Silver Quest’s Randy Turner and their involvement in the Yukon

January 20, 2011

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    Jan 20, 2011 20:43 PM

    Ten cowboy’s go into a saloon to play cards. The game is dance for cards. The barnktender rents each cowboy 5 cards for 1 card rent fee. They put up their gun belts for collateral. The ‘tender now has ten cards to pay for dancin’ cowboys, because he took the rent right off the top. The cowboy didn’t see the ‘tender keep the rent card, so he thinks he was renting 4 cards and owes the tender five cards, because he is brainwashed. There is never enough cards in the game for all the cowboys to fulfill their debts, unless the ‘tender spends all his cards. The cowboys dance for each other in exchange for cards. Sometimes the ‘tender has a cowboy dance for him. If a cowboy accumulates 5 cards and decides to leave the game, he can, with his gun belt. Sometimes a cowboy can’t dance long and fancy enough, defaults on his loan, and has to leave without his gun. It doesn’t matter, there’s always another cowboy who likes to dance coming in the saloon. This leaves extra cards in the game. The tender then can sell the gun to the fanciest dancin’ cowboy, for cards that he can turn around and rent out. The barnktender just gets cowboys to dance all day for him without doing anything because he got all the cards for free in the first place. Sometimes the ‘tender doesn’t pay for much dancin’ , and more cowboys have to leave without their guns, very depressed. If the cowboys knew they could bring their own cards to the game, they wouldn’t have a parasitic barnktender. The cards are just an exchange of dancin’. No one needs to rent them from anybody. Just give ’em a hand, not a hand out, when they enter the game. Take it back when they leave, nothin’ more.