Precious Metals and the Energy Sector

August 16, 2014

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    Aug 16, 2014 16:31 AM

    Re segment 1:
    Standard Operating Procedure in a fighting mode is to disable the command and control system of the enemy.

    Another 80 men are massacred in North Iraq and women and children captured, but Obama just knocks out two vehicles by drone.

    Last time he hit an abandoned artillery piece with two 500pound bombs. Hardly a serious attack.

    Could this be why?

      Aug 16, 2014 16:55 AM

      Thanks for the story, Professor!

      Aug 16, 2014 16:56 AM

      Now that, Professor, is interesting!

      Aug 16, 2014 16:59 AM

      I forwarded this address to some of our friends. Thank, CFS

    Aug 16, 2014 16:46 AM

    Quite so CFS. See below.
    btw I finished Son of Hamas – a very moving account of one man’s search whereby in losing his life he finds it in Christ. Although I have other questions re the book clearly that is its central and very inspiring message

      Aug 16, 2014 16:59 AM

      Thanks Reverend

    Aug 16, 2014 16:09 AM

    Al, Gas at $4.25 a gallon – that’s a snip. Try over double that amount here in the U.K!

      Aug 16, 2014 16:00 AM

      That is amazing to me!

        Aug 17, 2014 17:27 AM

        Cory, Like Santa Cruz, Siver Crest’s production expected to go significantly higher Q3 and Q4.

        Aug 17, 2014 17:20 AM

        AL you’ve got it cheap there at 4 and change for gas, Cory s paying over 6 and he’s only an hr drive away from you 😉

    Aug 16, 2014 16:37 AM

    Courageous discussion guys re whether moderate Muslims should speak out more directly over ISIS and Islamic extremism. Of course they must. ISIS is vile, vile, vile.
    But Jews I believe need to do something similar over Gaza. Recently there’s been an outcry by readers of the Jewish Chronicle deploring an advert run by Oxfam and the Red Cross asking for a lifting of the blockade. This was an advertisement run across the media at large, and even if its suggested having political connotations, the wholesale thrust is one of pleading for humanitarianism to prevail.
    Just as the Muslims do themselves no favours when appearing quiet over the extremists, so Jews don’t help themselves when confusing the giving of aid with that of the taking of sides.
    And then of course extreme Christianity can offer its own disgusting side. Take the necklasing of homosexuals in Nigeria as but one example. Or nearer to home the way that that delightful Christian singer Vicky Beeching, who having come ‘out’ has been told to repent by U.S. evangelicals. Otherwise her singing talents will be discarded. Some televangelists terrify me! See below.
    Good men and women – be they Christian, Jew or Muslim need (MUST)stand up and declare themselves. For without so doing, evil will flourish and devour us all.

      Aug 16, 2014 16:27 AM

      The blockade has never caused a long-term ‘humanitarian crisis’ in Gaza. This is clearly visible in the stats. The palestinian area as a whole is 107 in the UN human development index:

      That’s West Bank + Gaza; Gaza alone would be worse off based on some components (GDP/head split out for Gaza – is around 1/3 lower. Life expectancies are only a year or two worse than WB, and better than neighbouring Jordan.)

      IF there’s a humanitarian issue in Gaza, there’s a FAR WORSE problem in at least 40 countries. Save Niger, Congo, CAR!

      Jewish Chronicle readers aside, the Israeli public wouldn’t agree to dropping the blockade (without a demilitarization plan); there was actually a protest in Tel Aviv against continuation of the ceasefire a couple of days ago. They think – quite possibly correctly – it’ll just allow Hamas to re-arm. I doubt Hamas would agree to disarm.

      In this situation, it escapes me what a ‘good person’ of any persuasion can say, except ‘good night and good luck’.

        Aug 16, 2014 16:05 AM

        Unfortunately, xlurkr, you make a valid point.

        It is too bad that people cannot simply live together. I realize that is being simplistic, but it is what it is!

        Aug 17, 2014 17:33 AM

        xlurkr – thanks for the points you make. My wife and I were discussing such things this morning – like the burgeoning of Muslim activity here in the UK. Same thing in Israel – the suspicion/enmity seems unstoppable. A bit like the Titanic approaching its iceberg there were those on board who could see the threat, but the vessel was moving too quickly to enable any pre-emptive action to make any difference. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t comment however.
        For your interest I’m just starting Ilan Pappe’s ‘The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine’,

      Aug 16, 2014 16:03 AM

      We have to get together sometime.

      You are one interesting and intelligent guy, Reverend!

        Aug 16, 2014 16:49 AM

        It’ll happen Al which I greatly look forward to. Best, A

        Aug 17, 2014 17:59 AM

        I second that, Al.

          Aug 17, 2014 17:04 AM

          Your second sentence, that is.

    Aug 16, 2014 16:04 AM

    Is this really America? Goon cops running wild.

      Aug 16, 2014 16:53 AM

      Andy, in the 50’s the policeman was your friend. At least that’s what the told us in school.

        Aug 16, 2014 16:16 AM

        Yeah,the police were your friend if you were born white.

          Aug 16, 2014 16:09 AM

          And Matt, you have to admit that in some instances that is still the case.

          Yes a lot of bad stuff going on, but there is also some good stuff going on. Blaine, Washington which happens to be Kathy’s and my official address has a great cop as the police chief and everyone in this little town really supports each other. Look at some of the things that we and our neighbors are involved in like Ant and the Blaine Boys and Girls Club.

      Aug 16, 2014 16:56 AM

      I read that Andrew, more people killed by police than they lost in Iraq.
      I sure like PCR, happen to notice he did 3 interviews and published an article all on the 15th ? A busy man.

      It would seem he is correct about thinking twice before calling police for help.

        Aug 16, 2014 16:00 AM

        PCR is on target with his commentary on the police and anybody paying attention to our military adventures over the past decades could have predicted this outcome. Why are the police wearing camo fatigues in Ferguson and other US cities? These guys are playing war games against the citizens and it will get worse.

      Aug 16, 2014 16:06 AM

      That is definitely not the entire picture, Reverend!

        Aug 16, 2014 16:48 AM

        Agree Al – there must be some really decent cops over there who abhor what’s happening in towns like Ferguson.

    Aug 16, 2014 16:16 AM

    So if you listen to the above mp3 and still don’t believe the US has a muslim President, how about the CIA director?

    Consider Obama’s only adviser with 24/7 access …..Valerie Jarrett, dating s muslim ….Iran born and raised…

    The USA has been taken over, in my opinion.

    Aug 16, 2014 16:23 AM


    I enjoy your show and have never commented until now, but your last segment prompted me to respond. You appear to be a man of goodwill so I hope you take my criticism with respect because it is meant in a constructive way. You asked the wrong question regarding Muslims in your appeal to the moderates of that religion to speak out against the terror perpetrated by the savage elements of that religion. The better question is to ask why this countries military and foriegn policy has been so savage and callous to human life in other parts of the world for decades. Why the embargo on Iraq in the ’90’s that killed a few hundred thousand children? Why the “shock and awe” bombing of their major population centers as we initiated the invasion of a country that never threatened us? Why does our military us a computer model called “bugsplat” to determine the nature of civilian casualties expected to be suffered as a result of these immoral bombing campaigns? There are many other questions that I can pose but time will not allow me to list them all here, but Americans need to do an examination of conscience of our own instead of ignoring our very serious issues by looking outward to the issues of other groups. We need to take the plank out of our own eyes before worrying about the speck in other peoples eyes.

      Aug 16, 2014 16:24 PM

      Thanks for the comment, Mark. I really do not disagree in a macro sense.

      Aug 17, 2014 17:40 AM

      Totally agree mark matia – Oh that dreaded beam in our own eye!
      I hope you offer some more posts. Al’s site is one where the guy doesn’t always get it right (any more than I do!), but he’s forever willing to be challenged and heedful of what others are saying.

      Aug 17, 2014 17:02 PM

      While I agree that the powerful or “Oligarchs” of the Western world have meddled with other countries and people’s businesses for too long, I think the Liberal West is totally deluded and ill prepared to respond to the real threats that some political or religious ideologies, such as Marxism and Islamism, pose to our Western ideals of Democracy and Liberty. Unfortunately, history has shown, time and time gain, the real dangers that these ideologies bring to the stability of the World. This article “The West’s Prostration to Islam” by Raymond Ibrahim of Egyptian Coptic origin, and author of “Crucified Again”, is very telling about how deluded the Liberal West is:

      Aug 17, 2014 17:06 PM

      Comparing “The Political Violence of the Bible and the Koran”, By Bill Warner, Director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam:

      Aug 17, 2014 17:08 PM

      A great answer to a question asked by a “moderate” Muslim during the Benghazi Panel :

      Aug 17, 2014 17:10 PM
    Aug 16, 2014 16:33 AM

    I commenteded a few days ago that we should expect destabilization of Pakistan in the near future.

    I notice now a comment about that:–pakistan-and-america-heading-for-a-serious-confrontation-over-pak-nukes.html

    I believe, however, the author to partly err in his theories as to why the destabilization is occurring.

    Aug 16, 2014 16:34 AM

    seg 8 Some excellent comments, Rick, Chris and Mr.Jones.

    The idea of Muslims standing up and voicing their opinions to say they oppose as Moslems whats going on, I would guess its the same reason the Christians don’t stand together and say they oppose whats happening in Israel or the Invasion of Iraq or even whats happening in the U.S. etc. But as Mr Joness says, thee are Moslems shooting at the isis Moslems.

    Doc mentions the Koran contradicting itself, true, but may I remind people the Christian god is love but is ready to burn his children for all eternity. Slight contradiction.

    We also have the genocide of Moses, except (supposedly) he didn’t enslave the girls until the last city, otherwise, exactly the same thing as isis is doing today. Terror works.

    We have to remember, the God of Abraham. I might be wrong but I think that’s the same one for Jews, Christians and Moslems.
    Pretty violent followers if you ask me.

    This isis thing might take some focus off the Ukraine allowing a way for peace to be found there,
    also we have to remember its thanks to the americans that isis got trained and supplied, their creation,
    be nice if All the Jew, Christians and Moslems in the U.S. would stand together and tell their government “enough of the B.S.”

      Aug 16, 2014 16:21 AM

      bb you are right on target with your final statement admonishing Americans to focus on our own sins and fix our foibles instead of deflecting attention and responsibility for change on others. A good dose of American introspcetion is in order.

        bb……”burn his children”……………..false statement…………burn the disobedient and non believers, for if you are not with, you are against. Righteous or not righteous.
        THat was the OLD TESTIMENT……..
        and God’s right to do so, because, HE HAS A COVENANT WITH THE JEWS., tHESE WILL be my people.
        SECONDLY,,,,,,,GOD is a Loving GOD, …that is why he came as JESUS , AND DIED FOR EVERYONE’S SIN…………PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE.. …..BIG DIFFERENCE.

          Aug 18, 2014 18:27 AM

          God has no covenant with the Jews. He made a covenant with Abram, Isaac and Jacob and they were absolutely not Jews! The birthright blessings of national and economic power were inherited by the Sons of Joseph and neither they nor their father were jews either. The Jews were the tribes of Judah and Benjamin and all they got was the scepter and the promise of a messiah and by their sin they lost the first and rejected the later. Jews are nothing and nobody grasping for what is not theirs to have and doing everything in their power to obtain what is not theirs even if they must rob and kill the world to get it. Jesus was correct when he said, ye are of your father the devil in John 8: 44.

            Lets continue the blood line…………….
            Abraham, Isaac,,Jacob…………Joseph was the son, thur Rachel.(one of Jacob’s wives)
            Jacob also, begot……Reuben,Levi,Judah ,Dan,Naphtali,Asher,Issachar,Zebular.
            So far we still have the Abrahamic Covenant…….then Mosiac Covenant,…

            I think there are twelve tribes…..not just two………..
            Romans 15 :27…….For the Gentiles have shared in the JEWS’ sprititual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings.

            REVELATION 22:18……I,Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches, I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the Morning Star.

        Aug 16, 2014 16:25 PM

        It is starting to happen, Mark.

      bb…… are correct on the GOD OF ABRAHAM……all started with
      ISSAC AND ISHMAEL………SEE Genesis 25

        You could start at Genesis 20…

        Issac …was from Sarah(Jew)…………Ishmael…born via the handmaiden/bondservent Hagar the Egyptian, because Abraham did not trust in God timetable.
        see, GEN. 21:9-13


            Aug 16, 2014 16:23 PM

            J, I say children meaning everyone is a child of god, in a hell its all fire and
            brimestone stuff, thus burn. Just doesn’t equate to love as I see it.

            I view a “hell” as a christian creation. I don’t believe a “creator” or Jesus would build such a place.

            I read genisus a lot of year ago, don’t remember much, a few things here and there.
            I actually remember more from books I read concerning the bible.

            If I recall, there is a record of Jewish families or tribes?
            Lots of good records Im sure, but I have prefered other histories.

            Have you ever seen George Carlin discussing the 10 commandments?

            Old Test and New Test……are different, TODAY, we are to love each other.
            I am not advocating any hatred ,,,,only, referring to the text….What was, WAS ,… WHAT is IS today,,,,What is to come is another subject.

      Aug 17, 2014 17:53 AM

      YES, yes, yes, bb! Enough of this flame-throwing god. If Muslims, Jews and Christians can’t see what they have in common then I’m out of here!! What unites us SHOULD be so much greater than that which divides.

        Aug 17, 2014 17:34 AM

        ur right Andrew.

        Aug 17, 2014 17:22 PM

        That which divides being the person of Jesus Christ, you mean?
        Christians believe unto death He was God, God’s Son, and true.
        Jews believe he was an embarrassment, wannabe Messiah needing to be put down for fear of Roman punishment, or at best, a good rabbi.
        Muslims believe (according to the Koran) he was a prophet more miraculous than their own main “prophet”, yet continually deny his importance modern day for fear that their people will become Christians.

        You figure out what to do with Jesus… then, and only then can you try to unite them all.

          Aug 18, 2014 18:33 AM

          Incorrect. Muslims believe Jesus was/is the messiah. “El messic” I believe is what they refer to him as.

        Aug 17, 2014 17:52 PM

        Thank you again Reverend!

      Aug 18, 2014 18:18 AM

      Christians can not stand with Jews or Muslims. It is a conflict of interest. Christians can not stand with feminists or the LGBT people either because it is a conflict of interest also. Christians can not stand with democrats, communists and the NWO people either because it is a conflict of interest. For Christians to stand with all these groups is to embrace the children of Satan and turn their backs on God and what is right, natural and proper. We are the followers of the king of Kings and Lord of Lords. We have no business following Satan and his children. It is however possible to set an example, do justice and rebuke those who are on the wrong path.

    Aug 16, 2014 16:22 AM

    Good stuff in Segment 1 – stuff I had not thought about. Indeed eventually supply should go down if price stays down. “The cure for low prices is low prices”, just like the “cure for high prices is high prices”.

      Aug 16, 2014 16:12 AM

      Your final sentence expresses my thoughts exactly. Thank you bb!

      Aug 16, 2014 16:13 AM

      Thanks Derek,

      We do try!

    Aug 16, 2014 16:04 AM

    Is Sonja Rodgers wife? Or sister? What ever happened to him? Whatever happened to Paul Van Eeden?

    Do we need to put their faces on milk cartons?

      Aug 16, 2014 16:31 PM

      No Bill, he is not Sonja’ s husband.

      Paul does not want to be on our show. I have asked him numerous times. I think it might be because I disagree with him when a number of years ago when gold was trading around $1200 and he said it was guaranteed to go down in value. It then rose to about $1900.

      I, by the way, happen to think he II s a goo guy.

    Aug 16, 2014 16:13 AM

    Wellgreen Platinum is watchlist material…DYODD
    Yukon….Wellgreen Platinum Enters Agreement for Canadian LNG in the Yukon
    Memorandum of understanding paves the way for low-cost, clean-burning LNG fuel to power the Yukon’s high horsepower industries.

    Wellgreen Platinum Announces New Resource Estimate Including 5.5 Million Oz. Platinum, Palladium & Gold (“3E”) in M&I Resources and 13.8 Million Oz. 3E Inferred at its Wellgreen PGM-Ni-Cu Project

    VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired – Jul 24, 2014) – Wellgreen Platinum Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:WG)(WGPLF) is pleased to announce a significantly expanded and upgraded 43-101 Mineral Resource Estimate for its 100% owned Wellgreen PGM-Ni-Cu project in the Yukon Territory, Canada.

    Aug 16, 2014 16:14 PM

    Regarding the sanctions on Russia, read this:

    Money talks, bullsh*t walks. It’s all one big joke. The only purpose for these sanctions is to make the average joe’s life more miserable. It’s business as usual for the big boys. They are all sipping champagne together as we speak.

    Aug 16, 2014 16:26 PM

    I am a regular consumer of your audio feeds and website because the subject of them is “for profit business.” I do business with a fair number of your guests & other paid advertisers. Today you altered your course into the world of non-profit do gooder propaganda. Of course, non-profit is a misnomer as this IRS tax category is nothing but a tax dodge & it’s filled to overflowing with highly compensated bureaucratic do-gooders.

    The Korelin Economics Report has stood for business & the economics of it. If you persist in proceeding down the path of non-economic & non profit business reporting you, you will lose my listenership & your vendors will lose my monetary investments in their businesses.

      Aug 16, 2014 16:43 PM

      Sorry Greg, I strongly believe in helping others.

      Best of luck in your future personal for profit ventures.

    Aug 16, 2014 16:52 PM

    The middle class jobs aren’t coming back, industry and white collar jobs are changing so fast but The Korelin Report is still living in the 1950’s. The African American society is the first to feel the pinch but believe this if you think your job will still be there in ten years you are dead wrong. Artificial intelligence is overtaking our human society to control it.

      Aug 16, 2014 16:36 PM

      DT, I guess if ai gets programed to take control they might.
      Your right about fewer and fewer jobs.
      It should provide the opportunity for some people to pursue their dreams, for others, the opportunity to live the life of a dog.

    Aug 16, 2014 16:52 PM

    Greg you seem a little harsh in your comments regarding nonprofits. You consider nonprofits nothing but a “tax dodge” while I think if they have figured out an airtight tax dodge then bravo to them, but isn’t it possible that some actually do good work for the community? Also, why can’t you just listen to the material that you have profited from and skip that which you don’t like? Seems like something hit a nerve here for you.

    Aug 17, 2014 17:54 AM

    Valentin ! The population suffers when dear leaders drink champagne ! AGENDA 21 ! RUSSIA USA EUROPE ALL THE SAME !

      Aug 17, 2014 17:35 AM

      ON RELIGION ! Morality can keep you out of jail ! Only jesus can keep you out of HELL !

        Aug 17, 2014 17:02 AM

        YOU NOW JESUS ? We can’t understand the LORD’S plan ! YOU NOW JESUS ? . Humans LIVE are no much in GODS world ! AL , CHRIS , CORY , GARY , RICK , GLEN AND ALL ADERS ! LOOK DIS !

        Aug 17, 2014 17:54 PM

        Thank you Franky!

    Aug 17, 2014 17:17 AM

    The United States Of America my great country who I am a citizen will protect
    Israel even at the cost of World War 3 and nuclear war.

    Ukraine is only part of the puzzle. Russia is backing Israel’s enemies and The United
    States is now going to attempt to destroy Russia.

    Israel will be protected at all costs. No one is going to divide their land or cut Jerusalem
    in half or take it away. That land belongs to the Jews and Palestine or anyone else has
    no business even suggesting to take one inch of it.

    God as my witness and God himself will not let Israel be divided. The United States will
    support and protect their homeland or be destroyed anyway walking off the job.

    Yes, even at the cost of complete world destruction because God is not going to let
    it happen and based also on principality.


    btw…there is a place called hell. Its reserved for those that rebel against God and enjoy
    living in this sinful world. If you love your life, you shall lose eternal life and find darkness
    for eternity.


    Just like almost everything else out in this evil world. If you like it, then hell is reserved
    for those that do. We send ourselves there. Certainly its not God who sends us there.

    Aug 17, 2014 17:39 AM

    HH Let’s hope and pray that Israel does stay in one piece. My hope and prayer is that the Zionists have been exposed on a scale never witnessed before. I haven’t got the Biblical text in front of me, but somewhere it speaks of all the world hating Israel at such a time as you contemplate, namely the ‘End time’.. But might that also coincide with a time when Jews worldwide see (repent) that aided by the Zionists they have been enacting misdeeds on an unprecedented scale of wickedness?
    Right now I’m reading ‘The Ethnic cleansing of Palestine’ by Jewish historian Ilan Pappe, which offers some staggering disclosures as to how Israel forced itself into existence in the first place. Actions that have to be wholly alien to a loving God.
    Or again in yesterday’s UK Guardian there’s a beautiful letter written by survivors and their families from the Holocaust, and who are unequivocal in their condemnation of the Gaza massacres. They conclude their letter:….’We must call for an immediate end to the blockade of Gaza. We call for the full economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel. “Never again” must mean “Never again for anyone”.’
    Or as Yehuda Elkana another Holocaust survivor put it: ‘It’s not a case of this must never happen again to us’ as ‘this must NEVER happen again’.
    Now they are Jews to be truly proud of and who must gladden the heart of Almighty God.

    Take care, dear friend, Andrew

      Aug 17, 2014 17:53 AM

      Andrew, you posted that just as I did, just saw it.

      Well said.

      If ever I were to go to a church and hear what they had to say, I would choose yours.
      You really sound like your understanding what Jesus was talking about.

      I don’t call Jesus a teacher, I figure as he was a master, had he been teaching the “students” would have gotten the point, so, I call him “speaker” or say what he was talking about.

      Anyway, sure good to read your opinions and points of view.

        Aug 17, 2014 17:31 AM

        Jesus is God Lord of Lords King of Kings teacher master Shepard

        He is the beginning and the end. He is also the alpha and omega
        and creator of all things.

        More importantly he is Our Great and Holy Savior.

        Also worshipped and loved with all our strength and might.

          Aug 17, 2014 17:29 AM

          HH, Wasnt the same thing said about Horus?

          Don’t take offence, herd this last night.

          Abraham shows up and seeing people worshipping and sacrificeing to idols says stop sacrificeing to false gods, what we need to do is cut the ends of our penisus off for the true god in the clouds.
          And we’ll have a party to celibrate.
          Guess it caught on.

            Aug 17, 2014 17:49 AM

            Ha. Ha.

            Thats purdy funny. Good point. However that was all part of the old
            Covenant with the Jews. The Old Testament. Circumcision is still done
            today for health reasons as you know.

            The reason why Jesus had to return was because no one could keep the
            laws of The Old Testament. Now we have a new covenant The New Testament.

            Now our sins are pardoned and forgiven if we believe what Jesus did at the
            cross and repenting our sins.

            The old covenants of the old Testament no longer apply in the sense we are not required
            for sacrificing for sins etc.

            You do bring up some unusual ideas and debates though. ; )

            Aug 17, 2014 17:20 PM

            Thx HH, I really just thought it was funny, no offence intended.
            I don’t agree with these religions but Liberty says something about freedom of religion so there ya go.

            Well, as I don’t believe Jesus got crucified guess Im hooped. oh well.

            I don’t find it hard to believe that people couldn’t follow the old testament stuff, first 5 books are the torah, the talmud was written the same time, about 70ce,no idea as to why Christians include the torah and not the Talmud in their bible, but it esay to understand why Jesus might have an issue with both.

            Aug 17, 2014 17:29 PM

            It was a good laugh. …bb. .. ; )

            Thanks….also you might consider following The New Testament.

            Thats the advise I give to myself.

            Keep up the great posts though. The challenge can be fun.
            This one certainly was….. ; )

        Aug 17, 2014 17:41 PM

        bb Thanks.
        I really like HH and can fully appreciate how he feels – the world’s going to hell in a hand-basket, etc. But I would take issue with him over Israel’s ultimate destiny in terms of it being decreed in some divine script. There are too many Jews and Christians who refute utterly the whole idea of Israel being some critical, sanctified landmass, to which Jesus is destined to appear/return.
        More reprehensible is the way that many born-agains actually see and support the settlers in the West Bank (or Judea as they prefer to call it), regarding them as the most enlightened of all the Jews. Some forty + years back the American writer Hal Lindsey (quite apart from making his fortune) got this whole thing rolling with his ‘Late great Planet Earth’, followed of course by numerous other end-timers. At that time Lindsey understood the E.U. as the Ten horned beast spoken of in Revelation, but which today is a listing vessel made up of some 28 members! Hardly a diabolical power! Then you had Gog of Magog again referred to in the Bible as understood by Lindsey as Russia, etc, etc. Yet in the eyes of such prophetic voices as that of Paul Craig Roberts it is Putin who stands to stop the world ending up in some nuclear inferno. I don’t hold a brief for Putin, but compared to Obama I know where I stand there! Or what of Iran rumoured to spawn the twelfth Mahdi or False Prophet, a position widely assumed to be held by Ahmadiinijad until he was unceremoniously deposed?! The crazy assumptions are endless, and the tragedy is that be they extremist Muslims, Jews and Christians each seems pre-occupied by some diabolical conspiracy helping to create the very devastation they claim to abhor! Such is the paranoia now rampant everywhere.
        That said, and just so that HH knows where I’m coming from, there was a time HH when I subscribed to a lot of this stuff, and de-programming myself was a painful but liberating process. And all I can now do is pray for wisdom, and realise that we’re all treading a highwire act in these perilous times.
        And of course for me at all times Jesus remains my Lord and King!

        Best to both you guys, Andrew

          Aug 17, 2014 17:59 PM

          Well brother Andrew,

          If we don’t love The Lord our knowledge can be 100 percent accurate
          but it won’t mean anything to The Lord. Its about our great love for him
          and knowing The Gospel is good but I have known pastors who had no
          love for Christ.

          Great post Andrew. ★★★★★ OK ..; )

          Aug 17, 2014 17:27 PM

          Andrew, I understand a bit about the process your undergoing, its not my path of course, but, consciousness expands.
          A growing in knowledge takes nothing away from Jesus. I like to see it as furthering my understanding of what Jesus did/does.
          You like to read a bit, my preference concerning How,why etc concerning creation is a fellow named Seth, this generaly looked upon with suspicion by Christians, as for example Edgar Casey was/is even tho he was a Christian minister and healed many people. 1930s I think.

          The Seth Material describes how he comes about, the “meat” is in Seth Speaks, the following books delve deeper and deeper into the “workings” of creation.
          What makes Seth my favorite, is he provides a method to prove what he says to yourself, I havnt found this anywhere else. I don’t mean, Maybe I saw it, not sure, but think I did and it fits with what Im told so it must be true kinda proof, I mean the kind of proof there is absolutely no doubt of. Only thing is, you wont be able to prove it to anyone else. lol Each person has to see it for themselves.
          Seth gives those instructions, thru meditation, so people can still say you delude yourself, lol.
          For myself, I felt I got to a point, that to go any further, I would have to devote my life to the endeaver. I didn’t want to do that. But for me, the information was mind boggling, scary and exciting, explained stuff tho.
          The author is Jane Roberts

          Anyone thinking this could get ya rich, good stock pick, nope doesn’t work, lol

            Aug 18, 2014 18:12 AM

            bb I’ve still got so much to learn! But then again learning for its own sake doesn’t always achieve its ends. It was Jung who at the end of his life realised just how little he actually knew. So I’m with HH on this one: Hold to Christ, however you perceive him and for the rest remain uncommitted. With bigotry and greed seen for what they are we each travel hopefully! Best, A

      Aug 17, 2014 17:35 AM

      You might want to read this review alongside it (or afterwards):

        Aug 17, 2014 17:49 PM

        Thanks for that xlurkr, which I shall re–read. Maybe Pappe is more polemical than historically factual. But to report as he did puts Pappe into a class apart. But like ‘The General’s Son’ by Miko Peled it would suggest that the Jews/Zionists did unconscionable things whether in 1948 or later. Besides which, iinstinct tells me to listen to the voice in the wilderness.
        As for your piece suggesting that most Brits hold the reality of Israel in contempt, I’m not one of them.

          Aug 17, 2014 17:14 PM

          In the context of what they’d just been through in Europe and the Arab world (both before and after 1948) I think a case can be made that they behaved as well as could be expected.

          (See my comment currently under moderation about the ‘Jewish Nakba’ above.)

            Aug 18, 2014 18:02 AM

            xlurkr – two hideous wrongs don’t make a right however.

    Aug 17, 2014 17:43 AM

    Geez, Andrew I was ready to stop the “flame throwing god stuff”, then I read an HH post.

      Aug 17, 2014 17:50 PM

      bb I’m sure HH is an old softie at heart. lol!

        Aug 17, 2014 17:31 PM

        Afraid not Andrew. ….

        Everything is execution style…ha..ha

    Aug 17, 2014 17:19 AM

    Yes Brother Andrew its all debatable however God gave Israel or The Jews that
    land and its non – negotiable no matter who wants to stake their claim on it
    anyway shape or form.

    I fully support The United States to fully protect whats Israels even at the cost
    of complete world destruction as in my post.

    Yes, lets hope Israel stays in one piece like you said but I’m afraid its not going
    to be that easy.

    God of The Holy Bibe stands ready to defend Israel and the United States must now
    stay committed to their responsibilities protecting Israel. Its our duty as we made that
    commitment long ago.

    Unfortunately most want to scoff and deny we are at the end of this age going from
    this world straight passing rignt into eternity. This world has now become one giant
    cesspool of sin. Its ending here soon or Gods going to owe Sadom and Gamora an

    In the last days Israel will become the worlds burden. When Israel became a nation
    again in 1948 that generation shall not pass away. We are that generation.

    You know what we all should be doing Andrew.


    Destruction is certainly coming to this world and the great pain
    and suffering is those who rebel against God who enjoys their
    sinful nature we all have. This is an evil world and anyone who
    embraces evil their souls are in great peril.

    Peace and rich blessings to you brother Andrew. ; )

    The door is closing and we all must be ready.

    Aug 17, 2014 17:33 AM

    Things I notice haven’t changed much in thousands of years.

    People still run around like the pharisees and the scribs.
    Doing good works in the sight of others and displaying
    themselves in public places. Even announcing it inconspicuously
    so no one will notice the obvious of showing oneself as good.

    Gaining respect from the crowds and deceitfully persuading others
    or convincing everyone they are good.

    No one is good. Not one. Its all deception. Anyone I have ever known that
    made good claims about themselves ending up being the worst people I have
    ever known. Christians who claim they are such ended up being the most vicious.

    Good people don’t have to announce or make efforts to be seen doing good works.

    Not perfect but their everyday actions prove who they are. Not through lip service
    telling everyone what great person they are.


    Aug 17, 2014 17:07 PM

    All Corporation enities or designations have the same things in common distribution of profits either to the officers running the company, employees and or to shareholders.

    Aug 17, 2014 17:16 PM

    Salaries are set high enough concealed as no profit.

    Aug 17, 2014 17:36 PM

    bb, do you not feel an innate sense that the most vile evil-doers who take advantage of others their entire lives deserve justice? Isn’t that what our whole discussion is about? The Wall St robbing banksters, or Zionists, or whoever you see that is wronging whoever else? Justice shall be served. The need for it is written on our hearts. If not now, then in the “hell” you scoff at. That’s why the grace of Jesus is the ultimate love, but will one day He will return as the ultimate Judge to set right those who have done evil. As it turns out, I was one of them.

      Aug 17, 2014 17:25 PM

      Great words of eternal wisdom ..WISE…

      not only that a great witness. ☆☆☆☆☆ ; )

      Aug 18, 2014 18:47 AM

      Geez Wiseguy, not kidding, I never even thought of a hell as a “justice”, it never even occurred to me thats what it could be.

      Im not christian or any other religion I know of, Andrew points some things out that make me think I share some thinking with some Christians tho.
      I like what Jesus talked about, and think his efforts are great, especially due to so many records of them.
      But, I used to say, “if I am religious in any way, I do what I can to correct it immediatly”

      As I said, I think Hell is a Christian creation, begins with Zorraster, Satan was an angel, he tested, the Christians demonised him, gave him the horns and hooves of Pan, as Pan was very popular at the time and in competiion with Christian goals.

      I view life as a learning experience, burning for all eternity is not required.

        Aug 18, 2014 18:11 AM

        bb….rebelling won’t help,

        You have my blessings.

        Hopefully its not in the lake of fire.

          Aug 18, 2014 18:59 AM

          lol hh, you have a funny way of looking at things.
          There is nothing to rebel against in this regard.
          This belief in your idea of a hell is your religion.
          I understand people gotta believe in something tho, but I find it weird you don’t research where the idea came from and its development.
          But to itch his own, I itch my own.

            Aug 18, 2014 18:07 AM

            Just a clue hh, isis today is evil, at least some people look t them that way.
            No problem understanding why.
            So, how is it Moses is not looked upon in the same way?
            I mean, he did do exactly the same thing, why is moses doing it supported by a loving god and isis doing it evil?

            I understand he is held in high regard and his deeds are justified, but I view it as the character of the people that put the books and stories together.

            For me, Im gonna take what they say with a grain of salt to say the least.

            Aug 18, 2014 18:13 AM

            lol….I don’t think so.

            We all have a responsibility to choose.

            Suit yourself bb.

            You keep rejecting Gods Word and a great savior
            Christ Jesus.

            We have nothing further to discuss. Sorry !

            I don’t hate you so don’t misunderstand. I can’t
            be around this kind of behavior. You keep insisting
            in a world that has no God or creator in rebellious
            attitude. No more messages to me ..please !

            That must be final now.

            Aug 18, 2014 18:36 AM

            HH, I don’t hate you or anyone, but I think you due to the way you view things, think I reject what Jesus was talking about or doing, quite the contrary, I wish what he was/is doing was understood.

            The Moses reference is mearly a clue, but as I said, “to itch his own”.

            Best to you.

            Aug 18, 2014 18:49 AM

            Best to you too…bb

            I figure though my odds are much much greater staying
            out of eternal trouble than risking my own flawed wisdom
            verses Gods. Problem bb we can’t say sorry later after its
            already to late.


            only to believe and repent. Thats so easy its almost a sin.

            Well it is to reject the free gift. UNFORGIVEABLE SIN.

            You do have my blessing bb. ; )

    Aug 17, 2014 17:05 PM

    Things in history often times don’t change much until you get a dynamic leader, some people come to mind like Napoleon, Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but this sort of genius only happens when the world is facing a true crisis brought about by total ineptitude, I believe we will see a leader of rare quality come soon, and it is about time.

      Aug 17, 2014 17:24 PM

      Justin Trudeau 😉 Ha!

    Aug 17, 2014 17:19 PM

    Steve Saville is now calling for a bust.

    Harry Dent predicted top in the dow cow
    17000 and this was a long time ago. He is
    now calling for much higher gold prices.
    Harry will be vindicated too.

    Gerald Celente who is the worlds top trends
    forecaster is stating this is world war 3. It has
    already started. Sure he’s missed a few predictions
    but don’t bust his chops. He’s really trying to get it
    right. wink…wink..

    BTW…Mr. Bob Moriarty just posted that gold is ready
    to pop much higher than sheeple think on 321gold.

    ( everything else is bull ) This is good analysis.

    wright ? Ah ha… just learned more in a few seconds
    than all week.

    Aug 17, 2014 17:20 PM

    A great answer to a question asked by a “moderate” Muslim during the Benghazi Panel :

    Aug 17, 2014 17:26 PM

    Comparing “The Political Violence of the Bible and the Koran”, By Bill Warner, Director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam:

    Aug 17, 2014 17:26 PM

    This article “The West’s Prostration to Islam” by Raymond Ibrahim of Egyptian Coptic origin, and author of “Crucified Again”, is very telling about how deluded the Liberal West is:

    Aug 18, 2014 18:23 AM

    C, Ibrahim makes some important points about how asleep western Christianity has been to the on-going threat posed by Muslims, and that they exercise their intolerance relative to their numbers…i.e. the greater the percentage of Muslims encroaching upon any one culture the more oppressive they become.
    Yet I wonder is this not how any religious order operates? Who was it said that democracy by definition becomes despotism, whereby 51% can oppress the remaining 49? Same thing with religion C.. So the greater moral that I read behind ‘Crucifed Again’ is that without the all-consuming, all-embracing love of Christ no one religion behaves any better than another. That’s the overarching lesson we need to heed.

      Aug 18, 2014 18:29 AM

      Humans are Sheeple and the shippers is evil ! GOD HELPE US !

      Aug 18, 2014 18:47 AM

      Those that preach only love error because they over look Gods holy standard of law and punishment. The real message should be that God would love it if sinners repented of their evil in order to make mercy possible through the grace of Jesus Christ. For those that refuse to repent and accept mercy and grace there is the law and punishment.
      There is no licence to boldly commit crimes with out punishment. All this emphasis on Gods love makes people lose sight of Gods laws and punishments that await the

        Aug 18, 2014 18:27 AM

        Agree Steven. But God’s love is far deeper and more amazing than anything of which we can conceive, and too often His so-called followers are clueless in that regard.

      Aug 18, 2014 18:00 AM

      If you read Bill Warner analysis above, “The Political Violence of the Bible and the Koran”, “…there is no admonition towards political violence in the New Testament…”. Before the french revolution led by the masonic powers of their time that envisioned a New Enlightened World without the need for Christ, Europe was made of Christian States that were led by Saintly Kings such as Saint Ferdinand III of Spain, Saint Louis IX of France, Saint Casimir of Poland, Saint Stephen I of Hungary, etc. Here is King Saint Louis’s Last Instructions to his Eldest Son:

    Aug 18, 2014 18:52 AM

    48 minutes worth listening too>

      Aug 18, 2014 18:40 AM

      thanks CFS !

        Aug 18, 2014 18:05 AM

        CFS ! The JESUITS British intelligence created the muslim brotherhood 1928 IN Egypt !

      Aug 18, 2014 18:49 AM

      Gabriel has a vicious streak which is far from becoming for any Christian witness.

        Aug 18, 2014 18:05 AM

        At least she is speaking out. Rev.

        You don’t think lining up 1,500 Christians and shooting them in the back of the head is ugly?

        You really appear to hate anyone connected with Israel!

          Aug 18, 2014 18:11 AM

          Yes i agree she speak out and we need dis !

          Aug 18, 2014 18:33 AM

          You haven’t being paying attention CFS! All murder is ugly….like c 2000 Gazans, well over a quarter of that number being children.

        Aug 18, 2014 18:25 PM

        This is what the liberal left wants to make you believe: that if you dare to denounce Islamic atrocities you are an Islamophobe, a right-wing extremist, because you know Christ was a Pacifist Hippy that would have tolerated such crimes and do nothing, and blah, blah, blah…

    Aug 18, 2014 18:54 AM

    The basic problem of Islam is the lack of a Golden Rule in their teachings.

    Intolerance and Sharia go hand in hand.

    Aug 18, 2014 18:37 AM

    Islam is another gospel and therefore it is accursed. In the book of Galatians it says that those that come and preach another gospel let them be accursed. The Christian Gospel is the final revelation of God to all mankind. Jesus Christ is the Alpha and the Omega of divine revelation. Everything else is of Satan. Believe it or burn!

      Aug 18, 2014 18:01 AM

      Amen. There are no other Gods.

      PTL we have a loving God.

      Also, he is a God of wrath against evil.

      PTL for that too.

      Aug 18, 2014 18:03 AM

      ‘I have other sheep not of this fold…’ says Jesus in John 10,16.
      Paul’s reference to ‘accursed’ is emotive especially in the context being discussed. There’s too much Islamaphobia on this weekend post for my liking. People should forget all this claptrap about the west going soft over Islam, and rather let the living Lord within do the preaching for them. Of course Isis is evil, evil, evil, as are those Muslim extremists like Boko Haram or wherever. But there are too many fundamentalist Christians getting frothed up for the makings of a religious war.
      Nor does any of this have anything to do with me being a gullible Brit.

        Aug 18, 2014 18:24 AM

        Andrew, its a Holy War.

        Gods bringing in his kingdom and satan as well.

        These conflicts are part of Gods prophetic plan.

        Overwhelming major sin, no repentance and much
        rebellion against God.

        Just as it was in the days of Noah.

        Its the final hour before lift off for believers.

        The Gospel is the good news. Especially for
        those who dislike living in a world of sin.

        Everything is moving quickly for a one world
        leader and world order. The Mark is also ready
        and been ready.

        This first major war kicks off the 7 year tribulation
        and lift off is not far behind. RAPTURE !!!!!

          Aug 18, 2014 18:35 AM

          HH You and I differ radically over the so-called 7 year tribulation and rapture.
          Ain’t gonna happen! That said there will be many very scary things kickin off akin to the time of Noah.

          Best as always, Andrew

            Aug 18, 2014 18:44 AM

            Well, we differ….Andrew

            I’m just taking my knowledge from The Holy Bible.
            Like I was saying if we have no love for Jesus then
            being 100 accurate has no meaning to The Lord.

            If we don’t love him those who are in The Gospel
            are wasting their time.

            Peace and rich blessings to you brother Andrew. ; )

            Aug 18, 2014 18:42 AM

            HH With respect you are taking ‘an interpretation’ of what the Bible may be saying.

            Peace, A

            Aug 18, 2014 18:56 AM

            Well brother Andrew

            Its all in black and white. Nothing to do
            with my own interpretation as the bible
            always tells the truth.

            If God is love and he is. True believers are not
            subject to Gods wrath. Mans wrath, yes.

            Until the 7 year tribulation.

            Regardless, no love for Jesus and our knowledge
            in The Word means nothing.

            Peace and blessing to you Andrew. ; )

        Aug 18, 2014 18:13 PM

        Rev. wrote: “Paul’s reference to ‘accursed’ is emotive”, really??? What kind of theology is that? I am curious to know…

          Aug 19, 2014 19:38 AM

          Emotive in the sense that some on this site seem to be playing God C!

            Aug 19, 2014 19:34 AM

            Please lets examine ourselves first. We just might
            have a splinter in our own eye.

            Furthermore how can the Scriptures in The Holy Bible
            written in black and white be wrong.

            Whatever is written is the truth. Not the lies of the world.

    Aug 18, 2014 18:18 AM


    Aug 18, 2014 18:37 AM

    Israel must defend itself.

    You can’t have aggression and
    no retaliation.

    Aug 18, 2014 18:00 AM

    The rapture is going to happen because the 7 year tribulation
    is Gods wrath. True believers are not subject to Gods wrath.

    The Holy Bible is very explicit and clear on the events.

      Aug 18, 2014 18:06 AM

      Wonderful times to live HH I AGREE ! ! GOLD IS THE ONLY SAVE WAY ! BY STRONG MAN !

        Aug 18, 2014 18:17 AM

        Absolutely brother Franky ….

        Gods promise and plan is spectacular beyond

        The Gospel is the good news but most reject it.

        GO GOLD…huh BROTHER FRANKY…you bet

        Blessings peace to you brother. ; )

      HH……….GREAT post on the Rapture……..,a lot of people do not know what the rapture is…………..they think it is some big bird….

        Aug 19, 2014 19:20 AM

        Yes brother Jerry and its escaping the 7 year tribulation.

        Hell on earth that is do to arrive any day now.

        Thanks Jerry…lets hope we all escape whats coming.

        Not going to be the case according to The Bible.

    Aug 19, 2014 19:41 AM

    Rapture = an American device cobbled together in the wake of the Jehovah’s Witness belief of their having 144000 going straight to heaven.

      Aug 19, 2014 19:26 AM

      Not at all. The rapture is for true believers to escape
      Gods wrath 7 year tribulation.

      Instead of me quoting all the Scriptures go to.

      7 year tribulation is for those who reject The Lord
      as their savior. Refusing to repent.

      Read revelations last book in The Bible too.

      This is an event thats coming.

        Aug 19, 2014 19:47 AM

        The rapture is not about just the 144000 Jews. Not an American
        device and its not about just the Jehovahs witnesses.

        Nothing to do with it.

        Its all in scriptures and ….

        Has it all. Straight out of the bible.

        These false claims there is no tribulation, rapture or hell is
        leaving out scriptures in the bible.

        What about the book of Revelation. Are we by passing one of
        the most important books in the bible.

        Where are we studying Gods Word from. You have to be ripping
        out pages of the bible or believing in some other form of Gods
        Holy Word.

        It is in the bible kjv…for anyone that reads the word…..RIGHTLY DIVIDING THE WORD.

      ANDY………you need to read ”FALSE FACTS “….`

    Aug 19, 2014 19:53 AM

    HH – There’s good reason to believe that John the Divine was a mad man. Some would argue that Revelation is only included in holy writ so that people caught be taught to discern between truth and falsehood.
    Just one of many posts on this subject below.
    Best, A

      Aug 19, 2014 19:39 AM

      Yes brother Andrew. However, if Revelation is untrue then what good is the bible.
      Hardly can believe that lady in the video knows what she’s talking about. For one she
      should not be pastoring a church. Doesn’t look like bible studies. If she is a pastor then
      she has already decided to leave in and take out of the bible whats convenient for her.
      Regardless, God would have never let man publish countless bibles and its the largest
      publication of any book worldwide. That didn’t just happen by accident anymore than
      Christmas and Easter. Unfortunately we all like to believe whats convenient for us.
      We are all guilty of that. I do my best to follow everything but we all fail. That’s why
      we have Christ Jesus as our savior. Anyway brother Andrew again if we have no love
      for Christ, knowing everything from the front cover to the back means nothing.
      Everyone is a dear brother to me that truely loves The Lord. Unless they are living
      their lives in transgressions deliberate sin all the time. With no regard for the law.
      Careless or reckless. You can’t love The Lord and not obey. At least make efforts
      and do our best not to transgress. Blessings and peace to you brother Andrew.

        Aug 19, 2014 19:09 AM

        Also to add. I would not want to be someone sharing The Gospel with
        others only to take out or remove/add/twist holy inspired scriptures
        from God.

        Those are false prophets and believers. I want to stay true as I can to
        The. Word. Pleasing man is not from God. Its his written truth that is
        important whether man likes it or not. Its all about the truth not the
        worlds lies.

          Aug 19, 2014 19:45 AM

          I do believe you want to stay true to the Word of God as you understand it HH. Blessings, A

      ANDY…..ever been to Patmos