A Close Look At 4 Resource Stocks We Like

April 13, 2018

Doc and I chat about stock all the time so we are going to share some of our thoughts on a more regular basis. We will look at both the technical and fundamental sides of the companies with a constant focus on stocks that we think are of the higher quality. In this segment we look at the following stocks…

  • Goldcorp – NYSE:GG & TSX:G
  • Osisko Metals – TSX.V:OM
  • Gold Standard Ventures – AMEX:GVX & TSX:GVX
  • Skeena Resources – TSX.V:SKE

Please feel free to comment or email me at if you want us to look at any particular stocks. If you include some of the reasons you like the stock that helps us get started.

Note – This is a bit of a longer segment but we cover a lot.

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    Apr 13, 2018 13:57 AM

    It is so annoying that after NYMEX closes, gold rarely ever continues higher. 99% of the time it seems, gold fades into the close. When was the last time we saw a ramp that actually went the whole day?

    Apr 13, 2018 13:09 AM

    GLD:GDX ratio is on the verge of rolling over on the weekly chart (see the MACD and stochastics).

    Is this just a correction before the miners are bent over, the beginning of the next leg up for the miners, or do we just waffle around the 20 WMA for a few months and annoy everyone?

    Apr 13, 2018 13:18 AM

    I know Doc talks about gold but since he is a retired urologist and since I am a stock owner in Theralase and since this show has covered Theralase in the past…

    “Theralase® Announces Settlement Agreement with Ontario Securities Commission”

    Core, looks like your boy Rog got BUSTED!

    On the bright side, Thera is moving forward with cancer treatment development. And the bollies on their stock chart are mega TIGHT! And have been tightening for months!

    Apr 13, 2018 13:20 AM

    OR is back over 10 today and looks good. Glad I bought more @9.66 recently.

    Apr 13, 2018 13:31 PM

    Thought of the day: Been wondering this last hour as I watch stocks sink a bit lower, if some of the big money is positioning for a weekend strike on Syria. Makes sense if trump is going to do it. Wait until the markets are closed and by Monday, we’ll know who won the war so to speak and we can all get back to business, which is what this country is all about; that……….and war!

      Apr 13, 2018 13:28 PM

      If Trump, The British, and The French strike Syria, they are going to pay a very dear price. One missile can take out a destroyer and sink it very quickly. During The Falkland War which Britain fought with Argentina around 30 years ago The British navy lost their top of line destroyer The Sheffield to a cheap French missile called the exocet. The Argentinians had purchased it from France. The missiles that Russia has now will blow The British, The French, and The American ships to smithereens. Warfare has changed and the western world has not faced such an adversary in a long time. DT

        Apr 13, 2018 13:58 PM

        DT: Yes, there is a lot of risk riding in today’s surface ships. America’s carriers are floating coffins if they are within range of missals designed for that purpose. Not only Russia, but Iran and China both have that capability. Only thing we can hope for is that trump hits some empty airbase that has been evacuated and nobody gets hurt. He can claim he’s tough and a winner, besides being a lover of pretty young women.
        Personally, I don’t think Putin would aim at a surface ship……even though he has said he’d go after launching platforms. If he does, I believe his Black Sea fleet might be toast. Then we’re really in a battle………….Let’s hope cooler heads prevail.

          Apr 13, 2018 13:23 PM

          SD, Cooler heads will prevail in the western coalition only after they’ve seen what can happen when they bully an adversary that is equipped with state of the art technology. I believe that mutually assured destruction will once again bring both sides to realize they need to stand back, stand down, and pursue peace. Hopefully they will realize that our species can’t survive by solving problems through military confrontation. DT

    Apr 13, 2018 13:45 PM

    Doc: Didn’t you mention once recently you were looking at AUY? Here’s someone else who likes it:

      Apr 13, 2018 13:57 PM

      Silver, I’ve purchased a fair amount of AUY over the last few weeks and I love the monthly chart and weekly chart.

    Apr 13, 2018 13:57 PM

    Doc you say your buying these stocks when price is right then you sell, sounds you a trader in these stocks, I want to know which stocks to buy when they come back down but are good 2 year holds for long term breakout in gold.

      Apr 13, 2018 13:47 PM

      Paul, not investment advice but 2 I really like on a technical basis are GG and AUY. However, they’ve had a little move up and I hope they come back so I can add again to my AUY position. I also hope that GG moves down to the lower monthly BB and then I’ll purchase it again.

    Apr 13, 2018 13:52 PM

    Auryn Resources expands oxide gold mineralization at the Huilacollo project, Peru

    2018-04-13 07:00 ET – News Release

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Auryn Resources Inc. (TSX:AUG) (NYSE American:AUG) (“Auryn” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce drill results from its initial five drill holes at the Huilacollo oxide gold project in southern Peru. Only two conceptual targets adjacent to the existing mineralization were drilled in a short 1,500 meter program completed prior to the rainy season. Numerous targets across the property remain untested.

    Apr 13, 2018 13:58 PM

    Looks to me Goldcorp will takeover Auryn.

    Apr 13, 2018 13:03 PM

    GSV gives out too many options, if you ask me.

    Apr 13, 2018 13:45 PM

    Doc, did you read my response to you yesterday about figuring PSLV’s NAV by multiplying the spot silver price by .377 ?

      Apr 13, 2018 13:48 PM

      Yes I did and thank you.

      Apr 13, 2018 13:19 PM

      Are We On The Verge Of A Silver Crunch?

      Kitco News – Apr 12, 2018

      “Silver supply has not yet peaked, and the range-bound trading pattern is due to excessive supply above ground, not below it, according to Johann Wiebe, Lead Metals Analyst at Thomson Reuters.”

    Apr 13, 2018 13:46 PM

    Uh-oh SpaghettiOs…..

    It appears that Yamana has pulled the plug on their interest in Mirasol’s project.
    It is NOT a good sign when the big boy Majors that a prospect generator wants to farm a project out to decide to pass on that project and not take a majority stake. This is just par for the course where most projects just don’t make it to be an economic mine.


    Termination of the Gorbea Joint Venture

    April 13, 2018 /CNW/ –

    “Mirasol Resources Ltd. (MRZ) (MRZLF) announces that it has been advised by Yamana Gold Inc (AUY) of its decision to terminate the Gorbea Joint Venture (“JV”) in Chile.”

      Apr 13, 2018 13:57 PM

      Mirasol Resources somehow didn’t cut it for me even though Brent Cooke was very big on this company for a long time. The junior’s are risk multiplied by risk multiplied by 1000.

        Apr 13, 2018 13:13 PM

        It’s an OK company, but yeah, the bearded one has been plugging this thing for a decade and they repeatedly haven’t delivered a win. It had a nice spike up in 2016 with the rest of the sector as the tide came in and off his newsletter pumps, but now gravity is setting back in.

        B.C. is the not the end all be all for stock picking anyway, even though he’s a sharp guy. The Cookie monster and Mickey Fulp filmed and “at the Bar” segment in early 2016 where they mocked Silver investors as fanatical “wingnuts” and chuckled to themselves about that, preferring their elitist gold narrative.

        The reality was that from the depths of the Jan 2016 low in the PM miners to the August highs, most of the Jr Silver miners just destroyed both of their “hot picks” in percentage returns, and while Mirasol was a 3-4 bagger, most of the wingnut investments were 5-10 baggers. 😉

        There are also other Prospect Generator / Royalty companies with much more upside in front of them like Abitibi Royalties/ Golden Valley Mines (who actually have a really valuable royalty with Yamana ironically near the Malarctic mine), (MMX) Maverix Metals with a slew of upcoming royalties, (EMX) EMX Royalties with a huge pipeline of projects, and there are many more interesting companies like $MTA $APY $MRO $SMD $RRI $XTM $GMX $MD $ALS $FISH $PDI.AX etc…

    Apr 13, 2018 13:48 PM

    (ANX) (ANXGF) Anaconda Formally Commences Takeover Bid For (MAE) Maritime Resources Corp. At 64% Premium to Create Emerging Canadian Gold Producer With Significant Growth Profile

    April 13, 2018 /CNW/

    * A 64% premium to Maritime Resources holders is a very fair offer from Anaconda to merge the 2 companies and the combined company into the larger ANX production and development profile will be a real force in the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia jurisdictions.

    (ANX) Anaconda is getting more and more interesting all the time. 😉

      Apr 13, 2018 13:02 PM

      Anaconda Mining sells 4,526 ounces of gold in Q1 2018, generating $7.6M in revenue

      April 12, 2018 /CNW/ – Anaconda Mining Inc. (ANX) (ANXGF)

      Apr 13, 2018 13:05 PM

      Everything in the Maritimes provinces which Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are a part of takes forever to happen. They will get there but it is such a slow pace of life that it reminds me of the Caribbean islands. “Slow Down Man You Are Walking Too Fast”. LOL! DT

        Apr 13, 2018 13:16 PM

        Funny and true, but this takeover is due before July ends.



        “Anaconda has a clear growth strategy in Atlantic Canada, which includes acquiring gold projects that could benefit from the experience of our management team and the substantial infrastructure we already have in place. By accepting the Offer, Maritime Shareholders have the opportunity to realize a significant premium and participate in the upside of not only the Green Bay Project, but also Anaconda’s projects. As a larger gold producer and developer, and a leader in Atlantic Canada, the pro forma company will have a greater market presence, leading to higher liquidity, lower cost of capital, and expanded financing options. With this combination, Maritime Shareholders will finally be able to realize the value that has eluded them to date.”

        ~ Dustin Angelo, President and CEO, Anaconda Mining Inc.

      Apr 14, 2018 14:56 AM

      EX ANX is a busy beaver. They have a conference call 10AM EST Monday regarding take over of Maritime MAE.
      This is a perfect example of SYNERGY between 2 Jr. Miners 1+1 = 10. Maritime has the goods and Anaconda has the mill to process plus following their stated goal of M&A that will make Anaconda a powerhouse & possible take over candidate itself down the road. Meantime shares still way under valued and when Gold takes off so does ANX 🙂

        Apr 15, 2018 15:58 AM

        Absolutely KD. +10

        It is also very interesting to me that the MAE shares are still far undervalued based on terms of the deal and the 64% takeover premium, so I bought some shares in them on Friday as well to compliment my ANX position and buy a larger future position at a very healthy arbitrage discount. 😉

    Apr 15, 2018 15:40 PM

    Doc, very helpful interview. You are hoping that GG comes back down to the monthly lower BB. Does the level of the ADX at 11.49 on the monthly give you that hope? From what I have read, an ADX at this level indicates no trend and to expect ranges between BB’s. My only concern is the lag on the ADX but I guess it has to at least level off before starting up.
    Thank you.