Again, Views on Politics and Investing from our Expert Friends

November 24, 2012

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In this show Al discusses:

  • Segment 1 – Al opens the show with Peter Grandich discussing the concept of “this too shall pass”.
  • Segment 2 – Rhylin Bailie discusses the permits just received to allow Southern Arc Minerals to proceed with its work in Indonesia.
  • Segment 3 – Trader Rog explains why he believes that both the Dow and gold will perform well in the future.
  • Segment 4 – Al explains to Jeff Deist and listeners how and why he invests in precious metals.
  • Segment 5 and Segment 6 – In the next two segments Al discusses international macro economic issues with Grant Williams.
  • Segment 7 – Having just successfully obtained funding for a new exploration program, Shaun Pollard of Westhaven Ventures, outlines the Company’s plan.
  • Segment 8 – Al wraps up the show with Jeff Deist discussing the upcoming fiscal cliff.

Click download link to listen on this device: Download Show

Click download link to listen on this device: Download Show

Click download link to listen on this device: Download Show

Click download link to listen on this device: Download Show

Click download link to listen on this device: Download Show

Click download link to listen on this device: Download Show

Click download link to listen on this device: Download Show

Click download link to listen on this device: Download Show

    Nov 24, 2012 24:38 AM

    I find it so difficult to discuss the federal debt and fiscal budget with anyone. The federal gov’t is going to spend $3.8 trillion but only raise $2.1 trillion. It’s sheer lunacy. There is literally no accountability in our fiscal system or currency. $1.7 trillion is being stolen from our system every year. The thieves and beneficiaries are for the most part not even aware what they are doing and a part of.

      Nov 24, 2012 24:20 AM

      Yep, Donald,

      Like you I simply don’t understand the rational behind the actions other than the situation is so bad there is simply nothing else to do to avoid a major disaster.

      The major disaster is, certainly in my mind, complete unavoidable but politicians don’t want to face it.

      We must protect ourselves from that inevitable!

      Big Al

    Nov 24, 2012 24:25 AM

    Very good show. Listen everyday from Spain.
    Now that gold is over 1750, next monday it is a good moment to buy or it is better to wait till we pass1800? Thanks.

      Nov 24, 2012 24:39 AM

      You alone decide, not investment advice. If it drops below 1730 again, maybe the crossing of the 1750 mark was just a turkey (or Mr. van Rompuy) kicked in the butt. Unless you are sitting on USD’s, watching gold pass 1392 euros is relevant, I don’t want to see another top just below that mark.

      Nov 24, 2012 24:42 AM

      Hello , IKER….Welcome , how is sunny Spain…..Im on the south coast of England..(HASTINGS)…..We are having rain & gales at the moment.

        Nov 24, 2012 24:42 AM

        iRISH…..make sure you wear your raincoat before you go out….forget the umbrella….

          Nov 24, 2012 24:16 AM

          Should not be a problem In the Box.

          We have definitely determined that Mr. Irish does have enough sense to come in out of the rain!

          By the way Mr. Irish, after a week of rain I am currently sitting in my living room looking out the window at BLUE SKY. You better believe that I will be out on the course in a couple of hours, but I want to visit with all of you first!

          Big Al

            Nov 24, 2012 24:02 PM

            AL…..I will swap you two holes , for two hours of sunshine.

            Nov 24, 2012 24:07 PM

            Mr. Irish,

            Please define “two holes!

            Big Al

          Nov 25, 2012 25:36 PM

          JERRY…Whenever it,s raining i always go out naked stops my clothes getting wet …….see not such a stupid Irishman………….But cant understand why the police want to talk to me in the rain….

            Nov 25, 2012 25:46 PM

            AL….two holes…….as in golf…………….see you golfers are stupid , you wack a ball around 18 holes with a stick , hoping it will go in that little hole in the green………….Me i dont have a stick , i just carry the ball around in my pocket & whenever i see a hole , i just i just drop the ball into it………………Simple i win everytime

            Nov 26, 2012 26:51 AM

            Now, why didn’t I think of that!

            Big Al

            Nov 26, 2012 26:50 AM

            I guess that they are stupid also!

            Big Al

      Nov 24, 2012 24:18 AM

      Great to have you with us, Iker. (Mr. or Ms.?)

      Big Al

    Nov 24, 2012 24:40 AM

    I agree with Roger… and silver are going up, this is not rocket science…..or maybe it is……ROCKET SCIENCE…..

      Nov 24, 2012 24:08 AM

      Rocket Science is when you take a bottle of Moosehead Beer, gently shaken not stirred and watch a CDN Hoser open it on his basement couch. DT

        Nov 24, 2012 24:13 AM

        Morning Machine Gun,

        Funny story to show how out of touch Big Al has become.

        So we are in San Francisco having a meeting where Kathy brought in a six pack of bottled beer. Cory and Carter come in and Kathy offers them a beer and then says, “oh, I forgot we don’t have an opener.” Cory starts laughing and takes two of the bottles and miraculously opens them as I did 50 years ago in high school.

        Now that is rocket science!

        Big Al

          Nov 24, 2012 24:34 PM

          and that is all the science we need…..

    Nov 24, 2012 24:00 AM

    Al, technicals suggest the PMs to move higher for the next 3 weeks of the “Santa Claus” rally. I then agree with Peter—-2013 will be problematic for the conventional markets. Sure, you’ll get a kicking of the can down the road at the end of the year but the real determinate for the conventional markets at the beginning of 2013 will be earnings—–they’ll disappoint again as they did in the 3rd quarter and we should then see the markets break down lower. 2013 should not be a good year for stocks. In all likelihood that should control any huge movement on the upside for the PMs but they should tend to be in their consolidation mode yet for a number of weeks to months. I personally feel that next fall will be time for the next big move in the PMs.

      Nov 24, 2012 24:57 AM


      I simply cannot disagree with your logic!

      Big Al

    Nov 24, 2012 24:30 AM

    Big Al,
    “I think it is insane that the US keeps printing money!” Al Korelin. Dang, Al, it is definitely INSANE. BUT, that is the sole reason I have all my stuff in things that Bernanke CAN’T PRINT! Thus, precious metals, etc. My investing philosophy is pretty simple and proportional: i.e.THE PERCEIVED INSANITY OF THE FED RESERVE IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THE AMOUNT OF MONEY I HAVE IN HARD ASSETS! The more ‘insane” they get – the more money I have put in. Pretty simple and pretty proportional!

      Nov 24, 2012 24:59 AM

      I am strongly considering buying some more silver this week, Marc. More on that later.

      Big Al

        Nov 24, 2012 24:57 PM

        Ever considered silversavers? $ cost averaging.highly recommended by David Morgan.Can be purchased on a weekly basis..whatever dollar amount you choose.

          Nov 24, 2012 24:01 PM

          Actually, I have and it is a really good program. I may jump into it this week.

          Big Al

            Nov 25, 2012 25:54 PM

            $-cost-averaging obviously is a fine deal for cheap advisors and undisciplined investors because it’s mechanical, pre-plannable, and it minimizes potential for personal blame when the performance is mediocre. I bet one full copper-clad cent that most of the daily visitors to this site could do significantly better than DCA: Simply by spending five minutes daily, checking a set of free chart tools to pinpoint, with an accuracy of about three days, a handful of yearly lows to concentrate their bullion purchases. Don’t confuse this with actual trading!

        Nov 24, 2012 24:11 PM

        AL…….You would be mad not to…………Greg below recommends something by David Morgan , Who i believe is a Silver bull………But talks about 10%………common David where exactly do you stand.?

        Nov 25, 2012 25:25 AM

        Al I would reconsider that.
        I did say $35 by Xmas butI have just sold 200kg today @£685 /kilo.
        I fear a sizeable correction shortly, so just booking some good profits. Dont want to end up holding the baby like in 2011.

    Nov 24, 2012 24:37 AM

    Listening to seg 4. The object seems to be leverage. In my opinion,at this time a person might want to consider focusing on the return OF their money as opposed to the return ON their money.
    People might find that physical will do very well without counterparty risk.
    For myself, buying physical 10 years ago until today, (never selling) has paid rather well, the only time trading the market I have found only 1 time that I really made money, that was after the 08 crash, (shooting ducks in a pond comes to mind)
    other than that, its been physical for me, and for retirment, I am not gonna play games and I am not interested in counterparty risk. Remember, any investment in the market can be gone in a moments notice no matter how much your up, I know, I know, “not gonna happen to me” ask the people involved with mf global.
    Pension funds, NO counterparty risk, NO games, PHYSICAL. Trading is gambling,pure and simple. Hire someone if your not a pro, or save the fees and buy physical, you will do better than most traders, actually most traders eventually loose it all.
    And they all tell themselves they understand fundimentals or know TA.
    Take no chances, return Of capital is far more important today than return ON capital. Course thats just my opinion.

      Nov 24, 2012 24:57 AM

      I 1000% agree…for what it is worth…I think you make some excellent points! A universal far cry from those “idiots’, with all due respect, groping and mauling each other at Walmart to get a stupid i-phone…or some dumb thing. Absolutely ridiculous…and these people are raising the NEXT generation of Americans…HEAVEN HELP US! Now excuse me why I go jump in the bed again and stick my head underneath the covers! Geezzzz…:)

        Nov 24, 2012 24:44 PM

        Marc.Shame. “stupid iphone” have not used my laptop in more than a year.Why?because of the Iphone.With me everywhere i go.and at this very moment, with me at the bar.Seriously,the best to you.. Love reading your posts and input

          Nov 24, 2012 24:12 PM

          Okay Greg,

          Does that mean you are picking up his retainer?

          Big Al

          Nov 24, 2012 24:35 PM

          You are exactly right..actually the i-phone is a pretty powerful device…..certainly is dominating the social media landscape, etc….

            Nov 25, 2012 25:39 AM

            A power which I never thought I would see in my lifetime, Marc.

            Dejected Dawg

          Nov 25, 2012 25:02 AM

          Maybe I should dump my laptops and pc’s and run my business on iphones.

        Nov 24, 2012 24:56 PM

        Marc, I saw the video on ZeroHedge that you are referring to. The word pathetic comes to my mind when describing the store sceen. I’m probably one of the few that didn”t participate in the Black Friday meyhem. Have a great weekend!
        Jody D

          Nov 24, 2012 24:14 PM

          Thanks JodyD4,

          Now I know that I am not crazy. I went out and played 18 holes of gold sorry I mean golf. Know what? It was GREAT!

          Big Al

          Nov 24, 2012 24:38 PM

          Hope you are having a super THXgiving…Jody D…all the best! 🙂

      Nov 24, 2012 24:01 AM

      Your concept of “return of capital” is certainly valid, Benb.

      See my comment to Marc regarding Big Al possibly purchasing a bit more physical this coming week.

      Big Al

        Nov 24, 2012 24:14 PM


          Nov 24, 2012 24:59 PM

          Irish, Even the word SILVER is comforting, isn’t it? Rolls off the tongue without effort! 🙂
          Jody D

            Nov 24, 2012 24:15 PM

            Hi JodyD4,

            Yep, comforting. Kind of like g-o-l-f. Just rolls off your tongue!

            Can you tell I just finished a great round?

            Big Al

          Nov 24, 2012 24:10 PM

          More on this come Tuesday or Wednesday, Mr. Irish.

          Big Al

    Nov 24, 2012 24:46 AM

    I probly ran on a little bit there, obviously any regular on this site knows everthing I said, for some reason I sometimes think I am speaking to a “first time ” person here. And of course I envision that person saying to themselves, “hey, these guys all make fortunes with this trading and investing, I will too”
    Just like i tell myself. lol

      Nov 24, 2012 24:02 AM

      Trading is definitely dangerous Benb and that is why Big Al diversifies!

      Big Al

    Nov 24, 2012 24:56 AM

    Hi Big Al,
    Thanks for your show. I am buying physical PM’s up to the old highs of record. Silver will never be lower than now, and neither will our taxes. Best to all.

      Nov 24, 2012 24:17 PM

      Boy, KS…..cannot agree with you MORE!!

      Nov 24, 2012 24:00 PM

      I have to agree Keep Stacking,
      Big Al

    Nov 24, 2012 24:27 PM


      Nov 24, 2012 24:37 PM

      “to hail or not to hail”…….that is the question…..

      Nov 24, 2012 24:53 PM

      Irish…”why buy gold when there’s silver”

      Nov 24, 2012 24:11 PM

      Okay Mr. Irish, but I would like a home address!

      Big Al

      Nov 25, 2012 25:04 AM

      Silver will go up or go down but will not stay at the current price. Now that is an accurate a forecast as any expert’s.

    Nov 24, 2012 24:25 PM

    In regards to Seg #1 with Peter Grandich…
    Do we need to surrender to the Serenity Prayer? (Text below)
    On Thursday I heard “I would rather be happy than know the truth!”
    To which I replied……”I would rather live truthfully and not deny the evil that is gaining acceptance”
    Could it be that the serenity prayer has lulled us to “just go with it?”
    Have we allowed self-realization to arrive us at both self and group defeatism?
    While we have ‘defined our deviance down” have we tolerated our own and our group’s demise?
    A few ?s are delivered above for the board:

    Reinhold Niebuhr’s…Serenity Prayer:
    GOD, grant me the serenity
    to accept the things
    I cannot change,

    Courage to change the
    things I can, and the
    wisdom to know the difference.

    Living one day at a time;
    Enjoying one moment at a time;
    Accepting hardship as the
    pathway to peace.

    Taking, as He did, this
    sinful world as it is,
    not as I would have it.

    Trusting that He will make
    all things right if I
    surrender to His Will;

    That I may be reasonably happy
    in this life, and supremely
    happy with Him forever in
    the next.

      Nov 24, 2012 24:03 PM

      In the spirit of tolerance have we tolerated way too much?

      Nov 25, 2012 25:38 AM

      I have to say Dennis M that I view this differently.

      Accepting what is wrong is just plain stupid and also very wrong. As in the case of what is wrong in society.

      I believe that the serenity prayer relates to accepting things that are right and not wrong. In the case of alcoholism, this prayer simply says to accept that alcoholism (which is unfortunately a wrongful condition for a person) exists and that a person must deal with it by accepting the condition.


      Big Al

        Nov 25, 2012 25:22 PM

        The acceptance of the condition can be expanded from the micro level to the intermediate and macro level. It ends up in a moral relativism anything goes society.
        I agree with your take. However when explaining a minority position to a populace with their do not rock the boat monetary blinders on it is required to admit the immense hurdles that exist so they can be negotiated.

          Nov 26, 2012 26:44 AM

          I agree Dennis M!

          Big Al

    Nov 24, 2012 24:18 PM

    Because Big Al distances himself from technical analysis…I will offer this:
    When the dewhicky crosses the thingamajig it is a buying and/or selling signal in the opposite direction of the trending volume. The only exception is when the bands of Bollinger are opposed to the waves of Fibonacci contemporaneous with the calendar Scorpio. DYODD

      Nov 25, 2012 25:38 AM

      Thanks for the great clarification Dennis M!

      Big Al

    Nov 24, 2012 24:21 PM

    On second thought strongly consider SLW whenever it trades below spot silver.

    Nov 25, 2012 25:36 AM

    Hi Big Al,
    I am invested mostly in silver and gold mining shares but I am frustated of their evolution in 2011 and 2012. I have a goo year in 2010 but some shares have the same valuation when gold was half th price it has now. So I am looking for investing directly in gold.
    Mr Iker.

      Nov 25, 2012 25:58 AM

      IMHO, you should continue to hold on to the shares and have a diversified portfolio of royalty companies, large-cap miners, juniors, and explorers. It’s not surprising that the royalty companies are outperforming in this stage of the bull market as it is the “conservative” investment. As institutional investors come in, I would expect the large cap miners to do well. Near the end of the bull market when the speculative hot money comes in, I’d expect the juniors and explorers to really take off.

    Nov 25, 2012 25:09 AM

    In segment 1, too many Christians quote scripture out of context like making Romans 8:28 a mandate for suffering when if verses 26-27 were included then in prayer there could be a way out for suffering as alloted for in scripture. True God allows, what you allow. Jesus the Christ in His discipleship mechanism in His great commission Mark chapter 16:17-18, v20 has given us who our His church a way out for suffering in_this_life. Matthew 18:18) Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.< You don`t have to be in a hopeless state forever while living here in the place called where-ever you are. Perhaps I should have come to your gatherings to have a Bible lesson with my Bible in hand and the Rhema on my lips to speak, Al.

    Nov 25, 2012 25:11 AM

    As expected, the dollar has started to roll over. I think there may a minor pullback in the equity and PM markets as the dollar index may find some support at 80. It’ll probably drift higher, form the right shoulder in the H&S pattern, before dropping again. This is the pattern to monitor closely. If that is the case, I do think we’ll get our “Santa Claus” rally. This wouldn’t be a market (conventional stocks) that I would get long as next year can get quite ugly. Some cycle analysts are pointing towards May and August of next year as months to look out for.