Off to Vancouver for the day, but here is a conversation I had with Marshall Berol before I left.
Al’s on CBS Chicago

The attached table details the stock performance of our sponsors from inception to today. Note that I will update it…

Comments on my resource stock portfolio.
American Manganese moves towards Production of Electrolytic Manganese
International Tower Hill Mines December 2011 Christmas Greeting
Morning comments on the markets.

I was quite impressed with the way the Congressman handled himself on The Jay Leno Show. I was not particularly…

New Zealand Energy Now In Production
Paul Krugman calls Congressman Paul’s fiscal policy “monetary madness” We don’t agree!
Not much to say other than maybe be have a buying opportunity!
Life should be very simple
Events of this past week
A late Daily from Big Al and Trader Rog
Marshall Berol and Big Al discuss the apparent disconnect between the price of gold and worldwide economic conditions.
Big Al and Trader Rog respond to Mark T’s question about magin requirements.
Butler on Business