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Sean Brodrick, Editor of Wealth Megatrends and contributing analyst to Weiss Ratings Daily, joins us to review the rotation trade within US Equities, but also into beat up value sector stocks, gold,...
Wed 24 Jul, 2024
Nick Hodge outlines the macroeconomic data that is moving the general equities and commodities, and why he's constructive on oil, gold, and uranium stocks, and what he doing in his own...
Thu 11 Jul, 2024
Sean Brodrick, reviews investing opportunities and areas he is avoiding in the energy sector: uranium, lithium, oil, nat gas, solar, wind, utilities, copper, and rare earths stocks, and what kinds...
Wed 10 Jul, 2024
Doc Jones discuss some of the changes going on with the energy transition narrative, and the commodities (oil, platinum, palladium, copper, nickel, gold) that are still in focus for the current...
Sun 7 Jul, 2024
Joel Elconin discusses the continued march to new highs in the S&P 500, the mega-cap tech leadership, a deep dive into Tesla, and technical comments on Bitcoin, gold, oil, and inflation....
Fri 5 Jul, 2024
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Darrell Fletcher, Managing Director Commodities at Bannockburn Capital Markets joins me to share his outlook for copper, natural gas and oil.    We begin...
Wed 26 Jun, 2024
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Sean Brodrick reviews investing opportunities in the energy sector, for investing in with the oil, nat gas, and uranium stocks, and which types of companies animate him in each...
Tue 25 Jun, 2024
Alex Verge, CEO of Journey Energy Inc. (TSX: JOY) (OTCQX: JRNGF), with a comprehensive introduction to this production company focused on conventional, oil-weighted operations in the Duvernay West...
Tue 25 Jun, 2024
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  Welcome to another KE Report Weekend Show! This weekend I dive into the silver and copper markets with one of generalist fund manager...
Sat 22 Jun, 2024
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New Guest – Eddie Gifford – Using Technology To Create A Balanced Portfolio; Thoughts On Markets, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies 

We start by discussing how TACTIVE uses technology and data to build investing models to help clients build balanced portfolios.    Eddy explains how TACTIVE…

Thu 20 Jun, 2024
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Weekend Show – Peter Boockvar & Dan Steffens – Macro Economic Analysis, Where Are The Best Opportunities In Commodity Stocks

    Welcome to another KE Report Weekend Show. This weekend we focus on the economic drivers for commodities. This all ties into economic trends,…

Sat 15 Jun, 2024

Sean Brodrick – Despite Pullbacks In Oil, Uranium, Copper, Silver, and Gold – The Megatrends Are Still In Place

Sean Brodrick reviews the downturn the last few weeks in oil, nat gas, uranium, copper, silver, and  gold, and their related resource stocks, but he reiterates that the larger commodities megatrends are still well in place.

Tue 4 Jun, 2024

Weekend Show – Dana Lyons & Josef Schachter – Gold, Silver, GDX, GDXJ, Copper, Uranium, Oil and Natural Gas

  On this Weekend Show we focus on a range of commodity sectors from a generalist, chart standpoint. We also discuss the underlying commodity stocks…

Sat 11 May, 2024

Darrell Fletcher – Copper, Natural Gas and Oil Outlook From A Commodities Trading Desk

Darrell Fletcher, Managing Director Commodities at Bannockburn Capital Markets joins me to share outlook for copper, natural gas and oil.   I ask about demand…

Mon 6 May, 2024
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Sean Brodrick – General US Equities Weakness Shifts Focus Into Cannabis, Uranium, Copper, Palladium, Smallcap Oil, And Gold Stocks

Sean Brodrick reviews correction in general US equities, rotating capital into cannabis, uranium, copper, palladium, small-cap oil, and gold resource stocks and the commodities overall.

Thu 2 May, 2024

Joel Elconin – US Economic Data, Tech Earnings Crush It; Where Do Markets Go From Here?

Joel Elconin, Co-Host of the Benzinga PreMarket Prep Show and Editor of the PreMarket Prep website joins us to recap this week’s US economic data…

Fri 26 Apr, 2024
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Michael Oliver – Technical Momentum Setup In US Equities, Gold, GDX, Silver, SIL, Copper, Grains, and Oil

Michael Oliver, share the technical momentum setup in the US general equities, gold, precious metals stocks via GDX, silver, SIL, copper, grains, and oil, and the rotation into commodities.

Mon 22 Apr, 2024

Rick Bensignor – Market Analysis and Trading Strategies For Gold, Gold Equities, Oil and US Markets

Rick Bensignor, President of Bensignor Investment Strategies joins us to share his trading strategies and outlook for oil, gold, gold stocks and key sectors within…

Sun 21 Apr, 2024

Weekend Show – Matt Geiger & Dan Steffens – Investing In Gold, Silver, Oil and Nat Gas Stocks

    Welcome to The KE Report Weekend Show! This week was dominated by geopolitical news out of the mid-east. We covered the day to…

Sat 20 Apr, 2024

Craig Hemke – Making Sense Of The Recent Volatility In The Precious Metals

Craig Hemke with a nuanced discussion on why we’ve seen such volatility in the precious metals sector from the end of last week into this week, and moves across the commodities sector.

Mon 15 Apr, 2024
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John Rubino – Gold, Gold Stocks and Oil; Is It Geopolitics Or Other Factors Driving Price?

john Rubino (follow John’s Substack here) joins us to discuss the balance between geopolitics vs other market factors driving gold, oil and the broad averages….

Mon 15 Apr, 2024

Weekend Show – Nick Hodge & Josef Schachter – Investing In Gold, Silver, Copper, Oil and Natural Gas Stocks

    Welcome to The KE Report Weekend Show! We are sticking to market commentary focused on gold, silver, copper and energy stocks. All are…

Sat 13 Apr, 2024

Sean Brodrick – Investing In The Commodity Megatrends In Gold, Copper, Oil, and Uranium Stocks

Sean Brodrick review how he is investing in the commodity megatrends in the gold, copper, oil, uranium sectors, and related resource stocks.

Tue 9 Apr, 2024

TG Watkins – Rotation Into Commodities and Commodities Equities, Here’s How To Trade It!

Money is rotating big time into commodities and the underlying equities.   We chat with TG Watkins, Director of Stocks at Simpler Trading and Editor…

Mon 8 Apr, 2024

Week In Review And The Week Ahead – Part 10 – Commodities Update

Commodities and technical update on Cocoa, Silver, SILJ, GDX, GDXJ, Gold, Copper, COPX, COPJ, Oil, XLE, Uranium stocks via URNM, and more…

Sun 7 Apr, 2024

Weekend Show – Mike Larson & Marc Chandler – Commodities Breakout! How High Can They Go?

    Welcome to The KE Report Weekend Show! Commodities continued to rise this week, kicking off the quarter very strong. Gold kept extending all…

Sat 6 Apr, 2024

Joel Elconin – Rates Could Stay Between 3-5% For A Decade

Joel Elconin, Co-Host of the Benzinga PreMarket Prep Show and Editor of the PreMarket Prep website joins us to discuss the breakout in key commodities…

Fri 5 Apr, 2024

Matt Badiali – How Changing Energy Transition Trends Will Impact Investing In Commodities

Matt Badili with a wide-ranging conversation on the energy transition trends to more nuclear, solar, and wind power will impact investing in commodities like uranium, silver, lithium, rare earths, the electric grid, and daily life.  

Tue 2 Apr, 2024

Week In Review And The Week Ahead – Part 9 – Gold, Silver, Copper, Uranium, Oil

Update on gold, gold stocks via GDX, silver, silver stocks via SILJ, copper, uranium stocks, oil and oil stocks, as well as charts, fundamental thoughts, and KER interviews from our valued guests.

Tue 2 Apr, 2024
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