Central Banks, Companies, Oil and Politics

March 28, 2015

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    Mar 28, 2015 28:07 AM

    Re: Santacruz.

    Why is it that you guys don’t ALWAYS ask:
    How much cash in hand do you have?
    What is your burn rate?

    They are usually among my first questions!

      Mar 28, 2015 28:40 AM

      Regarding Santa Cruz,as well….
      I posted up their AISC numbers a while back.
      They did not give a Q4/14 number on their website but Q1-3 was $35.49,$29.70 and $23.68.
      Might have been prudent to ask how much cash on hand they had,indeed.

        Mar 28, 2015 28:24 AM

        Agree – not enough up to date info.

          Mar 28, 2015 28:35 AM

          If no transparency then no go with me. Plain and simple.

      Mar 28, 2015 28:01 AM

      Good point CFS. Cash on hand indicates how long they can survive, how they can fund exploration/permitting/operations, and how soon they may need to raise money.

      Personally I am done with companies that keep going back to the market for a dilutive financing at record low stock prices. I am much more of a fan of companies that live within their means, use their mining profits to fund operations and exploration. If they can’t do that then, use a JV relationship and partner with other companies, or sell non-core properties, or find a solution other than dilution.

        Mar 28, 2015 28:05 AM

        P.S. – Those are general comments about evaluating all Jr Miners, and not directed at just Santa Cruz in particular.

        I am keenly watching their progress, and saw that they did announce this week that they were going back into production, so it seems like things are back on track. However, they have to re-evaluate all their Tailings facilities now due to this challenge, and that may be another large unanticipated expense. I’d want to know how they plan on financially handling that Talings facility refurbishment, as right now they just have a band-aid on it to get back in production.

      Mar 28, 2015 28:26 AM

      CFS, I agree, silly not to ask.
      DD should be second nature by now.
      Kinda makes a person wonder how detailed they look at other companies they talk about.

      Mar 28, 2015 28:21 PM

      According to Yahoo Finance:
      Total Cash (mrq): 647.53K

    Mar 28, 2015 28:12 AM

    Intended warning or unintended slip? After Alan Greenspan’s confessional admission that
    “Gold is a currency. It is still, by all evidence, a premier currency. No fiat currency, including the dollar, can match it,”
    We found it remarkable that during the Q&A after her speech today that Janet Yellen, when asked about negative rates, admitted that
    “cash in not a very convenient store of value,” seemingly hinting at Bernanke’s helicopter and that there will be no deflation in The US ever…
    Rick Santelli then sums it all up perfectly… “deflation is clearly the boogeyman… and the only thing that will save the middle class.”
    * * *
    Yellen: “cash is not a convenient store of value”
    * * *
    So if cash is not a very convenient store of value… what is? Biotechs?
    As Rick Santelli explains… this is the scariest thing she has ever said…

      Mar 28, 2015 28:53 AM

      Pretty funny, Matt. That was a really curious statement she made. If we assume that the Fed heads are extremely deliberate with each one of their comments we must conclude she did not make a mistake when she said that. So what are bonds if not a near-cash alternative and a way to hold money? I think maybe she issued a warning that inflation is coming. She is basically saying (in Fed code-speak) to get into hard assets and exit financial instruments like bonds. That’s all the proof I need to confirm that the dollar peaked and will now be going downhill for quite some time. She did, after all, make that remark at what I think is the dollars peak.

        Mar 28, 2015 28:37 AM

        Bird, I feel by cash she means all paper money, not only US dollar.

        Mar 28, 2015 28:30 AM

        Imagine a bond bubble bursting, a % in metal has got to be a must.

          Mar 28, 2015 28:05 AM

          Yep – agreed BB. I do believe the bond bubble will burst by year end or in 2016, as the currency wars wage on, as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) gain in prominence pressuring the dollar, and as the PetroDollar becomes less and less important in the energy markets. Who is going to buy US bonds, when America continues to isolate itself in foreign policy? America will always be strong, but the age of it being the lone superpower is coming to a close, and we are entering a new chapter where it is a truly global market place with the rise of the East.

      Mar 28, 2015 28:30 AM

      Wow! Janet!
      Looks like we could see the end of fiat currency….

        Mar 28, 2015 28:35 AM

        Or maybe she is just admitting that the neg rates at banks means keeping it there is a losers game..
        Or both

          Mar 28, 2015 28:06 AM


      Mar 28, 2015 28:41 AM

      Matt, Yellen is saying if the dollar or the euro fail it won’t matter because the government doesn’t want cash around anyway, what they want is a plastic credit debit card to take care of all purchases. Then they will have total control over what you are spending and making. Buy a candy bar and they will know. DT

      Mar 29, 2015 29:50 AM

      Well, I’m not sure this is THE scariest thing she’s ever said. Prior to settling into her present job, she said — while Vice Chair – that she’s open to the idea of negative policy rates in the US if the situation required.

      Bottom line is that deflation really is the bogeyman. NOT because Yellen and other bankers don’t want consumers paying less for goods, but because hyper-leveraged markets NEED INFLATION to keep from imploding.

      All along, of course, Yellen and her predecessors have tried somewhat subtly to cajole the markets into putting money everywhere BUT in “cash.” This was, I suppose, one of the more blunt ways they’ve conveyed this; and it seems to reinforce the idea that, whether they try to get away with a rate hike in the interim or not, the Fed WILL remain in “inflate or die” mode.

        Mar 29, 2015 29:26 PM

        Yes, this ponzi debt monetary system, and therefore, the Fed, requires inflation. This is precisely why the people should fear inflation, not deflation. Anyone who thinks that the Fed can’t weaken the currency that they own, is wrong. The only question is, will they? I say yes, without a doubt.

    Mar 28, 2015 28:14 AM

    Also, I probably would have gotten cheeky and directly asked why insider trading recently involved him selling shares, if I was talking to Mr. elizondo.

      Mar 28, 2015 28:21 AM

      Good points CFS.

      Mar 28, 2015 28:45 AM

      How many shares has he sold recently, CFS.

        Mar 28, 2015 28:12 AM

        I just looked this up and since November 2014 he has bought 50,000 shares and sold 70,000, so it is a non issue.DT

          Mar 28, 2015 28:15 AM

          Sounds like he’s unsure about his own holding DT?

            Mar 28, 2015 28:51 AM

            Andrew, I don’t think he is worried, there are many reasons for selling, I would only worry if that number was large like 500,000 shares, then it would get my attention. DT

            Mar 28, 2015 28:06 AM

            Thanks DT.

            Mar 28, 2015 28:26 PM

            I like to see an insider with 9M shares keep buying… like this:

            Mar 28, 2015 28:26 PM


            Mar 28, 2015 28:53 PM

            Try an insider buying shares when he owns almost 15 million v.fmg

            Mar 29, 2015 29:08 AM

            15M at 3 cents is $450,000 (FMG)
            9M at 19 cents is $1,710,000 (TGM)

        Mar 28, 2015 28:09 AM

        78,000 in December

    Mar 28, 2015 28:54 AM

    As I was listening on Segment {4} This went across my mind at hand?. U.S Senator GOP Republican Ted Cruz for Texas. Was born on Dec-22-1970 in {Calgary Canada} Not in the United States at all “!”. He states he is going to run for Presidents of the United States 2016. My Question too you all are?. Can he be able to be President or even Run for the Presidency office of the United State of America, Since he was Born in {Canada} Not born in The United State. Myself id thought The United States Constitutions, A Person need to be A Born Citizen in the United State only to Run or Be President of the United State Of America.? What say you you all ? George p.s And I would like too propose this Question for above ^ also too Mr. Glen Downs Chief of Staff for Congressmen Mr. Walter Jones. and/or Congressmen Mr. Walter Jones himself to be answered, What the United States Constitution states about this matter at hand above?. Most sincerely, George

    Mar 28, 2015 28:55 AM

    Where is Al btw? He must be more ill than we know.

      Mar 28, 2015 28:43 AM

      You don’t actually listen to the show, do you?

        Mar 28, 2015 28:19 AM

        Most of the time. I skipped the last week though. Fill me in, what did I miss?

          Mar 28, 2015 28:28 AM

          Never mind. I just heard. Sore throat.

            Mar 29, 2015 29:45 PM

            AL was drinking WHISKY ! Stay whit WINE AL !

    Mar 28, 2015 28:21 AM

    The PM sector broke a key support in early march, went down, and then back tested to the now resistance level Thursday. It bounced and went down yesterday. And will pick up momentum downward next week.
    No clue as to what the dollar is going to do. I think go up when gold falls. Maybe

      Mar 28, 2015 28:35 AM

      Good morning Chartster

      I have been researching the COT report data and how strongly it may be related to the trends in gold/silver. I have read several articles the past week,which predict a further uptrend in gold and silver (Ted Butler, Adam Hamilton, and others)

      I was wondering this morning, if a person’s TA could be enhanced with COT data? And I’m wondering if that is part of the “MARK !” system


        Mar 28, 2015 28:41 AM

        One more item related to this. If the COT prediction is correct, we should be seeing short-covering: What that looks like on a real-time gold/silver chart I can only guess at: Steep, fast spikes up, followed by slow partial retracement.

        Mar 28, 2015 28:55 AM


        For myself when investing/trading fundamentals are the key foundation behind it all. To elaborate on that I mean does current market/fed language indicate that for the next 6-12 months dollar will go up? Or loonie down? Or gold up or down? Once I know for sure which direction fundamentally it will be going then I invest with that foundation in mind.

        Technical analysis, tools such as fibannocci levels, pivot points with areas of resistance/support and indicators such as slow/full stochs,rsi,macd,volume and will% are then thrown into the equation. With all that said the 3-4 companies I personally follow are checked daily pre- market, during market and after market for negative outlook.

        Cot is a great indicator as well that when very low on short side can help determine current price action in metals. So yes it’s good to have IMO and I personally use it. Finally I would add cycles such as Gary’s and others are also very helpful.

        In conclusion figuring out the 6-12 month outlook is the most important in my views. This only comes with daily fed news or better said world news live updates. Few sites that offer that or you can get live subscription. The language the fed or banks release have all the answers. Knowing and learning to understand it and figure it out comes with years of practice.

          Mar 28, 2015 28:03 AM

          Thank you for your thoughtful response, Glenfidish.

          On thing is for sure: I am fascinated by the tools, methods, and process people use for investment. I am just learning, but enthusiastic – any tool that removes emotion is helpful, in my opinion.


            Mar 28, 2015 28:21 PM

            Learn how to chart. Charters make $$$ and fundies don’t.

            Mar 28, 2015 28:28 PM

            Jason, as someone who loves charts, I can tell you that I’ve made far more money speculating based on fundamentals than technicals.

    Mar 28, 2015 28:40 AM

    Chartster if you referring to the 1200 level then I would say that level has been violated more times then I can remember. It seems these crazy markets don’t respect levels of importance anymore.

    Mar 28, 2015 28:01 AM

    Thanks Matt that makes sense…very frightening
    the show feels like its running out of steam….I wonder why…
    maybe its just me.

    Mar 28, 2015 28:08 AM

    Thanks for the post Matt………….j

      Mar 28, 2015 28:23 AM

      J, dot, dot, dash, dash, you must have been a telegraph operator in your past life. I have always wanted to visit Miami, I love art deco architecture. I know you hail from there once in a while, what would be the best time to visit so it is not too hectic.DT

        Mar 28, 2015 28:53 AM

        Yes, my great great great great uncle was Samual Morris.

          Mar 28, 2015 28:01 AM

          DT……….Miami, is a great place for art deco., The best time would be off season, most likely … early..Dec.1 thur 15 before Christmas. Kids are in school, the snow birds are not there, until after the holidays., and spring break is way to crazy, and June and July Aug.. everyone is on break and on the beaches.

          Mar 28, 2015 28:02 AM

          oh, just kidding about Samual.

        Mar 30, 2015 30:50 AM

        Mad dash to the bottom. Monday seems to be playing into the hands of the shorts, DASH TO DUST, or not, you be the judge.

    Mar 28, 2015 28:32 AM


    Do you still feel very confident the dollar has topped and will now continue it’s decline for the next 6-12 months? I spoke yesterday with a friends accountant who handles big money and congratulated him on his dollar . This guys told me at a function weeks before dollar started to go up that it would happen. Today as I speak I’m in aww that this guy nailed it when I was saying to him your crazy. That the dollar had a date with lower low. Now we are here after a parabolic rise in 12 months and everyone including the taxi driver is calling 1.10/1.20..the only people that I know calling lower is you and Matt. This guy told me yesterday that the us/can is going to .85/.90 for loonie in 6/12 months. This guys is a very smart man who manages big time money.

      Mar 28, 2015 28:04 AM

      I want you to look at a very long term chart of the dollar first. The period runs from 1982 through the end of 2014. It is close enough to demonstrate my thoughts though even if It does not capture the last three months.

      Long Term 35 year Chart of the US Dollar – 1980 to 2014

      Now take a look at the three major peaks and you will notice immediately that you can draw a line very nicely across their peaks in a downward trend from left to right. The line catches today’s top right near our current peak. Drawing a line across the bottom gives us a massive declining wedge.

      That is just one of the pieces of evidence I have that the dollars bull run is over. From a technical standpoint this should be where the dollar turns down. If you are curious by the way, I believe it will see its next major bottom at around .66 (or .666 if you enjoy my quirky humour!)

      Another part of the evidence is that the final move was factually a parabolic rise and those virtually ALWAYS are followed by a decline that is measurable to the rise in depth and time. I therefore am looking for a retracement to the mean followed by a further decline that takes us under the 79 mark.

      As an aside, if you are counting out the Elliot waves on the past nine month rise it is very easy to see a five wave move. Almost perfect actually. From an Elliot perspective we have an excellent confirmation that the top is in. So far so good.

      I looked further at the Fed 5-year, 5-year inflation expectations chart and there I noticed we have a double bottom which implies that inflation rates (expectations) are set to rise from their current low levels. Inflation is just another word for a falling currency of course and that is why I use that as a proxy for the dollar and extra support.

      I use a variety of other charts similarly to support my view and yes, I feel highly confident that the dollar is about to enter a decline. Right now I am waiting for it to double top. This coming decline though should be as steep as the rise so be prepared (if I am in fact correct) as it could unwind quickly and sentiment will change fast once that occurs.

      On this basis I can also predict that crude has seen its bottom if it follows the pattern established thus far in its correlation to the Euro. Recall that Tom McClellan had put out an article establishing that crude moved down with the Euro after a three week delay (if memory serves).

      So if the dollar falls then the Euro will rise and as it does crude will be pulled back up. Take a look at the weekly chart of crude and there is a clear, if not quite perfect, double bottom that is already in play. I am betting that the bottom happened just days ago.

      By the way, I did catch the rise off 79 many months ago and had been warning anyone who would listen at that time the dollar was about to take off. Virtually nobody was listening. I picked the time and date exactly and if you are curious you can go back and review those old posts on this site.

      This is actually my third such call. There was one other I made (also to the day) at a time when I was posting elsewhere. I was unequivocal then just as I was this last time on March 16th and each of those predictions were followed almost immediately by moves of hundreds of pips.

      Had I been a famous name analyst and done that I would have received accolades and acclaim. The odds of doing that three times are about a million to one. Like getting hit by lightning three times in a row. As a private blogger though the predictions went totally unnoticed.

      Not that I care, I honestly prefer it this way. Fame is not what its cracked up to be. But I thought maybe this once I would point it out since some people around here have been calling me an idiot and asserting my posts are all garbage. Kind of weird that there is zero acknowledgement of that kind of call. Especially as not one of them saw it coming.

      PS….I won’t mention this again since I am not meaning to boast but rather to just get a complaint in print that I didn’t appreciate being called an idiot!!!!

      Here is my post of March 16th if you are curious to read my comments early that Sunday morning. The dollar and Euro subsequently moved almost 5% (500 pips) in the hours that followed.
      On March 16, 2015 at 4:32 am, Birdman says:

      This is it. What I have been waiting for since the start of the year. So I am calling the Euro bottom right here, right now today……. The dollar has topped and is about to fall back. How far I do not know yet but our reversal has arrived.

      I was unequivocal….and I was right.

        Mar 28, 2015 28:50 AM

        Bird, I hate it when you go into detail on subjects and don’t mention gold. lol
        Altho, dollar down should be gold up I guess, but geez.

        Mar 28, 2015 28:10 AM


        There is no doubt that you are a very valuable piece to this group. You, Matt and many others. You have made many calls that myself have had to scratch my head. You leaving this site is no good for the sanity of all. We all sometimes get under eachothers skin as I have told matt the same. There may never be piece among all of us but that is why me,shad and others are here to neutralize things. Your summary is A+ and your calls as well as Matts have been mind blowing. I don’t need to toot your horn anymore as I’ve stated in the past you bring enormous value to here.

        Keep it honest, respectful and don’t get into the everyday scuffle and battles that are simply not worth it. Your wisdom is what many in here appreciate and may not come out and tell you but glen is speaking out for many of us. No arrogance my friend or attention seeking as you don’t need that one bit. We all recognize how you, matt and others are very important.

        Thanks for your charts and explanations. It takes a special person to tell the truth but more special to share it with others. That is the ultimate fulfillment in my books.


        And lets see if you bang this one out of the park!

          Mar 28, 2015 28:11 AM

          correction, piece=peace

            Mar 29, 2015 29:24 PM

            Well said Glen.

          Mar 28, 2015 28:28 AM

          I appreciate your good advice Glen. I will try to take it too. My personality is a little hot sometimes though. God just made me that way and I have no idea how to change it. Especially at this age.

            Mar 28, 2015 28:42 AM

            lol, im the same at times. Remember bird all the greats including jordan,gretzky,pele,maradon,federer, ect all have one thing in common, they have strong/determined personalities. They are leaders. That is why you and Matt clash and why i understand 🙂

            Mar 28, 2015 28:47 AM

            Ha! Funny guy. I will tell you this though (and keep it to yourself), Matthew is an asset to the site and despite my frequent run-ins with him he offers a lot of insights that I appreciate.

            If only he would agree chickens are money! 🙂

            Mar 28, 2015 28:59 PM

            That’s just an excuse, you should read some books on how to get in touch with your spiritual side, it’s never too late! DT

            Mar 29, 2015 29:43 AM

            I can’t believe the change that sometimes comes over your Birdman. Very charming and personable when you wish to be. Just please be civil with Matthew more than any of us., Thanks, A

            Mar 29, 2015 29:36 AM


            Mar 29, 2015 29:57 AM

            I’ll agree chickens are money, Birdman! So are lots of other things. Personally, though bullish longer term on the PM’s, I’d find it more useful to have tobacco and whiskey to use as money if the merde hits the fan…

            Mar 29, 2015 29:25 PM

            Agreed Mr Temple. Whiskey and tobacco would be a great medium of exchange and store of value in crisis.

      Mar 28, 2015 28:43 AM

      Just as an aside Glen, a decline to the next major dollar bottom at .66 represents a 35% devaluation of the dollar. I am trying to work out now how long it will take us to get there but you can no doubt appreciate that this would be bullish for commodities including precious metals.

      I neglected to mention in my foregoing post that one of my other major considerations in determining the dollar top was by trying to judge the commodity index bottoms.

      Those are in. A turnaround is here. I can only repeat that what happens next is fundamental to the way the whole market will behave in the coming months or longer. Everything revolves around the dollar on some level so when it changes direction we must be quick to acknowledge that something important has changed and thus adjust our approach.

      You know, it is just not good enough for me to say “the dollar will fall” without demonstrating with some proof why I would come to that conclusion. Hopefully these two posts explain my reasoning in detail. As you know I follow currencies closely and have been waiting since the start of the year for the Euro / Dollar reversal.

      So I was well armed and prepared when the day actually arrived.

        Mar 28, 2015 28:53 AM

        Well, a minor mention.
        Excellent posts Bird.

          Mar 28, 2015 28:55 AM

          Thanks man….you get the love! 🙂

        Mar 28, 2015 28:14 AM

        Bird thank you sir!

        On a side note do you trade fx currencies? And if you don’t mind how do you get your world live news event? some do the paid subscribed.

          Mar 28, 2015 28:34 AM

          Currencies are my cup of tea. My problem is the internet in Africa is so badly butchered here the risk is way over the top most days. I lose my connection daily and hourly and never know if I am going down for a minute or three weeks. It is totally nerve racking! You just cannot trade leverage from here without suffering regular heart attacks. What I really need to do is move back home where the broadband backbone won’t let me down at a critical moment.

            Mar 28, 2015 28:45 AM

            I see! I think and from what I see at this point in your life you have done pretty good. I hope to someday be there as well.. Im 37 and constantly learning this business.

            Mar 28, 2015 28:52 AM

            You would adore Africa. The women are so fine there are hardly words to express it. Foods great…the music is fantastic and the wicked vices of the West are just a shadow of what we know back home. But it is really a horrible place to trade from. Takes nerves, confidence and a lot of faith.

            You really must come one day!

            Mar 28, 2015 28:31 PM

            I have been plagued before by a bad connection,even working for months without the internet.Getting serious about returning to day trading,I began the search for the fastest internet connection.Turns out U S Internet is installing fiber optic that will enable you to obtain an internet connection of 10 gigabits.The average internet connection is 30 megabits.The analogy is going from 30 mph to 10,000 mph.That would make for some fast trading.

            Mar 28, 2015 28:47 PM

            Do you mean in Africa, John? That would be great. They are connecting fast here, adding Central Offices, Hubs and Fibre Optics but there are so many barriers, delays and down times. Disconnections are all too frequent. With all the construction it seems a weekly event someone digs up the cables to where a new building is under construction.

            It makes me CRAZY!!!!! But that’s life I suppose.

            Mar 28, 2015 28:32 PM

            Unfortunately for you U S Internet is installing fiber in Minnetonka,Minnesota,not exactly your African paradise.

        Mar 28, 2015 28:36 PM

        Bird, I agree entirely with your comment that you’ll know the dollar top by the commodity index bottoms. However, I believe we still have a little lower to fall on the commodity index. I might add that I’m using the same technique to tell when the dollar will top.

          Mar 28, 2015 28:05 PM

          There are no one-to-one relationships Doc. A perfect bottom on the commodity index’s will never result in the exact top for the dollar. If it was that nice we might all be trader billionaires……so I will admit I struggle with those relationships almost every single day and it makes it hard to know exactly when to pull the trigger. I use a basic spreadsheet where I plug in my variables but it’s probably not all that sophisticated compared to what the PHD kids do these days. It still works though for some crazy reason. Maybe that old maxim “Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS)” applies very well to me!….anything more complicated and it would blow up my mind.

            Mar 28, 2015 28:15 PM

            I read a piece recently by an old technical analysis professional. He reiterated the KISS principle for technical analysis—–whenever I wonder into new areas and add them to my hard and true technical analysis hard, I usually get my head handed to me. I think too much information can often overwhelm analysis.

            Mar 28, 2015 28:30 PM

            You are telling me, Doc!… I could not agree with you more. Best to stick to what we know best that is tried and true and not get too fancy sometimes. In my own case I am not bothered by criticism that my methods are not always technically perfect. There is an ingredient of instincts and intuition that cannot be easily explained to outsiders.

            Maybe that is just time and how we absorb information over the years and are not even aware of how it all connects together.

            Mar 28, 2015 28:32 PM

            Now if only we could connect all our brains together. WOW! That would be a supercomputer.

        Mar 29, 2015 29:59 AM

        Birdman — what do you think of this piece? —

        Though the big picture LT of the renewed fall in the US $ and other CB’s continuing to print money should lift all commodity boats, I have openly questioned whether it will be as broad/easy to invest on this theme as 2001-2008.

    Mar 28, 2015 28:35 AM


    Thank you kindly for all your previous post!it never goes unnoticed. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience. I value your thoughts plenty as well. I did not know how long you had been around here. Good to see you never left us completely and always have great things to say.

    Thanks shad 🙂

      Mar 29, 2015 29:29 PM

      Thanks Glen. Yes I really started listening to Al in 2009, and coming to this site more regularly in 2010 and 2011 (mostly as a listener and to read the blog sometimes). In 2012 I started throwing in my 2 cents worth. I visit a lot of other sites, but for the last few years I check out what is going on here everyday, and continue to get a great deal a value from people just like you sir.

      Have a good one Glenfidish!

    Mar 28, 2015 28:44 AM

    They took the Korelin outta the Korelin Economics Report?

    This week it was just the Economics Report! 🙁

    Mar 28, 2015 28:47 AM

    1st time in over ten years I can remember no Al Korelin…at least in the weekend show.

      Mar 28, 2015 28:06 AM

      ditto………YOU ARE CORRECT.

      Mar 28, 2015 28:09 AM

      A bit like Putin going off the scene, so let the conspiracies begin!

        Mar 28, 2015 28:12 AM

        He must have had a lousy golf game, or got attacked by the sea gulls.

          Mar 28, 2015 28:15 AM

          I refuse to believe he sustained serious injuries after falling into the punch bowl at the wedding!

          Mar 28, 2015 28:08 AM

          My money’s on the seagulls! Get well Al!

        Mar 28, 2015 28:14 AM

        Very curious….if it’s his voice….well, he can still type….so we could still see him in the comments…but instead….maybe he disappeared…..

          Mar 28, 2015 28:08 AM

          When I was living in South Carolina , the governor went missing for a week., When asked where he had been, …he said, he was trail blazing on the Blue Ridge Parkway, ….When in fact he was with his HONEY IN BRAZIL…………

    Mar 28, 2015 28:20 AM

    Re: segment 8

    Chris is right…our rulers consider us nothing more than serfs.

      Mar 28, 2015 28:20 AM

      But most are completely clueless…

        Mar 29, 2015 29:06 AM

        That’s starting to change, though, Ebolan!

        Mar 29, 2015 29:30 AM

        Very encouraging trend, as eloquently laid out by Ralph Nader in his new book:

        Peasants, grab your pitch forks!

          Mar 29, 2015 29:03 PM

          The not-so-funny thing about socialists like Nader is that he is blind to the biggest problem of all —big government. Contrary to the propaganda, corporatism or fascism is just as left wing as socialism or communism. More government/less individual freedom = left; LESS government/more individual freedom = right. This is why both the Ds and the Rs (and THEIR media) gang up on people like Ron Paul.

          As long as 90% of the population remains “left” and fighting with each other, the elite have nothing to worry about. So it’s safe to say that they are unlikely to have anything to worry about anytime soon.

      Mar 28, 2015 28:02 AM


      Mar 28, 2015 28:51 AM

      The good news, though, is that us “serfs” still have at least some ability to control our own destiny…stay tuned for more in the coming weeks on this subject!

        Mar 28, 2015 28:26 PM

        Maybe live off the grid? Go into an all cash lifestyle? Get your income from the black/grey market? Withdraw all consent from the system and have as little to do with it as possible….

          Mar 28, 2015 28:38 PM

          Ebolan, if you’re thinking of living off the grid, you should check out the books of Ragnar Benson. Some good info in them. His books are banned in Canada, though.

          Mar 29, 2015 29:07 AM

          All of that and more, Ebolan…it’s encouraging to see how many people are engaging in constructive efforts to remove one piece of their life at a time from the top-down banker/corporate rule we’re under.

        Mar 28, 2015 28:14 PM


        I’m very interested in your views on the “control your own destiny” concepts in this modern day tax slave environment we all live in today.

        I’ll be looking for your commentary on the subject.


          Mar 29, 2015 29:08 AM

          Coming soon, Vortex — April will see me finally get out one updated and one new special report…the second of those will be entitled “Building an Economic Lifeboat”

    Mar 28, 2015 28:36 AM
    Mar 28, 2015 28:01 AM

    You boys need to hear this.

    Starting around 19:30…Richard Duncan

      Mar 28, 2015 28:42 AM

      Duncan forgets corruption.

      And its still a tinder box.

      Leaves out the war cycle with detrimental destructive

      All just waiting for a match and the war will do just that.

      You can get most things right but forget one thing …

      YOU WILL BE COMPLETELY WRONG… Hope your listening Duncan

      This guy is a joke. literally a bunch of yak.

        Mar 28, 2015 28:20 PM

        No joke. He is saying that the gummit has no intention of paying off the debt and is playing a Fed shell game. The Fed has said no more QE but once the economy starts to weaken (already happening) and the markets panic it’s back to QE.

        But the Fed is trapped. If they end QE the economy collapses if they don’t they just set the stage for a bigger collapse. The question is how long can the Fedsters keep QE going on? When does the day of reckoning arrive?

        I don’t think I will ever see a truly healthy economy in my lifetime.

          Mar 28, 2015 28:28 PM

          Corruption and lawlessness only multiples. Its everywhere
          in Washington and this whole game they are playing is
          going to blow sky high much sooner than later.

          Duncan is living on the past rear view mirror type forecasting
          lens that will be 100 percent completely wrong.

          He’s just another tamaguchi. Flea market commentary.

            Mar 28, 2015 28:49 PM

            Well then, you’d love the Pup this week and his guest…they are Avi Gilbert bullish…


            And Mr. Heavy, you get yer taxes done yet? Pay yer tribute to Uncle Sugar?

            Mar 28, 2015 28:05 PM

            Well Eddie. ..not when you make the rules.


            And know all the loopholes. Its a tax free world.

            Its the poor and working class who get to pay for
            all the worlds reckless fiscal policies.


            HA……the bone yard is for ignoramuses.

            Joe blow hards….

            Mar 28, 2015 28:30 PM

            A war cycle = major world war = 5 years of hell

            All nations will be in great great peril.

            Sleep on that.

            Warriors don’t sleep.

            Remember you are a ….machine. YOU NEVER BACK DOWN EITHER.


            It’s war, train and be ready. Embrace it. Accept the challenge.

            HA…..PUT YOUR. …….BIG PANTS ON BOYS !!!!!!

            Mar 28, 2015 28:54 PM

            Yep, just like Georgie says….

            Precisely….THE RICH RUN OFF WITH ALL THE MONEY.

            But wait there’s more. Coming soon ….all we are going
            have is grave yards full of people slaughtered like animals
            in the coming wars and peasants. The ruling class of maybe
            a few thousand people.

            ITS THE DARK AGES BABY..and no one sees this coming.

            This board is dumbed down and hopeless with very few that know.


            Mar 28, 2015 28:22 PM

            “The upper class keeps all the money, pays none of the taxes. The middle class pays all of the taxes, does all of the work. The poor are there just to scare the sh*t outta the middle class…Keep’em showing up at those jobs.

            Mar 28, 2015 28:36 PM

            See, Americans have trouble facing reality.

            Here’s whats going to happen….SHTF….

            A BIG…F…JOB IS COMING.

            This time few survivors.

            YOU CAN’T UN..F..IT ..EITHER.

            Thats why its a ..F….JOB.

            We got 5 years of a war cycle and its just begun.

    Mar 28, 2015 28:51 AM

    First of all, hope you’re feeling better Al.

    Aside from the valuable perspective, opinion and knowledge expressed by your guests I would suggest that everyone put their device on “mute” when not talking. With headphones on I’m hearing the sniffing, glass/icecube clanking, animals, alarms, sighing, and breathing that’s going on. Thanks

      Mar 28, 2015 28:13 AM

      It makes the show more colorful…more entertaining, if you will.

        Mar 28, 2015 28:03 AM

        Gives the show character….

          Mar 28, 2015 28:30 PM

          Except when Al has a mouthful of cheetos and drops his fork.

    Mar 28, 2015 28:16 AM

    A couple of hours of Jim Willie for those interested…

      Mar 28, 2015 28:58 AM

      That guy can scare the beejesus outta you….he always gave me the willies…

      Mar 28, 2015 28:18 PM

      .As crazy as some think JW might be, …he has made some great points, concerning the mining stocks, Germany turning it’s back on the USofA, EXxon/Russia, China wanting to bring WAR CRIMES against BUSH, and the NORDIC EURO which is to be made part of the trading agreement to weaken the dollar.
      AND thanks for the post…………………………………………j

        Mar 28, 2015 28:21 PM

        Most people are missing the BIG PICTURE., and have decided to focus on the little details, which will be over shadowed of events to come.

          Mar 29, 2015 29:55 AM

          Yes J – Personally I like Mr Willie. He’s always got bits of interest info and seems quite prepared to admit to it when getting things wrong. He has one hell of a following too.

    Mar 28, 2015 28:00 AM

    You boys finished paying your tribute to the AmeroCon Empire for tax year 2014? Got that 1040 all polished up…nice and shiney they way your rulers like it…and don’t forget your state government masters….gotta pay that mafia as well…

    Turns out I’m not even done with 2013…got an amended 1099 from Scottrade for 2013 about 3 weeks ago!

    We are nothing but tax livestock….

      Mar 28, 2015 28:08 AM

      The Chinese trading hub for Canada opened in Toronto about ten days ago, it is all virtual and will allow our banks to trade with China directly without having to buy The US dollar.

        Mar 28, 2015 28:53 AM

        Thanks DT. First time I heard about it. Have you got a link to that news?

        Mar 28, 2015 28:19 PM

        Thanks for the info. Here is the summary and link
        “The inauguration, which will feature the signing of a memorandum of understanding at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, follows a long period of negotiations between the two governments and central banks, as well as the officials from Ontario and British Columbia. It will be the first clearinghouse for the Chinese renminbi in North America.

        The Canadian hub, which follows other foreign jurisdictions such as London, will allow direct conversions between Canadian and Chinese currencies, without first changing the money into U.S. dollars – a move that will save money for Canadian firms dealing with Chinese ones and will help Canada boost its presence in the world’s second largest economy.”

          Mar 28, 2015 28:32 PM

          Thank you Brian! That’s big news to me as a past BC resident. Who knew eh….but I suppose I should not be too surprised given the large Chinese presence in British Columbia and the well developed connections to Asia.

    Mar 28, 2015 28:09 AM

    They can just keep printing as many bonds as needed with no end in sight. When interest is due on the debt they can just print more money to pay that interest. Looks like the best kind of business to be in with no end in sight.
    By the way my daughter just got accepted in some high end universities for the PHD sciences program including Stanford and Harvard. She will be going to Harvard out of Univ. of Toronto where she is finishing up. It is all fully funded. It is a big deal for us as we just middle class with no big connections anywhere and we would not be able to afford such places without the scholarships.

    Mar 28, 2015 28:53 PM

    Pleased for you and your daughter Paul; a scholarship without costing any is really worth something.

      Mar 28, 2015 28:54 PM

      I think the benefit is around 90k per year including the salary for up to 6 years max.

    Mar 28, 2015 28:19 PM

    The washout on gold is looming and here’s why.

    As I said earlier, all of the PM sector has broke a major support in early march, and turned into a major resistance with the back test last week. It broke support at 1206 and the back test was Thursday on the same line. Use the bottom in nov on GLD to reference.

    I agree with Doc, and others that the MAs and indicators are not reflecting a big wash, but it is soon to come. Rhodium has bottomed, copper has bottomed. They both bottom before gold does. This bear will end fast and violent from here forward. I think mid to late April and by May we are back to 1200s.

    I only follow the chart and banking / trading guidelines. When I listen to main stream news, I just listen to see what they are lying about.
    Example: CNBC and bloomberg last week were touting it’s a great time to buy gold”. That’s when you know it’s going down!

    The banking and trading is undergoing a system re-structure. Many countries are announcing the purchase and sales of asset backed bonds. That means asset backed currencies. Many countries are going into AIIB, which is a massive credit facility backed by gold. It is also the BRICS system. Jack Lew ( secretary of treasury ) is in China right now. My guess is that he’s is getting the deal done for the US to enter AIIB. And that would be massive!
    The guidelines for trading and banking undergo new changes on Monday! The Shanghai exchange set global prices on gold Monday!

    Many countries as well as China have untold stockpiles of gold not reported. When the system changes to asset backed, they will repatriate gold. And that is the cause of the sudden wash that is most certainly upon us!

    It might be the cause of a drop in the dollar. All this is about to unfold and become reality.

    Bird, great chart and explanation earlier!!

    So now you know what everyone else is going to be calling the ” black Swan”

      Mar 28, 2015 28:22 PM

      Isn’t it funny how it all comes into focus all of a sudden, Chartster? I mean to say, one day we are all talking to each other along different lines and there is confusion and the next we collectively get an epiphany and everything makes perfect sense.

        Mar 28, 2015 28:29 PM

        I agree, Bird. And the roller coaster ride is about to get fun now.

      Mar 29, 2015 29:23 AM


      Have you changed your price target for this drop in gold since you are agreeing with some about the moving average?

      Secondly i don’t personally care if gold goes back below 1130, what is of more importance is do the miners/ efts make a lower low. Gary, Matt and a few others believe that even it gold drops, the miners should not make lower lows. For me it will come down to price action in gold vs price action in hui.. Do you believe that hui has a date with 100? That is the million dollar question and I’m sure not one person can answer that with 100% certainty. It is the reason I backed it up in November and if given another chance at hui breaking previous low then I will need to rent another truck. I highly doubt this happens due to time and cycles. We are simply running out of time for this bear market.

      Lastly I take it that what you mean above is a washout first followed by a declaration from china publicly on there gold holdings and this asset backed currency?

    Mar 28, 2015 28:36 PM

    I’ve been talking about this event for a while now. I was just a bit ahead of the curve.

      Mar 28, 2015 28:24 PM

      Yup. I agree. Good post. I think I know exactly what you meant.

      Mar 28, 2015 28:58 PM


      It is going to be very interesting to see how the final bottoming process plays out.

      Whether we’re in it now or there is that final wash that you discuss, there are some outstanding juniors to buy into at today’s prices.

      A few years from today, some of the high quality shares are going to offer spectacular returns if the entire world doesn’t fall into a black hole.

      I think a prudent investor can start to nibble, or just make your list of the best 10-15 stocks and start to average in at a comfortable pace.

        Mar 28, 2015 28:50 PM

        Vortex ,
        I agree with what you said about some juniors. I’m ” personally ” waiting for the wash , to see who and what shakes out.
        GDXJ is the shisnick IMO

          Mar 28, 2015 28:02 PM

          Just to let you know. I thought that the bear was going to end in November of 14. And it should end in April of 15. With a a washout phase.

          The charts say it, and the real info says it.

            Mar 28, 2015 28:30 PM


            In the recent past I felt we were in for a pretty pronounced move down, but the share’s are so washed out now I don’t think they will move much lower.

            But if they do, I will be an aggressive buyer on any weakness. The opportunity for profits in the top Junior shares as gold works its way back to $1,500 – $1,700 and onward over say the next year or two is staggering to say the least.

            As far as the washout goes, I’m content with or without it taking place although I think you will be correct in the end.


            Mar 29, 2015 29:27 AM


            You care to elaborate why Chartster will be correct? Also do you care to share a junior you like and is undervalued? If not that is fine.


            Mar 29, 2015 29:09 PM

            Hi Glen,

            Really at the end of the day its all just a best guess scenario with a large dose of commonsense for most of us mere mortals as we navigate through the maze of controlled fraud with distorted ups and downs.

            I think the major trend and time may be our best long-term market companion as we move forward because we have so little control. Atleast as I view the metals markets and miners in this deconstructed Orwellian world we live in.

            There are some folks who profess to have special programs or other such things that tell them the major moves and trend changes, hats off to those folks.

            In truth Glen, instead of me saying Chartster “will be right”, I should have been more flexible and humble by saying Chartster probably has as good as a “50/50 chance of being right” as anyone else because we just never know what centrally planned market forces will bring us from day to day.

            As for the Juniors I like, many of them are some of the same companies that Doc and other here like as well. I do like to go a bit higher up the food chain so to speak at times. I don’t just buy something because it trading at a .3, .5, .10 or .20 cents. I really want a solid asset at the end of the day or close to one. Really there a lot that goes into picking these Junior stocks and everyone has their likes and dislikes.

            For example, I have extreme contempt and dislike for incompetence, overpaid management teams and massively diluted outstanding share structures just to name a few, but there are others. That’s as important to me as any 43-101.

            Brent Cook has a name for most of these dead worthless small miners. He calls these type companies “life style miners” or something close to that. Because really they only just exist to keep the lights on and pay the family members a salary. These are the shells that must be removed and purged from the exchanges.

            At the end of the day we’re all just gamblers Glen trying to be investors and as you well know, lately that’s been very difficult.

            Sorry for being so long winded and I hope I answered some of what you asked.


            Mar 30, 2015 30:47 AM


            Thank you for the reply! You make valid points and that is why I appreciate your insights.

        Mar 29, 2015 29:30 AM

        Very interesting exchange in the above comments, thanks guys.

    Mar 28, 2015 28:06 PM

    AL ! Your looking think’s No total callapes ! Only more WAR local WAR and all is controlled ! More immigrants will com to the USA ! You will understand ! Pope is coming !

      Mar 28, 2015 28:20 PM


    Mar 28, 2015 28:13 PM

    I still predict another fall in oil price , possibly drop to 38 or even 35 . By sept. or october i suspect we will see oil moving back up as lack of drilling will start to tell in production. long run , production worldwide, will not keep pace, with demand and 150 oil, may return [maybe in 2 years] . my preferred stocks are still [mostly] moving up very slowly. I now have over 25% of my money in Preferreds. best of health and wealth to all , S

      Mar 28, 2015 28:57 PM

      What companies?

    Mar 28, 2015 28:56 PM
    Mar 29, 2015 29:54 AM

    Hi Matthew, In regards to True Gold Mining, just looking at their shares outstanding (400 million) turns me off as an investor. I can see a reverse split coming of 10 to 1, leaving 40 million shares outstanding. You know what happens after a rollback the share price drops further, after it settles I might reconsider. This would only leave The Chairman with 900,000 shares assuming he owned 9 million before, not a great percentage.

    I am not questioning you just saying before I would even do due diligence I personally would not be a buyer considering even this one statistic. DT

      Mar 29, 2015 29:24 AM

      Dick, that’s an excellent point. I also passed recently on a recommended company due to the high number of shares along with the possibility of them needing to raise more money in the future. I see a lot of shares in a small capitalized company and I walk the other way.

        Mar 29, 2015 29:50 AM

        You must be a trader, Doc and Matthew understand the market more then I do from a technical point of view but quite a number of people think that you can buy these little companies and hold them, you can’t. You will lose, and the odds are so terribly stacked against you that you would be better off flying to Vegas as Bob M say’s. If you make a profit sell there are always other opportunities.

        Mar 29, 2015 29:59 PM

        Couldn’t agree more. Tight float is important if you are looking for large returns over a short duration. 200 million is when i really start to open my eyes.

      Mar 29, 2015 29:32 AM

      I personally hate high share float. A good example of that is newgold. The only thing that offsets high share float is high grades and a low all in sustaining cost. I believe newgold gets a pass on that but still to high IMO for stock share growth.

        Mar 29, 2015 29:25 AM

        Glen, ultimately, valuation is everything.

          Mar 29, 2015 29:02 PM

          Wrong. valuation is important but a high float is so much easier for shareholders to undermine and manipulate as they can stop a good run by dumping massive holdings. a low float company is impossible to control when things are flying.

            Mar 29, 2015 29:28 PM

            Wrong Peter. A float is “high” relative to what? Holdings are “massive” relative to what?

            Consider this: Claude Resources has 188M shares outstanding and, until recently, never produced much more than 50,000 ounces of gold per year in its twenty year history. Now that it’s producing about 60,000 ounces, the share count is still 3,100 times greater. True Gold Mining plans on becoming a 500,000 ounce producer in five years and has about 400M shares out or just 800 times that production number. TGM does expect to mine “only” 100,000 ounces the first year (which would put the share count at 4,000 times the ounces produced), but TGM’s costs will be much lower Claude’s and Claude had no problem rising more than four-fold since June even though the sector has been full hard times and uncertainty.

            I already said earlier that lower is preferable, but an apples to apple comparison is needed before we decide what is truly excessive. I sure don’t want 400 million shares in a $10M drill play but the increased average daily volume in TGM can be considered a good thing to a good trader trying to get his position cost to zero as well as to mainstream investors who would shun TGM if it traded only 80,000 shares a day instead of 800,000.

            If TGM delivers on its goals, its market cap will reflect it just as NGD’s and many others do currently.

      Mar 29, 2015 29:04 AM

      DT, I agree completely, in general, but we’re talking about a near term producer with all-in sustaining costs of less than $700 and an after tax IRR of 46.3% at $1250 gold (phase II IRR of 213%).

      With initial production at about 100,000 ounces of gold per year and 500,000 by year five, the current market cap of $75M leaves room for gigantic upside regardless of the share count. For comparison purposes, New Gold (NGD) has 27% more shares outstanding at 508M and $100 higher all-in sustaining costs and carries a valuation of $6,000 per ounce of production. If we ignore TGM’s superior economics AND assume that the market only values its production at 75% of NGD’s, TGM would have a market cap of $450M by sometime next year —a 6-fold increase from the current level. Imagine what could happen if the market believed that gold was starting a new cyclical bull market and the gold price was making higher highs. If TGM delivers on its goal of 500,000 ounces of production by year five and the market continued to only value it 75% as highly as NGD production, its market cap would be $2.25B (and that’s if gold just languishes around the current level until then, which is very unlikely).

      With $40M in cash and roughly $70M left in Franco Nevada/Sandstorm funds, no additional funds should be required to complete the project —which is already 40% complete.
      Major shareholders:
      Total strategic: ~31%
      Liberty: 19.5%
      Teck: 11.5%
      Total institutional: ~16%
      Directors, management &
      associates: ~10%
      Mark O’Dea: 2.41%

      TGM will be a winner even at $1,000 gold with a robust 26% after tax IRR at that price.

        Mar 29, 2015 29:22 AM

        In my opinion, the share count is MUCH less important once a miner has something to value. The more speculative a company is (like an early stage explorer), the more a tight share structure matters.

        Here’s one that I bought right into the lows recently after selling between $9 and $10. It has 3.57M shares out, of which about 2M are closely held. I’d be surprised if anyone reading this owns a company with fewer shares.

        Mar 29, 2015 29:20 PM

        One more point (ok, opinion); I think TGMs goal of achieving a $5B to $10B market cap in five years is very plausible. Assuming that the middle of that range is achieved ($7.5B), shareholders would see a 100 fold gain (10,000%) from the current level.

        Maybe I’m biased because Mark O’Dea and team gave me a 10 bagger in Fronteer Gold even though I was late to the play. Newmont bought it for $2.33B. If I remember correctly, Fronteer started less than ten years earlier with a market cap around $3m.

        Mar 29, 2015 29:05 PM

        I forgot to mention that I see little reason to expect even a 2 to 1 rollback for TGM let alone 10 to 1. Rollbacks (or reverse splits) are typically done by serial diluters that are perpetually in need of other people’s money to keep drilling properties that shouldn’t be drilled at all.

        TGM’s share count is not at all due to bad management blowing money and ending up with nothing to show for it. It’s just the opposite, in fact. Perhaps they could have capped the shares issued by taking on debt, but I am much more in favor of the route they took. There are good/legitimate reasons for TGM’s share structure including the combination of the two companies that it’s comprised of.

        Some might be familiar with Timmins Gold’s history. I first bought shares when there was about 40M shares out and they were a long way from production. They now have 180M out and are still diluting shareholders with PPs despite producing a record 120,000 ounces of gold last year. Timmins will have close to 300M shares out when the NES deal is done. The main point here is that dilution is to be expected during the development stage of any mine and expansion of any miner.

      Mar 29, 2015 29:41 PM

      I have seen this for the last week or two on certain sites. People are making a bigger deal of this than it probably is (just like they do most things). The military is always having exercises. The article calls it a “massive military exercise”. I would not call a military exercise with only 1200 service members involved, “massive”. Sensationalism sells.

        Mar 29, 2015 29:04 PM

        Good points Miller but 1200 highly trained military troops
        with lethal weapons is not very friendly exercise involving
        citizens. Choppers etc. you name it.

        Think you over looking that this is just a warm up. They keep
        adding states to the list. Out right criticism of Texas and others
        as hostile. Where citizens freedoms are fought in the name of
        our bill of rights etc.

        I must disagree with you. This is a warm up to something very
        significant. Financial collapse is a high possibility and I believe
        by year end people won’t consider economic prosperity. More like
        Kattie bar the door.

          Mar 29, 2015 29:27 PM

          They could destroy cities within minutes too.

          Making house calls. What are they doing with
          citizens. Going after their pea shooter’s compared
          to their weaponry. What else cash and gold.

          No, Miller this is the road to tyranny. No question.

          Very dangerous and I’m already prepared.

            Mar 29, 2015 29:20 PM

            It would never be annouced as a massive operation
            because they do want anyone to know.

            Will start small and they will scale in whats required
            for a take over.

            Very simple they are adding states to the list and will
            increase the troops and lethal weaponry accordingly.

            Its done….martial law.

            Scare people out of their homes..gun grabbing
            and now all motorcycle owners are listed as


            Even Canada is starting to end freedoms.

            Hells Bells….blinded by ignorance.

        Mar 29, 2015 29:11 PM

        The military exercises for a reason.

          Mar 29, 2015 29:13 PM

          Seems to me, the military has seen a lot of real life exercises since Korea , V .Nam, Iraq,.., no need to practice at HOME.

            Mar 29, 2015 29:14 PM

            Homeland exercises,,,should be the NATIONAL GUARD, …not full time military.

            Mar 29, 2015 29:27 PM

            One more step on the way to the 2nd ROMAN EMPIRE

            Mar 29, 2015 29:24 PM

            J….yep…this is the biggie.

            Its going to start slippin here quick. We have maybe at
            the most till year end. So before the years out major
            dislocations and casualties on main street and financial

            Its not doom and gloom at all. Its where fantasy meets reality.

            People just can’t cope with the truth.

    Mar 29, 2015 29:10 PM

    Thanks for that J Miller. Helpful to have your insight. It’s a bit like those conspiracists trying to make something of the Germanwings airliner crash, when quite clearly the co-pilot was suffering from depression with the added fear that he might be losing his eyesight. Inexcusable madness but clearly the obvious explanation .

      Mar 30, 2015 30:19 AM

      Also yours HH – Warm-ups or no warm-ups it’s not very sociable behaviour!

        Mar 30, 2015 30:54 AM

        Reverend Andrew, everyone I guess needs to decide
        for themselves.

        Look at all the lawlessness and corruption. Its unprecedented
        but lets just look at one particular area that includes gold, silver
        and guns. Operation Choke Hold …shutting down anyone they
        can without forcefully physically performing the termination of
        businesses in this commodity. Laws even worse coming in the
        future probably to terminate all business with this commerce.

        Lawlessness and corruption only multiplies when you have
        barely anyone doing anything about it.

        Now cash is illegal in amounts of 4 or 5 grand. You better have
        a good purpose for that cash. End up in the slammer and your
        money confiscated.

        The above is just barely not even scratching the surface. I could
        keep writiing for an hour non stop regarding the above.

        Martial law is not on the doorstep. Really ? I will be damned.

    Mar 29, 2015 29:16 PM
    Mar 29, 2015 29:21 PM

    Sorry I don’t think you can access this as it’s on my email. I’m no tecky. The gist of it was a new Lord’s Prayer deploring how it’s no longer pc to pray whilst all other forms of decadence are OK….You know the sort of crap we’re all having to face these days.

      Mar 29, 2015 29:15 PM

      I’m terribly inconvenienced and now seeking restitution
      for all my time accessing this article.

      A real let down and was anxious too.

      You are forgiven and will drop any formal filed complaints. : )

      Always asking myself. ..why am I so nice. ???

      Mar 29, 2015 29:36 PM

      Great article at Lew…….INTRODUCTION by Gary North.
      Christian economics….it also can be read at zerohedge scroll down about 15 articles.
      All ties into the thief , and military control.

    Mar 29, 2015 29:32 PM

    Sorry HH – yes I do apologise. It says all that you would agree with. Very best, A

    Mar 29, 2015 29:33 PM

    PCR at the very top of his game – please listen despite the interview being some 2 hours long.

      Mar 29, 2015 29:42 PM

      Reverend Andrew,

      Hey the link works. I’m a happy camper. : )

      No, not falling for Hellery adult love camps. ♥

      Will have a listen. BTW…no apology is necessary.

      I falsely complained and need prayer. My bag !!!!

    Mar 29, 2015 29:26 PM

    Chartster.. Most of the experts and the chart gurus on Rambus are completely divided as to what direction gold will take in the next few minths. Many are calling for a washout and are positioned in a short leveraged fund while others are long. Martin Armstrong has quoted that gold is oversold and should rally.
    I am currently on the sidelines waiting for confirmation of a clear direction. I feel that a final washout is due this year so feel more comfortable going short.

      Mar 29, 2015 29:48 PM

      Thanks for sharing that info, Biggus; I believe that the rally that started on the 18th is just getting started.

    Mar 29, 2015 29:55 PM

    Biggus, putting the washout thesis aside for now.

    You are correct. Even all of the chart experts over at the chart guru site are divided on the short-term trend.

    For me it just becomes information overload and really kind of a waste of time. With so many different views on chart patterns and direction it keeps the masses in a state of confusion and flux.

    I say pick the best companies big or small with all of the attributes that you would want a good company to have and take positions knowing that the ultimate trend of your investment thesis is going to go in the direction you expect.

    To simplify, ultimately gold and silver are going much higher be it 1, 3, or 5 years so the companies that produce these product’s will as well.

    Weed out most of the noise, and just follow the “KISS” concept in most cases.

    Mar 29, 2015 29:24 PM

    Claude Resources will release its 2014 annual operating and financial results before the bell today.

      Mar 29, 2015 29:25 PM

      By “today” I mean Monday 😐

      Mar 30, 2015 30:19 AM

      FWIW, I’ve done a little more selling today.

    Mar 30, 2015 30:42 AM

    From ZeroHedge today comes an article that directs to a spreadsheet of almost 600 Miners that no longer meet the conditions for a public listing as they are in negative working capital positions and could (in theory) face a delist.

    You might want to open the Excel file and print it out for reference if you are actively buying these smaller firms. There are some familiar names there so this is pretty helpful and comes at a good time.

    The reason I suggest printing it out or saving the file (and now) is that there is sure to be a backlash from insiders and industry to the rather revealing data and I suspect the list will be gone in day or two…if not hours from now. So this is your chance to catch the insights put together on the net condition of a large number of Juniors.

    Here is the link at ZH: Data compiled is courtesy of Tony Simon, President of Seguro Consulting. The original article appears at Visual Capitalist. Hope this helps……
    A ‘Miner’ Problem, $2 Billion In Negative Working Capital…..March 2015

      Mar 30, 2015 30:36 AM

      Thanks for that Bird. Buying miners is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get. Or like a box of land mines.

    Mar 30, 2015 30:57 AM

    So gold is indeed falling this morning as I suspected it would. Recall it closed the week below 1200 and my suspicion is that would be a negative sign for the near term. It is my belief that as the dollar rises to a retest of its highs at 1.01 that gold prices will be pushed below 1150 at the minimum and may break below the lows of late 2014. The outlook is negative for the near term as that potential loss of major support will assure another leg down as many of us have long suspected. There is considerable doubt amongst analysts at this time as to whether the chart pattern in play is a large double bottom (bullish) or there is actually a H&S at work that will overwhelm what at first sight appears positive. Opinions are divergent and little consensus is present amongst those who follow metals most closely. These are interesting days! I am in the camp that sees a breakdown coming.

      Mar 30, 2015 30:51 AM


      If you see a breakdown coming do you have a timeline. Most people struggle with timeline as chartster “no harm intended” has be way off on timing and still we do not break 1130. Do you believe as him that it can come as early as now?

      What number on the gold chart if broken makes your cases valid?

        Mar 30, 2015 30:17 AM

        I can only tell you my opinion. Timing will depend on when the dollar double tops / the Euro bottoms again. That’s the point the dollar longs get a second chance to lighten up before the dollar heads back down again.

    Mar 30, 2015 30:32 AM

    Gold at 1189……hope its not a bear trap !

    Mar 30, 2015 30:36 AM

    Good points by the way Birdman.  
    Just under three weeks ago GDXJ hit a fresh new all time low before getting our current bounce. When I look at the long term chart it still looks to me like the GDXJ still has some unfinished work to do on the downside.

      Mar 30, 2015 30:33 AM

      Thanks Biggus. Funny enough but gold does look like it is going to form that right shoulder. It is not complete enough to make the call yet but after a 17.00 dollar decline this morning its pretty clear the bears are in control.

    Mar 30, 2015 30:40 AM

    FWIW, I am optimistic that this week gold will be range-bound in the 1180-1200 zone, then resume a slow upward trend into late May. I know this thinking is contrary to most opinions on this blog. If nothing else, it is always fascinating to watch these markets and use our respective tools to analyze, predict, and discuss.