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Welcome to the KE Report Weekend Show! This Weekend we feature a couple of our favorite guests, Rick Bensignor and Christopher Aaron.   Since...
Sat 3 Jun, 2023
Ewan Downie, CEO of I-80 Gold Corp (TSX: IAU – NYSE: IAUX), provides a comprehensive roadmap to the future production, development, and exploration strategies their 4...
Fri 2 Jun, 2023
Dave Erfle, The Junior Miner Junky, reviews the mixed stew of macroeconomic data points, and his technical and fundamental outlook on the PM...
Fri 2 Jun, 2023
John Rubino reviews the macroeconomic forces moving the general markets, commodities, and precious metals in both the near-term and...
Thu 1 Jun, 2023
Doug Ramshaw, President of Minera Alamos (TSX.V:MAI – OTCQX:MAIFF), with big news on the construction financing package for the Cerro De Oro gold development project and a comprehensive operations...
Thu 1 Jun, 2023
Craig Hemke, Founder and Editor of TF Metals Report joins us discuss the rise in markets and PMs on the back of Fed speakers...
Thu 1 Jun, 2023
Jordan Roy-Byrne shares his technical outlook for gold, and the need for it to break above $2100 to bring in more...
Wed 31 May, 2023
Jeff Christian, Managing Partner of the CPM Group joins me to focus initially on silver. The CPM Group has just released its Silver Yearbook...
Wed 31 May, 2023
TG Watkins, Director of Stocks at Simpler Trading and Editor of The Profit Pilot website joins me to discuss the action in the US...
Tue 30 May, 2023
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Dave Erfle – Reviewing Macroeconomic Catalysts, Pondering Which Ones Could Light The Fuse For Precious Metals

Dave Erfle, The Junior Miner Junky, reviews which catalysts could light the fuse for the precious metals sector.

Fri 26 May, 2023

Steve Penny – Reviewing The Technical Price Charts For The Dollar, Interest Rates, Bonds, Gold, Silver, SILJ, And Uranium Stocks

Steve Penny, The Silver Chartist, shares a handful of key charts on the US Dollar (DXY), Interest Rates (TNX), Bonds (BND), Gold, Silver, the Junior Silver Mining ETF (SILJ), and the Sprott Uranium Miners ETF (URNM).   

Thu 25 May, 2023

Craig Hemke – Are You In Precious Metals For The Long Game, Or Just A Brief Fiat Flip?

Craig Hemke with a big picture look at the various motivations to be invested in the precious metals sector.

Thu 25 May, 2023

Jordan Roy-Byrne – More Short-Term Pain Before Longer-Term Gains In The Precious Metal Sector

Jordan Roy-Byrne reviews the technical support levels he is watching for in gold, silver, and the precious metal mining stocks, as the sector continues to correct

Wed 24 May, 2023

Michael Oliver – Precious Metals Will Benefit As The Largest Asset Bubble In History Continues To Pop

Michael Oliver reviews how macroeconomic and technical momentum trends will impact US equities, gold, silver, and the PM mining stocks.

Mon 22 May, 2023

Weekend Show – Commodities Super Cycle And How It Filters Into Gold, Copper and Energy

Welcome to the Weekend Edition of The KE Report. On this Weekend’s Show we take a step back from these boring markets to focus on…

Sat 20 May, 2023

Craig Hemke – Slogging Through This Precious Metals Correction

Craig Hemke discusses his technical and fundamental outlook for the precious metals sector, as they correct into the sideways slog of this seasonally slow time of year.

Thu 18 May, 2023

Dana Lyons – Trading A Bifurcated Market Of Narrow Tech Leadership But Poor Market Breadth

Dana Lyons share his trading strategies for mega-cap tech stocks, the financial sector, gold and gold stocks, cryptos, and bonds.

Thu 18 May, 2023
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Brien Lundin – Macroeconomic Factors Moving The Markets As We Navigate The Pullback In Precious Metals

Brien Lundin discusses how he is navigating the current PM correction, and what macroeconomic factors that could change the trend.

Thu 18 May, 2023

Jordan Roy-Byrne – Precious Metals Support Levels To Watch During The Lull In Macro Drivers

Jordan Roy-Byrne shares the technical support levels he is watching for in gold, silver, and the PM mining stocks, as the sector continues to correct.

Wed 17 May, 2023

John Rubino – Precious Metals Will Benefit As Macroeconomic Conditions Continue To Deteriorate

John Rubino with a broad discussion on continued concerning macroeconomic data and how this further benefits the precious metals sector.

Mon 15 May, 2023

Weekend Show – Featuring Doc and Dan Steffens – Markets, Gold and Energy

Welcome to the KE Report Weekend Show! Since markets seem unwilling to choose a direction we focus on the macro environment, gold and gold stocks…

Sat 13 May, 2023

Dave Erfle – Powering Through This Precious Metals Consolidation With A View Towards The Big Picture

Dave Erfle, the Junior Miner Junky, reviews market reactions to recent macroeconomic news, and how to view this PM consolidation in the big picture.

Thu 11 May, 2023

Nick Hodge – Less Liquidity And Rising Volatility Will Be Constructive For Gold

Nick Hodge reviews key macroeconomic trends and related moves in general US equities, commodities, and resource stocks.

Wed 10 May, 2023

Ed Moya – What Will Move Markets This Week?

Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA joins us for a look ahead to data this week that could move markets. After a busy week…

Mon 8 May, 2023
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Weekend Show – Peter Boockvar and Dana Lyons – Making Sense Of All The Recession Talk And How To Invest In These Flat Markets

Welcome to the Weekend Edition of The KE Report. May is off to a much more interesting start than all of April, however at the…

Sat 6 May, 2023

Brien Lundin – Fed Continuing to Drive Markets, Banking Sector Issues and Gold Putting In A Triple Top?

Brien Lundin, Editor of The Gold Newsletter and our host at the New Orleans Investment Conference joins us to recap the Fed meeting, banking sector…

Fri 5 May, 2023

Craig Hemke – Markets Are Still At The Mercy Of Economic Data Flow

Craig Hemke, recap the economic data points that have been, and will, keep moving markets.

Thu 4 May, 2023

Dave Erfle – Fed and ECB Recap, Gold and Silver Stocks Diverging From The Markets and What The Next Catalyst Will Be For PMs

Dave Erfle, Founder and Editor of The Junior Miner Junky joins us to recap the Fed and ECB meetings this week and follow through market…

Thu 4 May, 2023

Jordan Roy-Byrne – Investing Strategies For A Precious Metals Bull Market Playbook

Jordan Roy-Byrne reviews his technical outlook on the precious metals sector, and bull market playbook strategies in PM mining stocks.

Wed 3 May, 2023