scientist Richard P. Walker was granted a patent for what would become known as the internet of everything, now better known as 5G. Walker and the rest of his Silicon Valley colleagues had been fed military technology by Crown corporations Lockheed Martin and IBM.

    Dean Henderson is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

    Upgrade to paid

    HP spun off Agilent Technologies that same year as the vehicle through which the Walker patent would come to fruition. All ensuing patents pertaining to 5G would be mysteriously absorbed by Agilent, whether in the areas of surveillance, cybernetics, genetic engineering, human micro-chipping, or “wet works”.

    The corporation pushing Walker’s Agilent patent forward is SERCO, a powerful British company close to Lockheed Martin, Westinghouse, General Electric, and British Aerospace (BAE). The first and last are the two biggest defense contractors in the world. The middle two own CBS and NBC. All four are part of Crown Agents, USA Inc. The golden share in all of these companies was historically controlled through British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) by Queen Elizabeth II.

    In 2009, BNFL was shut down after spinning off its Westinghouse subsidiary. They had acquired Westinghouse in 1999, four years after Westinghouse bought CBS. BNFL’s nuclear plants had been privatized in 1996 and were taken over by British Energy. The same year BNFL shut down, British Energy was taken over by Electricite de France.

    In 2000, SERCO and Lockheed Martin took control of the UK’s Aldermaster weapons site. They also control two-thirds of the British Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE). The other third was owned by BNFL. During the past decade, AWE began exporting stolen US-enriched uranium from a Eunice, New Mexico, facility through its URINCO subsidiary. They were aided in this effort by the Highland Group, whose members include the Clintons and former FBI Director, Robert Mueller, who would later play a key role in the phony Russiagate allegations.

    SERCO controls immigration and owns a pathology lab in the UK and runs detention centers, prisons and hospitals in Australia and New Zealand. But the bulk of its income comes from no-bid US government contracts granted to it by members of Senior Executive Services (SES). SES consists of government insiders who, unlike a typical civil servant, cannot be fired after one year of service. President Obama appointed 8,000 of these Crown agents.

    SERCO receives $15-20 billion dollars a year in US government contracts. It runs 63 air traffic control towers, manages Obama Care, runs city parking meters and lots, as well as buses and trains, overseas Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) loans, and handles all USAID shipments.

    But 75% of SERCO’s contracts are with the Department of Defense. With offices in the Bank of England-controlled offshore dirty money banking centers of Guernsey, Jersey, and the Cayman Islands, SERCO runs “security” for all branches of the US military and our intelligence services.

    SERCO is deeply involved in the US Space Program through Aerospace Corporation, which plans to deploy 24,000 new 5G-enabling satellites via Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Amazon’s OneWeb in the next few years. SERCO also holds contracts with Bill Gates’ Millennium Foundation involving the sterilization of Africans and Indians through vaccinations.

    Founded in 1929, SERCO came out of RCA, another Crown corporation which morphed mostly into GE. RCA is best known for its consumer electronics, but its main business had been military radar and sonar equipment. It is this same technology which is now being deployed as 5G. In my book, Big Oil & Their Bankers…, I pinpoint RCA as a key player in the Crown assassination of President John F. Kennedy via Chairman David Sarnoff.

    During the early 1960s, RCA developed the UK Ballistic Missile Early Warning System. During the 1980s, they were awarded the contract to support the new European Space Agency and began maintaining London’s street lights. In 1987, with much of RCA absorbed into GE, what remained became SERCO.

    During the 1990s SERCO took its services international, focusing on the Five Eyes Alliance countries of the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the US. The middle three countries are part of the Commonwealth and thus controlled directly by the British Crown. SERCO also began operating in the Crown’s puppet Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) monarchies in the Middle East where it runs all air traffic control operations. It also gained control of Iraq’s Civil Aviation Authority. This makes Crown drug, arms, oil, and human smuggling in and out of its new Dubai hub a breeze.

    SERCO provides technical support for CERN’s particle accelerator, manages transport services at North District Hospital in Hong Kong (another major drug trafficking center), and provides support for military bases in the Five Eyes nations. It manages the UK National Physics Laboratory and trains soldiers in the US and Germany.

    SERCO dominates contracts from US Homeland Security and is in charge of FEMA Region 9, which includes Alaska, Hawaii, and the US West Coast – all of which have recently experienced a slew of “natural” disasters.

    SERCO began providing IT support for European Parliament in 2014, began training US firefighters in Afghanistan in 2016, and began operating European Meteorological Satellites in 2017.

    SERCO specializes in handling sensitive cyberdata, including criminal records, driver’s license records, vaccination records, DNA databases, and military records and communications. Big Data is the new Big Oil and SERCO was now in the catbird’s seat when came to using this data to control the Five Eyes governments and their citizens.

    But SERCO’s most important GCHQ infiltration came in 2015 when it was awarded the patent classification contract in the US, essentially commandeering the US Patent Office. In this capacity, they are able to steer and manage the Walker 5G patent in the Crown’s desired weaponized direction. That direction, according to the CIA’s own Deagel Report, is towards a 70% reduction in both US and UK populations by 2025.

    SERCO is run by two British Knights Hospitallers. Sir Roy Gardner is SERCO’s Chairman who handles, according to their own website, “relations with the City (of London) and major stakeholders (Queen Elizabeth II)”. CEO Rupert Soames is Winston Churchill’s grandson. In 2010, he was awarded Officer of the Order of the British Empire. Both came from Crown Agent General Electric, which manufactures both the smart meters and the new LED lighting being rolled out to facilitate the Crown’s new 5G mind control weapons system.

    With this “silent weapon for quiet wars” now at their disposal, the Crown seeks to achieve full spectrum dominance over the planet’s humans. Their Satanic Babylonian coming-out party could now take place. Firmly in the driver’s seat with Crown cartel control over every facet of life, they could begin to tell us exactly who they are – Anunnaki invaders.

      Jun 28, 2024 28:02 AM

      SHEEPLE SHOULD READ the above…………. Then YOU will not be so CLUELESS……..

        Jun 28, 2024 28:23 AM

        Just because YOU do not believe in GOD…….. does not mean these perverts do not believe in the DEVIL….Lucifer…..

    Jun 28, 2024 28:22 AM

    The nasdaq hit 20,000 just now. Not good for all the funds that have massive derivative short orders at this quarterly option expiry.
    I’m expecting margin calls and large funds to be liquidated in the near future.
    The end of the Democratic Party was last night and the end of cabal hedge funds is next week.

    Jun 28, 2024 28:29 AM

    Supreme Court rules for Jan. 6 rioter challenging obstruction charge

    June 28, 2024 at 9:48 AM

    U.S. District Court…………….FREAKY FRIDAY……………..
    WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Friday ruled in favor of a former police officer who is seeking to throw out an obstruction charge for joining the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021, in a ruling that could benefit former President Donald Trump.

    The justices on a 6-3 vote handed a win to defendant Joseph Fischer, who is among hundreds of Jan. 6 defendants — including Trump — who have been charged with obstructing an official proceeding over the effort to prevent Congress’ certification of President Joe Biden’s election victory.

    Jun 28, 2024 28:46 AM
    Many J6er get convictions overturned, but that does not give hem back all their attorneys fees…..
    They ayget a retrial, but many pleaded guilty BECAUSE THEY COULD NOT AFFORD A TRIAL IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    Jun 28, 2024 28:49 AM

    Supreme Court takes sledgehammer to federal agency power in Chevron case

    Judges will be making any future policy now

    Jun 28, 2024 28:50 AM

    Seems like there’s a lot of judicial over-reach going on !
    Judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) have postponed a decision on whether arrest warrants should be issued against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant over alleged war crimes in Gaza.

    The delay came after the ICC allowed the UK to submit legal arguments against the jurisdiction over the issue.

    According to court documents made public on Thursday, the UK filed a request with the ICC on June 10 to provide written observations on whether “the court can exercise jurisdiction over Israeli nationals, in circumstances where Palestine cannot exercise criminal jurisdiction over Israeli nationals (under) the Oslo Accords.”

    Jun 28, 2024 28:53 AM
    Jun 28, 2024 28:17 AM
    Jun 28, 2024 28:02 AM
    If you watch long enough, there’s a list of Biden lies.

    Jun 28, 2024 28:09 AM

    I see the cowardly , Zionists sock puppits here in the UK have obeyed the orders they recieved from Israel to twart the powers of the ICC. They own the West , & so long as that Murdering Tribe exsist there will never be peace in this world……….. They Want It All.

    Jun 28, 2024 28:33 PM

    WWIII is close ? Trump see.

    Jun 28, 2024 28:44 PM

    The debate was a horrible night for Taiwan.
    I don’t know if Biden will be replaced as Democrat Presidential nominee……
    Perhaps he will be!
    Perhaps not!
    But I do believe the CCP will take advantage of his Presidency to seize Taiwan.

    Jun 28, 2024 28:51 PM
    Jun 28, 2024 28:04 PM

    Be Afraid, but not of nukes ?!? Yet.
    Regardless of world politics and wars, we have a problem……
    My best astrophysics knowledge and predictive guesses are that we still have about six years before a sun roasting.
    The good news is that if we survive that, we will be given about a ten year reprieve.
    (Never in the last million Years has the sun killed all life on earth, anyway.)

    Jun 28, 2024 28:15 PM

    No one realizes it yet, but the crash is here.

    Jun 28, 2024 28:23 PM

    As the dollar collapse we will have problems…..
    But is a collapse inevitable ?
    I don’t know.

    Jun 28, 2024 28:27 PM

    Trump humor
    His swing does not look that great to me.

    Jun 28, 2024 28:32 PM

    Something, not Biden, but Trump should have said…..

    Jun 28, 2024 28:47 PM
    Did they medically hype Biden up too close to the debate……
    Or is Biden really just too senile.
    Why has Biden not called ANY OF THE ICTIMS of illegal imigrants ?
    Is Biden so out-of-touch that he does not even know what he is saying ?