The World Economy

August 13, 2016

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    Aug 13, 2016 13:31 AM

    Thanks for the show as always gent’s.
    Much appreciated as usual.

    Aug 13, 2016 13:10 AM

    MGN- It’s a shame this property got bogged down in 10 years of go nowhere permitting & landmines. The shareholders did not make out at all on this deal, Al, management was way to passive and the shareholders got hammered. David Morgan was touting MGN in 2002 at less than $1 and 14 years later, not much difference.

      Aug 13, 2016 13:46 AM

      I know nothing about the company, but that is hardly a fair comment.

      From the beginning of 2002, when as you say David Morgan was touting it, it rose from $0.05 to $9.70 in 2004, and $10.10 in 2006.

      From the low in 2008 to the high in 2011, it rose from $0.48 to $4.43. Since then, virtually every mining stock was a dud until Dec 2015 / Jan 2016. Since it’s Dec. 2015 low, it’s risen from $0.112 to a high of $1.62, currently $1.54.

      Plenty of opportunity to make a lot of $$ here, whether the quality of management has been good or bad.

        Aug 13, 2016 13:49 AM

        In a wildly volatile sector like junior mining stocks, one must learn to take profits.

          Aug 13, 2016 13:55 AM


          Exactly right. If you don’t learn to take profits when you have them, the only other alternative is to take losses when you have to. MGN is a perfect example of the cycle of mining stocks. It went up and it went down. It went up again and it went down again. They all do the same thing. Trick is to buy when cheap and sell when dear.

          You can’t marry them, you have to trade them or get forced out.

            Aug 13, 2016 13:50 AM

            We have not really experienced monetary cycles of short duration in the US.
            Clearly Zimbabwe and Argentina have. The US economy is still one of the better economies and currencies, but I wonder if the US Dollar also see a cyclical behavior in future.
            Global debt is expanding so much, I wonder how much longer it can be serviced and whether we will start to see rotation between currencies, and thus cyclical monetary behavior.

            Aug 13, 2016 13:30 AM

            With banks issuing ever increasing credit defaults without sufficient reserves, we are going to have a significant problem in the future. Perhaps talking about a monetary cycle is incorrect in its name…..not so much a cycle as a collapse, or partial collapse.
            It worries me that neither Presidential candidate economically competent.
            Trump uses bluster and promotional salesmanship in his business deals or takes chapter 11.
            Clinton uses fraud or bribery or blackmail in her business deals. Neither inspire confidence in me or, judging by opinion poles, the majority of the population.
            It appears that many are considering precious metals, with no counter party risk as safety insurance. But the value of anything is usually determined by supply and demand and available money. In a collapse, where money is lost or disappears, what happens to the perception of the value of precious metals?
            Will there be enough people wanting to buy precious metals, when people who have lost money in a stock market or bond market collapse, are selling what they have in gold and silver to meet their other debt obligations or just to live?
            Diversification seems to be the safest bet.
            Holding money is great if we have price def

        Aug 13, 2016 13:31 AM

        Hecla stole from MGN. No one mentioned abou taking or not taking gains. I can assure you since entering the sector in 1999 thanks to David Morgan & Puplavas Financialsense and most of all to the Don McAlvany Intelligence Advisor and a local CMT teacher, I’m 380% in the green in that sector and 264% since October 2015.

          Aug 13, 2016 13:22 AM

          You’ve had some awesome trades this year Marty. Keep up the great work.

          As for MGN, they languished with permitting and legal concerns for years, and finally came out and poked their head above water to catch their breath, and then got acquired by Hecla. Hecla has been in acquisition mode, but has been very aggressive about it. Just look at the stink with their Dolly Varden takeover, were DV felt like Hecla was backing them into a corner, hadn’t done a proper valuation, and was blocking their financing. They did a poison pill financing just to put a stop to it.

          I will say, over the last few years Hecla has continued to consolidate some of the better properties, and as a result, they have filled their pipeline of projects moving down the road the next few years. However, as you mentioned, the deal wasn’t so hot for MGN shareholders.

          It’s still a buyers market though, so if I was a Mid-tier with the means to do it, I’d buy up as many undervalued companies as possible over the next year, before they do more capital raises or have too much more share-price appreciation. I believe we’ll continue to see a number of mergers as the space consolidates for the multi-year bull run, especially if we get a fall pullback where the acquiring company can get the exploration or development company on sale.


    Aug 13, 2016 13:44 AM
    Aug 13, 2016 13:47 AM

    Last Wednesday’s trends in the news.
    (Worth listening)

    Aug 13, 2016 13:33 AM

    Emerging markets have broken out of a 5-year down channel, relative to the S&P500:

      Aug 13, 2016 13:40 AM

      Thanks for the perspective on EEM:SPY.
      Best to you,

        Aug 13, 2016 13:30 AM

        That’s a ratio that I hadn’t looked at. It goes well with silver:SPY – which looks fantastic for silver:

    Aug 13, 2016 13:54 AM

    Big Al, Cory,

    Thank you for brining Avi back. His technical views are extremely valuable – for whoever wants to spend the time to listen and try to understand his thought process.

    As you know, I often exchange w. Avi, so hopefully, many listeners will ALSO benefit from his current views.

    Lastly, I find it to be a very good idea to interview him on a late Friday afternoon (EST) as opposed to Thursday (often) in the past.

    My 2cts, and thanks again.


      Aug 13, 2016 13:19 AM

      Hola LPG,
      I hope Avi is right about the GDX going to 41 as I bought more OR today@13.11
      Do you follow OR and TAHO?

        Aug 13, 2016 13:06 AM

        Hello Bonzo,

        Hope you’re having a pleasant WE.

        1) Re: GDX, just keep an eye on the 29 level and 32.5.

        2) Re: OR and TAHO.
        a) I don’t “follow” them per se. However, I’ve owned OR in the past. Very skilled mgt.
        If gold goes where I think it goes in the next 3 yrs – disclaimer, I don’t need it to go to $2000 – then OR shareholders will do well from here, imho.
        b) TAHO, I’ve never owned it (never “took the time” to look at it).
        FWIW, it was recently (a few days ago) recommend by Casey Research in their CRI publication.
        As highlighted by Incakolanews in the past 24hrs ( TAHO has seriously underperformed the XAU over the past 2yrs. So sometimes, the underperformers catch up with the rest of the sector (capital rotation).
        Irrespectively, if silver goes where I think it is going in the next 3 yrs (translation: mid $30/Oz) then, imho, new TAHO shareholders at current prices are likely to do well.

        Hope this help.

        Best to you,


          Aug 13, 2016 13:05 PM

          Merci, LPG. I have owned OR since before they were taken over my AEM and AUY and bought a lot more this year, and more yesterday. I have owned TAHO since they took over Lakeshore Mines. They look like a very fine company too ands I bought a lot more this year@15. OCANF looks like a great company too and I bought more of it last week.
          Congrats on France’s big win in the 2 man rowing yesterday!

            Aug 13, 2016 13:14 PM


            I suspect you referred to the Olympics.
            Frankly, I have nooooooooot followed them this time. I mean… at all. Pathetic.

            I think I saw a news headline a few days ago by pure chance… that’s honestly it.

            Football championship has just started… and this has more of my attention. 🙂

            Best as always, and good luck w. OCANF, TAHO, OR. But again, if Au/Ag go where I think they go within 3yrs… you shall be fine.


      Aug 13, 2016 13:21 AM

      It is always good to hear Avi’s technical thoughts on the ETFs and markets.

      Aug 15, 2016 15:06 AM

      OMG, Avi slams anyone who disagrees with him. He’s be wrong more than right….

    Aug 13, 2016 13:06 AM

    Big Al, Cory,

    2nd thank you 🙂
    Thank you for bringing back Vic Sperandeo. Many people might not know this, but this man is a little legend in the investing business, and as many legends, he is both extremely knowledgeable and very humble.

    There was a great interview of him on recently. Suggest anyone to check it out – and the many other interviews out there on that site.

    Best and thanks again Part 2.


      Aug 13, 2016 13:18 AM

      Agreed LPG. I’ll go look for that Trader Vic interview on Realvision, and agree his experience is a real benefit for all investors and it is great to have him on the KER.

        Aug 13, 2016 13:59 AM

        In addition, it was a great show because it is always good to hear from Craig (TF), Axel Merk, and George Gero who are all very experienced in commodities and currencies. Good stuff!

          Aug 13, 2016 13:23 PM

          I don’t think I disagreed with Axel about anything in this interview. That means he’s brilliant, of course. 😉

            Aug 13, 2016 13:36 PM

            Ha! Good one.

    Aug 13, 2016 13:32 AM

    Is Trump Deliberately Throwing The Election To CLinton? Zerohedge

      Aug 13, 2016 13:57 AM

      Wikileaks October Surprise?

        Aug 13, 2016 13:36 AM

        Oh, that could be interesting. Just in time for October Fest!

        Aug 13, 2016 13:39 PM

        MTF: WikiLeaks is definitely saving the best for very close to the election, as if there wasn’t enough anyway. DT

          Aug 13, 2016 13:12 PM

          Princeton Professor Shows How Easy it Is to Hack an Election in Just 7 Minutes

          A professor from Princeton University and a graduate student just proved electronic voting machines in the U.S. remain astonishingly vulnerable to hackers — and they did it in under eight minutes.

          In fact, Professor Andrew Appel and grad student Alex Halderman took just seven minutes to break into the authentic Sequoia AVC Advantage electronic voting machine Appel purchased for $82 online — one of the oldest models, but still in use Louisiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia, Politico reported.

          After Halderman picked the hulking, 250-pound machine’s lock in seven seconds flat, Appel wrested its four ROM chips from a circuit board — an easy feat, considering the chips weren’t soldered in place.

          Once freed, Appel could facilely replace the ROM chips with his own version “of modified firmware that could throw off the machine’s results, subtly altering the tally of votes, never to betray a hint to the voter,” Politico’s Ben Wofford explained.

          Appel and a team of other so-called cyber-academics have hacked into various models of electronic voting machines in order to prove to the public the equipment is ridiculously bereft of security. Together with Ed Felten, Appel and a group of Princeton students “relentlessly hacked one voting machine after another … reprogramming one popular machine to play Pac-Man; infecting popular models with self-duplicating malware; [and] discovering keys to voting machine locks that could be ordered on eBay.”

          Their efforts have gone largely ignored for 15 years.


            Aug 13, 2016 13:17 PM

            His efforts have not been ignored in the Chicago area. Heck they have 110% turnout in some precincts if they need it; not to mention many dead Democrats turning in their votes. Al Capone, Barry Dunham, the Daly family…..

          Aug 15, 2016 15:08 AM

          Yep….Wiki is a truth teller and make the Globalists eat their own excrement.

    Aug 13, 2016 13:37 AM

    Obama’s Operation Choke Point Is “Unbridled Abuse Of Executive power , Completely Outside The Rule of Law” zero hedge

      Aug 13, 2016 13:40 AM

      Clinton will just follow the corrupt ,The Constitution is in danger of further erosion.

        Aug 13, 2016 13:04 AM

        In danger? I’d say further erosion is guaranteed, since the majority of Americans appear not to care.

          Aug 13, 2016 13:34 AM

          Exactly, and that includes most Trump supporters.

            Aug 13, 2016 13:38 AM

            Heck ,that includes everyone ,except the corrupt,break the law neocons

            Aug 13, 2016 13:50 AM

            Matthew, I was looking at your charts for the Canadian dollar in the comments section of Doc’s August 11th interview. I take it you see the Jan. 2016 low as a multi-year low not to be breached for years. If that’s the case, are there fundamental reasons, including a multi-year drop in the US dollar, that you see for a ongoing strength in the CAD?

            Aug 13, 2016 13:57 AM

            Donate to the….. Hilly, Fleece The SHEEple Fund.

            Aug 13, 2016 13:07 AM

            OR…..Don -Ate ….the SHEEple no more Trump.

            Aug 13, 2016 13:11 AM

            Forgot…the word…. Fund

            Aug 13, 2016 13:06 PM

            Except the neocons? I think you meant especially the neocons. You can’t follow the constitution and be a neocon at the same time.

            Aug 13, 2016 13:10 PM

            Yes professor,correct again…working off a cheap phone with a mind of it’s own

            Aug 13, 2016 13:41 PM

            I care, because as a Canadian our economy is married to yours. DT

          Aug 13, 2016 13:25 PM

          Misfiled Popaganda Recording?

          Published on Aug 10, 2016
          An audio recording has surfaced proving that U.S. Senator John McCain collaborated with the North Vietnamese by recording a “Tokyo Rose”-style propaganda message that was broadcast on North Vietnamese radio in 1969.

            Aug 14, 2016 14:12 AM

            McCain sold out the POW’s/MIA’s along with traitor John Kerry,and mocked their parents and loved ones at the congressional hearings in the early 1990’s. Both know very little about the Vietnam War. Kerry essentially deserted after 3 months, phonying up his 3 purple hurts, and McCain never set foot in South Vietnam, although they are viewed by the naive as military war experts.
            The Co Van
            Viet Vet

    Aug 13, 2016 13:29 AM

    GLD is showing a very high target but gold is showing a 1261 target on the charts for some reason.

    Aug 13, 2016 13:38 AM

    A German Bank Finally Caves: Will Charge Retail Investors A Negative 0.4% Deposit Rate

    On June 5, 2014 when the ECB officially announced that the rate on its deposit facility would go negative, we posted “NIRP Has Arrived: Europe Officially Enters The “Monetary Twilight Zone.” However, while NIRP has already led to a dramatic upheaval across Europe’s economies as a result of a perfectly “unexpected” surge in the savings (as we warned would happen last October, and as the WSJ “discovered” last week) one key aspect of this “zone” was missing for the past two years: banks charging negative rates to ordinary, retail depositors.

    However, after a two year wait, this final piece of the NIRP puzzle was revealed when earlier this week, Raiffeisen Gmund am Tegernsee, a German cooperative savings bank in the Bavarian village of Gmund am Tegernsee, with a population 5,767, finally gave in to the ECB’s monetary repression, and announced it’ll start charging retail customers to hold their cash.

      Aug 13, 2016 13:07 PM

      OPM …other people’s money and opium for the banksters . Not the deposits money anymore.

      Aug 13, 2016 13:54 PM

      It is only a matter of time before it happens here in the USSA.

    Aug 13, 2016 13:02 AM

    ‘Millions’ of Volkswagen cars can be unlocked via hack

    A homemade radio costing about £30 is the only hardware an attacker requires.

      Aug 13, 2016 13:29 PM

      ISIS , ….will have a new free fleet of vehicles every where in the world ,paid for by worker bee ,tax payers,no gov’t backing required. New meaning to Land of the Free.

        Aug 13, 2016 13:35 PM

        Instead of a Jetta, VW can call their new model Jihada

    Aug 13, 2016 13:47 AM

    Argentina……..atm/banking crisis.

    Coming to an American neighborhood near you if you allow the US Socialist state to continue to print and spend. The question is NOT if, but WHEN.

    Aug 13, 2016 13:50 PM

    My biggest beef with Americans has always been that they thought they had a god given right to tell other nations how they should conduct themselves. Finally they are realizing that they must go back to their roots, that is making America safe for themselves and stop the meddling. DT

      Aug 15, 2016 15:34 AM

      I understand that amigo, but many of us who in the military have felt that way for decades……

    Aug 13, 2016 13:41 PM

    Collapse Fatigue..zerohedge..good article

    Aug 13, 2016 13:37 PM

    Good news for Uranium demand…..

    Fifth Japanese power reactor restarted
    12 August 2016

      Aug 13, 2016 13:37 PM

      Who u buying in uranium. I have been really tempted to jump in but cameco is only one I am really attracted to as some others have already went up.

        Aug 13, 2016 13:46 PM

        Hi Peter R. On last weekend’s KER show, we spent a great deal of time on Uranium companies, the various stages (Major/Mid-tier/Small) Producers, development stage companies, and a few explorers in Canada, the USA, Africa, and Australia.

        If you go about half way down the blog, there are a number of macro comments on Uranium, an overview of many of the key companies, press releases, and KER contributors weighing in on various stocks. Check it out, as I’ve heard back from a number of people in another chat-room that got a great deal of benefit from that blog.

          Aug 13, 2016 13:02 PM

          I’m looking forward to making a nice return in the Uranium markets over the next few years, so that I can take those profits and roll them into Fusion reactors down the road:

          Compact Fusion – It’s closer than you think….

            Aug 14, 2016 14:38 AM

            A bit of a wing and a payer.
            They did not state it, but I assume they are still using deuterium as fuel, since it has lowest threshold for fusion.

            Aug 14, 2016 14:40 AM

            Damned iPad! Prayer not payer.

            Aug 14, 2016 14:51 AM

            Ha, since it was Lockheed Martin, your Ipad was probably right…..

            “…a wing and payer….” 😉

            Yes, people have been working on fusion for decades, and I was mostly joking about rotating from Fission to Fusion in a few years. If anything it will take much longer for Fusion to become viable, but that project on Compact Fusion seemed interesting and I was hoping you’d see it DFS.

            There is also the company Thor Energy that is working on developing fuel for Thorium reactors. You’ll probably enjoy their website:


            Aug 14, 2016 14:02 AM

            Lastly, as discussed in the past, IBC Advanced Alloys (IAALF) may really be on to something with their Beryllium coated Uranium pellets. (more efficient, lower temperature).

            “Current, IBC funded, modelling work has made
            the potential benets of the incorporation of BeO
            into UO2 fuel pellets clear and is resulting in signif-
            icant industry interest. The prospect of fuel pellets
            that operate more eciently, with signicant safety
            margin improvements is obviously highly attractive.”


            Aug 14, 2016 14:47 AM

            Good one about Lockheed, Ex!
            Plasma containment techniques are improving, we may only be 5 years away from success on the large scale, but miniaturization presents extra problems of controlling the amount of reaction tightly, while extracting heat. I just can’t see it on any moving vehicle either.

            Aug 14, 2016 14:51 AM

            The Future of Nuclear Fusion

            Mark Herrmann, director at the National Ignition Facility, says that in terms of nuclear power, “We’re still learning what the science is. We may have eliminated some perturbations, but if we eliminate those, is there another thing hiding behind them? He joins BNN to explain what the future is for nuclear power.


            Aug 14, 2016 14:57 AM

            The beryllium for heat conduction was work done less than a mile from where I am right now!

            Aug 14, 2016 14:00 PM

            150,000,000 °C temperatures on earth! Can fusion reactors power our cities in a decade?

            Global energy problems seem to be getting larger and more complicated. Michel Laberge, the Founder & Chief Scientist of General Fusion, is working on an innovative solution that could potentially change how our cities are powered.


            Aug 14, 2016 14:12 PM

            DFS – you brought up a good point about the challenges to putting fusion reactors on moving vehicles, that could be tricky. People forget the large fleets of Nuclear-powered submarines cruising around under the water in the oceans of the world. It is a fairly established market and design that would have to be overturned.

      Aug 13, 2016 13:52 PM

      Thanks for the article Shad.
      Best as always,

    Aug 13, 2016 13:47 PM

    (ORE) (ORZCF)

    Orezone Gold Receives Mining Permit for Bombore Gold Project
    OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Aug. 12, 2016)

    Aug 14, 2016 14:00 AM
    Aug 14, 2016 14:03 AM

    The article on China’s cornering of resources is worth paying attention to.

    Aug 14, 2016 14:14 AM

    The person in the White House, who appears to me to be determined to destroy the US as we know it, has put Congress on notice that he will demand that they pass the TPP Bill, with, of course, you have to pass it, before we finish writing all the regulations it produces.
    He will probably try to use his imagined Imperial powers to decree this fascist bill to be the law of the land after the election if Congress fails to act.
    That the Trans Pacific Partnership is bad for the US is beyond doubt. It enables corporations to circumvent many Constitutional limits; even national limitations placed upon them. It is possible, that the best Congess that money can buy will follow their corrupt lobbyists’ desires and pas the bill. The TPP is unconstitutional, ceding powers unnecessarily. The TPP, interalia violates the patents, copyrights clause of the Constitution, Art 1,

    Aug 14, 2016 14:16 AM

    Sect. 8, Clause 8. My thick finger hit the submit button, while trying to insert a period…..sorry.

    Aug 14, 2016 14:43 AM

    The weekly chart of UEX has shaped-up very nicely:

      Aug 14, 2016 14:48 AM

      ALX Uranium also looks great:

        Aug 14, 2016 14:54 AM

        I am liking the look of ALX and after looking at their land position, I like that they are on trend with Fission and Nexgen and Cameco, but they have land packages in strategic places peppered all around the Athabasca. They may be sitting a number of high grade deposits.

          Aug 14, 2016 14:22 AM

          Ex, are you talking about Alexander Energy, the resurrection of the Poorly run Sparton Energy?

    Aug 14, 2016 14:54 AM

    Scorpio Gold has been in a bullish consolidation for five months and looks like it is ready move:

      Aug 14, 2016 14:10 AM

      I am interested to see how the marketplace digests the court ruling against Mineral Ridge:

      Scorpio Gold Announces Results of Court Proceedings Relating to a Subsidiary
      Vancouver, August 11, 2016

        Aug 14, 2016 14:37 AM

        I think the market has already digested the news. Knee-jerk selling was minimal and buyers were quick to take advantage of the resulting discount.

        Despite the news and the fact that gold took a hit, Scorpio still finished the week 5.26% higher.

        Whether Scorpio ends up contesting the decision or not (and it sounds like they should), the situation is meaningless to me.

          Aug 14, 2016 14:44 AM

          Thanks Matthew. I’m interested in seeing Scorpio Gold move higher, but that $2.3 Million suit again Mineral Ridge would affect economics to some degree. I do think Scorpio Gold should fight it as well, because they already paid $1.2 Million in the past that the court did not even take into account.

          Like you said, it is positive that the markets shrugged it off for the most part, and that it has been moving higher again.

            Aug 14, 2016 14:51 AM

            It seems to me that they would owe $1.1M since they already paid $1.2M. But even if it’s 2.3, the company is so undervalued in this environment that I do not think it will matter.

            Scorpio is a little like Impact Silver in my book – it’s an explorer first and small producer second.
            IPT went from about $8M to over $100M this year and Scorpio stands to do return a multiple as well. It trades at 1.5x cash flow while many peers trade at ten to twenty times that (IPT trades at 28x).

            The exploration potential is legit and better than most realize, in my opinion.

            Aug 14, 2016 14:09 PM

            Thanks Matthew. Yes the exploration upside alone is very attractive at their current valuation, and the production will bring in the revenues to fund these operations, (especially in a rising metals price environment). Good thoughts.

            Aug 14, 2016 14:34 PM

            Btw, I think SGN has lagged its peers largely due to the fact that its projects are in Nevada. It will catch up quickly as the dollar breaks down:


            Aug 14, 2016 14:35 PM

            Gold against Foreign Currencies Update


    Aug 14, 2016 14:16 AM

    Still another imminent EMA crossover of the 34-week EMA with the 232-week EMA. $U.S. Gold prices have already tested the downtrend line, reached back to the 13-week EMA, and look like they are set to ontinue the upward momentum according to the ADX:

      Aug 14, 2016 14:39 AM

      If you add in the 603 – week EMA, look where gold bottomed.

    Aug 14, 2016 14:24 AM

    Do you really want clinton as the next President?
    Finally the real reason FBI had no charges/Sick & Disgusting
    The agents at the FBI are livid that Comey did what he did. They are claiming there was more than sufficient evidence to bring several indictments against Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t a slam dunk case, but it had more than a good probability of a conviction for Hillary Clinton.

    Lynch and Obama made it clear to Comey that if he pressed for an indictment, he would be taking the Democrat nominee for president out of the election. If he failed to get a conviction he would be facing charges of tampering with and changing the outcome of a federal election, to which he would be facing the rest of his life in prison, and Obama and Lynch, as well as others, would see to it that he did.
    Now you know why he presented his case the way he did and why it was so obvious he was reluctant to not press for an indictment. Hillary’s statement to the FBI was intentionally given without a court reporter present or without any recording of her testimony to prevent her from having any further exposure to legal charges like perjury. If she lied to Congress, they have no written FBI deposition to confront Hillary with. This was set up to let her walk without fear of being charged with giving False Testimony or being charged with Obstruction of Justice. This is what those in the “legalese world” call a “Straw Man” legal charge. (It is a charge designed to make someone appear innocent of the charges!)

    EXAMPLE: Bill beats up Shirley at their home. Bill is arrested for “Felony Spousal Abuse”. Bill’s lawyer gets the charges dismissed because Bill is not married to Shirley! (They are only “live in boyfriend and girlfriend”.) Bill walks out of court totally exonerated of the charges thanks to a technicality! The twist in the case is the arresting officer knew all along Bill was not married to Shirley because the officer and Bill are old fraternity brothers. The officer intentionally charged Bill with something he knew would not stick. Bill would easily have been convicted of Assault and Battery, but he was not charged with that! This is what is known as the “STRAW MAN” charge. It is how you make a guilty person appear innocent.
    This is exactly what was done with the Hillary Clinton case! If she had been charged with ”Destruction of Government Documents,” she would have easily been convicted, because she admitted to doing this! Instead, she was charged with “Mishandling Classified Documents” which has wiggle room for reasonable doubt regarding Criminal Intent! I think citizens are finally fed up with the Clintons and the cesspool of corruption that is our current government.

    Real Americans are ready to take our country back. All of these years of corruption have taken a toll on American lives. Citizens opinions of a lying White House, a corrupt Congress, the “pay to play” politicians, the legalese lawyers and lobbyists, big overspending “welfare mentality” government, the “looking for a loop hole” justice system, the lying media, and our censored educational system with an agenda to dumb down the next generation, is at the lowest point ever. Hillary is on the wrong side of every issue.

    The British Exit from the EU (Brexit) is just a small sign that real citizens of civilized nations are ready to take their country back. They are sick of the results of open borders and globalization led by power hungry elites.

    Hillary Clinton has no character or integrity. She is an arrogant, condescending political elite who is only interested in lining the Clinton pockets with donations to the Clinton Foundation (wink, wink) from PACS, lobbyists, and foreign nations that buy access and favors. The Clinton Foundation is nothing more than an operation used to launder money for the Clintons and other politicians involved in illegal activities. The Clintons are able to use the information of those participating to obtain cover for their activities, or blackmail those who are laundering money through them.
    Just count the number of politicians who arrive in Washington with nothing, but leave as millionaires and billionaires. Did their votes serve in the best interest of their constituents or did they only benefit themselves? If the representatives of your state fall in this category, then I suggest an investigation be launched.
    “If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.” – Plato

      Aug 14, 2016 14:42 AM

      I support Hillary because the men just want to tear her down, for the sole fact that she’s a woman and men hate women politicians. It was the same with Margaret Thathcher.

        Aug 14, 2016 14:09 AM

        You really believe that, FranSix?

          Aug 14, 2016 14:41 AM

          Yes, I do. Besides she’s the only available candidate with Secretary of State experience and has the best qualifications. Top flight qualifications with real world geopolitical experience, and no blowhard sour grapes like Trump.

            Aug 14, 2016 14:53 AM


            Would that real world geopolitical experience on the part of H Clinton be the total destruction of Libya and support of terrorists in Syria?

            Aug 14, 2016 14:20 PM

            I too have reservations about Canadians needlessly fighting imaginary wars when we have no need to control oil, or resources, or politics, but just the same, I would feel Canada justified to participate against terroristic politics anywhere.

            How the Republicans can expect to regain political support after the Valerie Plame affair is beyond me.

            Aug 14, 2016 14:40 PM

            I would say “wow” if I wasnt surprised.
            Everyone is entitled to their opinion, ya gotta love democracy I guess.
            Too bad none of us has ever seen it.

            Monarchy, they are raised to rule. And ya can get some neat lookin flags.

            FranSix, ya mention Canadians, this from the PCR website
            Canada Has Followed America Into The Integrity Void (8/10/2016)

            The other day Justin mentioned the Russians annexing Crimea, its like they know beyond doubt people are uneducated and believe everything a polititian says.
            Probly true for the most part.

          Aug 14, 2016 14:18 PM

          Fransix, I don’t bother trying to argue with sexist people who clearly are not accepting of logical discussions. There is no point in wasting bandwidth. I just wish to point out that I do not vote along lines of sex or race. I will not be voting at all in the coming election, other than to write in “none of the above”. I did not employ people based on sex or race, but on ability to perform.

        Aug 14, 2016 14:37 AM

        I liked Ms. Thatcher, I detest the immoral Ms. Clinton.
        Has nothing to do with gender, as far as I’m concerned.
        I hate the scum in the whitehouse, and that has nothing to do with race, half-race, or anything but the destruction of the economy.

          Aug 14, 2016 14:49 AM

          Suit yourself. You hate Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman and have gender bias.

          The stock market will crash regardless, whether there’s a republican or democrat. You can bank on it.

            Aug 14, 2016 14:01 PM

            I’m surprised at you FranSix. I thought you might be above making assumptions about people. Objective, rational, SANE people do not like Hillary just as they did not like Bush.

            People who cry sexism and racism cannot be taken seriously. Collectivism is obviously another religion as its believers must check their common sense and sense of right and wrong at the door.

            Aug 14, 2016 14:23 PM

            IF people really wanted to be taken seriously on their view on Hillary Clinton, then basically you’d have to sort out who actually supports her and who supports Trump.

          Aug 15, 2016 15:38 AM


        Aug 15, 2016 15:37 AM

        LOL……sheep never get it. Now go back to eating grass.

      Aug 14, 2016 14:08 AM

      The problems with Hillary and the corruption surrounding her should be no surprise to anyone at this point but Plato was obviously a fool himself. The majority is clearly made of fools so if they were to take his advice and take an interest in the affairs of their government, being ruled by fools would be unavoidable. Ever wonder why Hollywood puts its stars up to getting you to vote in those silly “public service announcements”?

      Plato also said: “When there is an income tax, the just man will pay more and the unjust less on the same amount of income.”

      Plato served the state, not the people and not philosophy.

        Aug 14, 2016 14:04 PM

        Well Matthew,

        You can’t win them all. Its got to be a huge gut punch to realize that someone that you admired so much, and who appears to be so intelligent on market matters are stunningly completely oblivious to hard truths and reality in the political and criminal realm.

        All in the name of running cover for a deviant minded criminal that just happens to wear a dress.

        Stick a fork in it, with the prevailing mindset that is so deep seated, there is no saving it. The Communist/Marxists blueprint and subsequent endgame doctrine that Hillary and Obama give their allegiance too have been written about for Centuries. The details are all in print form.

        They’re just three months away from pulling the curtain back to expose the next phase of the “Hell Raiser” sequel.

          Aug 14, 2016 14:27 PM

          Vortex, I really don’t think I can win 10%, let alone “them all.” (Lol)
          Only education can correct the tendency to hold inconsistent beliefs. Intelligence alone is usually not enough – as 90%+ of the world’s population has proven.

            Aug 14, 2016 14:30 PM

            Yes Matthew, its a very very sad situation indeed!

        Aug 14, 2016 14:57 PM

        Plato’s views of religion might also have been suitable for his era,
        But might not fit in this day and age. I always preferred Socrates, anyway. I wonder if that is racism?

      Aug 15, 2016 15:36 AM

      Right on the money!

    Aug 14, 2016 14:35 AM

    Did you see Hillary’s 2015 tax declaration for speaking fees that were paid directly to the Clinton foundation? Almost all of her charitable donations out of her speaking engagement were made to the Clinton foundation, so whe could tax tax deductions. Over 95% of her “charitable” donations went to her foundation, which pays lots of her real expenses.
    Living the high life without paying her fair share of taxes. What a deal!

      Aug 14, 2016 14:40 AM

      Thank goodness I can dump this iPad next week……weren’t was incorrected to were

      Aug 14, 2016 14:28 PM

      So why Trump doesn’t release his? Would be the first time in 40 years a presidential candidate would fail to do that.

      Is Donald Trump Really Being Audited by the IRS?

      Aug 14, 2016 14:06 PM

      Oh wait DFS,

      When Hillary gets into office the United States can finally have its Marxist utopian moment as taxes are raised from the general 50% threshold for anyone with two nickels to rub together to a beautiful 75% across the board.

      Oh, it will be a magnificent utopia……..more third-world 80 IQ immigrants, more taxes, more war, more death, more Obamacare, more national debt, more subversion of the Constitution and more big brother to keep you safe from you’re own shadow and tell you when, how much and where you can spend your own money.

      Whats not to like……….(Sarc Off)

    Aug 14, 2016 14:38 AM

    Not only that, it is alleged hundreds of billions of dollars have been washed by the Clinton foundation and are unaccounted for. Want to bet they are not off-shore in some hidden bank accounts.

    Aug 14, 2016 14:43 PM

    Silver to take off says chartist!

    Aug 14, 2016 14:45 PM

    You white racist pigs should watch this:

      Aug 14, 2016 14:26 PM

      That’s one wild Canadian skinhead 😮

        Aug 14, 2016 14:50 PM

        Nobody has been mentioning Northern Dynasty Minerals, Rick Rule say’s they are watching but not necessarily buying, to me that means Sprott is accumulating. This stock has been gapping up recently but the wizards here are caught up in the small fry. DT

          Aug 14, 2016 14:06 PM

          How much is that deposit worth, maybe 800 billion, if you don’t believe they will find a way to develop this deposit you better check yourself in to happy valley ski and golf resort. DT

            Aug 14, 2016 14:49 PM

            I saw it. Tech Cominco sold the deposit to Northern Dynasty.
            Anglo American pulled the plug after committing billions.
            Bristol Bay Native Corp has come out against the project.
            Headwaters for the world’s largest red salmon run.
            I’ve been checked in for some time now.Tell me what has changed?

          Aug 14, 2016 14:19 PM

          My portfolio is currently up 5.5 times this year thanks to the small fry.

          I see lots of dilution and environmental opposition in NDM’s future so I haven’t kept an eye on it.

            Aug 14, 2016 14:34 PM

            Too bad for you! DT

            Aug 14, 2016 14:13 PM

            Is NDM the project close to the salmon spawning river?

            Aug 14, 2016 14:25 PM

            DT – Quite the contrary, so far.

            B – Yes.

            Aug 15, 2016 15:33 AM

            Thx Mathew.

            Ya thats an interesting one allright.
            The sustainable huge food resource or the “jackpot” in minerals.
            If I recall the people in the area made it clear they didnt want to jeperdise the salmon.

            Naturally the miners wont give up, maybe its as simple as the company mining shareholders.

            But it is interesting for sure, will greed destroy the salmon and lively hood of all concerned,not to mention a much needed food source.

            If it goes ahead, for sure the salmon die no matter what the miners say.

            I find it intersting people are willing to invest in the destruction of their own food supply, and its more than half the salmon in the pacific they risk if I recall.

            Even Einstien said “for a genius I sure do some dumb things”.
            People are funny.

    Aug 14, 2016 14:41 PM

    Dr. Gloom and Doom Faber on Palisade radio, today:

    Aug 14, 2016 14:37 PM

    The political rants were great. How you think Hillary is best, Fran Six, is the funniest!

    Aug 14, 2016 14:51 PM

    There is a faction of Hitlery supporters that I have to work/deal with/humor. But it really blows my mind how goofy they are… Just funny.

    Aug 14, 2016 14:21 PM

    TPP, part of its many problems.

    Aug 15, 2016 15:06 AM

    Well, we could have guess this was coming.

    With the partisan Department of Justice trying to restrict states from demanding voter IDs.