Big Al and James Turk say “Gold Has To Go Up”

September 15, 2011

Al Korelin and James Turk talk about the days downturn in Gold. James sees it as simply testing resistance at $1800 before the fundamentals kick in and Gold capitalizes on the instability of the Eurozone and the US.

ames Turk has specialised in international banking, finance and investments since graduating in 1969 from George Washington University with a B.A. degree in International Economics.

James Turk has written several essays and numerous articles on money and banking, much of which can be found on his Free Gold Money Report website. He is the co-author of The Coming Collapse of the Dollar (Doubleday 2004), which has been updated for a paperback version entitled The Collapse of the Dollar.

James founded GoldMoney together with his son Geoff Turk in 2001.

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    Sep 15, 2011 15:17 PM

    Al. the only thing I can say to describe golds decline under these existing conditions is IT DEFYES ALL CREDUALATY!

      Sep 16, 2011 16:55 PM

      Hi Larry,

      A big YEP!

      Big Al

    Sep 16, 2011 16:31 AM

    Gee – can you say…….yesterday was another BUYING OPPORTUNITY! And don’t forget your wheelbarrow!

      Sep 16, 2011 16:55 PM

      Hi Marc,

      Yes you can say that!

      Big Al

    Sep 16, 2011 16:28 PM

    From all the voices we listen to on this site and others, some I regard as having our interests at heart and others I am not sure.

    But I beleive that among those who are not here to exploit us and speak with sincerety are Korelin, Turk, Wiegand and Ackerman. I think they are all very good.

    On these correction days when logic is gone I feel a little better listening to most of the voices on this web site.

    One gentleman I dont have the stomach to listen to is Peter Schiff. He knows his stuff and he was among the few brave ones to air his views in 2008 and got laughed at on FOX by Mike Norman and Ben Stein (who wish they could erase the posted videos of them critcizig him). But what Peter said, happened and more. He is a bit too Max Keiserish, although far better than Larry Craig Roberts.

    Back to work before the boss comes

      Sep 16, 2011 16:57 PM

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks very much for the kind words regarding myself, my colleagues and our site. I really appreciate your comments.


      Big Al