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Minera Alamos – Comprehensive Operations And Exploration Update At Santana And Cerro De Oro

Doug Ramshaw, President of Minera Alamos (TSX.V:MAI – OTCQX:MAIFF), with a comprehensive operations and exploration update at the Santana Mine, and the development-stage Cerro De Oro Project.

Thu 9 Feb, 2023
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Minera Alamos – Recapping The Robust PEA Economics For The Cerro De Oro Gold Project

Doug Ramshaw, President and CEO of Minera Alamos (TSX.V:MAI – OTCQX:MAIFF), reviews the robust PEA at their Cerro De Oro gold project in Zacatecas, Mexico

Wed 19 Oct, 2022

Minera Alamos – 3 Project Updates With a Focus on The Production Ramp Up at The Santana Gold Mine

Doug Ramshaw, President and CEO of Minera Alamos (TSX.V:MAI – OTCQX:MAIFF) joins us for an update focused on the ramp up of production at the Santana Gold Mine in Sonora, Mexico.

Thu 14 Oct, 2021

Minera Alamos – Updates on the Santana Mine construction, time frame for the Cerro De Oro Project construction, and Fortuna Project exploration

Doug Ramshaw, President and CEO of Minera Alamos (TSX.V:MAI – OTCQX:MAIFF) joins Shad and I to update us on the Santana Mine, Cerro De Oro…

Mon 7 Jun, 2021
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Minera Alamos – Outlines how the transformation from exploration Company to production Company will progress this year

Minera Alamos (TSXV:MAI, OTCQB:MAIFF) has a big year ahead of itself as the Company just begun contraction of the Santana Gold Mine. With an estimated…

Thu 30 Jan, 2020

Minera Alamos – The significance of the Royalty/Construction package from Osisko Gold Royalties

Just yesterday Minera Alamos (TSXV:MAI, OTCQB:MAIFF) had a major announcement of a financing package from Osisko Gold Royalties that will help the Company move forward…

Tue 10 Dec, 2019

Minera Alamos – Answering your questions regarding funding options, management, and Mexico

On the back of my first interview with the Minera Alamos (TSXV:MAI, OTCQB:MAIFF) President Doug Ramshaw there were a few questions and topics that we…

Wed 7 Aug, 2019