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Bob Wares, Chairman and CEO of Osisko Metals (TSX.V:OM – OTCQX:OMZNF) joins me to highlight the recent slight shift in focus of the Company...
Mon 9 May, 2022
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Bob Wares, Chairman and CEO of Osisko Metals (TSX.V:OM – OTCQX:OMZNF) joins me for recap of the Pine Point PEA the was released on...
Wed 17 Jun, 2020
It was at the end of last year that we last received an update from Osisko Metals (TSX.V:OM – OTCQX:OMZNF). While news has been...
Tue 12 May, 2020
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This week we saw more money flow into US markets while the precious metals and bonds also rebounded. Clearly there is a mass of...
Sat 16 Nov, 2019
Jeff Hussey, President and CEO of Osisko Metals (TSX.V:OM & OTCQX:OMZNF) joins me for a complete update on the zinc market and the work...
Mon 30 Sep, 2019
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Osisko Metals (TSX.V:OM & OTCQX:OMZNF) is continuing with another busy year. Recent high grade drill results out of the Pine Point Project and an...
Tue 7 May, 2019
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The first hour of this week’s show is focused on recapping the recent PDAC conference and a couple comprehensive company updates. While the metals...
Sat 9 Mar, 2019
I will be chatting with Ivan Bebek, Executive Chairman at Auryn Resources and Jeff Hussey, President and CEO at Osisko Metals on Friday. Please...
Wed 6 Mar, 2019
It was another slower week for markets where news drove US stocks and at the tail end of the week PMs drifted higher. In...
Sat 9 Feb, 2019
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Osisko Metals – More High Grade Results From Key Anacon

The news below was released today from Osisko Metals. The drill results from the Key Anacon Project are more high grade zinc and lead intercepts…

Thu 7 Feb, 2019
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Osisko Metals – Insights Into What’s In-store For 2019

Jeff Hussey, President and CEO of Osisko Metals joins me to outline the exploration plans for 2019. The Company completed around 100,000 meters of drilling…

Tue 22 Jan, 2019
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Osisko Metals 2019 Outlook

Osisko Metals (TSX.V:OM & Frankfurt:OB5) released news yesterday providing an outlook for 2019. If you have any questions on the plans for this year please…

Wed 16 Jan, 2019
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Osisko Metals – A closer Look At The Pine Point Resource Estimate

Jeff Hussey, Osisko Metals President and CEO joins me for a recap of the just announced Pine Point resource estimate and answer some questions that…

Thu 13 Dec, 2018
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Osisko Metals Pine Point Conference Call Recording

Below is a link to the recording of the Osisko Metals conference call outlining the Pine Point resource. The call provides a good overview of…

Tue 11 Dec, 2018
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Update On Global Zinc Supply and Upcoming Resources Out Of Osisko Metals

Jeff Hussey, Osisko Metals President and CEO shares some of the recent data on the zinc market. Global supply along with Chinese production and demand…

Mon 26 Nov, 2018

More high Grade Drill Results Out Of Osisko Metals

The news below is a total of 14 drill holes from Pine Point and the M-40 deposit. We again see some high grade results that…

Mon 22 Oct, 2018
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More high Grade Drill Results From Osisko Metals – 21.47% Zinc+Lead Over 9.98 Metres

Here are the assays from a further 14 holes out of Osisko Metals at the Pine Point project. It’s important to remember that this drilling…

Tue 9 Oct, 2018
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Osisko Metals – Key Event Timelines Moving Forward

I have been getting a number of comments and emails regarding Osisko Metals and the Company’s ongoing 100,000 meter drill campaign. Consistently we have been…

Thu 13 Sep, 2018
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Osisko Metals Intersects 9.27% Zinc+Lead Over 7.51 Metres and 24.59 Zinc+Lead Over 2.9 Metres at Pine Point

Below are the results of 7 drill holes from Osisko Metals (TSX.V: OM) at the Pine Point Mining Camp. We are seeing some good high…

Wed 5 Sep, 2018
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Osisko Metals Announces $10 Million “Bought Deal” Financing Of Flow-through Shares

Here is the latest news out of Osisko Metals. The $10 million Flow-Through is being done at a nice premium to market (FT @ $0.92…

Tue 21 Aug, 2018
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Hour 1 – Key Considerations For Currencies, Markets and Metals

First off a very happy Canada Day to all our Canadian listeners and an early happy 4th of July to all our US listeners! This…

Sat 30 Jun, 2018

Osisko Metals Intersects Massive Sulphides Over 85 Meters Including 6.07 %Zn, 2.19 %Pb, and 0.92 %Cu Over 22.2 Metres and 2.17% Cu, 0.064% Co, & 2.97 g/t Au Over 7.45 Metres at the Key Anacon Project, NB

Here are some drill results from Osisko Mining released yesterday on the Key Anacon Project in the Bathurst Mining Camp. This Company has been consistently…

Fri 29 Jun, 2018
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Osisko Metals With More Nice Drill Results From Pine Point

Osisko Metals has been very busy releasing the remaining drill results from lots Pine Point Property. I missed the news last week as I was…

Tue 19 Jun, 2018
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Comments On The CRB, Silver, and A Stock Doc IS Watching Closely

Kicking off this week with Doc and his comments on the CRB and silver charts. We look at the weekly then monthly charts to outline…

Mon 4 Jun, 2018

A Full 2 Hours With A Focus On Copper And Metals Stocks

This week we are focusing the full weekend show on investing and resources. Al is taking a break for the next 2 weeks so that…

Sat 2 Jun, 2018

Osisko Metals Intersects 25.19% Zinc+Lead over 5.95 Metres at Pine Point

Here are the latest drill results out of Osisko Metals. To me these results look good but the market is still not reacting to the…

Tue 29 May, 2018
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Osisko Metals – Recapping Recent Drill Results and An Update On The Bathurst Mining Camp

Osisko Metals (TSX.V:OM) has a 100,000 meter drill program across its two large mining camps, the development Pine Point Camp (Northwest Territories) and advanced-exploration Bathurst…

Mon 14 May, 2018

Osisko Metals Intersects 8.45 % Zinc+Lead Over 8.25 Metres at Pine Point

Here is the latest round of drill results from Osisko Metals. A total of 27 holes are reported in the news release. The importance of…

Tue 8 May, 2018
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Hour 1 – Investing and Markets – A Look Into Resource Stocks And Fed Policy

This week had a number of news events that could have driven markets but the overall trend takeaway was the continue rise in the USD….

Sat 5 May, 2018