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July 6, 2024

Hi everyone, happy July 4th long weekend! Here is the political posting for the weekend.


I hope you all have a great weekend!

    Jul 06, 2024 06:22 AM

    Thanks Cory

    Jul 06, 2024 06:59 AM
      Jul 06, 2024 06:15 AM

      The above is a great reference to those CHRISTIANS….who have been HOODWINKED…..
      by Zionist FAKE JEWS……….

      There is neither GREEK NOR JEW…. in this dispensation…. KJV…1611… 🙂

      John……….you will find this interesting , I believe,….. which will give you
      some more ammo… against AIPAC…….

      11 min mark……….”national sin”…….. Nations do not sin, people sin….
      (Congress is full of liars and stupid Sheeple)

    Jul 06, 2024 06:13 AM


    Blackrock, Vanguard & QAnon
    Left Hook 7-6-2024
    JUL 6

    Excerpted from my book Royal Bloodline Wetiko & The Great Remembering: Chapter 19: Manufacturing the Two-Party Cult

    While most progressives were caught up in this Tavistock-driven campaign of inversion, many conservatives eagerly jumped onto the QAnon bandwagon. QAnon is an extremely sophisticated intelligence operation being carried out by QinetiQ, a British defense technology firm. All these “Qs” likely stand for “Queen”, who until her death in 2022, held the golden share in QinetiQ.

    Dean Henderson is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

    QinetiQ was launched in 2001 after British Defense Secretary Lewis Moonie privatized the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency. In 2003, the Carlyle Group took a 33% stake in the firm, but the monarchy maintains its golden share. The shady Carlyle Group, where President Bush Sr. and Sharif bin Laden alike had worked, is the world’s largest private equity firm with over $400 billion in assets. It is also one of the world’s largest defense contractors.

    The Crown’s DARPA social media contractors pushed disinformation out to both “sides” and America was soon on the verge of a civil war as the two Crown-manipulated cults warred with with one another. Of course, they didn’t understand that their respective gurus were being handled by the same ancient bloodline.

    In 2020, Senator Bernie Sanders again ran in the Democratic primary, garnering a similar groundswell of support. Again he was shut down by the corporate media just when it looked like he might win the nomination. Instead, the Crown marched out Obama’s former Vice-President and long-time Delaware Senator Joe Biden to carry their agenda across the finish line.

    Trump had divided the country like never before. Now they needed a compliant, or better yet, senile old man to preside over millions of vaccine deaths in his role as global hospice manager. And to serve as the frontman for their escalating attacks on Russia.

    Biden descends from British and Irish lineage. Both William and Christopher Biden had been officers with the British East India Company. His state of Delaware had served as a quasi-offshore banking locale for tax-dodging Crown corporations for decades. While Obama’s Vice President in 2016, Biden pressured newly installed Ukrainian President and chocolate billionaire, Petro Poroshenko, to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor who was looking into the illegal activities of Burisma, a natural gas firm in which Joe’s son Hunter Biden was deeply involved. These activities allegedly included the construction of secret bio-weapons research labs in Ukraine.

    Biden predictably chose California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. She is a descendant of Jamaican slave owner Hamilton Brown. Her husband, and now second gentleman of the United States, Doug Emhoff, was a partner at DLA Piper, the Crown’s law firm in the US. He recently made his first public speech. It was well-televised and warned of a growing wave of anti-Semitism in the US. Emhoff claims Jewish heritage, but remember, anti-Semitism is not opposition to Jews or Israel. It is opposition to those who spoke a family of languages that suddenly appeared in the Middle East 8,500 years ago, at the exact same time as the Anunnaki intervention.

    Amidst a swirl of election irregularities involving the voting machines of Lord Mark Malloch-Brown’s Smartmatic and Dominion Resources, Biden won the election. On January 6, 2021, a well-organized crowd stormed the US Capitol. It was later revealed that many of its leaders were FBI informants. The event served to cement the divisions between the two arms of the Crown cult – Democrat and Republican. It also provided a new class of “domestic terrorists” going forward, ensuring a boom in contracts at Homeland Security.

    The Biden Administration was quickly staffed with BlackRock alumni. With over $10 trillion under management, BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager. It is owned by the privately-held Vanguard. These two companies, which are actually one company, are the top two shareholders of nearly every single Fortune 500 corporation.

    Vanguard and BlackRock are major repositories for Crown wealth, as the bloodline increasingly leans on private equity firms to conceal whatever wealth they are not holding in City of London/Bank of England offshore accounts. State Street Capital and Fidelity Management Resources (FMR) are also powerful Crown-controlled investment firms, nearly always appearing in the top five shareholders of Fortune 500 firms.

    BlackRock was founded in 1988 from an initial investment by the Blackstone Group, which had just picked up numerous bankrupt Savings & Loans on the cheap following the CIA and mob-engineered S&L crisis. The names of these two firms are instructive. BlackRock was contracted by the US government to sort out the carnage after the 2008 financial meltdown that left AIG and Bear Stearns bankrupt. Their plan included handing Merrill Lynch over to Bank of America, Lehman Brothers to Barclays, Bear Stearns to JP Morgan Chase, and Wachovia to Wells Fargo. This resulted in the nation’s twelve largest banks now controlling 70% of all bank assets.

    Even before he made it to the White House, Biden’s chief political strategist during his 2020 campaign had been Michael Donilan, whose brother Tom ran BlackRock’s political think tank. Once Biden was elected, the BlackRock floodgate opened.

    BlackRock executive Brian Deese would come to head Biden’s National Economic Council. BlackRock founder and insider Larry Fink would become Biden’s top economic advisor. BlackRock senior advisor Wally Adeyemo would become Deputy Treasury Secretary and BlackRock executive Michael Pyle would become the top economic advisor to Vice-President Kamala Harris. On December 14, 2022, Adeyemo was elevated to replace Fink as Biden’s top economic advisor.

    Chief among Adeyemo’s tasks would be to advance the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) agenda that had originated at BlackRock, Vanguard, and Goldman Sachs.

    The Crown knew full well that the actual “woke” people were the ones who had already turned “Rothschild” into a dirty word, as they helped others remember what had happened to humanity and the earth throughout recent history.

    Now, using another rhetorical sacred science inversion, they would ascribe the term “woke” to the burgeoning ranks of technological zombies, who were dutifully carrying their cell phones (ankle bracelets) everywhere they went, enabling these unwitting Crown minions to pummel truth-tellers caught in the worldwide web who didn’t agree with the new BlackRock ESG social credit system. All the while these “woke” zombies were creating an environmental catastrophe as growing numbers of Amazon trucks ate up the pavement in order to satiate their never-quenched appetite for “woke” acquisition.

      Jul 06, 2024 06:50 AM

      Very good information… Thanks Jerry… Q = Queen…

        Jul 06, 2024 06:13 AM

        All these “Qs” likely** stand for “Queen”….
        Not proven yet….. but, sounds reasonable…..

        I am just putting this out as DEAN’s thoughts….

          Jul 06, 2024 06:00 PM

          QAnon is an extremely sophisticated intelligence operation being carried out by QinetiQ, a British defense technology firm. All these “Qs” likely stand for “Queen”, who until her death in 2022, held the golden share in QinetiQ.

          ☝🏻100% misinformation.
          Q is a NSA operation.
          There can’t be enough said about how the NSA has dismantled the cabal. Working with Trump, the white hats and military brought back from retirement.

            Jul 06, 2024 06:27 PM

            Thanks for the comment and correction CHARTSTER………

            as you can see from my notes.. it said. “LIKELY”… and I said.not proven …..

            THANKS FOR …Providing ….. what “Q” represents……

      10 hours ago

      Blackrock is not owned by Vanguard. Actually it is Vanguard’s mutual funds that owns a small percent of Blackrock’s stock. Please get you head out of your ass.

    Jul 06, 2024 06:46 AM

    Don’t you worry, boys. Uncle Joe is running the world…🤡 world…

    “Look. I have a cognitive test every single day. Every day I have that test. Everything I do. You know, not only am I campaigning, but I’m running the world.”

    And he’s doing the goodest he can do for you boys…

    “I’ll feel as long as I gave it my all, and I did the goodest [sic] job as I know I can do, that’s what this is about.”

    So get back to work, boys, to pay those taxes….NuttyYahoo is coming to town soon and with his hand out…

    Jul 06, 2024 06:50 AM

    Apparently, Phil does not understand this is the United States of Israel….

    How the Israeli Army Benefits from US Tax Law
    Tax exemptions that support war crimes are not “charitable”

    Get back to work boys, after all, you’re “Friends of the Israel Defense Forces” whether you want to be or not…and friends don’t come cheap…and with friends like these who needs enemies?

    Jul 06, 2024 06:04 AM

    Great history of 1800s regarding Jackson, Calhoun and Hamilton.

      Jul 06, 2024 06:37 PM

      Started on the video……
      Interesting on Hamilton, the scum bag, banker……and the other founding fathers did not like him.
      Interesting how Hamilton lied about Jefferson knocking up the slave girl ,
      …..lot of Blacks are not going to like that one….especially, those claiming
      to be heirs….23 min mark(approx)

        Jul 06, 2024 06:24 PM

        Great run down on American history…..(banking cabal)

    Jul 06, 2024 06:13 AM

    Ammo against AIPAC?
    What the hec are you talking about?
    What I try do is the same as when I became involved with A&E for 9/11 truth.
    I try bring awareness of the Zionist lobby, their power, their money, and how they have corrupted the Body Politic in the United States.

      Jul 06, 2024 06:48 AM

      “Ammo”…….. meaning some more info… sorry for the confusion….
      If, you listen to the tape…….. There is some great info. on the Scofield Bible references…
      which are totally screwing up the message of the BIBLE , and promoting Zionist agenda….
      Historically, … you can see how the money changers/elites/bloodlines/fake jews
      have put the WE THE PEOPLE in a plot to kill the entire world…
      Connecting the Christian preachers to contributing to the FAKE JEW AGENDA ZIONIST
      HIJACKING…. will give you , I am sure some added “ammo/info”

    Jul 06, 2024 06:11 PM

    Currently my focus is on the era B.C.
    The History of the world before Jesus is there and there is a story to be told about us as a civilization.
    Many things cannot be explained. Science when things cannot be explained tend to disregard and move on.
    To limit oneself to only the history of the Bible explains to me how easily people are “manipulated” with religion.

      Jul 06, 2024 06:53 PM

      To limit oneself to only the history of the Bible explains to me how easily people are “manipulated” with religion.
      ………. “Manipulation”, is why I shared the tape of the Scofield Bible… which taints the true history….
      Manipulation, is what is being done presently……

      BC history is fine,…. connecting the dots…..

        Jul 06, 2024 06:13 PM

        BC history is not fine.
        There are vast gaps.
        DNA shows a 100,000 years of BC history missing…….when there was total significant global travel and inter-breeding among Homo sapiens and to a small extent other hominids.
        Clearly, the “out of Africa” theory is simply not correct – shown by DNA.
        Chinese history pre 10,000 years ago has huge gaps. Western history pre 6,000 years ago is virtually non existent and yet huge megalithic structures exist all over the world.
        (How a 500 ton block of stone could be dragged up a narrow, steep mountain trail in Peru, for example, boggles the mind……could not even be done today with our technology..

          Jul 06, 2024 06:31 PM


          MY thoughts on BC……… means….. BEFORE CHRIST.(cruxifiction) …..
          so, ANY HISTORY…… BC,
          would include “your” missing history…..

    Jul 06, 2024 06:55 PM

    For example, take the book of Ezekiel.
    1:4 And I looked, and behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire unfolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst there of as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire.
    1:5 Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures, And this was their appearance, they had the likeness of a man
    1:6 And everyone had four faces, and everyone had four wings.

    1:19 And when the living creatures went, the wheels went by them; and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up.
    1:20 Whithersoever the spirit was to go, they went, thither was their spirit to go; and the wheels were lifted up over against them; for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.

      Jul 06, 2024 06:04 PM

      I agree w John and cFS and of course Jerry…It has been a huge awakening for me getting into pre-pharoh type history…The bloodline thing makes total sense from earliest pre-history…..The huge stone manipulations the fact that civil engineering was more advanced the farther back in time prior to 6k BC….The knowledge of cyclical catastrophe on earth proven w ice core samples and regular geology…For example both showing huge intervals of enormous carbon belt accumulation…Like a giant tsunami sweeping all the organic matter against some stop and leaving it for discovery…etc….Got to go, the Siren Sings…lmao

        Jul 06, 2024 06:32 PM


        “Like a giant tsunami sweeping all the organic matter against some stop and leaving it for discovery”DD

        Humm……… Noah and the Flood… Devil is in the details…. 🙂

    Jul 06, 2024 06:38 PM

    I cant disapoint and chime in.

    Imo religion is what keeps people from knowledge, expaning the understanding of our existance.
    Sure, there are little bits of truth here and there, even a clue or two.

    But overall?

    Just me of course and I know Im in the minority as there are over 5 billion believers in the god of abraham alone.
    Throw in the other gods and that pretty much everybody.

    Not understanding carbon dating is a big one, that alone keeps people blind.

      Jul 06, 2024 06:39 PM

      Hope you get a chance to listen to the segment on the SCOFIELD BIBLE scam…..
      which current billions of sheeple believe… concerning the FAKE JEWS….
      If, you have 5 billion people being taught by institutions which are backed by the FAKE JEWS
      then you have confused Sheeple , which do not understand Isreal and Jew did not
      exist at the time of Abram..and a promise………NOT ABRAHAM…..

      Jul 07, 2024 07:28 AM

      SF , ED John ect…….my bad

      Jul 07, 2024 07:52 AM

      Although carbon dating, because of the abundance of carbon, is by far the most common. However, there are at least half a dozen other elements which can and occasionally are used for dating – especially for earlier dates where carbon dating accuracy drops off.

    Jul 06, 2024 06:39 PM

    Hi Jerry:
    I would be interested on your interpretation what the book of Ezekial is saying in the verses I provided.

    Jul 06, 2024 06:35 PM

    Hello John…….
    First we know Ezekial was a priest…….
    Prophet to fore tell the future events….
    Ezekial message was the most spiritual of the prophets as he dealt more with the person of God.
    Prophet of the Spirit…….
    Ezekial is seeing the coming of the KINGDOM…which Revelation also speaks of…

    Remember these prophets are talking about things to happen,….when they come to pass,
    then they are samples to the believers, most of these events come about 400 years later

    The Whirlwind, …the brightness… is God

    The four creatures…..
    In the New Testament book of Revelation 4:6–8, four living beings (Greek: ζῷον, zōion) are seen in John’s vision. These appear as a lion, an ox, a man, and an eagle, much as in Ezekiel but in a different order.

      Jul 06, 2024 06:46 PM

      the four living creatures in the opening vision of the prophet Ezekiel (Ezekiel 1:10). The lion symbolizes supreme strength, kingship; the man, highest intelligence; the ox, lowly service; the eagle, heavenliness, mystery, divinity.

      In Matthew we see the Messiah-King (the lion).
      In Mark we see Jehovah’s Servant (the ox).
      In Luke we see the Son of Man (the man).
      In John we see the Son of God (the eagle).

    Jul 07, 2024 07:40 AM

    Thanks Jerry
    What do you make when Ezekiel speaks of the wheel lifting up from the earth?
    The wheel seems to me is something technical as opposed to spiritual.
    The wheel was invented 3500 BC, so Ezekiel had to have known what a wheel was.
    Any thoughts?

      Jul 07, 2024 07:03 AM

      John…. see my note below…. it was posted in wrong area…sorry..

    Jul 07, 2024 07:21 AM

    Just to let everyone know i am moving to North Korea …. Everybody is so happy there , & the bonus is , i get a new daddy ……. Wish me luck.

      Jul 07, 2024 07:52 AM

      …. that would be a good move…. I understand,. Kim and Trumpster have decided to build some condos on the beaches there…. lol..

    Jul 07, 2024 07:48 AM

    605 BC Ezekiel was around ,
    wheel was invented 3500 BC
    So, Ezekiel should have known there was a wheel….

    Now the meaning of the wheel “lifting up”………
    what comes to my mind immediately….. “do not add , nor subtract from this book”
    Deuteronomy 4:2,Revelation 22:18-19……
    Since Ezekiel was spiritual, to do GOD’s work…as a high priest…

    I do not think…… Ezekiel would be meaning anything other than “spiritual”…since his
    connection as a priest connecting to GOD ..was spiritual not technical….
    God is not a God of confusion…
    1 Corinthians 14:33
    33 For God is not a God of confusion

    These are my thoughts at this moment……

      Jul 07, 2024 07:25 AM

      If, I was to consider some of the discoveries that man is uncovering, and
      some writings of Dean Henderson, and some history channel info., and
      a few other podcasters, on the web, NASA, DARPA (dark side agenda types)
      Then , I could see a possible connection for the “technical”…..

      Like I said to Larry,….. there was a time before now, prior to the Flood,
      which was destroyed…. that is not NEW,
      Were those that were lost prior to the Flood more advanced?….
      Now , that is where I see the possible “technical”..thought you mention…
      That may even raise a thought, that since , Ezkiel knew about the flood, and
      could have known about some technical inventions as well,….
      But, I think, we need to stick with what GOD is trying to say or convey through
      THE BOOK…. with the spiritual in context…..

      I do think you raise a good question…. thanks for asking…

    Jul 07, 2024 07:55 AM

    Hi Jerry . This is why i am moving …… Happy days are here again………………………………………………. lol

      Jul 07, 2024 07:08 AM

      Almost makes me want to move……… 🙂

        Jul 07, 2024 07:47 PM

        I might opt to move to Russia… a Christian nation… either way i would need to learn a new language – and at my age, probably not.

    Jul 07, 2024 07:02 AM

    I am not going to paste the entire article….. Anna goes over the codes…

      Jul 07, 2024 07:01 PM

      Anna sure did talk a lot of word salad bumbo jumbo.
      She is right about a lot of stuff, but she’s just trying to split hairs with Derek. The question is, why?
      What is Anna’s agenda? (not looking good, Anna)
      Derek has lunch with Trump at Mar a logo from time to time. Anna never had that option. Telling..

      The bad side of the agencies and their spook controlled opposition network has come out hard against Derek. And we are seeing who they are. 😉

        Jul 07, 2024 07:31 PM

        The reason I did not paste the entire article….. is because there was a lot of info to digest,
        and some without study , would be over the heads of most….
        and some is mumbo jumbo indeed….

        You have some great questions, …I guess we will find out ,

        BTW…….. Anna is not going to have lunch with Trumpster, because she is not
        in his camp…that I can see…

        I do not think she is controlled opposition…..
        I remember putting up an article that she thought GITMO was active,
        and some people were being executed…. this was when Owl was around.

        Jul 07, 2024 07:40 PM

        Hi Chartster… could you please provide evidence that Derek has lunch with Trump from time to time?

          Jul 07, 2024 07:21 PM

          The pictures and comments are on his channel.
          He’s been there three times that I know of.
          I’m on his telegram channel, so I see it a lot.

            Jul 07, 2024 07:48 PM

            Chartster…. Could you provide some specific links – with Trump also in a picture… I think I found his telegram channel… the best pic I found shows Derek only:

            Jul 07, 2024 07:42 PM

            Go to “RattleTrap1776” on telegram.
            That’s his official page.
            Then scroll a gazillian pages back.
            He was there (Mar a logo) a month or two ago. And then two more times. Pictures with the Boss several times.

            Jul 09, 2024 09:58 PM

            Found some pictures, but none with Derek together with Trump. The April 5-6 pics are a bit strange, pictures of Derek alone and an empty ballroom…

    Jul 07, 2024 07:24 PM

    biden on … Who wants to be a Millionare…………..

    Jul 07, 2024 07:31 PM

    trump on … Who wants to be a Millionaire ……….

    Jul 07, 2024 07:34 PM

    “The Sh*t Is Going To Hit The Fan On Monday”: DC In Turmoil As Biden Says Only ‘Act Of God’ Will Dislodge Him
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    SUNDAY, JUL 07, 2024 – 03:44 PM
    After years of feigned outrage every time conservative media mentioned Biden’s obvious mental decline,

    Jul 07, 2024 07:47 PM

    Could you look over the video on the SCOFIELD BIBLE..

    I think it is IMPORTANT for further conversation….. Thanks…….
    OOTB Jerry
    Jul 06, 2024 06:10 AM


      Jul 07, 2024 07:29 PM

      I’m not against or for Israel. I hope they experience peace. However, the current oligarchy needs to be replaced. They have started enough crap in the Middle East and around the world.

      Regarding the Bible doctrine: they have brainwashed people to think Israel could do no wrong.
      And the people with Israeli passports are promised immunity when they do wrong. And those passport holders (most of them) are GITMO bound.
      It’s all catching up to them now.

        Jul 07, 2024 07:07 PM

        I find your answer kind of strange……

        “I’m not against or for Israel.”
        YOU SHOULD BE ,,,did you list to the tape
        ” I hope they experience peace. However, the current oligarchy needs to be replaced.”
        YOU WILL ONLY GET ANOTHER ZIONIST ….. they are funded by the Crown/US CORP.
        This is going to be a problem…..depending on how Trumpster handles this situation going forward …

        Thanks for the reply

          Jul 07, 2024 07:46 PM

          The Rothies are being removed from Israel.
          They’ve been the whole problem that nobody seems to talk about. Instead it’s Jew this Jew that.
          The problem is the Rothies. Was

            Jul 07, 2024 07:57 PM

            It is not just ONE FAMILY…….

            Jul 07, 2024 07:03 PM

            Exactlt Jerry.
            Rothchild is the answer for those to lazy to do the research but still claim to be some kind of authority on the subject.
            Typical answer from your average Trump Tard.
            I go through the same thing with the LaRouche people when they say it is the British. I tell them until you can start naming names you are doing little more than pissing in the wind.
            The gal that is in charge of my subsciption said I need to listen to more of the LaRouche teams information. I told her that maybe it’s time that the LaRouche people do some listening instead of meaningless blather that isn’t going to change squat.

            Jul 07, 2024 07:36 PM

            I know it’s not one family, but that family owned the land that we are taking about.
            They owned the land we were talking about.
            They owned the land we were talking about. Get it!?
            The deep state works for ‘the families’. From the radio talk show host getting 250k to parrot what they want you to hear, to the leader of a nation that gets 50 million a year to pillage the assets of the nation he controls.

            Jul 08, 2024 08:22 AM

            ditto John…………..
            “it’s time that the LaRouche people do some listening instead of meaningless blather that isn’t going to change squat.”

    Jul 07, 2024 07:20 PM

    Boys, live Schiff Show…

    Jul 08, 2024 08:58 AM

    Our current blue-blood hosts have total respect and luv for us….This activity infers we maggots require maggot juice to remain vital…lmao

    Jul 08, 2024 08:19 AM

    I will only post some of the article from Dean Henderson… BLOOD LINE Series….

    Wokism and Hive Mind Singularity

    Left Hook 7-8-2024

    The bloodline media feigned support for blacks, women, and

    transsexuals, while blacks sank further into poverty, salaries for women remained stagnant, and the Crown’s hospital cartel made a fortune castrating 15-year-old boys, and performing double mastectomies on teenage girls.

    They promoted sexual confusion as a way to further invert natural law, introducing more and more pronouns that were to be used to describe one’s sexual orientation. Drag queens started appearing at primary schools. Those who refused to use the pronouns or opposed the sexualization of children were shouted down as backward hillbillies who simply were not “woke”.

    The bloodline promoted trans-humanism for the exact same reason, using Royal Society member and spokesman Elon Musk to make it “cool”. Musk’s grandfather had earlier been a leader in the Canadian trans-humanist movement. Musk’s Neuralink is developing a brain mesh interface to essentially wire humans and computers together. His Starlink is providing targeting for the Ukrainian military while blanketing the planet with 5G satellites.

    I FIND IT INTERESTING THE AGENDA OF >……………..ELON paid to play the game… this guy just did not happen by his so call brilliance…. 🙂

    Jul 08, 2024 08:32 PM

    Derek Johnson addresses Anna V R.
    He sets her straight with facts in the first few minutes of the video.
    The rest of this video will show you the continuity of government operation. A great (and long) lesson. After watching this, you should feel good about how the military has taken down the deep state. Enjoy.

      Jul 08, 2024 08:15 PM

      Let’s give Anna some credit…………….
      .When have you ever heard anyone talking about the ACT of 1871….
      I think she was the very first, correct me if, I am wrong……
      There were a lot of people on this blog,… that were clueless,
      including Jimmy and Owl….
      I have been talking about it for years…..

      Has Derek,…… ever mentioned the Act of 1871 before now,,,…. just asking… since you follow him…

        Jul 09, 2024 09:26 AM

        And just how does the “City of London” enforce the Act of 1871 .?

          Jul 09, 2024 09:49 AM

          Fair question……CFs

          Jul 09, 2024 09:59 AM

          IS THIS A JOKE…
          ..Through the Crown agents…….called THE FEDERAL RESERVE
          Presently….which you should know by now…,,,, the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS…….which is/ are not Federal but, is a PRIVATE ORGANIZATION,
          Where do they sets the spot price for GOLD.?

          NOW CAN YOU……….. tell me WHO OWNS the PRIVATE CORPORATION……..???????????
          Where do they live???

          Doing the history prior to the Act of 1871…… on the “CENTRAL BANKS”….
          . 1st Bank Charter, 2nd.Bank Charter….. were for 20 year charters and had to be renewed…
          The presidents who did not renew… usually found themselves shot, taken out…
          Jackson busted the banks the , (which they tried to assassinate)
          and would not renew the charter to the cabal bankers.
          Lincoln……tried to bust the banks by printing the “GREEN BACK”
          Jackson knew ,,Just like Lincoln knew.., The TREASURY could do the JOB under the CONSTITUTION … After the death of Lincoln…..the Crown agents took over… with the help of congress..and the VP

            Jul 09, 2024 09:26 AM

            “GIVE me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” So said Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

            Jul 09, 2024 09:47 AM

            CFS………CASH FOR SILVER.(why?)…… thanks for the question….
            I think you , after over 18 yrs (approx)… being on the KER, should already know
            the answer….. and are just JOKING….. with the question…. maybe not… humm
            But, maybe you have not been paying attention…. nor reading the material presented….

            Now, Larry, is NEW, so I will give him a little space…..since, I believe,he has not been
            totally informed as to the HISTORY of the CON JOB which most Sheeple have not.
            ….All this has been covered over 10 yrs….( which Larry has not been exposed )
            AND LARRY……….THANKS FOR ASKING….. 🙂
            GOOD STUDENTS………..ask questions….

            You learn more out of school, than you do captured by the SYSTEM ….

            Jul 09, 2024 09:38 PM

            had a nice note Jerry…latter I will recontruct…later!

            Jul 09, 2024 09:47 PM

            But things have changed since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.
            My father-in-law used to own stock in the Federal Reserve Corp, but that was compulsory taken.

            Is the Fed now private or public?

            The answer is both.
            While the Board of Governors is an independent government agency, the Federal Reserve Banks are set up like private corporations. Member banks hold stock in the Federal Reserve Banks and earn dividends. Holding this stock does not carry with it the control and financial interest given to holders of common stock in for-profit organizations.
            The stock may not be sold or pledged as collateral for loans. Member banks also elect six of the nine members of each Bank’s board of directors.
            So basically the Fed acts like part of the Government, but is doctored to look like it is bank owned.
            However, Fed profit is heavily regulated, and excess goes to the treasury.

            Jul 10, 2024 10:12 PM

            I posted a comment……… to your above post………… seems it went missing….
            but, I posted you below………. as to your nonsense…..

    Jul 08, 2024 08:17 PM

    Anna has a lot of knowledge, but she’s leading people astray. Derek is showing you the deal.

    I have been talking about the act of 1871 for over 20 years. And gave you the info on it about 10 years ago. Back when Al had a senators aide on the show. Glen

      Jul 08, 2024 08:19 PM

      I will agree……… 10 yrs…….. of talking about it, and the sheeple are clueless…..
      And thanks for the lead….

      At this point, ….. saving America is the GOAL…..

        Jul 09, 2024 09:21 PM

        Agree 100%, saving America is the goal!

    Jul 09, 2024 09:42 AM

    The power of crowd-source.

    Jul 09, 2024 09:42 AM

    I read this today…………….


    Jul 09, 2024 09:31 PM

    Chartster…………….. you need to listen to Michelle and Mike Gill………
    Uncover……. FLYNN, Sidney Powell, Candice Owens…… about the 49 min mark….
    FBI, CIA ,…. informants

    FLYNN and Rodger Stone…. in the same boat…

    Neno and Juan……….in the same boat

    Haley, ……. is a Bush cabal member..

      Jul 09, 2024 09:01 PM

      98% of the pod casters are CIA FBI informants…..per Shelby Bushe ,,, Liz Harris…. 1:hr 07 min mark
      (talking during the ‘”brokered Convention”….of the RNC Arizona meeting…

      OUR NATION IS IN SERIOUS TROUBLE……………. SHeeple are way to lazy to ferret this out…

        Jul 09, 2024 09:34 PM

        GO to the 1hr 41 min mark…………… for the LIST OF TRAITORS …………..
        pretending…….. ANN VANDERSTEEL…. STEW PETERS……

        NAPALM…………. organization of lies…..

        setting up….Another false flag ……
        Tactics…. ‘called by GOD…… and Patriot……

          Jul 09, 2024 09:11 PM

          Jerry… I can’t believe I took time to listen to that… I need a score card… I don’t know who can be trusted… I certainly believe 98% of the podcasters are compromised… Imagine starting a channel and podcast trying to make ends meet and getting an offer from the CIA or FBI that you just can’t refuse… With the money resources the deep state has the podcasters could all be paid off… Not sure STEW is compromised…

            Jul 09, 2024 09:39 PM

            Hello Tommy……
            There is a lot of info to digest….
            One thing for sure… there are a lot of……”PAYTROITS”…. and MiKe Gill and Michelle, do not
            seem to be those…..JMO…
            I will let you know if, I change my mind……..
            I have been sifting though this stuff, for decades… 🙂

            Jul 09, 2024 09:11 PM

            We know a few things are true…………….
            ONE……….concerning Niki Haley running for pres. via… Bush family cabal
            I posted the info…. last week on the “BROKERED CONVENTION in Arizona….


            Jul 09, 2024 09:33 PM

            See BELOW ON HALEY…………… she has FOLDED……. and for good reason….

            Jul 09, 2024 09:59 PM

            Ditto on Haley… 100% neocon…

          Jul 09, 2024 09:38 PM

          I listened to Michele and Mike. I like Mike and he is right about a lot of stuff. But he also wasn’t completely honest about a few things.
          Juan never said he was JFK. jr. That’s a lie.
          Juan gave a very detailed reason about why he thinks William (not Charles like he said) is the anti Christ. And if he is correct on his explanation, he very well could be right.

          I’ve met several of the people they outed in person. And I’ve look two of them eye to eye and told them they were shills, I im not buying the sh-t they sell.
          Pete and Anne are shills.
          Juan might be agency, but on the good side.

          Is the in-fighting not crazy, or what?!
          When the hammer drops, these shills will go poof!

            Jul 09, 2024 09:57 PM

            You need to relisten to the tape………..
            He never said Juan was JFK….some other nut job was…. give me a Min. Mark…

            Juan……. needs to get his scriptures correct….We are not in the end times…

            I’ve met several of the people they outed in person. And I’ve look two of them eye to eye and told them they were shills, I im not buying the sh-t they sell.????????
            WHO are you they???

            Juan …….is a “PAYTROIT”…if he is agency… and who could TRUST agency …

            Who is Pete?

            Jul 09, 2024 09:14 PM

            If, you KNOW MIKE GILL , is not truthful on a FEW THINGS……

            WHAT ARE THEY…?

            Jul 09, 2024 09:49 PM

            I already said what I thought Mike was not truthful about. But I’ll say it again.
            Mike said that Juan ‘said’ he was Jon Jon.
            That is completely false. Juan never said he was Jr. It was a goofy rumor some moron started.
            And I’ve met him. He’s not Jr.
            They also went after Nick who did the greatest show on earth movie. And they were off base.

            Im all about shining light on the shills, just be correct.

            Michele and Mike spent that whole podcast trying to out people. Makes me wonder, why?
            And they were wrong quite a bit.

            Jul 09, 2024 09:07 PM

            I think JFK Jr is dead, or….
            Depending on which QAnon devotee you ask, the real, living JFK Jr. is a man named Vincent Fusca, or another man named Juan O. Savin – real name Wayne Willott.

            Jul 10, 2024 10:12 AM

            I responded to your post last night but it was removed. Maybe we catch up to topic later.
            Topic of the truther crowd, good and bad.

            Too many balls in the air right now.

            Jul 10, 2024 10:18 PM

            This web site…………. is short lived….. soon to be in the dust bins of HISTORY….
            and the Poor sheeple …. will continue to be CLUELESS for another 100 yrs….

    Jul 09, 2024 09:11 PM

    bill gates…..mRNA…..Chemtrails….. & other poisons.

      Jul 09, 2024 09:35 PM

      Ask OWL….. if, he still thinks Gates is a good guy…. lol

      Is there any new info…. we have been talking about the Chemtrails for several years now…
      We know Rocky medicine, …laced with oil… is ONE BIG SCAM….

    Jul 09, 2024 09:32 PM

    UPDATE…………………… Correct my statements………..Haley got caught and has folded…..
    I guess she did not like the thought of going to GITMO…. lol or the joke is on her

    Haley Releases Delegates, Urges Them To Back Trump Ahead Of RNC Convention
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    TUESDAY, JUL 09, 2024 – 06:20 PM
    Authored by Jackson Richman via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

    Former GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley announced on July 9 that she is releasing her 97 delegates and urging them to support former President Donald Trump.

    Jul 09, 2024 09:00 PM

    Speaking of Bill Gates:
    His latest venture is “Ento Milk” That is milk made from crushed up maggots, and Black Soldier Fly larvae.
    Walmart is selling 0% milk as well. I wonder if that is a warm up for Ento milk?

      Jul 09, 2024 09:09 PM

      Black Soldier Fly? Only a matter of time before Gates and Biden make milk from crushed Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldiers.

      Jul 09, 2024 09:24 PM

      …hate to find out what Gate’s chocolate milk is made of…

      Jul 10, 2024 10:15 AM

      Black Soldier Fly Lives Matter

      “The adult black soldier fly is not usually considered a pest (Newton et al. 2005). Because the larvae have been shown to be effective manure recyclers, a “Black Soldier Fly Manure Management System” has been proposed to not only reduce livestock waste, but also generate a food source for fish and other animals. In a program outlined in Newton et al. (2005) swine manure was fed to black soldier fly larvae, which greatly reduced the waste material.”

      Jul 10, 2024 10:22 PM

      John, it’s only a matter of time before our rulers outlaw beef and put this in the stores…and FEMA camps…bon appetite, as they say in France…have a Macron burger…

    Jul 09, 2024 09:48 PM

    I made comments about the Federal Reserve up above.

    Jul 10, 2024 10:06 PM

    saw you note above on the deletion…. catch up later…..

    Jul 10, 2024 10:33 PM

    I told you boys Uncle Joe ain’t going nowhere. He’s in it to win it and win it he will because the DemonRats, MIC, media, swamp creatures of every stripe, academia and all the other corrupt institutions (pretty much every institution in this country is corrupt) will make sure of it. Trumpster will get gamed just like last time.

    I told you boys the second Biden got (s)elected it would be 8 years of Uncle Joe and Kamaltoe. He will be running on fumes (more like crawling) towards the end of his second term, but the DemonRats will make sure he hangs in there no matter what, even if they have to do a Weekend at Biden’s operation. And if he kicks the bucket and they can’t hide it, they’ve got Kamaltoe.

    “If it becomes clear Joe won’t go, the party and its propaganda outlets will quickly pivot.”

    It’s clear now.

      Jul 10, 2024 10:15 PM

      Uncle Joe ……….. is a FREAKING NUT JOB………… put him out to pasture…. and forget commenting any further on the NUT JOB…..
      BTW………. where is Russell … and the other Biden lovers…. lol..

        Jul 11, 2024 11:58 PM

        Yes, Jerry. He is a freaking nut job, BUT we live in a freaking nut job country and 🤡🌎 (Clown World) country. So why should the politicians be any different? Uncle Joe is a perfect fit for our Clown World country.

      Jul 10, 2024 10:18 PM

      Post went missing in action….

        Jul 10, 2024 10:08 PM

        …maybe Uncle Joe ain’t going anywhere…..but your posts are… 🙂

    Jul 10, 2024 10:19 PM

    anything Biden is going down….

      Jul 10, 2024 10:20 PM

      It is getting very late in the game…and Uncle Joe and Dr. Jill have dug in their heels…the only way they get rid of Biden is to whack him but then they have Kamaltoe…so they will make sure the focus will turn to the “Trump as Hitler” narrative…and look for their rhetoric to go after the “deplorables”

        Jul 10, 2024 10:33 PM

        Joe will go, IMO. They can always take him out with the 25th Amendment. The man is not capable of doing any job.

          Jul 11, 2024 11:24 AM

          I predict about one more week before he goes. Logistically it is now becoming very, very difficult to get an alternative Democrat on many ballots for the November election. (Other than, perhaps, Harris, but she’s a loser, nationally.)

            Jul 11, 2024 11:56 AM

            People have been counting Uncle Joe out since the day he was (s)elected…for instance….remember Chartster and the rest of the Q’sters saying Trumpster was going to take back the White House within a few months of the inauguration? And how many else were saying Uncle Joe wouldn’t serve out his first term, let alone run for a second? Many. Never underestimate the absurdity and corruption of this system. Uncle Joe befits our 🤡🌎 (Clown World) country.

            Jul 11, 2024 11:24 PM

            EBO………… great summary…….
            As long as the Bloodline Families are in charge….. NOTHING FGOING TO CHANGE….

            The majority of SHEEPLE ARE BRAIN DEAD…..CLUELESS………

    Jul 10, 2024 10:23 PM

    Your next flight…say hello to your fellow passengers… 🙂

      Jul 10, 2024 10:30 PM

      WOW……that is scary sick chit….imagine the pandemonium if escape was mid flight over the pacific….whoah

    Jul 11, 2024 11:55 AM

    Trump considering cutting back intel sharing with Europe, officials warn

    Jul 11, 2024 11:00 AM

    Watch: Trump Fumbles Repeatedly in Terrifying Speech at Florida Rally

    Nothing about Hannibal Lecter or sharks this time

    Jul 11, 2024 11:22 PM

    Destruction of the 4th branch of government and the SES (senior executive service).–jun-28-2024-supreme-court-deals-death-blow-to-deep-state-destruction-of-th.html

      Jul 11, 2024 11:32 PM

      2min 37 mark………… love it….

        Jul 12, 2024 12:28 PM

        Ditto O^O… 👍 Chevron Bad… Limiting executive powers Very Good 😊

      Jul 11, 2024 11:35 PM

      2min 47 min mark….. GAME CHANGER…………..

        Jul 11, 2024 11:49 PM

        7 min mark………. 🙂 X X X CLUE…..

      Jul 11, 2024 11:39 PM

      7 min mark………………. HEADS UP SHEEPLE………

    Jul 11, 2024 11:22 PM

    ype rest

      Jul 11, 2024 11:31 PM

      …test failed…or is that a couple of words from Uncle Joe?

    Jul 11, 2024 11:18 PM


      Jul 11, 2024 11:30 PM

      Dang it, Larry. If I knew there was a test I would have studied…maybe get one of those 🐍 off the airplane to help… 🙂

        Jul 12, 2024 12:41 AM

        All I can say ED…I also use humor to save my carcass…..I like your choices…..’the wall’……should be renamed, ‘off the wall’…lol

    Jul 11, 2024 11:32 PM

    “I wouldn’t have picked Vice President Trump to be vice president, if she’s not qualified to be president.”

      Jul 12, 2024 12:35 AM

      Great Video……. more sheeple need to do their homework…. on the history….

        Jul 12, 2024 12:22 AM

        You will know in PART……………. Lot of great history……
        Makes you wonder about the CONGRESS……

      Jul 12, 2024 12:51 AM

      The U.S. is an accomplice to the genocide in Gaza.Not the american people? Consider people in Texas raising the red cows for sacrifice in Israel.

      How about Al stateing his support for Israel.

      There are many american people supporting the genocide.

      Young people seem to have more empathy tho so maybe all hope is not lost.

      Dont think Canadians are of the hook either.

      A conversation I had with a young lady the other day, she told me the 1948 thousands murdered no longer count as it was so long ago.

        Jul 12, 2024 12:00 AM

        WE THE PEOPLE………….. are StUPid…….. we have been HOODWINKED concerning FAKE JEW ISRAEL ..
        Christians have been HOODWINKED, as I pointed out in the use of the Scofield Bible….

        EBO video… uncovers a lot of info that , I have not seen before….

          Jul 12, 2024 12:41 AM

          Its simple really, people believe as they are told to believe.

          Has nothing to do with stupid, tricked, education etc, its just plain human.

          A small percentage of people investigate for themselves, other than that, its what we are told.

          The people ruling have known this for thousands of years . Its not new.

            Jul 12, 2024 12:32 PM

            Social beings need to cooperate to achieve great things. Trust and skill specialization enhances progress. When that trust is abused, such that no one can trust anymore, the advantages of that social cohesion is lost. People can no longer become invaluable specialists, instead they must become jacks of all trades and a master of none.

    Jul 12, 2024 12:24 AM


      Jul 12, 2024 12:14 AM

      The WEF is determined to destroy evidence of early human history.
      We can only guess as to why……..

        Jul 12, 2024 12:26 AM

        Good video cfs.

        I can only guess why they dont want people to understand this stuff.

        The god of abraham religions dont want people to know the truth?
        The lizard people actually do run the planet and we are after all just food?

        Abraham was a lizard?

        Whatever the reason something tells me I wont live to see the truth of it.

      Jul 12, 2024 12:44 AM

      Freaky handles Jerry… 🤯 Keyboard ⌨️ problems? Trying to hide your identity?
      OOTB J
      OOTB ……………………… 🙂

        Jul 12, 2024 12:44 PM

        Going back to my old habits………….. I think I am going to change my handle….
        to just “O”………… 🙂

        Jul 12, 2024 12:01 PM

        🙂 I posted something before this…..saying I was thinking about changing my handle
        to simplify my life….. signed…. “O” Anon….

          Jul 12, 2024 12:47 PM

          Hi Jerry… Personally, I like O^O… I was thinking I might change my handle to “Doubting Thomas”….

            Jul 13, 2024 13:25 AM

            Hello Doubting Thomas…………..
            O^O…… was one of my first handles…. 🙂

    Jul 12, 2024 12:03 AM

    My log in keeps glitching out and saying ERROR…unrecognized email…no idea….

    I think this is real…Trump will inherit an unfix-able debt package and contracting labor/employment situation…With BRIC’s having no reason to co-op….

    Jul 12, 2024 12:58 AM

    AMERICANS………………. should view EBO’s video….. on Zionist Washington…

      Jul 12, 2024 12:43 PM

      That was a good video. They are wrong about Trump though. But they don’t understand the way things are being gamed-out.
      Israel is losing in the court of public opinion now.
      It’s necessary for that to happen so the leadership can be taken down.

    Jul 12, 2024 12:20 AM

    More support for impact theories during Younger Dryas events.

    Jul 12, 2024 12:28 AM

    Meanwhile in D.C. the lying scum are silent…..

    Jul 12, 2024 12:15 PM

    The truth behind the treasonous Bush’s and McCains. From spookd. (whom was there)

    Jul 12, 2024 12:15 PM

    Great job Eddy.
    It all goes back to the JFK assassination.
    Trump was suppose to release the documents, so was Biden.
    Chartster is still the board dolt.

      Jul 12, 2024 12:58 PM

      YES……. EBO…….DID A GREAT JOB in finding that Video….
      A tremendous job ,….connecting the dots….

      Jul 12, 2024 12:12 PM

      Thanks Jerry and John. Here’s that guy’s site. He has a couple other documentaries including how the Zionists are doing all they can to get us into a war with Iran.

      Jul 12, 2024 12:17 PM

      There will be a proper time to release the JFK files.
      Those with low IQ don’t understand that.
      The disclosure of many things are dripping out.
      The dam will break with all of it! When the sheep are ready.

      As the song says: “ this puppet show, it stays on because of you fools”.

        Jul 12, 2024 12:28 PM

        More imbecilic babble from the dolt.
        There will be a proper time. What another load of crap.
        The time was years ago and it didn’t happen.
        Your Trump f*c ked you, only your to ignorant or stupid, take your pick, to acknowledge it.

        Jul 12, 2024 12:02 PM

        The proper time to releaseJFK files is long passed.
        But those who committed the crime, just like 9/11, have colleagues (CIA) who still have influence and power.

    Jul 12, 2024 12:59 PM

    Secessionist Sentiment Sweeps Across the US, Discover Which States Want Out

    Looks like about 10 states considering. with from 20-30% of their people.

    They mention debt,rights and unelected officials.


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