Dave Erfle – News Recap: Skeena Resources US$750Mil Project Financing, Victoria Gold Heap Leach Pad Failure

June 25, 2024

Dave Erfle, Founder and Editor of the Junior Miner Junky joins us to discuss two major news events, one positive and one negative, out of the resource sector today. 


The positive news came from Skeena Resources, announcing a US$750mil project financing for the Eskay Creek Project in the Golden Triangle of BC. We discuss the deal and what comes next for Skeena. 


On the negative news front, Victoria Gold announced a heap leach pad failure that has suspended all operations at the mine. This news has crashed the stock and impacted the share price of other companies in the area. We discuss what this means for investors and if there is an opportunity on the selloffs. 

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    Jun 26, 2024 26:34 AM

    Oh my gosh … the market opened and just after those good drill results, EMO is taken down again. I guess I will buy more. Some things never change when managed money controls the input.

      Jun 26, 2024 26:17 AM

      There are quite a few totally illogical trades against miners with no news. Evidently managed money working on their 6 month bonuses whether it is legally insufficient or not. Long Live The Banks!

    Jun 26, 2024 26:26 PM

    Yukon’s Gold Mine Accident: Jobs At Risk

    The Calandra Report / By Thom Calandra – Wednesday June 26, 2024

      Jun 26, 2024 26:32 PM

      The Yukon’s accident is really too bad as it happened to a good company. We will need to see how it goes as they have many options to address the problem. I tried to pick up some Banyan shares this AM as I thought they may go on sale due to their location, but they went up instead of getting hit for being close by.