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Sean Brodrick – Market Reactions To Fed Policy, Gold And Oil Stocks, And The Tech Supercycle

Sean Brodrick reviews how he is investing in US equity markets, gold and gold stocks, oil and oil stocks, and the tech supercycle with artificial intelligence stocks, robotics stocks, and defense stocks into this megatrend.

Tue 26 Mar, 2024

Sean Brodrick – Investing Outlook On Gold Stocks, AI Stocks, Defense, Cybersecurity, And Oil Stocks

Sean Brodrick focused on investing in gold, gold stocks, artificial intelligence stocks, defense stocks, cybersecurity stocks, and oil stocks, laying out the fundamental growth case for each.

Tue 5 Mar, 2024

Weekend Show – Dana Lyons and Marc Chandler – Many Areas To Make Money In The Markets, An Assessment Of The US Real Estate Market and Community Banks

    Welcome to The KE Report Weekend Show! On the show we balance the first half with trading strategies to take advantage on a…

Sat 10 Feb, 2024

Sean Brodrick – Investing Outlook For Stocks In Uranium, Gold, Oil, Artificial Intelligence, Defense, And Cybersecurity

Sean Brodrick discusses how he’s managing his portfolio with regards to equities exposed to uranium, gold, oil, artificial intelligence, defense, and cybersecurity.

Tue 16 Jan, 2024

Sean Brodrick – Investing Outlook For A.I., Defense, Uranium, Oil, Lithium, Copper, Steel, And Gold Stocks

Sean Brodrick, shares his outlook on artificial intelligence, defense, uranium, oil, lithium, copper, steel, and gold equities, and how he is rebalancing his portfolio.

Thu 21 Dec, 2023

Liberty Defense – Two Technologies, HEXWAVE and HD-AIT, In Early Stages Of Sales And Development

I was recently introduced to Liberty Defense Holdings (TSX.V:SCAN – OTCQB:LDDFF – FWB:LD2A) which is advancing two technologies, including one product, in the security sector….

Thu 31 Aug, 2023
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KWESST Micro Systems – Brandon Tatum discusses the 2 primary markets for the low energy cartridge system

Brandon Tatum, former police officer and author of Beaten Black & Blue, as well as Spokesperson and Advisor for KWESST Micro Systems (TSX.V:KWE – OTCQB:KWEMF)…

Fri 13 Aug, 2021
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Kwesst Microsystems – A review of the product lineup for this Defense and Security Company

David Luxton, Executive Chairman of KWESST Micro Systems (TSX.V:KWE – OTCQB:KWEMF) joins us to expand on some of the key Defense and Security product lines…

Tue 6 Jul, 2021
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KWESST – A Defense and Security Company with multiple products coming to the markets

David Luxton, Executive Chairman of KWESST (TSX.V:KWE – OTCQB:KWEMF) joins me to introduce this Defense and Security Company that has a number of products, some…

Thu 13 May, 2021
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