Gold’s parabolic move and the implications of this action

August 13, 2011

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In this show Al discusses:

  • Segment 1 and Segment 2 – Rick Ackerman and Big Al discuss the events leading up to this past week’s action in the conventional markets and the gold markets.
  • Segment 3 – Roger Wiegand talks economics and politics.
  • Segment 4 – James Turk talks gold and his views on the future for this market.
  • Segment 5 – Larry Reaugh, President of American Manganese, discusses the markets and his company.
  • Segment 6 – Yale Simpson, Chairman of Exeter Resources and Extorre Gold, discusses the current disconnect between the prices of precious metals and the prices of the stocks involved in this industry.
  • Segment 7 – Al and Trader Rog provide an update on Canasil Resources.
  • Segment 8 – Al and Peter Grandich wrap up the show discussing gold and politics.

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    Aug 13, 2011 13:31 AM

    Sorry, Mr. Ackerman, the big banks will nover let the fed be abolished. They would rather let the bond market implode and the pensions go belly up before they capitulate.

      Aug 13, 2011 13:09 AM

      Good Morning Bill,

      I am fairly confident that the time is not too far off when they will not have a choice.

      Thanks for the comment,

      Big Al

    […] Grandich interview – highlight segment 8 […]

    Aug 13, 2011 13:52 AM

    The banks borrow from the fed at 0% take that same money and get a 3%+ yield from the Treasury.

    The banks will bleed us dry. The FOMC announced they will leave rates at 0% for at least 2 more years. The bleeding continues.

    Aug 13, 2011 13:07 PM

    Good Afternoon Har,

    Yep they borrow from the fed for virtually nothing and then without doing the job they are supposed to do, i.e. lending, they make the three plus percent you mentioned.

    Good racket, except for the overall economy!

    Big Al

      Aug 13, 2011 13:46 PM

      So Big A that is 3+% of tax payer dollars that are being skimmed out of the Treasury.

      The deal is they buy Treasuries to hold down yields – because if they loaned the money out – yields will go up.

        Aug 14, 2011 14:22 AM

        Morning Again Har,

        If you don’t mind tell me a little about your background.


        Big Al

    Aug 13, 2011 13:19 PM

    DID you read where BofA gave the toxic loans back(sold) to Fannie, and the govt (taxpayers ) are going to pay . for these toxic worthless loans.
    The big banks can still do anything they want ,,anytime they want ,,(through) WASHINGTON,(they should have to change the name to CAPITAL OF THIEVES.

      Aug 14, 2011 14:23 AM

      Hi Jerry,

      Please give me a reference for this.


      Big Al

        Aug 14, 2011 14:25 PM

        artical was from…WALL STREET JOURNAL
        AUG.10,2011 AT 12:00 AM.
        this can be found by google(ing)

          Aug 14, 2011 14:13 PM

          Thanks very much Jerry. I somehow missed it. Will bring it up right now.


          Big Al

          Aug 14, 2011 14:20 PM

          Hi Jerry,

          Read it. Thank you.

          Big Al

            Aug 15, 2011 15:57 AM

            You are welcome ,

    Aug 13, 2011 13:23 PM

    I will sell my gold and silver when they build a “printing press” that prints real gold and silver out of thin air – good luck!


      Aug 14, 2011 14:24 AM

      Hi Marc,

      I am not sure why there would be a reason in the foreseeable future to sell gold and silver.


      Big Al

    Aug 13, 2011 13:34 PM

    Hi Al,
    I am Canadian as you know.
    I really wish you stop being politically correct by saying Obama is a bright man. You seem to never be able to say the truth about this guy. This guy is a big big idiot. Look at his past record when he was senator of Illionois or what positiobn or state. He did not accomplih anything what so ever. He did not improve anything. Now he wil fix America. Ha Ha. He is a whore in bed with unions and lobbists and screwing you over in spades. He is bringing the USA to the depths of the ABYSEE
    Say it as it is.

    Thank you God Bless and help us all

      Aug 14, 2011 14:29 AM

      Morning Guiseppe,

      I am definitely not saying and never have said that I agree with his policies.

      What I am saying is that he has to be bright to have gotten to where he is.

      I have said many, many times that I do not agree with his policies. I am not even close to being pro-union and I certainly do not respect many of the lobbyists out there.

      Many of the despots of the past were very bright people.

      I think that the president has an agenda which is an agenda he believes in hook, line and sinker. I do not agree with his agenda.

      Remember, I am on record as saying that I did not vote for the man.

      Big Al

        Aug 14, 2011 14:08 PM

        SORRY Al the problem is you are a nice guy and do not want to offend someone. Since you go to chuerch and are a follower of Jesus follow him with the way he blasted the leaders as well as John the Baptist who offended Herod and got his head cut off. Saying this guy is brigth is not truthful either. Snakes are bright as well. This guy is a smooth talker and so are pedophiles. it does not make him bright rather dangerous. Sorry Al I have lots of respect for you but this guy is not bright. He is very dangerous like a snake, pedaphile or criminal.

          Aug 14, 2011 14:12 PM

          Okay Giuseppe,

          I understand you point.


          Big Al

    Aug 13, 2011 13:58 PM

    If Obama is a smart president, you have to assume than that he wants America to fail because that is what his policies are doing. A really intelligent president would see his policies failing and go in a different direction. Instead Obama is doubling down on his failed policies. Infastructure again to create jobs, more rules and regulations to stop job growth and the continued attacks on the rich and successful. He has not changed his tune. He is still fund raising and vacationing just as he has done from day one.

      Aug 14, 2011 14:32 AM

      Hi Karen,

      I agree completely with your comments about vacationing and fund raising.

      Having a couple of big blow-out fiftieth birthday parties during a time when our country is really on the ropes was in very poor taste.

      Yep, we have a problem.

      Big Al

    Aug 13, 2011 13:00 PM

    Hi Al,

    About gold going higher Jim Richards showed that in 1980 when gold was $850/oz multipiled by the amount of gold the USA had in possession was 110% of the US debt. Today at these prices using the same factor is 17% of the US debt. there you have it; it is not a buuble today in 1980 it was. Then add to that the amount of US dollars in circuation and inflation adjusted to boot.
    About being invested 5% give me a break you sound like those mainstream financial salesman who cannot pick a winner if there life depended on it.
    Either you are a believer or you have your doubts. listen to the experts and facts
    I am invested 150% in Gold and silver related shares I am a Believer
    Ben Davis of Hindi Capital say he see no Black Swan to derail Gold.
    Jim Rickards
    Ben davis: Friday, July 15, 2011
    Dr. Stephen Leeb More bullish on Gold today than 10 years ago

      Aug 14, 2011 14:34 AM

      Hi Guiseppe, Karen and everyone,

      Need to take a break here as we are off to church. Probably a good place to be right now.

      Will be back to you all later today.


      Big Al

      Aug 14, 2011 14:30 PM

      Hi again Giuseppe,

      My whole life centers around hard assets. From my radio, my consulting work and, yes, even my social life.

      As I said earlier, our money in the conventional market is my wife’s money. That represents about 20% or our total portfolio.

      When a person can buy a large condo overlooking the sixteenth green at the number three rated golf course in Washington state for, as I have said in the past, 50 cents on the dollar I think it would be crazy not to do that. (Especially if you are an insane golfer!) You would have to be crazy to put all of your capital into that condo, but that is not even close to what we did.

      You have to keep in mind that a lot of our audience may not be as sophisticated as you or as well informed. And, I think to tell unsophisticated individuals to put all of their capital into gold is not doing them a service.

      Best and keep your input coming.

      Big Al

    Aug 13, 2011 13:27 PM

    The rioters in England are young hoodlums who have never worked a day in their lives and have been brought up to think that they somehow deserve what the working people in society have. They have no morals and no remorse for the destruction they are causing. The result of growing up in socialism, thinking the government owes you everything. Also an example of growing up in a Godless society.

      Aug 13, 2011 13:40 PM

      You need to watch the BBC interview. The riots started because the UK is a police state and the young black youth are tired of being searched at random up to 6 times a day. When you have a country where you are photographed everywhere you go the population eventually rises up.

      Here is the interview – BBC took it off it’s website:

        Aug 13, 2011 13:06 PM

        Hi Har,
        I watched the video and even if Mr Howe’s account is accuate, does that really justify the disgraceful actions of setting businesses on fire and looting? I don’t think so.

          Aug 13, 2011 13:05 PM

          Stopping you for no reason and putting you against the wall and searching you at random was the spark. How long would multiple daily random pat down searches on the streets go in a major U.S. city go on before we see riots? You probably have the ability to hop in your car to get around. In London most people do not have cars because parking is so expensive and have to use public transportation. You have to go to London and be stopped 3 times in half a day to be patted down for a week to get a flavor for what they are going through.

    Aug 13, 2011 13:15 PM

    I would disagree with Rick’s assessment about most Americans knowing what is happening. I have spoken to hundreds of people on the street and at the local county fair as a representative of the Tea party. People in their fifties or older have a reasonably good idea of what is happening but younger people have been lied to and deceived by the snakes in DC to the point where they don’t know what to believe and they don’t even want to discuss it.

      Aug 13, 2011 13:44 PM

      We all agree that social security is a ponzi scheme. That means the only ones that benefit are the ones receiving benefits now. To solve the problem the people receiving benefits now need to take a cut now. That way for the future folks it can be right sized. The boomers got the benefits of all the government spending that got us to this point. Social security was never meant to be a retirement plan. So those receiving social security now need to participate in the “share sacrfice” this they want to dole out to future generations.

        Aug 14, 2011 14:37 PM

        Hi Har,

        You make a very interesting point.

        I will tell you, on the record, that I am willing to do that. I will do that if the sacrifices are shared by everyone and not just a 67 year old who paid into the system his entire life.

        When I say everyone, I mean the financial types who were rewarded for failure; the elected officials who continue to spend and screw things up; the illegal immigrants who receive free educations, medical care, etc; the union leaders who receive fat salaries for the most part in spite of the fact that some of them brought down the auto industry in our country; the people receiving entitlements who get them by lying and cheating; and, the list goes on and on.


        Big Al

      Aug 14, 2011 14:32 PM

      HI Dale,

      And, therein lies the root of our problem!

      Big Al

    Aug 13, 2011 13:14 PM

    The Yale Simpson interview is one of the best and most important interviews I have heard on this program. It merits listening to two or three times. His track record as a manager coupled with the honesty and integrity of his reporting vs. the promotional artist hype you get from many other companies is keenly noted. In my book resource investing is about actual 43-101, project cash, manager and to a lesser degree optionality. But, if you have the manager, you get the leadership and integrity plus everything else. No one with Yale’s experience is going to take on a project without 43-101, project cash and optionality. So if you get the good manager, you will probably get everything else and therefore — success.

    Aug 14, 2011 14:05 AM

    So Karen dares say you need a god to have morals! I’m not opening up that can of worms, but as a non Christian I have no thoughts of hurting my fellow man and volunteer. Why bother if there’s no heaven at the end of the day? That’s like saying your family dog only listens and loves you because there’s a cookie in it for them.
    Survival of humans and of the entire planet is up to us. The middle class has to kick of those who would create an endgame for the few well offs.
    The youth don’t need more god. They need hope of having food the eat. They need a place to belong. They need kind neighbors and love.
    It is sad that we can’t control our money supply and have to resort to gold again.

    Love your show when it sticks to finance, news and politics. Religion has no relevance on gold, as far as I can tell.

      Aug 14, 2011 14:38 PM

      You do not know the teachings of Christ. Let me quote If a man would not work he should not eat. If the government would be finacially responsable there would not be these problems. If people would stop askng the government to take for others to give to others that are lazy and irresponsable there would not be these problems. If people would rely on themselves there would not be these problems.. If people woud be happy with what they have not coveting(One of the ten Commandments) there would not be these problems. I can go on and on and on. You do not know what you are taking about. Educate yourself before you babble out about subjects you know nothing about

        Aug 14, 2011 14:51 PM

        Hi Giuseppe,

        I know and believe and live the teachings of Jesus.

        I am not sure that your comments pertain only to those of our faith.

        Let me know what you think on this one.


        Big Al

          Oct 27, 2012 27:41 AM

          Just to let you know Tanyetta I lost track of you for a little while besucae I got to tweaking my blog lines and lost ya along the way…I need to know how your little boy is doing…so always any pictures of him are just fine and dandy!!!I love to hear how you think too…so keep up the good work girl!!!I wrote a new Southern Story this morning…it just seems like some of this stuff has just been plugged up in me and is now coming out in my blog…:-D

      Aug 14, 2011 14:49 PM

      Hi Barry,

      Haven’t talked religion for a long time.

      We had a very interesting experience today in church. Let me tell you about it briefly.

      The Priest talked about the importance of “interfaith” as he called it. He and his best friend who happened to be a well respected Rabi in Seattle who I had the pleasure of meeting on numerous occasions co-wrote a book talking about the importance of acceptance. Accepting one another.

      Let me tell you, my best friend of sixty years is a Jew who has lived his entire life living by the golden rule.

      Kathy and I play golf with a number of Buddhists who are absolutely marvelous people. I have absolutely nothing but respect for them and for their beliefs.

      Atheists, sure I know a number of them also.

      Know what, being a good person depends on that person and his/her morals.

      Thanks for bringing this up,

      Big Al

    Aug 14, 2011 14:15 AM

    Hi Barry,
    You are right about children needing a place to belong like a family, kind neighbors to feed the hungry and of course love one another. That really sound like the teachings of Christianity

    Aug 14, 2011 14:40 AM

    HI BARRY. You sound more CHRISTIAN, than some of the so called christian’s i know. GOOD HEALTH.

      Aug 14, 2011 14:53 PM

      Hi Irishtony,

      I will absolutely second what you said to Barry.

      You are a good guy, man!

      Big Al

    Aug 14, 2011 14:18 PM

    Obama may be bright, but he is NOT right. Evil agendas trump a man’s intellectual prowess. Obama is guided much more by his marxist ideologies than by the morality that should accompany one who is intelligent. To do what is right for your people requires a basic recognition that liberty and freedom are inalienable rights endowed by our Creator. He does not believe that, and so he is guided by a different morality and a different set of ideals. He may be smart, but so are many despots. Look, when you can come to a microphone, knowing you are talking to Mr. and Mrs. America, and you look the camera in the eye with feigned sincerity, and try to convince your audience that you are telling the truth, have their best interest at heart, and that you are doing everything you can to help people, when all the while you are screwing America, well….you are just evil, and I make no apology for saying it, because it is the truth.
    Karen, You are spot on!
    Barry, try this logic on for size. I’ll keep this real simple. You say you can have morals without a God. Wrong.
    Logic 101: If you say there is morality, there must be a moral law by which to measure it. If there is a moral law, there must be a moral lawgiver. There’s your God you don’t want to acknowledge. And, “Survival of the planet depends on us”? You didn’t make the earth. You weren’t even there when it was created. You were conceived and brought into this world completely independant of any action on your part, so what makes you think you can preserve or sustain the earth. The Bible says, “The earth is God’s footstool”, and “God upholds and sustains ALL things by the Power of HIS Word”, the same power that spoke the cosmos into existence. Barry, you’re dying like the rest of us, so how are you going to preserve the earth if you can’t even preserve yourself.
    “The youth don’t need more God?” Madeline Murray O’hare had prayer thrown out of schools in the early 60s. Subsequent surveys showed an immediate spike downward in all areas of academic testing. Judge Roy Moore lost his judgeship for displaying the ten commandments on his courthouse grounds. We, as a nation have systematically eliminated God from our consciences, education, politics, gov’t, and our personal lives over the last 50 years, and we wonder why violence, mayhem, rape, poverty, divorce, murders, and aberrant lifestyles are on the rise. Our world and cultures are coming apart at the seams, and you say we need less God? Less God hasn’t worked for 50 years. I’d say we need to bring God back into our lives. May God Bless us and Preserve as a Nation! No one else can.
    Food for thought.
    Best to all

      Aug 14, 2011 14:02 PM

      Hello Castanheiro,

      One of the really interesting things about religion is what I call interpretation.

      I cannot disagree with anything you are saying.

      I think that maybe Barry’s comment was meant differently. I don’t know, but I didn’t interpret his comment in any other way than him saying that people need to change.

      Here is my simple minded example, for religion to have any relevance to a person that person has to personally accept the religion first.

      Am I nuts?

      Big Al

    Aug 14, 2011 14:38 PM

    Who created gold and silver??? I don’t think itwas the Big Bang. God did.
    Who created paper money??? Man did.
    Who created the national debt??? Man did.
    We all need more God in our lives and the Bible.

      Aug 14, 2011 14:04 PM


      I personally feel the same way and I have done just that.

      Do I gloat and feel superior about that? Nope, because I am just another imperfect human being who is guilty of sin.


      Big Al

    Aug 14, 2011 14:18 PM

    Gold and silver are mentioned many times in the bible because that is what God intended us to use as money because it is honest. Here are a few:
    Genesis 2:12 And the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone.
    Haggai 2:8 The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD of hosts.
    God created gold and silver for a purpose.
    Rev 3:18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich;and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

      Aug 14, 2011 14:05 PM

      Well Karen,

      I agree with you completely. But, that is just me!

      Big Al

    Aug 14, 2011 14:58 PM

    Hi Big Al,
    I appreciate your gentleness with atheists. You’re much more patient than I.
    I agree with your perspective, however, I have wasted so much precious air over the years arguing with atheistic knuckleheads who fancy themselves as intellectuals, simply because they question or deny God’s existence. Like this is the mark of real rational intelligence. ha! Nothing could be further from the truth. The real impeded thinker is the one who cannot see that intricate design accompanied by complexity and diversity in the universe demands a disigner. Chance produces only chaos, not order. I do not suffer fools. I am an intelligent, rational, reasonable thinking Christian. I am not a doormat for idiots to take potshots at, and while Barry’s comments were directed specifically at Karen, by association he was implicating all Christians. Most atheists I’ve dealt with, and that’s been numerous, hold a faulty assumption that Christians are going to respond all nicey, nicey, or just acquiesce. Jesus dealt with people in different ways, dependant on where they were coming from. He met them where they were. Sometimes he was gentle, and sometimes he was hard, ie. wipping the moneychangers and driving them out of the temple. I am not going to concede that the intelligent position belongs to the sceptics. That is the position of “fools”. And God said that, not me. Anyways, I appreciate all you do for us, and your attempts to not be offensive to those of differing opinions. You’re a true gentleman.