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Chris Temple joins me today to outline why he thinks the upcoming earnings season and trade issues need to be the main focus for...
Wed 10 Apr, 2019
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Chris Temple wraps up the markets for last week and today and more importantly recaps the G20 meeting. The markets are telling us that...
Mon 3 Dec, 2018
Chris Temple and I discuss the US jobs data released today that was strong accords the board. Most importantly was the wage growth numbers...
Fri 2 Nov, 2018
I know the new trade agreement between the US, Canada, and Mexico is not called NAFTA anymore but you all know what I am...
Mon 1 Oct, 2018
Doc joins me today to provide his thoughts on the recent Canada and US trade agreement. We also discuss the market reactions and take...
Mon 1 Oct, 2018
Chris Temple joins me to wrap up the markets for this week and more importantly the monthly close. We discuss the US markets at...
Fri 31 Aug, 2018
Marc Chandler, Head of Global Currency Strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman wieghs in on the new NAFTA deal (which Trump said we should not...
Mon 27 Aug, 2018
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KER Politcs this weekend features Chris Temple and comments on everything that the main stream media is reporting. Al and Chris talk about the...
Sat 23 Jun, 2018
With political news and central bank actions continuing to be on the mind of the many investors Marc Chandler, Head Of Global Currency Strategy...
Thu 21 Jun, 2018
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Tariffs and Trade Wars have been a focus for a while now but we need to remember these actions were all started to get some…

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King Dollar and Trade War Worries Persist

Marc Chandler, Head of Global Currency Strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman joins me today to provide some insights into the currency markets. The Yen has…

Wed 23 May, 2018
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Lots To Talk About – Yield and Oil Breakouts, USD Rising, Gold Falling, And Trade Talks

I am taking the morning to record a couple editorials rather than swing by the Cambridge House show. However I will be there later today…

Wed 16 May, 2018

How Long Can The Back and Forth Markets Continue?

Chris Temple joins me today to share his thoughts on factors driving the markets. We discuss the ongoing trade war talks with China but also…

Mon 9 Apr, 2018

Trade Wars – There’s A Lot More At Play Then Tariffs

John Rubino joins me today to continue our discussions on tariffs and the bigger picture of trade wars. The recent tariffs which Canada and Mexico…

Tue 13 Mar, 2018

Cohn’s Resignation and The Big Picture For Trade

Cohn’s resignation has captured a lot of the headlights today and Chris Temple and I comment on the news but there is a bigger story…

Wed 7 Mar, 2018

Free Trade Agreements – Who Actually Benefits

John Rubino, founder of joins me today to share his thoughts on free trade agreements and the continued negotiations that are turning these on…

Mon 11 Dec, 2017