Politics Weekend Posting

June 29, 2024

Hi everyone, here is the political posting for the weekend! There’s a lot to discuss after that painful debate on Thursday. It sounds like some changes to the front runners are coming.


Have a great weekend! And for all our Canadian listeners, have a great Canada Day long weekend!


    Jun 29, 2024 29:14 AM

    New Week…….. the political WORLD is in a MESS…….
    Lot of great discussion last week….. thanks

      Jun 29, 2024 29:17 PM

      LIKE DUH………………….. LMAO…………………..KILL UM WHILE YOU CAN…. ……..
      CDC Recommends New COVID-19 Vaccines For Nearly All Americans
      Tyler Durden’s Photo
      SATURDAY, JUN 29, 2024 – 03:10 PM
      Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

      The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on June 27 recommended forthcoming COVID-19 vaccines for virtually all Americans.

      “CDC recommends everyone ages 6 months and older receive an updated 2024-2025 COVID-19 vaccine to protect against the potentially serious outcomes of COVID-19 this fall and winter whether or not they have ever previously been vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine,” the agency said in a statement.

    Jun 29, 2024 29:43 AM
    They are both too old to be President in four years time. IMO

    Jun 29, 2024 29:18 AM

    The recent debate between current US President Joe Biden and Republican candidate Donald Trump indicated that the country is headed for an imminent collapse, wrote entrepreneur and former owner of the largest file-sharing site Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, on the social network X.

    “Not only Americans watched the debate yesterday. The whole world did. […] The end of empire is near,” he noted.

    Dotcom emphasized that after this event, the reputation of the US government was completely undermined and beyond repair. In his opinion, Washington’s proxy wars, continuous propaganda, and a mentally unfit leader will lead the country to disaster.
    The end of US empire is near

      Jun 29, 2024 29:59 AM

      Hi South:
      Kim Dot Com is an interesting guy. Most have never heard of him.
      Kim started out as a computer hacker.
      He use to have a site call where you could watch movies for a fraction of the cost. (Megaupload)
      He made millions and finally the Holyweird cabal had had enough. They went after him on copy write infringement and Kim fled to New Zealand and they have been trying to extradite him ever since.
      I follow him on twitter as well.
      Anybody watching the debate could see the trouble as a country we are in.

        Jun 29, 2024 29:23 AM

        A choice between a demntia patient and a compulsive liar.

        And a population that argues which one is better.

        George Carlin, thats the best the country has to offer, garbage in and garbage out.

    Jun 29, 2024 29:35 AM


    Jun 29, 2024 29:51 AM

    SCOTUS overturning the Chevron doctrine is huge.
    It limits the ability of government agencies to make law. An abusive 4th illegal branch of government has ended. Give power back to the people.
    Going back to a republic!

    Jun 29, 2024 29:25 AM

    Tucker Carlson down under explains Biden’s debate…..
    .and gives a valid definition of “democracy”.

    Jun 29, 2024 29:38 AM

    My comments have disappeared

    Jun 29, 2024 29:46 AM

    I have REPEATEDLY SAID both Biden and Trump ARE TOO OLD to be serving as President in four years time, and we do not elect Presidents just to serve for a part term.

      Jun 29, 2024 29:40 PM

      Good point CFS.
      Of course AIPAC doesn’t care who is President. Either one always works. That is works for them and the Zionist lobby that provides the funds and decides things like our border, fiscal spending. The media makes sure for the Zionist lobby that you stay focused on things that don’t matter in the big scheme of things.

    Jun 29, 2024 29:58 AM

    Tucker Carlson talks about racism
    and the destruction of the U.S.

    Jun 29, 2024 29:14 AM

    Welcome to hell, SCOTUS. The Supreme Court just made a massive power grab it will come to regret

    What it means for the Supreme Court to throw out Chevron decision, undercutting federal regulators

    Seismic societal change with the cCourts taking over much of American life. Judges will now have to decide on drug safety, banking regulations, aviation safety etc. A tsunami of litigation ahead.

    “Law clerks will now be tasked with determining the flammability standards of pajamas:”

      Jun 29, 2024 29:04 PM

      Never thought of it that way AJ…..I mean, sure….In an ever more central totalitarian government…..Executive branch types nodding to judicial types to via ‘law’ continue the enslavement process is a big deal…..So I agree…what on surface seemed a good thing ,could just be a a power grab by judicial to have a bigger boot stomp power,,,,,,worth noting…glta

    Jun 29, 2024 29:15 AM

    Not knowing your Candidates until the Convention is Positively American

    Jun 29, 2024 29:28 PM

    Mama Mia, even in Italia……

    Jun 29, 2024 29:32 PM

    21 November 2014, Samantha Power, U.S was one of three nations who voted against a resolution s that condemned Nazism and all forms of state sponsored bigotry.
    The reason she gave was that the resolution offended the Govt of Ukraine.
    Source. The
    The history of Nazism in Ukraine. Who is Stephan Bandera
    Dec 21,2022
    The U s, Ukraine vote against U N resolution against Nazism. The U S has voted against the resolution since 2005 arguing that it hampers commitment to the first amendment.
    It also has alleged that the resolution is a result of Russian attempts to paint the opposition to it’s interventions in East and Central European Countries as pro-Nazi groupings.
    Russia sees the abstentions and the votes against the resolution as assertion of right wing Pro Nazi forces in these countries .

    Jun 29, 2024 29:52 PM

    Ionospheric heaters, ozone depleaters
    Government scientists playing God
    Captian Marvel on the site
    Something here isn’t right
    Blue skies turning white
    Global warming, look at Mars
    Go outside, count the stars

    What in the world are they spraying
    Government secret, I’m not saying
    New order, 767 tankers, make sure that you thank her
    Aluminum, barium, strontium in the air
    For the benefit of society
    We know who doesn’t care
    Never cook with aluminum pots, ever wonder why
    Another tanker flying by, A pots falling from the sky
    Alzheimers can’t remember, SRA andetheir deeds
    One percenter psychopaths, never ending needs
    Problem, reaction, solution, blame it on pollution
    Don’t wait., investigate
    House committee, science committee
    Congress, not a word
    Church of the Nation State
    Get in line, join the herd

    Dumbed down, sick and infertile, that’s the goal
    Hold on tight, with all your might
    Or else they’ll take your soul.

    Jun 29, 2024 29:49 PM

    Update about Mcicky’s 5 dollar meal deal…not good…..the double cheese burger was tiny and had no real flavor…..The little fries on the side had none of the delicious salty greasy crispy potato greatness…

    Also, remember although not included….The formulae for their once awesome milkshakes has been changed for decades…it is now a high high sugar slurrie thing….and w a coffee 1.37 w tax…what is the value…..all gone….

    the stock may linger for decades….in contracting groth mode…an era…bye

    will it become the future 1984ish type cafeteria dumps from the book…sorry…lmao…glta

      Jun 29, 2024 29:02 PM

      McDonalds is also a BDS company. Boycott, Divest and Sanction.
      We have a french fry plant here. RDO makes fries for McDonalds. This year RDO planted three thousand less acres of potatoes.
      This is all due to the Zionist agenda of open borders and running the U S into the dirt.
      The Zionists did it to Europe and they are trying their damnest to do it here in the U.S
      Fortunately many here in the U S are being forced to learn about the Zionists and their agendas.
      Financially it is to late. The gig is up. Get a clue.

      Jun 30, 2024 30:23 AM

      Larry……… that was interesting……….
      Have you listened to the tape……..on SUPER SIZE ME…on McDs…….
      This is about a person(guy) who ate McDs for 30 days… three meals a day…..
      and every time he ate , he would order the Super Size portion , if , they offered it to him,
      which was every time. About 20 days into the experiment, he had gained so much weight and was having heart problems,,,
      his doctor told him he should stop . He continued , and after 30 days , he was so sick, he had to
      go into recovery for (I think) 6 months.
      How many people do you think were on that same plan…. LOL….

      Do they even have SUPER SIZE portions today… ?

    Jun 29, 2024 29:47 PM

    NASA has recently conducted a test to assess how humanity would respond to the potential impact of an asteroid, which has a 72 per cent chance of colliding with Earth on July 12, 2038.

      Jun 29, 2024 29:58 PM


    Jun 29, 2024 29:07 PM

    It has also been reported that John Deere is laying off people.
    RDO which stands for Ron D Offut, who coincidentally owns a lake place not far from me is also the Largest John Deere implement dealer in the U S.
    Also it should be noted that there is an on going battle in Utah over water. Utah is also a large Potato producing state as well.
    Commercial irrigation is starting to become a problem, RDO has taken the Tribe here to court over their claims to water rights.
    Minnesota has also restricted the number of pivots here.
    Something tells me that those fries are going to get more expensive.

    Jun 29, 2024 29:21 PM

    The real losers at last nights debate were the American public.
    The Zionist media (CNN) accomplished what they set out to do.
    You know who is in control here.
    Regardless of what Tucker Carlson says.

    Jun 29, 2024 29:42 PM

    Don’t worry…the Ameroconned sheeple will be ready for the bird flu plandemic…with their masks…and clot shots…×1434.png

      Jun 30, 2024 30:41 AM

      Make sure to keep your anti-virus software up to date.

    Jun 29, 2024 29:27 PM

    Elon Musk has came out on twitter saying CNN did a good job managing the debate.
    What a crock of crap.
    He said the questions were fair. I have never seen such a bunch of softball questions.
    Elon Musk is part of the Zionist agenda. The green agenda and you and me paying for rebates so he can sell cars and launch rockets.
    People with the most to lose will be the first to lie to your face.
    Tesla would not be in business with out the Chinese loaning him money.
    Another mindf*ck by the Zionist controlled.

      Jun 30, 2024 30:02 AM

      THOSE WERE THE WORST DEBATES IN HISTORY……. (or at least in my lifetime)…
      Ditto on the Zionist…….

        Jun 30, 2024 30:42 AM

        I thought it was the best ever.
        Exposed clearly what the american leadership is.

        The rest of the world knows exactly what they are dealing with without a doubt now.

        If they had their eyes closed previously of course.

          Jul 05, 2024 05:34 AM

          Worst…………by design….. according to MIKE KING….. as pointed out in the July 3 video….

    Jun 30, 2024 30:22 AM

    Proof….Your governors have lots of love for you…What would the world be like without all this love?…lmao

    “DIE” seems a big deal for the globalists

    Jun 30, 2024 30:29 AM

    Jerry…question….Is the planet Numbruri the alleged alien contribution to the blood line and creation of of our Hybrid masters….Is that a metaphor for something else?….On the part of the author Mr. Dean….He knows this is an outrageous unproven/unprovable claim….What is he saying…example….The more evolved homo sapiens came in and crushed any remaining Neanderthal relatives?…ect….

      Jun 30, 2024 30:37 PM

      If, you remember, ..I said ,,,I do not agree with Dean on a few points….
      this would be where I disagree with Dean…”Is the planet Numbruri the alleged alien contribution ”
      Where is he getting his info on Planet Numbruri…and aliens..?

      the Hybrid masters,… would be the giants, which Book of Enoch talks about, mating with the women of the earth,

      What Chapter are you reading?

        Jun 30, 2024 30:57 PM

        right Jerry…That is fine…..It is just that he is trying to recreate ancient historic blood lines…and that planet Nimbrui thing stands out as a bit off the wall….right, the historic account of those giants….The point remains….A small group bloodline ect…has managed to coral peeps over time pretty darn well…as George would say…it is a club and you are not in it…glta

        i would love to be the know regarding the current banker elite and their connection to the Knights Templar ect….

          Jun 30, 2024 30:10 PM

          Agree…..” A small group bloodline ect…has managed to coral peeps over time pretty darn well…”

            Jun 30, 2024 30:18 PM

            “i would love to be the know regarding the current banker elite and their connection to the Knights Templar ect…” (You asked)

            There are a few good videos, on the Knights Templar….. and how they acquired their wealth….
            and supposedly how they lost it….
            DeMoley , the main Knight Templar…….. the name is used for the youth group of the Masons…
            which makes you wonder, if, they disappeared at all……

            AS FOR YOUR THOUGHTS on the Bankers…… Whitney Webb provided a list of names
            on the families…. I will see if, I can find it….

            Jun 30, 2024 30:00 PM

            Larry …………. JUST FOR YOU
            Just who are the people in these sovereign states, and who are the entities that work for them in the nations of the world? This worldwide network is generally referred to as the Deep State, Shadow Government, Cabal, The 1%, Satanic Bloodlines, Illuminati, Elites, Royals, Black Nobility, Khazarian Mafia and so on. They consist of ancient royal dynasties and bloodlines that go back hundreds and even thousands of years. To learn more about these nefarious families – who they are, where they come from and how they operate – I recommend the classic work by Fritz Springmeier, “Bloodlines of the Illuminati”. This highly acclaimed reference work is made available as a download on the website of the CIA. It reveals information about the bloodlines in the United States of America who exert their influence worldwide.

            The classic works, “Bloodlines of the Illuminati”, volumes 1, 2 & 3, by Fritz Springmeier, are considered authoritative.

            Order as paperback:
            Buy volume 1
            Buy volume 2
            Buy volume 3

            Download as PDF:
            Download volume 1
            Download volume 2
            Download volume 3

            Jun 30, 2024 30:06 PM

            Just who are the people in these sovereign states, and who are the entities that work for them in the nations of the world? This worldwide network is generally referred to as the Deep State, Shadow Government, Cabal, The 1%, Satanic Bloodlines, Illuminati, Elites, Royals, Black Nobility, Khazarian Mafia and so on. They consist of ancient royal dynasties and bloodlines that go back hundreds and even thousands of years. To learn more about these nefarious families – who they are, where they come from and how they operate – I recommend the classic work by Fritz Springmeier, “Bloodlines of the Illuminati”. This highly acclaimed reference work is made available as a download on the website of the CIA. It reveals information about the bloodlines in the United States of America who exert their influence worldwide.

            The classic works, “Bloodlines of the Illuminati”, volumes 1, 2 & 3, by Fritz Springmeier, are considered authoritative.

            Order as paperback:
            Buy volume 1
            Buy volume 2
            Buy volume 3

            Download as PDF:
            Download volume 1
            Download volume 2
            Download volume 3

            Jun 30, 2024 30:10 PM

            You can go to the web site……and DOWN LOAD the info…from the book,
            PDF file…..
            Let me know if, you have any problems…..

        Jun 30, 2024 30:04 PM

        in Genesis 1:27, wherein “God created man in his own image.” counters your statement, of . .
        ””’homo sapiens came in and crushed any remaining Neanderthal relatives”””
        that would be counter to Creation…..vs….Evolution…. We did not evolve from
        pond scum, as the Blood lines would like for you to believe….
        Good vs. Evil… problem we have is the Blood lines, more evil than good,
        since, they are presently and from the beginning of their take over,,,, trying to enslave everyone
        Blood lines…. want to be God like, which is were we are today, with AI….
        Since the beginning Lucifer, wanted to BE GOD…… Reason for him being expelled from Heaven,
        Lucifer, … is in the Blood lines….Or their thoughts are of the Devil…

          Jun 30, 2024 30:48 PM

          Jerry, are you suggesting these “bloodlines” invented scientific research?
          Science is somehow evil?

          “that would be counter to Creation…..vs….Evolution…. We did not evolve from
          pond scum, as the Blood lines would like for you to believe….”

          Just to clarify for you, life didnt first apear in “pond scum”. As you say the blood lines want people to believe.
          Fossil micro-organisms appear to have lived within hydrothermal vent precipitates dated 3.77 to 4.28 Gya
          Hydrothermal vents is where it begins, as far as we know at this point.

          I guess a person could claim their god created everything, the issue then becomes who created the god and on and on it goes.

          Fun to ponder anyway.

            Jul 01, 2024 01:46 AM

            Pond scum theory has been around….. otherwise , I would not have mentioned it…
            Hydrothermal venting must be the “new science”… 🙂
            Just another BS theory , for the sheeple, without faith in God, Replacement theory… 🙂
            But, God did create the earth, and everything in it….. 🙂
            Scientist agenda, for the elites for trying to replace GOD…
            Science and carbon dating , is made up by the scientist……..
            Science is taught in the “schools that the elites design” and teachers are
            taught /schooled in thoughts of “their /elite ” thinking…. MKULTRA…agenda… :

            COVID 19 , and the Oil Based medical society, …. made to make you sick
            coming from science., just an example.

            Jul 01, 2024 01:23 PM

            Jerry, when you say “pond scum” you are quoting science.
            What is pond scum in science?
            noun. 1. : any of various algae (especially spirogyra) or cyanobacteria. 2. : a mass of tangled filaments of algae or cyanobacteria in stagnant waters.

            It really doesnt bother me that people like religions, but notice that the religion (yourself) use science to disparage science.

            Religion I think teaches the planet has been around what? 12000 years,6000? years, depends on the religion or an interpetation of books, I suppose.

            This is total denial of our history.
            For example, the neandrathal humans lived about 4000,000 to 40,000 years ago.
            What gods do you think they worshipped?

            They are just 1 species of human that was here prior to the homo sapiens.
            Cant understand your denial of your god creating them.

            Must be difficult to rationalise neandrathal dna in ourselves when you have a belief we have only been around 6-12000 years.

            My guess, is its easier to deny than to understand.
            To me, thats a big negative of the religion.

            But, I understand billions of people prefer religions.

            Jul 01, 2024 01:24 PM

            I was referring to “pond scum”…….for identification ,…that green stuff, has to be called something
            in the “English language”… It is only a communication point of reference…
            As far as the “pond scum” ,,,, those in “evolution” …like using the term, coming from rock, pond
            scum etc some form of lower life ….thinking man evolved from ….something other than the CREATOR,GOD….
            That is the problem….. evolution vs creation….. been that way in MODERN SCIENCE…
            and most have fallen for it…

            Jul 01, 2024 01:46 PM

            Monkey man….thinking….. You believe everything your scientist tell you……
            So, maybe,,,they find a rare type of monkey and you fall for it…..
            How many of these….”.neandrathal humans”… have they found, and where are they
            When, …did they record the first sightings of monkey man?…..”Lucy”

          Jul 01, 2024 01:14 PM

          “My guess, is its easier to deny than to understand.
          Tvo me, thats a big negative of the religion.”

          Faith,….. resolves that….. Your faith is in MAN… the sinning nature of the human being
          fallen man, and a group of men, trying to destroy via Lucifer’s mind set….

            Jul 01, 2024 01:08 PM

            Faith might allow a person to believe in anything, thats true.
            But lets not forget what faith is.

            The stripes, spots, and parallel lines etched into the walls of a cave in Central France more than 57,000 years ago have been identified by researchers as the earliest record of Neanderthal art.

            Cant be homo sapiens of course as they didnt show up until 6-12000 years ago.
            You can take the art on faith or go see it with your own eyes.

            Judging from fossil evidence from Sima de los Huesos in northern Spain and Swanscombe in Kent, the Neanderthal lineage was already well-established in Europe by 400,000 years ago.

            I understand that info showing humans prior to what your bible tells you is tuff to believe but you dont need faith to see them, just your eyes.

            Something you might not be aware of concerning science, it WANTS to be disproven.
            Its the way science works, when something is found that is incorrect and corrected, it advances the understanding of the topic.

            Dinosour bones, are they put on earth by a god to cause people confussion or did dinosaurs exist?

            Jerry, people believe what ever they are told repeatedly, especially under about 6 yo.
            The god stories have been told to you for generations, with all “evidence” surrounding you, you will very likely not get past them your entire life.

            Call that bs if you want but consider how often you call people sheeple.
            There is a reason churches call their congregation a “flock”.

            Public Life estimates that there are 5.8 billion religiously affiliated adults and children around the globe, there are more “sheeple” in religions than anywhere else.

            Having said that, people believing in their god doesnt bother me 1 iota.
            To each his own but I dont like how it holds people back from understanding the human plight.

            Course you could say thats what god intended.

            Jul 01, 2024 01:23 PM

            carbon dating…….

            There is no exact proof,…. those cave paintings are 57,000 years old..
            They could have just as easily been there only 6000…
            By who’s authority are they that old… were they there to witness the artist….
            Believe what you want……. easy for anyone to fall prey to magic man in the cave… lol
            History channel, PBS specials….

            Let us talk about the “bones”……. of the Giants… recorded in the Book of Enoch…humm
            Where are those bones.. in the Smithsonian….MIA… covered up… gone bye bye…

            God is not a God of confusion….consider the Mammoth bones,…
            Noah and the Flood….describes there were people on earth prior to the Flood
            just as there were animals prior to the Flood..

            Jul 01, 2024 01:51 PM

            “easy for anyone to fall prey to magic man”

            that gave me a giggle Jerry, I agree 100%, but you forgot “in the sky”.

            Jerry, I understand you and billions of others find comfort in belief of gods.
            Thats ok by me, but I prefer reason and evidence to the writings of Hebrews from thousands of years ago for example. Talking snakes and flying horse creatures just dont convince me of their sanity.
            These just are not the people Im going to put too much “faith” into.

            As for giants, you seem to suggest they are fantasy. Like Goliath?

            Just an fyi, the sheep herder (cant remember his name) had a HUGE advantage.

            Anyway, to each his own.

            Jul 01, 2024 01:58 PM

            Yes,….. to each his own …. Everyone gets to select…..

            Considering we started out with BLOOD LINES, and the corrupt information the
            Blood lines like to disperse to the Sheeple…… makes you wonder how much
            material is false… a whole bunch…. very convenient…. SHeeple are easily
            fooled…. COVID a great example….

        Jul 01, 2024 01:18 AM

        Bloodlines of the Illuminati, PDf…got it Jerry…..Man, you are the best historian I ever had the pleasure of learning from….My awareness level keeps growing here on KER…Who knew…I wandered into this site to blog my gripes…Now I have even more to gripe about!…lmao

          Jul 01, 2024 01:39 AM

          Hello Larry,

          Thanks for the compliment… appreciate it….

    Jun 30, 2024 30:39 PM

    You wonder how this World could possibly have gotten us into a position where the failed people in society are controlling everything. The answer is get a job in the government and you will realize that no matter how stupid you are you can never lose your job. The government has so many mandates to protect workers and if that doesn’t work out you talk to your union representative. Most of the people working in government could never hold down a job in the real World, believe me I have worked in both worlds. DT

    Jun 30, 2024 30:03 PM

    Great discussion and analysis of:
    The debate, Julian Assange, SCOTUS decisions, a week to remember, the summer to come and the disclosure of 9/11 underway.

    Jun 30, 2024 30:10 PM

    US gooberment debt is now hopelessly out of control. Just the interest is a trillion a year and rising on a debt that’s growing a trillion every hundred days. Runaway debt will destroy the USSA and the Ameroconned Sheeple.

    Jul 01, 2024 01:03 AM

    Agencies, Schmagencies: The Future of Federal Regulation After SCOTUS Tossed Out ‘Chevron’

    Elena Kagan Is Horrified by What the Supreme Court Just Did. You Should Be Too.

    More on the ‘Chevron’ disaster. Unelected judges will now make policy

      Jul 02, 2024 02:21 PM

      Under the argument that Federal agency employees are non-elected, usually captured regulatory bureaucrats, overturning Chevron was correct. Congress must write law, not unelected bureaucrats.

    Jul 01, 2024 01:10 AM

    The Supreme Court’s disastrous Trump immunity decision, explained

    Long live the King! You wonder wat Biden might do next as ‘official act” – cancel the election, drone strike Trump, jail SCOTUS etc.

    Jul 01, 2024 01:34 AM
    Jul 01, 2024 01:01 PM

    It is absolutely clear Joe Biden has been developing altzheimers FOR SEVERAL YEARS.

    Jul 01, 2024 01:36 PM

    This show is no flake…Incredible guests….Pre-Pharoh Egypt(per carbon dating) had better technology…eg 6000 years BP, Before Present…Who invented that or brought it to earth?……………………………………………………………………………………………

      Jul 01, 2024 01:24 PM

      Hi Larry:
      I just finished David Icke’s book “Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told.”
      And now I have started on “Forbidden Archeology”-The Hidden History of the Human Race.
      Now I will watch the video you posted.

    Jul 01, 2024 01:42 PM

    Bob Moriarty: Israel Intends to Use Nuclear Weapons, May Start WW3

    Hrvoje from Geopolitics & Empire’s Substack

    Trump and RFK are owned by Israel.

    The few people here that know Trump serves Israel are not the only people that know it.

      Jul 01, 2024 01:14 PM

      In your face.
      The Zionists are growing more desperate by the day.

      Jul 01, 2024 01:42 PM

      That is B.S.
      It only takes three fairly big nukes to kill everyone in Israel, whereas it would take over 20 for Iran…
      More for Lebanon
      More for Syria,
      More for Iraq
      It is one thing to have a few countries hate you….why make the whole world hate you ?

    Jul 01, 2024 01:19 PM

    Did you know Rothschilds and the city of London own Israel? SF?

      Jul 02, 2024 02:34 AM

      The City of London is a locality, NOTHING MORE.
      It is ludicrous to imagine a group of people have any power, but no ENFORCEMENT MECHANISM, no matter how rich they are.

    Jul 01, 2024 01:34 PM
    Jul 02, 2024 02:55 AM

    In Granting Huge Win to Trump, Supreme Court Protects Future Criminal Presidents

    Don’t Believe John Roberts. The Supreme Court Just Made the President a King.

    Jul 02, 2024 02:54 AM

    BBC presenter David Aaronovitch has called for the “murder” of former US President Donald Trump in a post on X (formerly Twitter). Aaronovitch later deleted his message following a backlash, claiming it had been “satire.”

    Aaronovitch, the voice behind the British state broadcaster’s Radio 4 program ‘The Briefing Room’, tweeted on Monday: “If I was Biden I’d hurry up and have Trump murdered on the basis that he is a threat to America’s security.”

    The post was accompanied by the hashtag #SCOTUS, indicating that the comment had been triggered by Monday’s confirmation from the US Supreme Court that former presidents have “absolute immunity” from prosecution for their official actions.
    CFS comment: Aaronovitch just did not read or understand the SCOTUS decision.

    Jul 02, 2024 02:39 PM

    Lying scum, ilhan Omar.

    Jul 02, 2024 02:27 PM
    Jul 02, 2024 02:33 PM

    The brilliance of the Greek polymath Eratosthenes (Born 276 BC and died around 194 BC)

    Figuring out the earth is round.
    A little science for Chartster and Jerry. 😉

      Jul 03, 2024 03:21 AM

      Good science Southfront… But playing Chartster advocate, the other explanation is that the sun 🌞 is only about 4,000 miles above the earth 🌎.

        Jul 03, 2024 03:45 AM

        The sun is much closer to earth. That’s what the experiment proved. There is no experiment proving the earth is round. Just lies from NASA.
        There is no experiment proving that the earth is moving.

        The satanist science says:
        The earth revolves around the sun at 66,600 miles per hour.
        Curvature of one square mile is 666 feet.
        The degree of curvature is 66.6 degrees.

        All bunk!

        We had the conversation about the stars and constellations. That proves the earth is Not moving.
        You just don’t “ think about it “.

        They’ve lied to you about everything else space related. But you won’t let go of that first grade lie with the globe on the teachers desk.
        Three years from now, the spinning ballers are going to be laughed at by the masses. The de-brainwashing takes time for some. I totally get it.

          Jul 03, 2024 03:42 AM

          Lies from NASA Chartster?

          Greek polymath Eratosthenes (Born 276 BC and died around 194 BC)

          Those nasa guys been around awhile, no wonder they control everything. 😉

            Jul 03, 2024 03:49 PM

            Uh, yeah SouthFront.
            The moon landing lie?
            The space station lie?
            The picture of earth lie?
            Like : Duh….

            You not get you’ve been duped?!
            Heh heh, geez..

            Our grandkids and their kids will tell jokes about how brainwashed our generation has been, and the generations in the 1900s.

            5 years from now there will be zero spinning ballers.

      Jul 03, 2024 03:10 AM

      South Ben W….. I AM NOT A” FLAT EARTHER”… a little spiritual awakening would give you a clue….. 🙂

        Jul 03, 2024 03:22 AM

        Clues not required Jerry.

        I was simply showing some science, which you disparage.

        Pretty simple stuff but pretty smart too.

        But, its science. Easy to understand.

        I mentioned Chartster as he is the flat earth advocate. 😉

          Jul 03, 2024 03:28 AM

          1 Corinthians 2:14-16
          Whoever does not have the Spirit cannot receive the gifts that come from God’s Spirit. Such people really do not understand them; they are nonsense to them,

          And…. I was just simply showing…..which you disparage many times….Pretty simple stuff, easy to understand…. for those who believe……… 🙂

          Jul 03, 2024 03:30 AM

          b………… all is good………. have a great holiday…

      Jul 03, 2024 03:31 AM

      This ancient peoples story is getting under my skin…..Before recorded history about 8,000 B.P (Before Present)……Were these humans decedents of previous high technology humans who got wiped into near oblivion by a galactic type cataclysm…

      I have limited time to study…that is my current position….Sharp humans hve been hanging out long before Sumerian time frame initiation of civilization…imho

        Jul 03, 2024 03:47 AM

        I pointed out…….. Noah and the Flood
        Suggesting there were people , (they think in the billions that inhabited the earth), prior to the Sumerians,
        Does not mean these were little green men from outer space…
        Reason for the destruction…. which some do not like to understand…… can be coupled with
        fallen man… as is presently being revealed…. by the resurfacing evil elites currently…

          Jul 03, 2024 03:29 AM

          Ephesians 6:12
          King James Version
          12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

          THIS VERSE, ……. should be a wake up call…….. PAST and PRESENT…. because this evilness
          has been around forever…….. “spiritual wickedness”…….. in high places….

            Jul 03, 2024 03:32 AM

            Rulers of DARKNESS………….. and who are the” Rulers of Darkness.”…Now…..
            and ……………………………………….THEN, which are now being uncovered……

          Jul 03, 2024 03:02 AM

          Nope, no little green men that I am aware of.
          There have been multiple species of human tho.
          We have dna from neandrethals and denesovans for example.
          Both were around 4-500k- 30k years ago.
          Their dna in us is kind of a clue we have been around for at least 30k years.

          Among the oldest known remains of Homo sapiens are those found at the Omo-Kibish I archaeological site in south-western Ethiopia, dating to about 233,000 to 196,000 years ago, the Florisbad site in South Africa, dating to about 259,000 years ago, and the Jebel Irhoud site in Morocco, dated about 315,000 years ago.

            Jul 03, 2024 03:33 AM

            copied from Dean Henderson…….
            Recently, in another attempt to divide and conquer, their medium propagandists have pushed a narrative that science and religion are enemies of one another. Now we have seen that the Crown controls both.********* FOR YOU b…….sanfan

            Jul 03, 2024 03:29 AM

            The “crown” controls science and religion?

            Ya ok.

    Jul 03, 2024 03:47 AM


      Jul 03, 2024 03:30 AM

      Yes, open indeed…

      Jul 03, 2024 03:31 AM

      If Uncle Joe bows out…or gets whacked…I’m going to miss him. The “debate” was very entertaining. Uncle Joe can always make us laugh. And Hunter is helping Uncle Joe run the country now. Uncle Joe ain’t going anywhere. He’s in it to win and unless he gets whacked that’s what will happen. The Deep State and media will make sure he wins and will cheat to do it. The odds in the betting market have gone against Uncle Joe so this is a money making opportunity. This is an entirely corrupt Clown World society and country and to have an entirely corrupt Clown World demntned president of course makes sense. Enjoy the clowns and the circus…

    Jul 03, 2024 03:33 AM

    Larry……………….. from Dean Henderson…….
    Adam and Eve had been lured out of the Garden of Eden by an Anunnaki serpent that encouraged them to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. That “knowledge” can be seen as the worship of one’s own intellect at the expense of intuition, natural relationships, and reciprocity. It is no coincidence that the logo for Apple computers, one of the drivers of DARPA’s Silicon Valley Luciferian agenda, depicts an apple with a bite taken out of it.

    The bloodline had for centuries hidden behind both Catholic and Protestant religions, before using their Royal Societies to commandeer a fake science that they could use to justify their colonization and slavery. Recently, in another attempt to divide and conquer, their medium propagandists have pushed a narrative that science and religion are enemies of one another. Now we have seen that the Crown controls both.********* FOR YOU b…….sanfan

    But the people kept remembering. New scientists were rediscovering God in droves. Ironically, the DARPA net proved fruitful as a means to disseminate truth. Musk’s Teslas kept running into cops parked on the side of the road. Only 12% of Americans had gotten their COVID-19 booster. To appeal to this great mass of remembering humanity, the Tavistock would have to come up with a hip new cover. They called it the Woke Movement.

      Jul 03, 2024 03:34 AM

      poo poo b…………. you should have read the entire article before , doing a “Ya ok”…
      southfront fan
      7 hours ago
      The “crown” controls science and religion?

      Ya ok.

      This goes back to the BLOOD LINES , which most should know by now….
      Carlin knew… and you should know by now….

      Sure as hell controls the science… Got the JAB….
      Sure as hell controls the religion…501 3 b…

      Jul 03, 2024 03:56 PM

      1 Corinthians 6:3
      Don’t you know we will judge angels? And if this is so, we can surely judge everyday matters.

    Jul 03, 2024 03:47 AM

    Right Jerry,
    Dean is taking metaphorical liberty just like the great book…does not annoy me or lower credibility regarding his dense packed scholars work…thanks!

      Jul 03, 2024 03:34 AM

      You are welcome Larry………..

    Jul 03, 2024 03:34 AM
    Jul 03, 2024 03:43 AM

    Hah! Maybe you boys can talk to Hillary, too…and get some aid…

    Jul 03, 2024 03:30 PM

    “Uncle Joe ain’t going nowhere…”

    See what I mean?

    “No One Is Pushing Me Out” Biden Tells Staff As New NYT Poll Shows Trump Lead Widening

    If the Deep State doesn’t whack him it will be the Uncle Joe and Hunter show…for the next four and a half years…and the Deep State probably won’t because it is so late in the (s)election cycle.

    Jul 03, 2024 03:15 PM

    Uncle Joe…on the cover of Vague magazine… 🙂

    Jul 03, 2024 03:59 PM

    You want the names of traitorous political scum ?
    Watch this and note names.
    Of course Democrats want to import criminals……that’s a voting block for them.

    Jul 04, 2024 04:38 AM

    Americans really landed on the Moon – Roscosmos

    Lunar soil samples shared with Soviet scientists are key evidence, according to the chief of the Russian space agency

    Jul 04, 2024 04:07 AM

    For Chartster and others with flat thinking 🤔
    Cartographers have problems making Flat maps of the round Earth… 🤔

      Jul 05, 2024 05:29 AM

      Quite the opposite, Tommy.
      The most accurate map is the Gleason flat earth map. As they try to wrap it around the ball.
      The Gleason map shows international flights from point A to point B with precision.
      On the globe map, the flights are all jacked up.
      Proving yet again, flat earth truth. 😉

        Jul 05, 2024 05:28 PM

        Hi Chartster… Got to agree with you that for the northern hemisphere alone, the Gleason map would be the most accurate flat map of the round Earth… The article made that clear… But you need the flip side with Antarctica at the center for a map of the southern hemisphere to complete a map of the world…

    Jul 04, 2024 04:45 AM

    HAPPY 4th OF JULY………………….. FOR WE THE PEOPLE……………………..

    Playing The Trump Card
    Left Hook 7-4-2024
    JUL 4

    Excerpted from my book Royal Bloodline Wetiko & The Great Remembering: Chapter 19: Manufacturing the Two-Party Cult

    To create this new Woke Movement, the Crown first had to ensure that the political climate in the United States Corporation was right. President Barrack Obama won the election of 2008 and served two terms. Though many celebrated the election of America’s first black president, Obama for the most part picked up where the Bushes and Clinton left off in handing America’s sovereignty back to the Crown.

    His accomplishments included the assassination of arguably Africa’s greatest leader of all time, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, the unleashing of Aga Khan’s ISIS terrorists upon the socialist Republic of Syria, and the overthrow of democratically-elected governments in Ukraine and Honduras. There were claims that his father was a CIA agent in Kenya, a former British colony and part of the Commonwealth.

    Obama was cozy with the Chicago School of Economics, which was founded by the Rockefeller Foundation and produced advocates of an economy based on laissez faire capitalism like Milton Friedman and George Stigler.

    In 2016, Vermont’s Independent Senator, Bernie Sanders, rode a wave of disgust with this failed neo-British mercantilism that had overtaken the US during the Reagan years, as he stormed to the lead in the Democratic presidential primary. Sanders railed against Wall Street banks and the super-rich. Voting irregularities occurred in

    dozens of states and eventually the corporate media and the Democrats alike rolled over and crowned Hillary Clinton their nominee.

    But the Crown was alarmed by the sudden burst of democratic socialism that Sanders represented. People were remembering. The 2008 housing crash and the ensuing bailout of the world’s largest banks had reminded people of the stranglehold which the elite had on their lives. So the spies at MI-6 scrambled to create a candidate who could channel this new wave of populism into an outcome that the bloodline could live with. That candidate was Donald Trump.

    In 1987, Donald Trump purchased 93% of Resorts International, a CIA drug money laundry founded by Crown agents and cousins Allen Dulles and David Rockefeller as the Mary Carter Paint Company in the 1950s. A year later, Trump bought the Atlantic City, New Jersey, Taj Mahal Casino from Resorts International, then began buying up other properties on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

    But Trump was in over his head and he soon declared bankruptcy. His main creditor was Rothschild Inc. In 1992, Wilbur Ross, later Trump’s Commerce Secretary, struck a deal with Trump as head of Rothschild Inc.’s bankruptcy advisory team. Trump would relinquish control of 50% of the Taj Mahal and allow the Trump brand to be used by Rothschild Inc. as a cash cow and political tool. Before marrying future Trump senior advisor Jared Kushner, Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, had been dating Lord Jacob Rothschild’s son Nathan.

    In 2013, Cambridge Analytica was spun off from British private intelligence company SCL Group to “participate in American politics”. Its logo depicted a brain with vectors connecting dots. Its founder was Nigel John Oakes, who also founded SCL Group and the Behavioral Dynamics Institute, based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Oakes had ties to the British royal family. In the 1980’s, he had dated Lady Helen Windsor, daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. His father was Major John Waddington Oakes, High Sheriff of Warwickshire. The family was part of Britain’s landed gentry and Nigel attended blue-blood stronghold Eton College. There he met Alexander Nix, who after a fourteen-year stint at SCL Group would be tapped to head Cambridge Analytica.

    SCL or Strategic Communication Laboratories also owned AggregatelQ which “participated” in Canadian elections from its Toronto base. SCL had close ties to the British royals, the British military, NATO, and the US Department of Defense. One of its directors was Lord Ivar Mountbatten, second cousin of King Charles III and godfather to Lady Louise Windsor, another daughter of Prince Edward.

    SCL served as a psychological warfare contractor to both the British and US militaries in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the early 1990s, it began targeting elections in developing nations. In 2005, at the Defence and Security Equipment International trade show in London, SCL showcased its ability to “influence operations” and create “mass deception”. So successful were its efforts that the parent company now called itself SCL Elections.

    Cambridge Analytica insider Robert Mercer was an early pioneer in artificial intelligence and is a major funder of far-right US groups like Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute,, and Club for Growth. He resides at Owl’s Nest mansion in New York and was named as a director of eight different Crown-controlled Bermuda-based firms implicated in tax evasion by the Paradise Papers.

    Around twelve minutes into a British Channel 4 undercover interview, Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix bragged about how both Cambridge and SCL, often using Israeli contractors, had secretly manipulated elections in over 200 countries around the world. They used bribes, Ukrainian prostitutes, and fake election cards.

    It was later discovered that DARPA contractor Facebook had fed user information to Cambridge Analytica, which they used to steer the results of the 2016 presidential election in favor of their fake right-wing populist Donald Trump, who had been busy making the rounds on alt-right radio and podcasts proclaiming his willingness to take on the very establishment that was now rigging the election in his favor.

    As Nix put it in his Channel 4 interview, “We just put information into the bloodstream of the internet, and then watch it grow, give it a little push every now and again… like a remote control. It has to happen without anyone thinking, ‘that’s propaganda’, because the moment you think ‘that’s propaganda’, the next question is, ‘who’s put that out?’.

    The Crown knew that Trump was no populist. He staffed his entire cabinet with billionaires, cut taxes on corporations and the wealthy, and further deregulated the cartels. He cut off ties with the Palestinians and moved the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, enraging the Muslim world. And he launched Operation Warp Speed to expedite the Crown’s mass-vaccination eugenics program.

    But the most important thing Crown agent Trump did was enrage liberals and progressives with his haughty demeanor. To many conservatives, tired of what seemed like a well-coordinated mob of “political correctness” enforcers on the “left”, Trump was music to their ears. Trump would serve as a Trojan Horse through which GCHQ could divide its United States Corporation up into two seemingly different political camps that were controlled, like science and religion, by the same master.

    Astute conspiracy researchers, largely based in the US, had exposed many of the Crown’s machinations. And Bernie Sander’s popularity among frustrated youth scared the bloodline. Authentic left-wing populism was always their greatest fear, so they would invert accepted political theory by creating the alt-right as the new “populist” bandwagon.

    The bloodline’s modus operandi had always been a stateless privatized global piracy that set out to crush any democratic participation. How could the alt-right offer any meaningful solutions to this, since they seemed to believe in the same ideology? The old Masonic credo, Ordo ab Chao (Order out of Chaos), was about to play out once again. The Crown had played its Trump card.

    GCHQ monitored their Manchurian candidate and soon began to use him as a bad cop foil. Using a fake intelligence dossier from MI-6 agent Christopher Steele, Rep. Adam Schiff (CA), from the old Schiff banking family that intermarried with the Goldman Sachs and Kuhn Loebs, accused Trump of colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. Steele had run the MI-6 Russia desk from 2006-2009 before founding Orbis Business Intelligence, a private intelligence firm based in London.

    Using Trump as a foil, anti-Russian propaganda reached a fever pitch not seen since the Cold War. But this time, it was the liberals crying for Putin’s head. Deranged by Trump, these liberals, in another Crown-orchestrated inversion, came to love the CIA, the FBI, and the corporate media monopoly.

    Anyone who pretended to oppose Trump was their new best friend. And Putin was now their worst enemy. Though the Steele dossier and later attempts to connect Hunter Biden’s laptop to Russian disinformation both proved fallacious, the damage had been done. One of the Crown’s main objectives is to keep Russia and the US at odds with each other because if these two heavily armed countries ever got together in opposition to the Crown, their days would be numbered.

      Jul 05, 2024 05:09 AM

      After reading the above….. ONE MIGHT CONSIDER LISTING TO MIKE KING…. (posted below)

      Start at the 39 min mark……..for some thought processing ….

      I suggested DEAN H,… for some BLOODLINE connections… (which is his best work)
      Now it is up to people to do their DD and .to consider the other side …..of the TRUMPSTER……..
      what he actually did and is/might be doing NOW……..

      We are living in REAL TIME

    Jul 04, 2024 04:54 AM

    Conservative Heritage leader: ‘Second American Revolution’ will be bloodless ‘if the left allows it to be’

    Jul 04, 2024 04:33 PM

    HAPPY,HAPPY,and SLAPPY….. on the 4th…………. 🙂

    Public International Notice: So We Are Told
    By Anna Von Reitz

    This morning, the Fourth of July in the year of 2024, we are told that “President” Trump, the “Commander-in-Chief” of the British Territorial Corporation doing business as “the United States of America — Incorporated” has given the order to the U.S. Military to disclose what has gone on here.

    We are told that in “3 to 5 days everyone will know”.

    But will we?

    It seems very doubtful that those who have been chiefly responsible for the ruses and abuses will come clean, and far more likely that they will come forward with some fictional Hollywood narrative seeking to excuse themselves and make themselves look good —- while continuing to use and abuse.

    Historically, when cornered and accused of their vile religious practices and other criminal acts, the Vermin double-down and accuse others of what they have been doing themselves.

    So expect that.

    They use bit players as the Fall Guys to satiate public outrage, while the actual leaders and perpetrators escape to pleasant vacation homes and retreats. They sit in comfy leather recliners and watch their whipping boys go to the guillotines and gallows.

    Expect that, too.

    The whole political furor, the phony prosecution of Trump and the January 6th protestors, the staged election, the attacks against our food production facilities and oil refineries, the entire pandemic complete with rehearsals, the continued slow march toward the UN CORP 2030 goals, the so-called “Open Borders Policy”, the whole criminal house of cards that makes up the current financial system — all that they are going to explain? Without, however, incriminating themselves?


    We’ve been led to expect a full-on Hollywood extravaganza of unbelievable proportions, a combination of phony movie footage and Project Blue Beam illusions designed to make Donald Trump look like at least Moses, if not the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

    They’ve been telling us to “enjoy the show” for a decade. We haven’t enjoyed it yet, but the Queen Anons and others keep saying we are going to love it and love the way this Big Production ends.

    Our Shinola Sensors are set on High. We don’t expect any of this to pass the credibility test, but who knows?

    What we expect is a Hollywood-style softcore Horror Movie seeking to excuse and explain away all the things that we have directly observed for ourselves.

    We will be told that all the lies and cheating and stealing were necessary, part of a brilliant 160 year Master Plan. Yup.

    Never fear. Uncle Sam had it all in hand.

    We will be told that “aliens” or some other unknown entity or force was to blame, but a cult of Sabbatean Jews, based out of Frankfurt, Germany, and having secret ties to the Holy Roman Empire, will always be closer to the truth, and the truth will remain.

    They will make up an enemy of the people one way or another, and do their best to pin their donkey on the scapegoat.

    They will pay actors to play every role from Valiant Thor to JFK, Jr. and Princess Di —- and because we are chumps, because we are endlessly gullible, they will count on us to believe them.

    Feed us some bread and circuses, or what passes for it in the modern day, popcorn, and eight hour loops of movies to sell the narrative of the White Hats, right?

    They will do their best to scare the pants off us as they reveal the terrible danger that they were fighting against this entire time, the horrific lizard-like humanoid invaders and insectoid robots that they protected us from. The evil swamp creatures that live inside the Beltway….

    Think of mini-Godzillas and Praying Mantis-like robots ready to bite your heads off.

    We’ll be so grateful to them that any cost for their operations and upkeep will be happily accepted, even if it means being enslaved for another 300 years.

    Their leadership will be proven, their candidate the only choice. Mr. Trump will be so gracious in victory, we will forget that he’s an egotist and learn to love his nasal foghorn voice.

    They will try to sell us the faked Princess Di as a replacement for the failed (and actually non-existent) British Monarchy, and the faked JFK, Jr. as the American equivalent.

    Why not have a fake President for a fake government? And a fake Queen to run a non-existent Constitutional Monarchy?

    It’s all just actors on a stage, put there to distract attention away from what’s going on behind the curtain.

    It will be as staged as the “attack” on the World Trade Center, designed to sweep the ugly old elephants under the rug and open up a whole new day of accepting any lie they tell us.

    With or without Blue Ribbon Commissions to back them up.

    We expect a Hail, Mary attempt to keep the same old Players (albeit, wearing different masks) in place and in power. We don’t expect any sincere offer to change or admit mistakes.

    We expect more lies. More masks. More “confidence” tricks and illusions.

    So should you.

    They’ve all been caught red-handed, so what can they do?

    Answer: whip around and hand-cuff the guy standing next to them— and present him as the problem.

    See here? We captured all these criminals who used to be in league with us. Now we are going to bring them to justice….Gunslingers v Horse Thieves, in Technicolor.

    It was all a brilliant plan to draw out the Bad Guys, who were being bad in plain sight and mostly in public for decades at a time.

    We are told that this long-awaited theater production to end all theater productions is almost upon us. Almost.

    So we are told.

      Jul 04, 2024 04:04 PM

      Thanks for the informative posts today Jerry… Trump is compromised and just playing his part…
      And happy 4th to All. 🎇 🎆

          Jul 05, 2024 05:40 AM

          go to the 39 min mark……….. The Other Side of the “Q”uestion………
          points to consider…. FOR… TRUMPSTER……

          90% of the population will not have a CLUE………

            Jul 05, 2024 05:48 AM

            Check out the list of things TRUMPSTER DID………….

            HEYJOHN (this might be a good one for you to consider) and others who have questions, might consider, going over the list…
            ..go to the 54 min mark on bitter spit on AIPAC…
            Especially concerning the Zionist connection…. Vs… what actually happened….

            Good for a CONVERSATION

            “Proxies” are doing the behind scenes …. for Trumpster…..

            Jul 05, 2024 05:17 AM

            the TOPIC of AIPAC ,,,,,,to consider…

            There was mentioned , there are TWO groups , with different thoughts …… RIGHT AND LEFT groups… in AIPAC…………
            therefore,. … some single minded thinking of old, might be considered…..
            This is the only reason to give Trumpster some benefit of the doubt…..

    Jul 04, 2024 04:08 PM

    Uncle Joe said he’s the first vice president black woman…this after he said he finally beat Medicare…

      Jul 04, 2024 04:49 PM

      …maybe he is right….

      Jul 05, 2024 05:39 AM

      Joe is just identifying as a black woman when he was VP… He is keeping his gender fluid… He is appealing to his lgbtQ base…
      Sometimes he identifies as an old man with dementia… He does that to expose people that discriminate against such people… It is a hate crime to consider such a person incapable of being president of the USSA…

    Jul 05, 2024 05:56 AM

    PUTIN = Thats the way to do it. !!! Western leaders are cowards , apart from ORBAN.

    Jul 05, 2024 05:01 AM

    What Trump did Jerry? Of all people who have been talking about the two headed snake, to come back and say look at what Trump did is ludicrous.
    Picking and choosing is akin to those who pick and choose their scriptures to fit their narrative.
    You want to get into Politics? All roads start with AIPAC and the Zionists money period.
    D Trump is not the exception.

      Jul 05, 2024 05:11 AM

      HELLO JOHN…………
      Thanks for the reply……………

      Have you listened to the tape , at the 39 – 55 min mark…. there is a list which MIKE KING is going over
      which I find interesting, and I thought you might find interesting….
      and those topics,……. have been glossed over for a few years…..
      Have a listen , then get back to me…. thanks for your time….

      Check out the split… in AIPAC, which is mentioned in the list… 54 min mark…

      We will talk about the TWO HEADED SNAKE late…

      As far as the example of the “scriptures to fit the conversation”….
      one must know the meanings and who the scriptures are talking to…
      which you know most are CLUELESS, on RIGHTLY DIVIDING…

    Jul 05, 2024 05:13 AM

    We go back Jerry and you know I respect your opinion.
    These guys on this video are full of crap, period.
    To say that the dead women and children in Gaza is fake is beyond my comprehension.
    I wonder what the last book was read by this trio?
    Do yourself a favor and read “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” by Ilan Pappe and come back and talk to me.
    D Trump’s blatant disregard for the rule of law started with his appointment of his son in law Jared.
    You can debate D Trump’s merit but I refuse to engage any more.

      Jul 05, 2024 05:47 AM

      Thanks John,
      for your reply……..
      We go back Jerry and you know I respect your opinion. YES WE DO…..
      These guys on this video are full of crap, period………… NOT SO SURE ABOUT THAT
      To say that the dead women and children in Gaza is fake is beyond my comprehension…….. GOOD POINT
      I wonder what the last book was read by this trio?…………… GOOD QUESTION
      Do yourself a favor and read “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” by Ilan Pappe and come back and talk to me……………………………………………………………SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA…….
      D Trump’s blatant disregard for the rule of law started with his appointment of his son in law Jared……. THE LAW……. is BAR LAW ……. which is covered by Anna Von Reitz, ….considering the ACT OF 1871,
      You might consider going back a little in history……… REASON for WERE WE ARE TODAY…
      I AM TRYING TO TIE THE ENTIRE conversations Together…. As to WHY we are here in this SITUATION,
      AS ………………………. WE THE PEOPLE……….
      You can debate D Trump’s merit but I refuse to engage any more………….. IT IS NOT A DEBATE, as I said
      CONVERSATION……… to come to a CONCLUSION………………………….. THANKS…..


      Jul 05, 2024 05:08 AM

      But does one do when a religious group is determined to kill anyone who is not part of their group ?
      I could be talking about Israel attacking Palestinians in Gaza.
      Or I could be talking about Iran-backed Houthis/Yemenis attacking ships in the Red Sea / Gulf of Arabia.

    Jul 05, 2024 05:20 AM

    Trump is owned and operated by Israel.

    Jul 05 Economic and Political Free Fall Bob Moriarty YT

    Bob agrees.

    Imo People that believe Trump is some kind of saviour is more proof people believe anything when its said often enough.

    I just listened to Paul Craig Roberts, he believes people have lost the ability to reason.

    Might be the case.

      Jul 05, 2024 05:38 AM

      Bob Moriarty is always pure wisdom.
      What a sad day it was when he left the K E forum
      My favorite quote from Bob. “Are these guys on crack?

        Jul 05, 2024 05:01 AM

        Quoted to……… BIG OWL AND JIMMY…..I do believe….

      Jul 05, 2024 05:58 AM

      This is the United States of Israel. Won’t be long before Bubbly NuttyYahoo again addresses his slaves in the District of Criminals. I am sure he will get several standing ovations.

      Jul 05, 2024 05:59 AM


      Trump is owned and operated by Israel…..
      ……. GO LISTEN TO THE TAPE….. at the 34 to 54 min mark
      then comment…..

      Imo People that believe Trump is some kind of saviour is more proof people believe anything when its said often enough……
      …………IYO…..Trumpster is not the savior, just the figure head requested to run possibly… humm

      I just listened to Paul Craig Roberts, he believes people have lost the ability to reason..

      Might be the case……. IS THE CASE….. 🙂

      Always good to hear everyone’s OPINIONS………….

        Jul 05, 2024 05:05 AM

        I took a glance Jerry.
        I concur with John.

          Jul 05, 2024 05:11 AM

          What does ……….. “took a glance” mean?
          Did you actually listen to the tape covering the points on AIPAC 54 min mark.?
          and the “talking points” ….between 34 -54 min mark?
          Hard to believe there is not more thoughts than that….. humm

            Jul 05, 2024 05:52 AM

            b………any thoughts on the two AIPAC GROUPS……………. LEFT AND RIGHT?
            covered in that tape….

    Jul 05, 2024 05:49 AM

    Yup, thats a funny one.
    I got a laff.

    And yes, Bobs leaving diminished this site.
    Glad I can find his interviews elsewhere.

      Jul 05, 2024 05:11 AM

      …here come the evil pigs to the trough….steal your money and force poison into you

      U.S. Government Awards Moderna $176 Million Bird Flu Vaccine Contract

        Jul 05, 2024 05:34 AM

        It is all so funny….I keep smiling…The elites luv me my family and my blood line…..It makes me so happy…kinda warm and fuzzy feeling……I always think back to childhood…Watching some black and white T.V. movie w my dad….The slaves that built the pyramid for the pharaoh were worthless now w pharoh dead and pyramid finished….so, someone started smacking these clay funnel things and the sand poured into the calm seated slaves chambers….bye and thanks for your loyal service…The pharoh luvs you all….

        All the same currently…Vaccine is the new sand…They luv us so much and want to protect us all…glta

          Jul 05, 2024 05:32 PM

          How do you think this bird flu scare will play out? Do you think they will push it like they did with the COVIDs??? I hope not. glta

      Jul 05, 2024 05:18 AM

      What are they trying to do to Big Bird? The standard treatment for a bird with bird flu is euthanasia…

        Jul 05, 2024 05:22 AM

        Using a practice called “ventilation shutdown plus.”

          Jul 05, 2024 05:38 AM

          …how long before they use it on us???

            Jul 05, 2024 05:40 AM

            Good question… I would never go to any quarantine, fka concentration, camp… Seems like they have an improved process that does not need the Zyklon B… Less evidence… deaths caused by global warming and too much CO2 in the confined spaces.

            Jul 05, 2024 05:34 PM

            I wonder if Uncle Joe will mention bird flue in the Staphylococcus interview…and if he does he will probably say something crazy.

    Jul 05, 2024 05:22 AM

    Obama ordered drone strikes in several countries; killing over 4,000 people.
    Of these several hundred were completely innocent colateral damage, including 4 American-born people. (Without trial)
    (Source: A Promised Land – by Barack Obama )

      Jul 05, 2024 05:47 PM

      Can such assassins in the absence of a declaration of war be an official act? Or can we just call it murder and get on with the trial?

    Jul 05, 2024 05:40 AM

    Just imagine a couple of years into the future……….overt senility…..

    Jul 05, 2024 05:45 AM

    Meanwhile off the coast of India…..

    Jul 05, 2024 05:53 AM
    Jul 05, 2024 05:25 AM

    test o

    Jul 05, 2024 05:40 AM

    Democrats know they cannot win without cheating…..

      Jul 05, 2024 05:47 AM

      There is no win lose CFS.
      Only losers.
      At some point I would have thought you would start catching on.
      Can’t Fix Stupid (CFS)

    Jul 05, 2024 05:49 AM

    The problem is NOT lack of population growth, but political perpetual over-spending and borrowing from future growth.

    Jul 05, 2024 05:52 AM

    May 28th I put the price of Gold on the white board where I work. $2366.00
    Gold went down from that price until yesterday and today Gold is at $2394.
    68% of central bank’s reserves are in Gold.
    What are yours?

    Jul 05, 2024 05:54 AM
    Alex Jones beginning to fight back…..

      Jul 05, 2024 05:42 AM

      New SCOTUS……. ruling is in his favor…. IMO

    Jul 05, 2024 05:11 AM

    Dont know if anyone noticed or if it means much.
    The other day on kitco there was an article about what people in canada used to pay bills. credit card,debit card,e transfer,cash, what was miniscuale was crypto.
    People still prefer cash. Cards credit/debit is the lions share,then cash.
    Crypto is about negliable.

    Notice crypto dropping? and Gold increasing.

    I wonder if it means anything.

    Jul 05, 2024 05:26 AM

    This is how REAL Statesmen conduct buissness , unlike the PLONKER leaders in Europe & North America.

    Jul 05, 2024 05:07 AM

    Democracy in the U.K. ?
    ..What happens when political parties carve out political districts………….A different kind of democracy.
    (and it happens in the US also)
    Why do you think electoral districts can have such crazy shapes?

    Jul 05, 2024 05:14 AM

    Not only do the Zionists run AIPAC and our Body Politic, they also control the world financial system.
    The Zionist Israeli lobby (AIPAC) (MOSSAD) is old Organized Crime money laundered into legitimate business’s.
    Take the Crown family in Chicago, who obtained controlling interest into General Dynamics.
    During JFK’s presidency the largest military contract up to that time was up for bids on the FTX fighter.
    Kennedy was going with Boeing. One hour before Kennedy was assassinated, he is in a photo with the CEO of General Dynamics who was awarded the contract. General Dynamics was headquartered in Dallas and General Dynamics was in charge of security for the Kennedy motorcade route.
    So when you say AIPAC, try saying Zionist Jew mob money.

      Jul 05, 2024 05:09 PM

      Hello John

      I agree with everything you say in this comment…………

    Jul 05, 2024 05:24 PM

    Hello John,

    I wrote you a note….above……..concerning AIPAC… being two groups…. Left and Right

    The point I was trying to show concerning Trumpster from the video:
    , ……..was Trumpster putting the two groups at odds with each other…..?
    (that was Mike Kings thoughts)

    Please note…. I am still separating the points of view from various BLOGS or POD CAST, “Paytroits”
    which are going back and forth on Trumpster….
    When I find different views, I am trying to put it out for review for the audience to respond
    I have tossed in my mind,… the worthless clueless crowd , I know are out in the weeds…

    Always appreciate your comments… which I have said many times…. and thanks again…

      Jul 05, 2024 05:42 PM

      D. Trump is a “low vibration” individual.
      We are all electrical conductors and some us vibrate at a higher frequency.
      The Book is Power VS Force. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior-David R Hawkins, MD.,PhD.
      Human Consciousness is what runs the planet.
      Once you entertain a higher level of consciousness you are sure to be labeled as crazy. This is by design to maintain control.
      Nikola Tesla understood this and is quoted that the key to the universe is energy, frequency and vibration.
      The hardest part of educating yourself is the revelation as to how ignorant and uneducated people really are.
      People individually learn from past mistakes, collectively they never do.
      The last sentence is not mine but a quote from Martin Armstrong. Along with Bob M, I would consider Martin as one of those vibrating a little higher than most.

        Jul 05, 2024 05:03 PM


        Thanks for the reply…….

        Dean Henderson…. comments on the vibration in some of his writings….

        I find that interesting…..

        The hardest part of educating yourself is the revelation as to how ignorant and uneducated people really are.
        People individually learn from past mistakes, collectively they never do.
        A BIG DITTO ON THAT ONE………….

          Jul 05, 2024 05:18 PM

          I saw you posting from Dean’s book and I ordered it last night.
          David Icke does a pretty good job of tracing the bloodline as well. Only David links the fallen ones as reptilian and also the greys.
          David claims the reptilian ones and the greys are in control through a matrix that aims to keep people at a low vibrational frequency so they can feed off of this energy.
          David goes on to say that this is a left brain, right brain thing as the right hemisphere of the brain controls the creativity. He stated once you access the right brain, the reptiles and greys no longer can feed off your energy.
          All sounds pretty crazy, but now days, what doesn’t?

            Jul 05, 2024 05:09 PM

            Thanks John…………..

            I say ,…stay grounded…….. in Spiritual Wisdom……

            It will be interesting to bounce some more thoughts , once you
            get Dean’s book….
            Larry also, order the book….

    Jul 05, 2024 05:42 PM

    Hi Jerry… I listened to most of that Mike King tape… If it was not for the denial of the genocide in Gaza, his story sounded interesting, perhaps plausible… Deep hopium… The deep state players must be laughing at how these Q drops are be being interpreted by the hopium players… The whole movie/show consists of the Q followers stumbling all over themselves to make a white hat story out of it… I am pretty sure that operation Q is a spin off of operation mocking bird.

      Jul 05, 2024 05:22 PM

      Q !!!!!… It’s all fakery , but dont tell chartester, as he may trow a tantrum.

        Jul 05, 2024 05:58 PM

        Have you done any extensive research into the Q drops?

      Jul 05, 2024 05:32 PM

      Hello Tommy……………….

      The point of the exercise……. the video was to point out the Down Fall or the Positive of
      Trumpster…. as compared to Dean Henderson and Anna Von Reitz, which were negative on Trumpster.

      I pointed out, above, in my comments…….. 39 -54 min mark as points, that a lot of people
      have problems with assessing Trumpster…..good or bad…or points the “Q” people have
      as points that the military, white hats ect use….
      Everyone can judge for themselves……

      Thanks for your thoughts…..and comments….

        Jul 05, 2024 05:20 PM

        Jerry… I listened to that section you highlighted again… If King’s analysis is mostly correct, Trump is clearly a genius and his apparent impulsive nature is quite an act… Hidden brilliance – yeah, possible, but I really doubt it overall… Some points are probably true, like destroying ISIS… So the whole truth is really hard to pin down… Again, for me, calling the genocide in Gaza fake destroys their credibility… Too many sources confirm that genocide is real

          Jul 05, 2024 05:46 PM

          Tommy………. thanks for the review and comments……

    Jul 05, 2024 05:41 PM

    Globalists vs. Nationalists……….
    Biden is a senile socialist – a destroyer of countries and economies.
    Trump is a nationalist, a capitalist.
    Just don’t forget what made this country great…….and it sure was not communism.

      Jul 05, 2024 05:57 PM

      Early American history is not taught much anymore, but remember the Pilgrim Fathers initially set up their colony in Massachusetts along the lines of a religious extreme socialist society…… a land with abundant wild life and game.
      But if not for native Americans, they would have starved to death, even with the new technology of muskets. Communism just did not work for the Pilgrim Fathers, despite commitment to religion and ethics.

        Jul 05, 2024 05:31 PM

        Do communist get to vote…………. Pilgrims got to vote….

        I think the almost starving settlers were at Jamestown, where they landed
        in swamp territory….

        and you are right they do not teach history …..

    Jul 05, 2024 05:41 PM

    Great post of channel 17. Mike King does great research and is spot on.

      Jul 05, 2024 05:41 PM

      Thanks Chartster……
      I thought he(and the other two guys) made some good points, even if, some of the crowd does not agree…..
      I thought the important segment was 39-54 min mark….

      I thought I should present some supporters of Trumpster, since I posted two
      negative people,, Dean Henderson, and Anna Von Reitz….
      Some of Dean’s and Anna’s comments are not always agreed to….
      I have a problem with both in some areas… to be fair…
      and some points that , I agree 100%…..

      I will have to say…….. Nobody knows it all……Nobody knows what is coming

        Jul 05, 2024 05:57 PM

        The segment when they talked about Trump setting up the zionists was rich. And it’s spot on!
        A huge play that the Normies just can’t grasp.

          Jul 05, 2024 05:41 PM

          thanks for commenting…..

    Jul 05, 2024 05:07 PM

    Gaffes WILL BE EDITED OUT OF the Stefanopolis interview…….without doubt.

      Jul 05, 2024 05:37 PM

      …Staphylococcus most likely gave Uncle Joe’s handlers the questions in advance also…

        Jul 05, 2024 05:21 PM

        Joe’s senility is so bad, I’m not sure advance knowledge of questions will help.

          Jul 05, 2024 05:27 PM

          Biden did not score any points with his mediocre performance… And the post interview commentary is sufficiently negative that the Demonrats want him to drop out… Zero chance of Biden winning an honest election against Trump.

      Jul 05, 2024 05:41 PM

      Good one…………

    Jul 05, 2024 05:59 PM

    Chartster you are so full of crap I can smell you from here.
    Never once have you said anything about Trumps son in law, Jared.
    For that matter you have never said anything that goes against your idol worship and total lack of intelligence when it comes to things grounded in reality.
    Ya that’s it, Trump is setting up the Zionists.
    Give me a break. I suppose D Trump moved the U S embassy to Jerusalem because it was the right thing to do.
    Just like your Gold call. The cosmic intersection of dumb meeting stupid.

    Jul 05, 2024 05:01 PM

    Let us not forget who were the three amigos who thought huffing a hairdryer was a cure for covid.
    You can’t make this stuff up!

    Jul 05, 2024 05:13 PM

    Two things are worth commenting about what you spewed, John.
    Gold still will hit 1,051. But silver will hit 100 too.
    Trump moving the embassy to Jerusalem could be the right thing to do, or it could be real bad.
    When the leadership in Israel changes, and Palestine is liberated, those people could live together. And that would be a huge deal.

    On a side note:
    If you ever spoke to me in person the way you do on line, I would give you the Real spiritual awakening.