Al, Trader Rog and Bahman Yamini believe that only taxing the wealthy will not solve the economic problem either here or in Europe

August 31, 2011

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    Aug 31, 2011 31:16 PM

    Oh Al, these governments! The only thing that they can ever think of is stealing more money from whoever. They don’t really care whoever, as long as they get the money.

    The super rich will be offshore to the extent they can. Those who aren’t right now will go offshore. Maybe they will go invest their money in China instead.

    Meanwhile the poor middle class sobs who don’t know how to do that or can’t because they don’t have enoough money to make it worthwhile and cover the fees, well they end up with the tax bill because they will be classed as rich enough to pay more. And pay they will.

    Rog is so often the voice of common sense.

    By the way Al, that was a great interview you did on the Michael Yorba show. 🙂

      Aug 31, 2011 31:02 PM

      Hi silverbug(Dave)

      Sad comment about society, people who can don’t!

      That is a very sad, oftentimes, truth!

      Thanks for the kind words, by the way.

      Big Al

    Aug 31, 2011 31:21 PM

    Flat tax won’t work, because, you can look at any sales tax in any state
    They all start out small 1%, then they want to build a new ball field or statium
    and the tax gets to 10%,, THE only way is Control the govt. by making it small and you will
    not need all the extra money…it is waised anyway.
    Taxes in general are govt gone mad.

      Aug 31, 2011 31:16 PM

      Hi Jerry,

      Of course govt needs to be small!

      Regarding the flat tax idea, we’re in deep dodo and have to do something that all will accept!
      What do you think?

      Big Al

        Aug 31, 2011 31:59 PM

        Hi AL,
        What are we going to use the flat tax money for,
        Roads, schools, welfare, govt. benefits, retirement benefits.
        It seems to me most of these items are taken care of by
        sales tax, real estate taxes, you know welfare starts at home,… govt benefits for
        those who are already stealing us blind,…. retirement is not biblical,but
        we are suppose to save this ourselves.,… military,,we have a national guard
        which receives no retirement benefits(unless you are a lifer) and if everyone
        served their country for two years we would not have a large over sized
        out of control military. I might add the CIVIL WAR WHICH STARTED ALL

        We need to examine all areas and delete most of them, under the current
        program of the large corporations and the lobby groups..there will be no
        change and a request for a flat tax will just be another tax..on top of
        all the taxes we have presently.

        The solution is simple…send all the congress men and women home,
        have them sit in their offices in each state, use the computer to vote
        based on the desires of the people in that state, and if it requires money
        have them get it from the people in that state.

        I enjoy your show and a chance to share ideas.

          Aug 31, 2011 31:13 PM

          Hi Jerry,

          You have made a lot of very good points that should be food for thought for all of us.

          I think that I will devote a segment of the upcoming Weekend Show to your comments as they really make a lot of sense.

          Okay with you?

          Big Al

            Aug 31, 2011 31:23 PM

            This is ok with me.

            Thanks for your consideration.


    Aug 31, 2011 31:25 PM

    I think people would be more willing to pay their share of tax if the government would spend it appropriately. I agree that a flat tax is the way to go. Combine that with less government and we are on the way to a recovery. Just in case there is anyone left that thinks Buffet is sincere, according to the New York Post, Warren Buffet’s company Berkshire Hathaway owes back taxes dating back to 2002.

      Aug 31, 2011 31:17 PM

      Okay, I completely agree.

      Big Al

    Aug 31, 2011 31:09 PM

    Reducing military is good<flat tax might be too but I am still of the belief that until the fed is gone (money changer) nothing substantial changes. vote Mr. Paul other than revolution he might be the only hope for liberty.

      Aug 31, 2011 31:20 PM

      Hi Ben,

      Congressman Paul,s election would definitely be a positive step!

      Big Al

    Aug 31, 2011 31:31 PM

    Hey people do you not get it stop sending money in the Black Hole of government bureaucrats. Reduce Government. reduce spending is the answer. Get rid of the beuacrats,their offices, real estate, their salaries and pensions. Look at Illionois what happened to their unemployment which went up after the tax From 9.1% to 9.5%
    In the past monthly medicare insurance costed $2-3 month. One erson working was sufficent to support a large family.
    People have to pull their own weight. Stop relying on the government these useless inefficent over paided welching spoiled bureaucrats Got it
    Thank you Joe

      Aug 31, 2011 31:16 PM

      Your comment about “self-sufficiency”, my friend is so true.

      I was just discussing this with Kathy. People need to take care of themselves and then also, to the best of their ability, take care of others.

      I have lived that way for the past thirty years. (Ever since I grew up!) It has served my family and I and our similar thinking friends and relatives quite well. It would also serve our country well if the people just gave it a chance.


      Big Al

    Aug 31, 2011 31:00 PM

    Of course Rog is correct that the size of gov’t needs to be reduced, both the amount of money it spends and the extent to which it interferes with ordinary people going about their business. That said, we are taking the wrong approach when we tax income based on how much folks bring in. We should instead focus on whether the income was from a productive activity.

    Income from productive activity should not be taxed at all, whereas income from economic rent should be taxed at a very high rate. Wikipedia gives a pretty good description of what economic rent is. One nice thing about taxing economic rent is that it does not reduce production. Another is that economic rent grows as the economy grows, and should yield more than enough for legitimate government functions.

    Aug 31, 2011 31:36 PM

    First of all, let me establish that I do not approve of big government and also hate paying taxes as all of us here, however, we have to “Give unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar’s”. My wife and I came from a third world country so we know poverty when we see it because we experienced it. Only by God’s grace through the help of others that we got here to the best country in the world.

    I have to disagree though regarding the flat tax that you advocate. With regards to paying our dues, the Bible supports the principle of equitable distribution as oppose to equal distrubution. So in defence of this principle I will invoke what our Lord and God said, “To them much is given, much is expected.” Even in the time of Moses, in gathering the blessings and provisions of the manna, the Israelites were exhorted to take only what they need for the day. So that “those who gathered much did not have much and those who gathered little did not lack.”

    Now the reason why this equitable distribution of taxes makes sense, as oppose to equal tax rate (flat rate) is related to the equitable distribution of God’s daily blessings and provisions. Other people were given more and other people were given less (the parable of the talents). That is life. So, principle that the Lord gave us is “To them much is given, much is expected.” Conversely, to them little is given, little is expected. Therefore, an equitable distribution of blessings demand an equitable distribution of obligations as well.

    For financially desolate people, food may take 70%-100% of their income, which makes simple pleasures in life, investing or saving for the future, as well as college for the kids totally unattainable.

    For the Low income bracket, food may take 50-70% of their income. Rent or mortgage may take 30-50%. They may have some simple pleasures in life, a little investmet or savings, but I think college for the kids are still unattainable.

    But for the High income earners, food may only take 1-5%, Rent or mortgage only 10-30% of their incomes. The basic necessities of life and survival is just pennies on the dollar for the rich.

    We were not all materially blessed equally. We were blessed equitably. Therefore the obligations must, reasonably and logically, be equitable and not equal.

    Keep up the good work. More power to you all. God bless.

      Sep 01, 2011 01:36 AM

      HI JIggs,
      Why was it in the past one person was able to fed the whole family. Health insurance was a few dollars a month. Now it is unattainable because government made it that way. Wake up people do you not hear and see the want INFLATION. How crazy is that?
      Do not swallow the liberal progressive lie. They lied about evolution, abortion for the sake of women raped and pregnant, not being murder, Homosexuallity as an attenative lifestyle. Soon bestiality wll be accepted. Hey we come from monkeys anyway.
      You people are the problem because you still believe this liberal progressive lie. How can things improve if you do not believe the facts.

      Sep 01, 2011 01:42 AM

      I would like to add that When Christ said render to Ceasar what is Ceasars and to God what is God’s He did not mean that Ceasar was right to tax and rob people of their money. Christ says to give to the Church and the Church will see to the people needs. He gather people together and collected funds for the need. The government wass not involved. heck they killed him. What are you talking about giving more to the government. God also says to leave 10% of the harvest for the poor. This was meeant for the privte citizens to do not Cesear
      What about when God’s says “If a man does not supply his own needs and the needs of his household he has denied the faith and is worst than an infidele.” or “If a man would not work he should not eat.”
      What do you do with that? How can a man supply his needs and family needs if the government takes his money and wastes it on overpaid, selfish, self centered bureaucrats and lobbiests. Yet you people want to incease taxes even more and fatten the bureacrats even more.
      What do you do with the verse if a man would not work he should not eat. yet unemployment and welfare checks run for years and these people do nothing for it.
      The role of the Church is to take care of the sick, widows and orphans and elderly. If you are able body find something to do.
      As for you coming from a third world country the reason why these countries are poor is because of government courption and intervention. The USA was not that way and the founding fathers warned you about it. Now we have corruption and intervention in the USA. Wait and see what your remedy for more taxes and intervetion will do and is doing to the USA. You left a third world country and arrived at a soon to become one. Just look at the mexicans they are going back to Mexico. need anymore proof.

    Sep 01, 2011 01:57 AM


    Sep 01, 2011 01:07 AM

    WELL SAID ,JIGGS. Good health to you &yours.

    Sep 01, 2011 01:04 PM

    back in the 1950’s ususally only one family member worked. Life was simple-One car families, if that. Very little travel out of your region. Apartments and small homes with few amenitites.

    Up til the mid 2000’s houses got bigger and grander, 2 and 3 or 4 car families even if unaffordable, Vacations: crusies, overseas travel, etc. It required the second spouse to work, partly, and partly becasue the second spouse had a college degree and wanted to use it.

    Over 20 or so years we have outsourced jobs because we are not competitive. We have a full boat of pay and benefits across the board.

    and the other part is more than before, people are not as “hungry” as before partly becase we have welfare plans which pay to do nothing, granted its not too much but some folks woudl ratger have a very simple life and not work.

    concerning flat tax or fair tax: how you gonna start taxing the 50% that do not pay taxes now? I think we have to but hows that going to happen.? Thats become an entitlement too.

    Sep 01, 2011 01:55 PM

    Hello HAL. Regarding flat rate tax, if it was fixed at say 15% , those on welfare, who do not want to work, could have their benefit’s , cut by 15%. Those at the top of the pile , who dont pay tax because of tax avoidance SCAMS! well the only way to get them to pay tax, is for the government to close the loopholes, but i cant see them doing that, because that would be like stabing there own pals in the back. So wats the fix. Anybody know? Good health to you &yours.

      Sep 01, 2011 01:26 PM

      Hello Everyone,

      I addressed all of these issues in today’s Daily Editorial. Let me know what you think!

      Big Al